Sexcapades of Aparody Parish: 01


I am Aparody Parish, lead vocals for my band, A Parody. The most popular band in Sha Mi Zen music industry which I worked really hard to achieve.

This is the story about the first time me and Carol knew each other in that special way. One of many moments that I treasure in my heart and look back with such fondness words cannot describe.

This happened the very first night I got to perform on the very first stage. A small setup in a bar for live music called Dead Drunk Dive in Shreevport Bay. After doing my entire performance and loving the excitement my heart dreamed for, for so very long.

This is known in the Sha Mi Zen music industry as the bone yard, no pun intended. If you didn’t possess the voice and remarkable talent on the guitar, drums or any other instrument you end up tossed aside. Noone was supposed to ever leave the bone yard, but that’s another story. On to Carol Bruce.

He came out in feminine knee high, high heeled black boots. He had on a red half shirt that was baggy and black jean style short shorts, he has a very healthy behind that really brought out the animal in me.

He started his performance with his heavily sexual number, Happy Being Me and he dances very well. Like smooth poetry in motion with an explosion of lust which sunk my eyes in. I was so mesmerized by the movements of his body that my heart began racing with such raw desire.

He had the biggest round brown eyes I have ever seen and natural long, flowing light brown hair. He done his make up around his eyes with a light blue shade which brought out the natural color.

When this marvelous beauty was finished with his sensational act, I had to meet him. So I made my way to where he sat at the bar enjoying a shot of Conner’s brew. I went up to the seat by him, lighting up a dream flower stick.

I ask him, “May I sit by you, to see your beautiful eyes more closely?”

He said, “Yes.” Then done the cutest side gaze when he asked, “You’re Aparody, right?”

“Yeah, I enjoyed your show very much Carol.” I said as I took my seat next to this sexy man.

His voice even carried this eloquence that draws me in. “Likewise, steamy sticky goo man.”

I flirt back, “Would you like a taste?”

His smile is like opening curtains and letting the rays of sunshine fill the room. What I remember most is how everything he done was so captivating. Even how he sat leaning on the bar to show those shaved legs off.

He replies, “Your very striking blue eyes are attractive, but your not getting this that easily, Aparody.”

So I took another drag which started the dream sequence in which scenes of my first experience with another man played out in the background. Your aware it’s not real, but amazed at how real it is.

Seeing the Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort desire so easy to read flow from those enchanting eyes of brown watching my every move started the stirring of desire in me.

I looked into those wonderful eyes while I said with calming confidence. “You’re worth all the effort and every single drop of honey my words can recite.”

The lustful smile which shines through to my very soul brought so much joy into my heart like the violent waves of the stormy sea.

Carol tilted his head as he said with the desire lurking in his soul which is ready to surface. “Oh, do go on.”

So I did, “You are like the pearl found in the mouth of the oyster.”

Carol replies, “I didn’t realize you are so romantic.”

Loving those legs feeding my eyes with passionate desire, I reply. “I thought you were captivating on the stage until I sat next to you and the explosive beauty is far much better up close.”

That’s when Carol said. “Let us find somewhere we can be alone and I shall show you the passion burning inside my heart.”

taking those delicate fingers into mine and feeling the electricity from our first touch will always be savored in my thoughts. The excitement of my heart knowing there were more delights waiting to experience.

My heart already was pounding with such fury watching him sway with that sexy round ass. He lead me to his personal space backstage and told me. “Lock the door, I’m very private with my sexuality.”

As I shut the red door Carol was already undressed and only wearing those sexy black boots. He says as I smoke down another drag. “Let me excuse myself to my bathroom.”

I started to feel the weightlessness, like you feel the tile floor with your feet, but not the pressure of any weight. It’s like walking on air. As I took off my clothes and by his personal vanity his make up brush and tongs for his eyes seemed to float up in the air.

Then they started a beat. Then the red plush decorative chair came alive and began to sing with the cushion being the top of it’s mouth and the bottom was what held the cushion and legs.

It sang to the beat. “You’re lucky boy, you’re gonna have a marvelous time which I shall witness. You’re getting some and I’m envious I cannot share in the delight because I have no hands.

Just arms, yes arms which cannot move. I guess I could just say I have four legs and you only have two. Yeah you’re lucky boy, I shall only support him while you fuck him. On and on watching and must pay attention. All the time wishing I had hands so I could play along.”

I’m laughing so hard, wish I could write this down. The chair is singing a hit! Carol exits and realizes my state and snaps those marvelous fingers in my Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort face to get my attention.

Still laughing uncontrollably, I say. “You have a very talented chair, there.”

