Susie Q Ch. 12


Susie looked over at the clock and realized it was almost midnight. She, Jamie and Steve had been fucking for almost six hours. Since Steve had introduced coke to the party time had ceased to exist for her.

Now she was concerned, she found her cell phone on the floor and saw that Turk had sent her a text at 10 P.M. that said, “just checking on you?”

Susie looked over and saw Steve fucking Jamie from behind. She could see milk pouring out of Jamie’s breasts onto the cheap hotel bed. Steve’s giant cock was pummeling Jamie’s cunt and she could see Jamie’s ragged and bruised cunt lips roll back and forth over his prick.

Susie stepped into the bathroom, lit a cigarette and called Turk who picked up on the second ring.

“Hey babe, you ok?” Turk asked.

Susie, still jittery from the multiple lines of coke she had snorted began, speaking three times faster than she normally would saying;

“Yes, babe I’m fine, we’ve just been having so much fun. We found Steve and Jamie is still fucking him right now, but I’ll come home if you want me to come home, I’ll come home right now If you want please don’t be mad, I’ll…”

Turk started laughing and said, “Whoa babe slow down, are you safe?”

“Yes,” Susie said succinctly.

“Are you having a good time?” Turk asked.

“Yes, baby I am,” Susie said giggling.

Turk started to laugh again and said, “Well OK then, last question I have is, are you ultimately going to come home to me?”

“You’re the only man I love baby, yes I’ll be home in a little bit,” Susie said.

“You come home whenever you want, just come home you Juicy Cunt, love you,” Turk said.

“I love you Cowboy,” Susie said as she hung up the phone.

Susie walked out of the bathroom just as Steve began to cum.

“Take my fucking cum you dirty fucking whore!” Steve yelled.

“Oh, my fucking God, cum you big dicked bastard,” Jamie cried into her pillow.

Susie walked in and snorted another two lines of coke. As Steve got out of bed, she climbed in. Jamie rolled over; Susie began licking Steve’s cum from her pussy. Jamie grabbed her roughly by the head and began pulling her hard into her cunt.

“Eat my slimy cunt baby,” Jamie said.

Susie hungrily ate at Jamie’s pussy, pushing her face into it, smearing Jamie and Steve’s juices completely over her face.

She raised her face from Jamie’s crotch and said to no one in particular, “I fucking love this.”

“You love eating pussy do you babe?” Steve asked from his chair at the ratty table covered in coke dust.

“I love it all, I love eating this whore’s pussy. I love getting fucked by your giant dick, I love getting fucked in this shit motel. I fucking love being a slut,” Susie said as she dove back down into Jamie’s cunt.

Susie ate all Steve’s cum from Jamie’s worn pussy and then began to pay special attention to her clit.

Jamie began to spasm from yet another orgasm and yelled, “Eat it you fucking dirty slut. You we’re made to eat pussy and catch dick you fucking whore.”

Soon enough Susie collapsed, resting her face against Jamie’s still quivering pussy. She was suddenly startled when she heard the door to the hotel room open. Jamie shared her fright as both girls squealed and yelled, “Steve, what the fuck?”

Steve began to laugh and said, “Sorry, we’re almost out of blow.” He then motioned the shadow at the door to come in and said, “Hurry up, get the fuck in here.”

Susie and Jamie, both still naked and lying cuddled together on the bed watched as two Hispanic males stepped into the room. Both were covered in tattoos. One appeared to heavy set and about 5’9″. The other one was even shorter around 5’6″ but was very muscular. Susie thought to herself, “short man syndrome.”

Steve held out a large amount of cash and the smaller man took the wad of bills and provided Steve with baggie of what appeared to be cocaine. Susie noticed he never took his eyes off the girls while he made the transaction. She also noticed he had two tear drop tattoos by one eye and the number 13 under the other eye.

“Damn son, you got a party going on up in here,” The skinny man said.

“Yeah, these some fine hoes,” The other fatter Mexican said.

“Damn straight,” Susie said before she even realized it.

All three men laughed at Susie and the shorter one said, “You girls look like you know the game. You bitches need anything?”

Susie stared at the brash short man and before she could tell him “no” Jamie spoke up from behind her, “You got any Molly?”

