It’s Monday morning and David enters the train, annoyed that the mechanic has not finished the repairs to his Beemer and for another week he will have to use mass transit to get to his office in the City. He could have taken it to a less in demand mechanic, but he did not trust his baby, a 2006 Z4 M Roadster, to any but the best available. Unfortunately, the secret was out on Lars and his expert handling of all things BMW, so the queue was always incredibly long, service appointments needing to be made months in advance. Of course, that meant if you had an emergency repair need and you had to have Lars, you had to wait. So here he was for the second week, joining the huddled masses on their daily trek into the City.

He easily finds a seat, as he has caught the train at one of the earliest stops, knowing that it will be full to overflowing after the next few stops. He opens his briefcase, taking out the morning paper picked up from his stoop as he left the house and loses himself in the events of the day. He’s engrossed in the paper and pays little attention as the train makes its routine stops picking up and letting off fellow passengers. His is near to the last stop, so he knows he has awhile before he has to listen for his station to be called.

He’s engrossed in the sports section when of a sudden a new and luscious smell wafts past and assaults his senses. He looks up quickly, hoping to catch a look at the woman wearing that incredible scent. He doesn’t have a clue as to the perfume’s name, but he knows what he would call it – Pure Fucking Sin! God, he hopes she looks as good as she smells!

He looks at the people sitting and standing to the front of him; other business men, college age kids, some less desirables obviously using the train to find a short respite from their 24/7 exposure to the elements, but no one who could possibly be the creature who has, with her intoxicating scent alone, completely captured his attention. He turns to look to the rear and spots her. She’s pushing through the second set of doors, heading into the next car. He feels his breath catch as he takes in her glorious fall of thick, glossy dark auburn hair. It falls sleek and straight down to the middle of her back. Jesus, who cares what her face looks like! He’d just love to close his eyes and feel that glorious hair sweeping across his chest, over his incredibly sensitive nipples, and down across his firm, hard abs and belly. God, just the thought had the blood pooling in his groin. David couldn’t believe that just her scent, which was now just a delicious memory, and the sight of her glorious red hair could get him so hard, so fast. He felt just then like a schoolboy sneaking peaks at his first girlie magazine, not the mature man of 27 that he is.

As she moves further into the train car he recognizes, even from the back, that the fur-trimmed raincoat she wears carries a designer label. That fact, along with her Louis Vuitton handbag, tells him that this is a woman of some means. Even without these outer trappings, her impeccable carriage, the grace and ease with which she moves is a testament to her lofty status. What the hell is she doing on the train?

Seeing that she is not going to turn towards him and reveal to him the gorgeous looks she must possess based on all the double takes from the instantly besotted men in the next car, David decides that he must follow her. He must get closer to her, must be allowed to breath in her scent, see the stunning features that he has conjured in his mind. Maybe even get close enough to surreptitiously steal a light caress of her gloriously thick mane of glossy red hair. God, just the thought has his burgeoning cock twitching inside his Italian cut trousers.

He reaches for his briefcase, ready to begin his quest, when the train begins to slow for the next stop. As it has now reached one of its three financial district stops, his being the next, a multitude of passengers in the now fully occupied train cars stand, collecting their coats, briefcases and assorted paraphernalia preparing to disembark. Shit, he has lost sight of her in the throng! Finally, the disembarking passengers have exited, the aisles are clear, and……FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! She’s gone! Through the window of his train car, David quickly scans the crowd heading to the stairs and escalator as the train begins to pull away from this station but cannot find her in the crowd. FUCK! Dejectedly he sits down to await his stop and head to the office in a now decidedly peevish mood.


Tuesday morning dawns bright and sunny, the clouds of yesterday having all blown away. David heads to the transit station in a much better frame of mind. The skies are clear, the sun is shining and he’s on a mission. The day’s newspaper is in his briefcase, where it will stay until he reaches his office. Today he plans to be ever vigilant, ever watchful, hoping desperately for the reappearance of his fantasy woman from yesterday. fikirtepe escort He hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind all damn day and had spent the evening imagining a myriad of naughty, nasty, kinky scenarios that his fantasy woman would be eager to play out with him. He felt himself becoming aroused again remembering them and the mind-blowing orgasm they had brought him to.