Carol seen my eyes turn to his as my hands moved across his flat, smooth belly and our heads move in synce towards each other’s to share in the potent kiss.

How we each shared in the passion and heat being displayed by the chaotic movements of our tongues wanting nothing more than to taste the others. The feel of his skin, so soft and smooth while both my hands steadily went up to play with his thick maroon nipples.

As we continually kissed with such desire, my fingers enjoyed the feel of those delicate nipples inbetween my fingers. As the sensation started to rise up and bubble over the brim. My hands went for the apple of my eyes, that nice round ass.

With such eagerness feeling the passion in our kissing, my hands squeezed so softly enjoying such a touch as this. His hands went for my nipples and feeling that gentle tug was lighting the fuse within my awakened body.

That’s when Carol got on his knees. I gently put both my hands in the cracks of his arms and gripped just enough to pick him up off the ground. While I looked in those gorgeous brown eyes.

I said, “I wish to service you to taste your delightful passion with my whole mouth.”

Then I go down upon my knees as my hands embrace the soft skin of his limp member. My hands held on gently while I stroked in rapid movements. Hearing the lustful moan as my lips closed around that sexy head.

With one hand I played with his pubic hairs and the other gripped that beautiful ass. I loved how gentle those hairs caressed my fingers and palms. My lips and mouth delighted as they went down to his shaft and as I came up I would lightly suck.

His hands held on to my hair with gentle massages while he continued to moan out with such pleasant tones to kindle the fire of lust building up in my body.

When I felt it start to grow and harden in my mouth my heart danced inside in the joys of the effort yielding the desired result. His five inches was hot with desire as he began to pump his glorious cock in and out with his hands gripping my hair and his hips moving.

He started out with a steady rhythm but, I seen his eyes come alive with that animal nature. His body tightened with that desirous yearning and his cock would slam way down my throat and come up to his head very rapidly.”

Hearing that constant deep wail of the passion gripping his soul brought my own cock fully erect. Loving such desire, not ever wanting this to end but his legs became very tense.

He wailed out, “Oh, yes, yes. Ohhhh!”

While my mouth was filled Kurtköy Vip Escort up and running over with his salty treasures leaking out with warm and tender motions filling my chin and running down my neck and the center of my chest.

Seeing that sensual body running with glistening beads of sweat and his eyes focussed on my mouth while I opened and shown him the massive amount of cum before swallowing it down.

With my hand cupped I took the cum up from my chest and around my neck, catching all I could. I was thrilled seeing those wonderful eyes radiating such delight as he watched me let his semen run from my fingers into my open mouth. Then I sucked the rest of that salty treat off of my fingers.

His words spoke from the longing of his heart as he sat at the edge of that red plush chair and spread his legs and his hands grabbed a holt of his heels. “Aparody, I can’t wait any longer.”

Walking steadily towards such a sexy sight. His smooth legs and satisfied cock, right down to his wet asshole. I got on my knees as my tongue licked around that tangy delight.

He moaned wildly, “Oh yes!”

My tongue entered in lapping up greedily at that wetness. I am loving every gulp sliding down, with my hand I moved the head of my cock along the rim loving the wetness covering it. With a gentle thrust my whole head went in and was engulfed with his warm wetness.

Carol’s eyes were a blaze with lust as she cried out. “Yes!”

Still gliding in with gentleness to feel each inch as it went inside that wet asshole. I bent down and my arms embraced him as his wrapped around my back. We kiss with savage delight when my hips began pumping quickly.

The vibrations of his pleasure were felt inside my mouth while his body clenched up and his asshole shot around my cock that precious fluid. The warm liquid filled my thighs and my heart was intent on feeling this once more.

As I continually surged in and out now bracing my hands on the arms and looking into those eyes with such pleasure showing and hearing his wails of pleasure as my cock kept adding fuel to the flame.

Then his body tensed up as his face went such a lovely shade of red and the constant grunt of his deep delight and once again my thighs were decorated with his passionate fluid.

I continually pound and voice my approval. “You’re so fucking hot, Carol.”

She was deep in the grips of passion and within minutes he bursted forth again and feeling myself being close, I pulled out bringing my ready cock to his eager opened mouth.

I stimulated it and grunted out myself as my quivering body shot forth thick loads which he gulped down. It finally filled his mouth and ran down that beautiful chest.

I sat back on the floor while I watched Carol return the favor I first gave him. I tell him within the depths of my heart. “You’re so beautiful.”

I will never forget the sparkle in his eyes. This was just our first time, but every time with Carol Bruce has it’s own unique treasure of passion, which I look forward to with such eagerness and deep admiration.

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