Security, Investment and Collateral Pt. 02


It was quite late evening that David went home that day. He, Margaret and Heather had all had quite a bit to drink to celebrate the new arrangement, so Margaret ordered him a taxi, and just to show goodwill, paid for it herself in advance.

When he got home he poured himself another beer and went straight to bed. He turned on the radio for the news, and, sure enough, heard his employer was insolvent and into liquidation, so he would surely be out of a job. He’d need to go down to the Jobcentre Monday and sign on for benefit – Universal Credit it was called – and also look for another employer. He had never needed to do this before and didn’t relish the prospect.

In bed that night, the effect of the chastity device was also having its effect. The grip of the titanium steel alloy was hard, tight, and relentless: he could not forget Margaret’s grip on his balls three years ago. She had always been dominant in bed with him and he couldn’t get her out of his mind. It constrained his length to scarcely two inches which was what he was when soft despite growing to nine inches hard when it could. He was what was known as a ‘grower’, Also he’d not had sex for some three weeks because his current paramour Penny Richardson, had been on holiday with her estranged husband to try and resolve their differences. David wondered how to tell her the bad news that their affair couldn’t continue and he was worried about that too.

He reflected. He’d not worn that device for some three years, and then it had always come off at least once a week for when he had sex with Margaret so his sexual tension got regular release. Not any more: that was for certain.

Next day was Sunday. He got up and made himself some coffee and cooked a fry up for breakfast. He decided to get out the contract and do some arithmetic. Under the pay day loan he’d had with the Company interest was added monthly. So it was with the one with Margaret, albeit at a quarter the amount as she’d promised. But even so, he’d paying quite a bit more than he would have paid to his bank had he been able to get an overdraft facility. And Margaret had spoken the truth: she would indeed get a much better return on her investment than she could get elsewhere. He always knew she was smart. And now she’d got him by the balls as well, and no way out till he paid in full which in his present situation, especially with the added interest, was going to take him years. He wondered what she’d be like in action in Court. Pretty formidable he had no doubt: she certainly knew how to strike a hard bargain. But at least he’d no more liability on his flat as he’d paid the last month’s rent and would soon be moving in with her and Heather. That rental agreement certainly was beneficial to him. He half wondered why: it was quite a bit below the current market and they could surely get more if they wanted. Oh well: be grateful for small mercies.

Monday morning he went down to the Jobcentre. He signed on and was given an appointment for an interview with a Work Coach who was to help him find a new job, He also got the bad news that he was not to expect first benefit payment for a good five weeks and they could not yet tell him quite how much. Universal Credit was quite complicated and would need to be worked out and the computer system at the Jobcentre was down for maintenance for a few days.

He went home and opened his post, which consisted of a few bills and a letter from the liquidator of his last employer confirming the termination of his employment.,

The telephone rang. It was Penny, his latest paramour. She was inviting him out for a meal Wednesday evening 7 p,m, at the new Thai restaurant, just opened, and which she’d found was excellent; and to be her treat to him as she had something to tell him. Penny was the last person he wanted to see just now, but it would have been impolite to refuse; and he was slightly intrigued anyway, as beforehand whenever they’d gone out together before it had been he who’d paid. He wondered how to break to her the bad news, but accepted.

To take his mind off things he turned on his desktop to view his favourite porn. He’d a number of porn websites he’d been visiting regularly since schooldays. But he had to turn it off before long as he was becoming so aroused that the pressure on his balls was becoming unbearable. The back base ring dug into the back of his scrotum from behind while the design of the penis tube both separated and put pressure on his balls from the front. Between them it felt like his balls were being squeezed in a vice and he saw that the design of his chastity cage was intended to do just that. It was a state of the art model and Margaret had plainly done her research very thoroughly indeed those three years back.

He somehow hung on till Wednesday and met Penny as agreed.

“Good to see you,” said Penny. “Now, what do you fancy? For this menu, there’s a first rate Japanese sake to drink which I highly recommend. Or else a Chang beer.”

“That’s extremely kind. I’ll go for the tuzla escort sake. But for what do I have this pleasure?”