She just had to be on the train again! He had to get a look at her form and features, had to see if she even came close to his erotic imaginings of her.

David reaches the station and enters the waiting train car. Again there are many available seats, but he has no intention of sitting, no intention of taking any action that might hamper his quest. He finds a likely spot and reaches up to grasp the overhead rail as the train begins to move out of the station. Even though, based on the timing of yesterday’s appearance, he determines that it should be several more stops before the object of his obsession appears, David feels his heartbeat quicken and a flush of anticipation spread through his eager body.

Several stops later David’s vigilance pays off as he notices heads craning in the next car, stretching and straining to get a glimpse of something, someone in the car next to theirs. It must be her! He can’t believe that anyone or anything else would cause such a stir. With purpose David begins to move through the semi-congested train car, heading ever closer to where he is certain the object of his developing obsession awaits him. He finally enters the car, knowing she is here by the looks on the faces of the men in the car, besotted, enamored and those of the women, annoyed and envious. David eagerly waits for the recently boarded passengers to take a seat and clear the aisle so that he can finally, finally see her.

The passengers settle, and, MY GOD, there she is, just a few yards in front of him. Her back is turned towards him, but the view from the back is fucking AMAZING. She’s not wearing a coat today, and her glorious body is fully, incredibly revealed to him in the lusciously cock-teasing outfit she is wearing.

With every intention of seeing her face today, David decides to first fully steep his senses in the backside view before him. He closes his eyes for a moment before he looks down and smiles in gratification and lusty pleasure as he sees that she is wearing a glorious pair of supple, black leather pumps with 4″ needle thin heels and thin little ankle straps. So fucking sexy! As his gaze moves up, he can’t contain his gasp of pleasure as he takes in the longest, sexiest pair of legs he has ever fucking seen, made sexier still by the incredible black silk, fully-fashioned, Cuban heeled, raised seam stockings that they’re encased in. His burgeoning cock twitches as he traces with his eyes the path of those glorious raised seams running oh so straight up those luscious legs to disappear under the hem of her incredibly thin, incredibly tight pencil skirt. Oooooh, it’s black…. Italian made…. luxurious crepe wool and is so tight it fits her like a second skin, revealing every glorious curve of her hips and ass. Oh, God, and what curves! She’s tall – FUCK, she must be over six feet in those shoes! – and slender, but has the most incredible, womanly fucking curves – mmmmm, the height of Nicole Kidman with the curves of Marilyn Monroe, fuuuuucckkkkk!!!!!!!! Gorgeously curved hips and the highest, roundest, tightest cock-teasing ass David has ever, ever seen! Jesus, he could cum just watching her strut before him in those sexy fucking shoes, that amazingly tight pencil skirt, hips swaying, ass wiggling. And the thought of licking up the backs of those mile-long legs, licking his tongue up that incredibly straight raised seam, seeing it glisten with his saliva – FUCK, his cock jerks again at the thought!

Continuing his upward perusal he notes with delight the crisp white custom-tailored blouse and at her waist is the sexiest 4″ black patent-leather belt, tightly cinching her incredibly small waist, which serves to further accentuate her lusciously rounded hips and ass. Damn, this is one cock-teasing bitch!

David’s gaze takes in her somewhat broad, but totally feminine, shoulders as she stands straight and proud, ass sticking out round and high. He knows, he just knows that this is one incredibly haughty, high-class bitch, someone’s pampered princess, and wonders again, what the fuck is she doing on the train!

Further up he notes that her glorious mane of deep, rich auburn hair is pulled back and up into a ponytail, starting high at the crown of her head, sweeping down to a jaunty little flip at the end resting in the middle of her back. Once again, David can’t help but imagine that glorious hair trailing over his body. Imagines her taking the end of that sexy fucking ponytail and using it to tease and torment his incredibly sensitive, even now, erect nipples. Ooooh, he shudders at the thought of the delicious sensations.

Wanting gebze escort to tease himself just a little longer before moving to confirm that the front view is as delicious as the back, David slowly retraces his path downward from the glorious red hair to the tips of those catch me, fuck me pumps, salivating again over every delectable feature.