The short Mexican turned to the heavy-set male who looked in several pockets before producing a small package of pills.

“How much?” Steve asked.

“Shit’s free, if we get a turn,” Shorty said.

Steve looked at the girls and Susie looked at Jamie who raised her eyebrow and smiled.

“Deal,” Susie said, still smiling at Jamie.

Steve handed each girl a beer and shorty handed them each a small baggie of pills. They took one each and swallowed their beers down. Susie got up, still naked and lit a cigarette from the table. adana escort

Shorty walked up and slid his arm around Susie. They were almost the same height and Susie was glad she didn’t have heels on, or she would have towered over him.

“Hey mama, you fucking beautiful,” Shorty said.

“Thanks babe, that’s sweet,” Susie said.

Jamie got off the bed and grabbed another beer, she slid next to Steve and began to rub his cock. Susie saw this as an obvious attempt to not have to play with the heavier male.

Steve reached his arm around Jamie and rubbed her ass. He knew what she was thinking too but if he came down to it, he was not going to stand in either drug dealers’ way.

Susie slid over to the heavier set of the two and put both her hands on his chest and said, “What’s your name baby? you’re awful quiet.”

The heavy-set man broke a smile and said, “I’m Juan.”

“Is that really your name or is that like a code name?” Susie teased.

“Bitch as far as you care his name Juan and I’m Loco. You gonna suck our dicks or interrogate our ass?” Shorty said.

Susie fell to her knees in front of Juan and said, “Sorry Loco, I was just trying to be friendly.”

Susie had never felt like this before. She should have been mad or even frightened at Loco’s rudeness, but she was totally at peace. The room was no longer a dingy dated motel room. It was a vibrant room full of colors and sounds.

Susie watched as Jamie, understanding why she had slid to Juan, moved to Loco and began to rub her still milky tits in his face.

“You thirsty babe?” Jamie said as Loco took one of her nipples into her mouth.

“Mmmm, feed me momma,” Loco said.

Susie looked up at Juan from the floor and smiled at him. She snaked her hand into his pants and fished out his hardening cock. It was about six inches and was standard in every way except one. It was obvious Juan besides being a drug dealer was a laborer. Either that or he just didn’t get to shower often.

Susie could smell the musk of Juan’s cock before she ever fished it out of his underwear and pants. It was a smell of sweat, dirt and piss. Susie should have been repulsed, but the Molly had already taken over her thoughts as she greedily swallowed Juan in one motion, she felt his flabby belly rest on top of her head as she did it.

Beside her Jamie had already climbed onto the bed and Loco had climbed on top of her. Jamie reached down and grabbed his 7-inch cock and slid it into her worn pussy.

“Damn baby, you already wet,” Loco purred.

“Mmmmm it’s your fine cock baby,” Jamie lied.

Susie continued to suck on Juan’s cock as hard as she could. Juan took longer to get hard than most of the cocks she sucked but was now fully hard.

“Damn baby you fine,” Juan moaned under his breath.

He reached down and pulled Susie’s naked body up and looked into her eyes. Susie reached up and gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, “fuck me baby.”

Susie climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, but Juan grabbed her hips and rolled her over onto her back and said, “I wanna see your eyes baby.”

Susie was hoping to keep from bearing Juan’s weight, but she laid on her back and brought her knees back allowing him easy access to her cunt.

Juan slid his cock into her well-worn hole and slid his arms under her shoulders pulling her face towards his. He rocked back and forth on top of her pistoning his cock in a rapid manner. It was obvious Juan didn’t have sex very often, it was also obvious he appreciated Susie fucking him.

“You’re so fucking beautiful baby,” He said between thrusts.

Susie kissed him deeply this time as she could feel his sincerity in both his cock and his words saying, “Thanks baby, that’s it. Fuck me baby, mmm you feel so good.”

Susie gave him another quick kiss and looked over at Jamie who was now on her hands and knees as Loco was fucking her from behind. Susie noticed he had put a pillow under his knees to raise himself higher. Susie and Jamie made eye contact and smiled at each other and both giggled.

“What’s so funny girl?” Juan asked.

“Nothing baby, I just feel so good from your cock and the dope,” Susie said.