Penny ordered a flask of sake for two.

“I’ll tell you shortly But first, what’s your news?”

David told her about the job problems.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get another soon. All the best, and let me know. And keep in touch. But for me I’ve just returned from a three week holiday with my estranged husband. And before I go on I must thank you for the fantastic time you’ve given me these last weeks. I shall never forget it. But the fact is: Gerald and I have made it up and worked out a way forward for us both. So I’ve agreed with him not to continue with our sexual relationship. But I hope we can stay friends?”

For David this was the best news he could have had, though he didn’t say so of course.

“No problem at all. And I wish you and Gerald all the best for the future and I’ll stay in touch, naturally.”

“That’s very kind. I’d dreaded telling you. You know, you should find a single girl and start thinking about settling down. You’ve been a fantastic lover. Some women say size doesn’t matter, but they’re usually lying, though it’s not just what you’ve got: it’s also how you use it.”

“That’s kind too. I’ve only had one girl with whom I’ve really found I could bond, but it won’t happen because she’s now found she’s lesbian. But she and I are still good friends too.”

David did not go into further details.

“Ah, well. But there will be others, I’m sure”

“I hope so”,

They continued their Thai meal, and Penny ordered another flask of sake and a taxi to take them both home at her expense, dropping off David first.

From then on David was pretty much living off cheese and pickle and beans on toast. The following Monday he went back to the Jobcentre for his interview with his work coach, John Hardwick. John had researched the database and printed out some possible employers in the hospitality industry (combination of hotels, restaurants and pubs) to which he might apply. One was another chain, similar to his last one, but smaller and locally based with about seven outlets in all; and John suggested he try them first and could arrange an interview. David knew this Company, which had a bad reputation for staff relations, but didn’t dare refuse or else he risked losing his benefit. The interview was in about a fortnight. Meanwhile John gave him a print out of how much Universal Credit he’d receive, with first payment due in about five weeks’ time. The procedure was he was to be paid monthly, one further week in arrears, with the total amount due subject to a 63% deduction of whatever (if anything) he’d earned the month prior, which the Benefits Agency would obtain from the Inland Revenue who would get it from any employer. It ought to be automatic.

David went home, dejected. Not long afterwards there was a knock on the door. Someone was delivering a crate of his favourite beer. There was a card attached reading: “All best wishes and thanks again. Penny.” He opened a bottle and poured himself a glass.

Come the fortnight David went for the job interview. It was on the fourth floor of a slightly shabby office block. He was ushered into a large room with about two dozen others. He was called in eighth. He’d no idea how many vacancies there were hence what was the extent of the competition. He was met by a nondescript man in a grey suit who asked him a lot of bland and obviously standardized questions till it came to his last employment.

“Ah yes,” said the interviewer, “I see they went into liquidation. Bad business that. Tell me more about your experience and duties with them.”

David told them.

“Well thank you. We’ll let you know. We’ve over a dozen more to interview yet. Just let me check: are your details still correct?”

“Well yes, except that Saturday week I’m moving to a new address. Here.”

He gave it to them.

“That’s fine. As I said we’ll let you know by post, and email also as backup. Thank you.”

David took that as a dismissal and left and went home.

Saturday week David hired a van, loaded up, gave his flat keys back to his old landlord, and drove off to Margaret’s. Margaret had given him a key so he let himself in and carried his belongings into the hallway. Margaret heard him.

“Come on in,” she said and make yourself at home. There’s a coffee on the hob. I expect you can do with one. It’s Jamaican: Blue Mountain and freshly ground this morning. Then come and join us.”

David did. Margaret and Heather were sitting on a settee, both totally naked, and drinking red wine. Margaret looked just as she had three years ago except that she’d now shaved her bush completely. Heather was shaved down there completely too and David had to admit: Heather did look stunning. David felt himself trying to erect under his trousers and the grip of his device became even tighter than it had been when he’d tried watching porn. It was giving him the mother of all göztepe escort balls aches.