Finally, fully and completely aroused, cock incredibly hard and twitching like a stallion straining to mount a mare in heat tethered before him, David prepares to move to the front of her, to finally saturate his lust filled senses with the complete picture of her.

He takes one tentative step toward her then stops abruptly. As if sensing the heat emanating from him, sensing his incredibly intense, penetrating gaze, she begins to turn…….

MY GOD! She is, in a word, stunning! A perfect oval shaped face, with incredible, perfectly proportioned features emphasized by impeccably done, subtle yet dramatic makeup. Wickedly arched brows frame sparkling, hypnotic, almond shaped green eyes, emphasized by a warm honey brown shadow and deeper, darker matching eyeliner. Her incredibly long, thick eyelashes are beautifully curled and layered with glorious black mascara. High cheekbones accented with just a hint of blush. In the center of that perfect oval sits a sophisticated, aristocratic nose, just made to look down on the peons in her midst. And her mouth! Oh, God, she has the most luscious, thick, full cock-teasing lips, covered in gorgeous fire engine red lipstick! Further emphasized by the slickest, wettest, drippingest sheer gloss. Mmmmm, delicious!

David notes the large but tasteful princess cut diamond stud earrings on the lobes of her perfectly placed ears, further speaking to this glorious creature’s wealth and status. He spies the matching diamond drop pendant peeking between the V-shaped opening of her crisp white custom tailored blouse, with its stiff, starched man-tailored collar, a modest three buttons left undone. Open just enough to give a hint of the incredible cleavage created by the French lace balcony bra David just knows she’s wearing under that conservatively but sexily tailored blouse, a row of small white pearl buttons straining to contain the bounty held beneath. MY GOD, what a luscious pair of tits! High, round, D cup breasts jutting against that tightly fitted blouse.

As he gazes, transfixed by the sight, her incredible nipples harden, pushing against the seemingly modest blouse, obscenely delineated for all to see. Where some women would hunch their shoulders and pluck at their blouse to try to hide this titillating sight, not so this haughty beauty. No, completely attuned to her body and knowing the effect on the male assemblage she throws her shoulders back, making her centerfold breasts jut unbelievably further up and out. MY GOD, she’s magnificent!!!

David’s heartbeat quickens, and he feels his own incredibly sensitive nipples harden in response. He cannot resist sneaking one hand inside his suit jacket to lightly graze then more forcefully twist and tweak and torment one lucky nipple, imagining that it is her slender fingers with the long, sharp fire engine red nails doing the teasing. Oooooh, he better stop before he cums in his trousers, right here in the train car filled with morning passengers.

Finally tearing his eyes from those incredibly erotically distended nipples, he continues his lustful appraisal.

At the front of that sexy 4″ black patent leather belt is an amazingly large square silver buckle. The belt so tightly cinched around her tiny waist, further emphasizing her gorgeous hourglass figure.

Again David marvels at that incredibly tight black pencil skirt. Fuck – it’s no wonder she’s standing. He doesn’t know how she manages to walk, let alone sit in that sinful creation. Jesus, is there a man alive who doesn’t get a raging hard-on at the site of a sexy bitch in a skintight pencil skirt???

Her curvaceous hips are so clearly defined in that tight ass skirt, molding every inch, down over her flat abdomen, covering the treasure between her thighs that he would just love to worship for hours and hours and hours with his lips and teeth and tongue, right through that incredible skirt and the nasty, naughty, kinky black nylon panties he imagines her wearing. Oh, God, he wants to worship her pussy!

From the hem of the skirt, which ends just below her knees, he continues his downward gaze, down those incredibly long, toned, gorgeously sexy legs. His cock twitches as he remembers the sight of those glorious raised seams running so straight up the back of those mile long legs.

His gaze finally reaches those beautiful black leather shoes, admiring the sexy little ankle strap and wickedly pointed toes. Perfect compliments to the needle thin 4″ heels. Ooooh, he could just imagine her in a pair of 6″ skyscraper high stiletto heeled fuck me pumps. Strutting that sexy stuck up ass in front of him. Teasing and teasing içerenköy escort and teasing him endlessly as he strokes his thick, hard, tumescent 9″ cock while rubbing and pinching and pulling on his incredibly sensitive, furiously aroused nipples. Fuck, he soooo loves to be teased, and he just knows that this sexy, haughty, nasty bitch would be an expert at it.

