River Fun


When I was a young guy my best friend Kevin and I loved to swim in the local river during our long hot summers. We had both turned eighteen in the spring and this summer was going to be our last together as we were both going to a different university. As a result, we had a better than usual time swimming, joking and mucking about. On this particular day, Kevin suggested we try skinny dipping. I had no objection with that and agreed. We were both quickly naked and in the water, playing our usual games and having fun. After a while, I got out and sat on the bank to soak up the sun. It wasn’t long before Kevin decided to join me.

I watched him climb out of the river and walk up the bank. He was fit and well proportioned and I couldn’t help but notice his dick. Even though there was a little water shrinkage, it was still nicely sized. What mainly caught my attention was his knob. He was circumcised and it was clearly visible to my curious gaze. It was the first time I’d seen a cut one in the flesh so to speak, as my brothers and I are all uncut. As I looked at his cock, I was a little surprised to find that the sight of it made me slightly horny.

Later that night while I was in bed, I found myself thinking about seeing Kevin naked. I pictured his dick hanging between his legs and felt my own begin to tingle and grow. I began to imagine what it might look like fully erect and that made my own cock get a bit harder. It didn’t take very long before I was jerking myself off thinking about Kevin’s cock, and what it might feel and taste like. I had never been so turned and my cock had never felt stiffer.

Almost immediately a wave of pure delight swept over me and I began to shake and twitch. My cock seemed to get even harder just before a huge stream of cum spurted onto my chest. This was followed by another thick stream and then another. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced and by the time it was over my stomach and chest were covered in semen. I lay there in a daze, panting and tingling all over. I drifted off to sleep with the image of a large fleshy knob shooting spunk everywhere.

The next morning when I realised that I was still covered in dry cum I got a little aroused and had to jump into the shower to cool down. It was going to be another hot day so I called Kev and said I was going swimming. He said that he might join me later so I grabbed a towel and headed off. When I got to the river, I stripped naked and dove in. I swam about for a few minutes and when I looked up I saw Kevin getting undressed. I was pleased when he too, was naked. I looked at his manhood and it looked even nicer than it did yesterday. When Kev saw me staring at his penis he just put his hands on his hips and grinned at me. I smiled back and was glad that I was in the water.

My cock was almost hard and I had to turn around before he made me rock hard. I heard Kevin dive into the water and I looked around to see where he was. He surfaced right in front of me and splashed water at me. I laughed and dove under the water and grabbed his legs. I tried to flip him under and we ended up wrestling in the river. And as we were both naked, it was inevitable that our cocks touched various parts of our bodies. After about ten minutes I was so turned on I was rock hard and thought I’d better get out. I turned toward the bank and realised that Kevin was close behind me. I stopped and wondered if our naked play had also aroused him when he walked into the back of me. I felt his hard dick against my but and that answered my question.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and reached behind me and wrapped my fingers around him. His cock felt as hard as mine and I started stroking it up and down slowly. Kevin responded by pushing up against me and reaching around to take hold of my cock. We stood there for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of each other’s cocks when I decided to lead him out of the river.

Once we reached the bank and got out I kneeled in front of him and took his member into my mouth. It felt and tasted even better than I had acıbadem escort fantasised about. I wanted to savor the experience and try to make it last but I was also desperate to swallow my first load of cum. I need not have worried because Kevin decided for me and shot a huge load of spunk into my mouth. It was hot and thick and coated my tongue and throat. I swallowed it just in time as his cock bucked between lips and quickly filled my mouth again. I gulped that down and kept sucking and swallowing as Kevin pumped stream after stream of semen down my throat. When he had finally emptied his balls into my mouth I let his knob slip from between my lips.

I looked up at Kevin and I could tell that he was a little embarrassed. I smiled and told him not to worry and that it was our secret and added that I didn’t need him to reciprocate. He nodded and sat down on his towel on the river bank. I could still taste his cum in my mouth and I enjoyed its lingering tang. I couldn’t believe how sexy his cock felt in my mouth and how much I loved swallowing his spunk. As he lay back in the sun I noticed that his prick was still a little aroused so I got between his legs and took it back into my mouth.

It didn’t take me long to get him completely hard and I decided to try and make this time last. I started by exploring every inch of his smooth fleshy knob with my tongue before doing the same to his shaft. My mouth then sank lower until I had reached his balls and took one into my mouth. I sucked on it gently while I slowly stroked his shaft up and down. After a few minutes, I swapped balls and continued sucking and stroking. A few minutes later Kevin started to squirm a little and began to raise his hips. I took this as a sign and moved upwards to reach his cock.