“Now, when you’ve had your coffee you’ll need a shower, I expect,” said Margaret. “When you’ve had one, come back in again and have a glass of wine. It’s Chateauneuf du Pape, laid down ten years ago. This is a special day for us. We’ve something to tell you. Oh, and don’t bother getting dressed again afterwards. We’ve already seen what you look like down there as you know.”

David did so. He returned wearing nothing but his device.

“So now you see why we offered you the room at that price,” said Margaret. “We could easily get more for it, but we’d not be able to relax like this, even with another woman. But with you, seeing as how you’re placed, we’re not bothered at all. But that’s not what we want to tell you. You know we told you we were entering into a civil partnership?”

“Yes ” said David,

“Well we’re not.”


“Because we’ve looked at the changes in the law and we’ve decided we’ll have a full marriage instead. Because we can. And we’d like you to be our Best Man.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m honoured.”

“We’ll be most grateful. We want you to be a witness, and to organize the reception afterwards and so on. Will be close friends and family only. About two dozen: we’ll give you a list. And some more basics, like the cake to come from Barry the Baker. But otherwise we’ll leave the details to you. We’ve not fixed the date yet, but maybe in about three or four months. I want you to check with the Registry Office and also with the hall round the corner to see what dates are available”

“No problem.”

“And there’s to be a hen night the night before. Felicity’s arranging that: you remember: the girl you’d been two-timing at school and who never forgave you for it. She still hasn’t, by the way. She’s been looking to get her own back on you ever since. So don’t cross her is my advice. But she’s still a good friend of mine and will be the other witness. She’ll be coming round in a day or two. And by the way, she knows about your device and will want to have a look at it. I’ve told her she can. She’s entitled after all. But for her you’d not have been in it in the first place. OK.”


“And I may not have told you, but her family have contacts with the Company that makes them. That’s how I was able to get it so quickly. And at a discount. Normally, being individually made to measure they take a couple of months, at least. And since Felicity left school she’s been on a retainer for them.”


“Yes. Sales. Any customer she gets for them she receives a commission. Lots of companies do it. A bit like Avon Cosmetics who were doing it over fifty years ago. You’ll have heard of them, I’m sure”

“Oh yes.”

“Anyway you can ask Felicity about it when she comes.”

Felicity came round on the arranged date as agreed. Heather opened the door to her and let her in.

“It’s salmon,” she said. “From that new fishmongers in the Arcade. With all the trimmings. Come in and take a seat and I’ll pour you a sherry, Then you’ll have to excuse me as I need to finish in the kitchen.”

Felicity did so. She was casually dressed in slacks and a T shirt, as were Heather and Margaret. David wore an ordinary shirt and jeans. Margaret and David sat on the sofa with Felicity between them.

“So how’s your sex life now, David?” Felicity asked. There was more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice “I hear it’s taking a bit of a rest.”


“Not before time. How many females is it that you’ve had by now? I make it seventeen: five at school, starting with me, and another twelve since Margaret went to Cambridge, ending up with Penny what’s-her-name?”

Felicity opened her handbag and pulled out and unfolded a sheet of A4. It had the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of all of them, in chronological order.

“Where did you get that?” David asked.

“Where do you think? I’ve a cousin in the Midlands: computer programmer. Adapted some spyware hidden in an email you had over three years backalong. Not long after I found out you were two-timing me. Totally undetectable as it’s not actually a virus nor malware. And you won’t find it however hard you try as it’s in the Operating System. And in case you don’t believe me, I also know what porn sites you’ve been visiting, and which you’ve recently stopped. I’ve more than enough info on you which you won’t want to see the light of day. So you do as I tell you, or else. Also take a look at your wallpaper when you next log in.

David did not answer.

“Well now then. Pull down your pants and let me have a look at you.”

David did so, and quick as lightning Felicity had taken some flash photos of him with her mobile. Then she handled it, squeezing and twisting his balls hard as she did so.

“Yes, excellent device, that is. It was the very best available three years ago, though there have been some improvements since. üsküdar escort I hear you’re out of a job and going on benefit, so with all that interest accruing you look set for no sex for quite a long time. Years, I’d say. Do you good. You’ve already had far too much to last a lifetime.”