Looking at her he realizes that with just a few minor changes to her makeup and wardrobe she would be the living creation of his ultimate fantasy. A total 50’s pin-up-girl, walking wet dream, fetish fuck fantasy. FUUUUUCCCK! He nearly cums in his pants just thinking about her dressed that way!

Controlling himself, he begins the journey back up her luscious body, reveling in each delicious detail, until he reaches her face and realizes that she’s watching him. He watches as her eyes move down his body, down to the front of his trousers where the proof of his desperate desire is clearly evident and painfully straining against his fly. David holds his breath as her eyes begin to move upward. What will he see? Will she be appreciative of his impressive manhood? Will she give him a sign, a signal that she’s interested in something more than cock teasing on a train?

Their eyes meet. He feels an almost electric connection, and watches as she simply raises one wickedly arched brow, gives the barest hint of a smile, and then turns her back to him. Before David has a chance to absorb the crushing rejection, he realizes that she’s viciously arching her back, sticking that gloriously rounded ass further up and towards him. God, it was not a rejection at all, just a way to tease him further. Oooooh, this nasty bitch is just asking for it and he’s just the big-dicked motherfucker to give it to her.

He moves forward, coming to stand directly behind her. Close enough to smell her glorious scent, to run a light caress down that gorgeous hair. Just then the train begins to pull into the next station, the stopping motion causing her to sway back slightly, bringing that sexy round pencil-skirted ass right against his huge, swollen cock. Fuuuccckkkk!!!! Instead of politely moving backwards, David pushes forward. Pushing his huge cock against the crack of her ass. Letting her feel fully what she’s done to him and what he’s prepared to give to her.

He can’t believe it when he feels her ass start to rub up and down against his cock. Jesus Christ! Right here on the train for anyone to see! Ooooh, he was right about her. She is one nasty, naughty, kinky bitch!

He moves his left hand to the front of her skirt. Sliding it down to rest just above her pubis. Pushing her gorgeous ass tighter against his massively swollen cock, uncaring of who might see, totally focused on the feel of her ass undulating against him. She removes her right hand from the overhead rail, and then David feels her long, viciously sharp nails scoring the outside of his thigh through his trousers, moving up along his hip to slip her hand into his front pocket. Fuck! He feels those nails teasing the side of his cock. OH GOD! He’s going to cum any minute now!

As the train comes to a complete stop and passengers begin to leave their seats to exit the train, David and his nasty bitch become separated. He moves to the side, hoping that these pricks will hurry out of the train so he can get back to his naughty public sex play.

Finally the last few passengers are heading out and David turns to renew his ass fuck ministrations, and, she’s gone! NOT AGAIN!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!

He reaches into his pocket to surreptitiously rub his swollen, throbbing cock and feels something that was not there earlier. He pulls it out and finds that it is a business card. Made of the finest card stock, on one side a gold leaf border with a large filigreed V in the middle. On the other side the message “Be at the corner of Pine and Vallejo this evening 6:00 p.m. SHARP!”


It’s 6:00 p.m. and as he’s been instructed, David is standing on the corner of Pine and Vallejo. Waiting, wondering what the night has in store for him. His cock has been hard all day long, remembering the all too brief moments pushing and rubbing against that incredible cock-teasing bitch’s round, taught pencil-skirted ass on the train. God, he’d never done anything quite that kinky before, and realized that he desperately wanted to do it again! Desperately wanted to put on a show like that again, only longer, nastier and kinkier.

As he stands there, reveling in his wicked exhibition fantasy, a long black stretch limousine pulls to the curb beside him. The back tinted window rolls down far enough for him to hear an incredibly sexy, sultry, husky voice bid him to get in. He’s surprised upon entering at how dark the interior is. So dark that he can only make out the shape of his mystery woman sitting in the middle of the long bench seat facing the driver’s seat. He knows it’s her, however, by the incredibly decadent, amazingly sexual scent that initially captured his attention. Before he can sit beside her she directs him to the seat opposite her. The limo is so long that there is a good five feet between them now. Shit! Why does she have him sitting so far away???

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