I knew I was right when I noticed a big drop of pre-cum leaking from the slit in his knob. I licked it up and enjoyed the slightly tangy taste before lowering my head and taking his cock back into my mouth. I started sucking and slurping on his pole and Kevin encouraged me by moaning loudly and thrusting upwards with his hips. I tasted more of his pre-cum enter my mouth and I clamped my lips around the head of his yummy cock. I lapped at it like a wanton slut as I pulled him off with wild sexual abandon. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot thick seed. I wanted to feel his hot creamy spunk spurt into the back of my throat and coat my tongue. I sucked and slurped and jerked his engorged cock, desperate to get my reward. And just as I cupped his balls with my free hand he cried out and exploded into my wet mouth.

It was incredible. Hot cum flooded my mouth and I barely managed to swallow it all before he filled my mouth with even more. He was shaking and twitching as his cock kept shooting stream after stream of spunk into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much there was. All I could do was swallow as fast as I could. After I’d swallowed what seemed at least a pint of cum, he was finally empty.

From that moment I knew that I was destined to become a slave to hard cock and hot cum. I didn’t see Kevin for a couple of weeks after our encounter and I thought that he must still be embarrassed or even a little guilty. My only concern was that I wanted to suck his cock and while he was avoiding me I couldn’t. I eventually succeeded in getting him to come over to my place and convinced him that just by letting me suck him off it didn’t make him gay. After that everything was fine and I got to blow him three or four times a week. But that wasn’t really enough. I kept fantasising about cock and how much I wanted it. One particular evening I was so horny I decided to go out and see if I could find someone to pick me up.

I went to a bar that I was sure was frequented by gay guys and bought a drink. I looked around and saw a few guys I found attractive and went to stand at a table near the dance floor. I watched a few guys dancing for a while before a middle-aged man came over and said hello and told me his name was Greg. I said hi back and saw that he was about forty and in pretty atalar escort good shape. We talked for a while and had a couple more drinks.

I found myself liking him so when he asked what I was doing there I didn’t hesitate to tell him that I was hoping to find a nice guy to pick me up. With that, he looked at me smiling and asked if he’d do. I smiled back and said, quite nicely thank you, and we quickly finished our drinks and left the bar.

Once outside he pulled me close and kissed me. It was the first time I’d been kissed by a man and I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I pulled back a little and explained that I was a total newbie at this sort of thing and I wasn’t sure about anything. He looked down at me and said that he thought I wanted to be picked up. I replied that I did, but that I had only ever given my best friend a blow job. I added that I was prepared to try most things but that he would have to be patient with me. He simply smiled and hailed a cab.

We sat in the back of the taxi and Greg put his arm around me and placed his hand on my leg. It suddenly dawned on me that we were going back to his place to have sex. The thought made me tingle a little and I snuggled a little closer to him and put my hand on his leg. I then looked at him and pulled his mouth down onto mine and kissed him. He kissed me back and when I felt his tongue on my lips I opened my mouth slightly so he could push it into my mouth easily. I moaned softly and surrendered myself to his lips and tongue.

As we kissed, I moved my hand up his thigh until I found the bulge between his legs. I began to trace the outline of his penis with my fingers and Greg responded by kissing me deeper and more passionately. I was becoming hornier by the minute and pushed my own tongue into his mouth. I never knew that kissing a man could be so sexual. I didn’t think I’d like it, but his hot tongue licking the inside of my mouth was so fucking hot I just melted into his arms. The cab suddenly pulled up outside an apartment complex and Greg stopped kissing me and paid the driver. I couldn’t wait to get inside his place so I could get at his cock.

As soon as we were inside I began to kiss him again while I undid his pants and reached inside. My fingers quickly found the source of my lust and I moaned out loud when I felt how thick it was. I broke off our kiss and slipped down to my knees in front of him. I wanted his manhood so badly it made my hands shake and my fingers tremble as I pulled down his pants. His underpants came down and his cock sprang free right in front of my face.

It was magnificent. I thought Kevin had a nice dick but this one was in a different class altogether. It was at least eight inches long with a nice upward curve. He was circumcised and his purple knob sat proudly at the end of his thick shaft. I leaned forward to kiss it and the musky smell of male sex filled my nostrils. That made me shiver with desire and I took his beautiful cockhead into my mouth. It was so smooth and fleshy I licked it all over taking special care to work the tip of my tongue into his piss slit and I was rewarded when a big dollop of pre-cum leaked out of it. I quickly licked it up and savoured the taste.