“I’ve had a job interview. Hope to get a reply soon.”

Yes, I know about that too. And I’ll almost certainly know the result as soon as you do, if not before.”

At this point the door opened and Heather called to them.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said,

They sat down to table: David opposite Felicity and Heather opposite Margaret.

“This is an excellent salmon,” said Margaret. “And an amazing sauce. Is it your own recipe?”

“Sort of. I adapted it from one of my grandmother’s. Based on dill weed.”

“I’ve brought some wine,” said Felicity. “Two bottles of a white Rioja. You’d said it would be fish of some sort. Should go down well. Open it, David and do the honours.”

David did so, noticing Felicity hadn’t even said ‘please’.

“David was asking me the other day about your retainer with the Company, Felicity. Perhaps you’d like to explain how it works?”

“O yes. The Company’s got a good reputation now. Often word of mouth. Quite a lot of customers buy on-line, but others like to see the product first. So some agents do home visits and take samples for the customers to see. I do occasionally though I more often do it at hen parties. And we can show them pictures of the devices actually being worn, which we can’t put on the website.”

Felicity gave David a knowing look, leaving him in doubt why she’d taken those snaps of him.

“Well now,” said Heather. “To change the subject: our hen night. Thank you so much for agreeing to arrange it. David will be in touch as to date as soon as out wedding day is fixed. The hen night’s to be the night before. Anywhere you like, within reason. We want about two dozen. We’ll give you some names, but we’d like you to make suggestions too. After all, you and Margaret were at school together, so maybe some old school friends?”

“No problem at all,.” said Felicity. “Leave it to me, and the wine, and so on. And the traditional hen night entertainment to round off the evening, naturally?” She turned from Heather and looked David in the eye.

“Absolutely,” said Heather, also staring at David.

“By the way, Felicity,” asked Margaret over a coffee after they’d finished dinner, “I thought you said there had been some new developments with some of the Company’s devices.”

“Yes, that’s right. Till recently they’ve all had special security keys, as has yours. All individual of course, so spares can’t be obtained except by the original purchaser. But now we’ve got an option for them to be remote controlled instead, via an App. Password protected, of course. It’s quite new. The main innovation is it allows more than one person to control at the same time. So for instance you and Heather could both have a remote lock on David, with either or both of you, as you choose, needed to press the button before any release. It also enables more than one wearer to have the same controller. All sorts of options like this. I’ve just sold one each to two wives who now have a double lock on both husbands they’ve made into cuckolds. Got them by the balls every which way including financially. Gives increased security too, as this way there’s no wearer can find the keys if a controller accidentally mislays them. I’ll send you the details if you like, though I think you’ll find they’re on the website too. It’s a new development. Not many have been sold yet. It needed a lot of beta testing before it could be marketed.”

The evening wore on, with more coffee, and brandy, and the conversation passed to other subjects. In particular. David was interested to learn more about what life was like in Chambers and at the Bar. So was Felicity.

“It’s quite tough, to begin with,” said Margaret. “Not too many make it. The starting procedure is archaic and arcane and includes things like having to attend things called Term Dinners at one of the Inns of Court. There are four of them. Mine’s the Inner Temple. The next step is to get what’s called pupillage, a sort of apprenticeship with a more senior Barrister in a set of Chambers, to learn the ropes, so to speak. That’s not so easy either though a First Class degree which we both have, does help enormously. This lasts a year. For the first six months you sit in with your pupil master, on his or her cases sitting in Court and attending conferences with clients and solicitors. The second six months it’s the same, except that you’re then also allowed to do cases yourself: usually very minor ones or procedural matters. It’s tough and you’re mostly on minimum wage. You really need a decent additional income elsewhere to live on. Central London is expensive.”

She looked David in the eye and they both knew what the other was thinking, as did Heather and Felicity. Margaret went on.

“From then on, you’re on your own. You’re self-employed and reliant on solicitors to give you work, or briefs as we call them, so you need to impress them. You need to get a reputation for being good on your feet and being able to negotiate a hard bargain.”

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