“That bitch was straight as an arrow two weeks ago,” Jamie said.

“Mhmmm, now I’m taking all the cock I can get,” Susie purred.

“You could be my girlfriend if you want,” Juan said.

“Baby, I’m about to cum,” Susie lied trying to distract Juan from his sudden love offering.”

“Me too, fuck I’m cummming baby,” Juan grunted, shooting several ropes of cum into Susie.

“God damn, fuck I’m cumming!” Loco yelled from the next bed.

“Cum in that bitch Loco,” Susie yelled from under Juan.

Juan kissed Susie deeply and whispered, “Thanks baby.”

Susie looked deep into Juan’s eyes and hugged him and said, “Thanks Juan, I had fun.”

Juan got up off of Susie and pulled up his pants. He buttoned his pants and pulled his flabby belly over his belt line.

Loco slapped Jamie on the ass as he eskişehir escort pulled his deflating cock out of her pussy. He slid his cock back into his pants and as he did it a small revolver fell out onto the floor and he immediately grabbed it and slid it back in his pants.

When the gun hit the ground both Susie and Jamie looked at each other in amazement.

“Careful,” Steve said from his inebriated state at the table.

“All good Papi,” Loco said.

As Loco and Juan got ready to leave Susie gave Juan one last kiss, trying to be a gracious host. As she did it Juan slid a small bag of coke into her hand, then put his finger in front of his lips to shush her.

Susie looked over at Loco who was walking out the door, not noticing Juan’s generosity, and waved bye to Juan as he followed Loco out. She then walked over to her purse and put the small back of coke inside.

Susie looked at the clock, it was now almost 2 AM and said, “Fuck Jamie, we’ve got to move all that shit tomorrow.”

Jamie, her head still spinning from the Molly and the coke said, “Damn bitch, we still gonna do that.”

“Yeah, I guess we need to get going,” Susie said.

“Hang on, don’t I get a shot at that asshole?” Steve said from the table, stroking his hardening huge cock.

“Jesus, is this like your fourth hard on tonight,” Susie asked.

“So, what’s your point?” Steve said laughing.

Jamie brushed Susie’s hair with her hand and said, “Take another Molly and let’s see if we can get his cock in your ass.”

Susie smiled at Jamie and whispered, “Will you help?”

“Yes babe,” Jamie said, leaning down and giving her a deep kiss.

Susie got up and took a Molly from the package Loco had given her. She noticed she only had two more. Almost immediately after taking it she felt the effects. It put her in a dream like state and made everything around her stand out. Jamie’s smile was bigger, and Steve’s cock was certainly bigger.

Steve produced a bottle of lotion from his backpack and Jamie squirted it all over his cock and then squirted around Susie’s asshole and even pushed the nozzle into Susie’s ass and squeezed several shots deep into her.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” Susie said.

Jamie laughed and said, “Oh, you just wait girl.”

Steve placed the head of his massive cock at Susie’s back door passage and began to push. As soon as his head penetrated Susie’s sphincter she began to squirt from her pussy.

“God damn, already girl,” Steve said.

“Sorry, my God, I feel so fucking good,” Susie dreamily said.

“Keep going baby,” Jamie told Steve.

Steve continued to push, getting the first half of his cock into Susie’s asshole. He then pulled back an inch causing Susie’s asshole to stretch and pull around his cock.

“More lube babe,” Steve said.

Jamie squirted more lube onto Steve’s cock and Susie’s asshole. As she did it, she and Steve began a deep tongue kiss. Jamie then slid her lips up to Steve’s ear and said, “Bury it in the bitch.”

Steve smiled and pushed hard with a steady pace bottoming out into Susie’s ass.

Jamie raised Susie’s chin up and kissed her tenderly and said, “Balls deep slut.”

Susie kissed her deeply back and then turned and looked back at Steve and said, “Wear me out baby.”

Steve took this as permission to start fucking in earnest and began pulling his cock halfway back out and then pushing back in bouncing his pubic bone off of Jamie’s ass.

Susie asshole rolled in and out with Steve’s cock. She turned to Jamie and said, “A little more lube babe.”