By this stage I was so aroused I started sucking him more firmly and insistently. My lips were wrapped around his silky knob while one hand pulled him off and the other cupped his hairy balls. I was caught in two minds. On the one I wanted him to cum in my mouth straight away and on the other I wanted to suck his beautiful cock all night.

In the end Greg solved the problem for me. His hands gripped my head and began to thrust in and out of my mouth. That made me feel so sexy it was incredible, even when the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and made me gag. I was moaning and sucking like there was no tomorrow when he cried out. I knew what was happening and pulled back until only his knob was in my mouth. I felt his penis swell further and get even harder as he ejaculated and a huge stream of semen flooded my mouth. I swallowed it like aydınlı escort a total slut and was rewarded with another stream of hot, thick and creamy cum. I drank it straight down and kept sucking and swallowing as his throbbing cock bucked and twitched between my lips. Spurt after spurt of his delicious spunk filled my mouth and I thought I’d pass out with delight.

I couldn’t believe how much there was and I wondered if he was going to drown me in it. However, the eruptions began to slow and eventually stop but I kept stroking and licking his softening manhood making sure that I had milked out every last drop. When I was sure he was empty I finally let his now flaccid cock slip out of my mouth.

I licked my lips and looked up at Greg and told him that his spunk was delicious. He smiled and pulled me to my feet. He then led me to his bedroom and told me to get undressed. I got naked quickly and climbed onto his bed as he stripped off and climbed on next to me. He began kissing me and I felt his hands caressing my but cheeks. I pressed myself against him and pushed my tongue into his mouth.

As our tongues searched each other’s mouth I reached between his legs and fondled his cock. He was still limp from my blow-job but I thought I sensed a bit of life there. I wanted to get him hard again and worked my way down. I was soon sucking his yummy cock again. I wanted him stiff and hard because I had realized that I wanted Greg to fuck me. I wanted to feel his cock buried deep inside my arse. I sucked and licked his cock and balls for a while before he was completely erect.

When he was good and hard I worked my way back up his body and straddled his crotch. Earlier I had noticed a tube of lube on the side table so I grabbed it and raised myself a little to apply some to my hole. That done I leaned forward and found Greg’s lips and kissed him. While we kissed I took his hand and placed it between my legs. He sensed what I wanted and inserted a finger into my anus. It felt wonderful and I hoped that it would stretch my hole a little. I knew that without a bit of loosening, taking his cock up my arse would be difficult and probably painful. He inserted another finger into me and I moaned softly while he worked them in and out. His fingers felt wonderful manipulating my arsehole and I began to move and squirm against them.

He eventually removed his fingers from me and I held the shaft of his purple headed cock to guide it toward my hole. I gently lowered myself toward it until I felt the knob nudging my rosebud. My anus was resisting at first but, I was not going to be denied. After a little more downward pressure his cock slipped past my sphincter and entered me. Fuck it hurt at first. It felt as though someone had pushed a red hot poker up me. I held still for a few moments before slowly lowering myself a little more onto the pole that was invading me.

It took me a few minutes to ease myself lower but soon his pubic bone brushed against my but cheeks and I realized he was all the way inside me.

I took a deep breath and raised and lowered myself gently easing him in and out of me. It wasn’t long before I was loose enough to properly ride that cock filling me totally. As I bounced up and down on his pole Greg began thrusting up into me and I had never felt anything like it. It was so incredible and I was so turned on by it that my own cock suddenly erupted and started to spurt cum all over Greg’s body without even touching it myself.

By this stage I was so overcome by sexual desire and lust I begged Greg to fuck me deeper and harder. He responded by quickly flipping me over and forcefully slamming his cock back up me. I fucking loved it.

As he pumped me I called out fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me he did. His balls were slapping against my thighs with every stroke and I was pushing back as hard as I could. I don’t remember how long he fucked me but eventually, he slammed into me. One final time and his cock exploded. I felt it pumping copious amounts of hot spunk into me and I nearly passed out. I collapsed onto the bed with Greg lying on top of me. From that moment onwards I knew I would be a slut. I would take any cock, anytime anywhere. Before I left I gave Greg my phone number and told him to call me. He did and so did his friends, but that’s a story for another time.

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