Jamie squirted another large dose of liquid onto Steve’s cock and then he started pummeling her asshole again. Susie soon started to constantly squirt causing a huge wet spot to form on the bed. It almost looked as if someone had filled the fake wood grained ice bucket and poured it out on the bed spread.

Steve began to pull even farther back, almost completely pulling his cock out of Susie’s asshole before jamming it back in completely to the hilt.

“Ugghhh, I fucking love your cock Steve,” Susie said.

Jamie, the drugs causing her to throw caution to the wind leaned down and whispered in Susie’s ear, “You like it better than Turk’s don’t you.”

Susie looked up at Jamie with a fierceness in her eyes and said. “No, I love Turk.”

“I know you love Turk, but you love this fucking giant cock don’t you. You love it, because deep down you know you’re a fucking whore, and whores were built for huge fucking cocks,” Jamie hissed.

Susie growled at Jamie as her cum sprayed out again splashing down Steve’s legs and said, “I am a fucking whore and I love this fucking cock. I’ll never leave Turk, but I’ll always be a fucking whore.”

Jamie grabbed Steve’s face and gave him a deep kiss and said, “Fuck this stupid bitch in the ass until she can’t think Steve.”

Steve began to pound even harder causing their bodies to slap loudly against each other and said, “You love this cock, don’t you, you fucking whore.”

“Yes,” sakarya escort Susie cried.

“I don’t care if you love me or this other guy. But you know you love this dick the most, don’t you whore. Nobody’s cock can stretch out this fucking asshole like mine. Shit, old boy’s dick won’t even touch the side when I’m through with you.”

“Yes, stretch it, fucking ruin it,” Susie yelled as she reached under and began rubbing her clit, causing her pussy to spray. “Fuck it, this is my favorite cock, I need this cock in me all the time, promise me you’ll fucking fuck me until my insides fall out.”

Steve, now content said, “Sounds good.”

“That’s it whore, give in to it,” Jamie said as she moved around and fed her milky tits to Susie.

“I’m gonna cum,” Steve began to moan.

“Don’t pull out, shoot it deep into her asshole,” Jamie said.

“Mhmmm, fill me up baby,” Susie said.

Steve grunted and then shot several ropes of cum deep into Susie’s guts. He kept pounding several minutes after he came to make sure she wouldn’t forget his huge cock.

Steve pulled out and motioned Jamie over to look at Susie’s now gaping asshole. Jamie leaned down and gave Susie’s worn hole a quick kiss and said, “Damn girl, that’s quite a gape.”

Susie reached back and felt the large hole where her rectum used to be and said, “Mmmm, fuck yeah.”

All three laid down on the bed and each smoked a cigarette. Jamie took Steve’s cock into her mouth and cleaned Susie’s ass off of it. She tried but Steve’s cock appeared done for the night.

Susie got up and looked at her phone. It was 4:30 in the morning. “Babe, I need to get home.” She said.

“OK, let me find my shit,” Jamie said rolling out of the bed.

Susie got up and felt like her legs were going to collapse. When she stood up, she used the crappy table to stabilize herself and said, “God damn.”

“You need an ambulance?” Jamie teased.

Susie giggled and said, “Fuck you whore, almost.”

“Somebody just got FUCKED,” Jamie said with emphasis.

“Right in the ass,” Susie teased back.

“You’re the one that wanted it,” Jamie said.

Susie leaned into Jamie who was leaned over getting dressed and said, “I already miss it.”

“Whore,” Jamie taunted.

Susie giggled and said, “I know.”

The girls gathered their clothes, and each gave Steve a deep kiss. Before walking out the door both girls did a couple of lines of coke.

“Next week girls?” Steve asked.

“Jesus, let’s see if I can walk first,” Susie said.

Steve walked the girls to the door of the motel and patted Susie on the ass as she walked out and said, “Thanks babe.”

Susie reached back and pinched his cock as she walked out the door and said, “No, thank you.”

The girls climbed into the car and both lit cigarettes, Susie grunted a little bit and tried to find a comfortable way to sit.

“You OK babe?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, that big dicked mother fucker wore my ass out,” Susie said.

“Yeah, he did, thanks for introducing me, that’s probably the 2nd biggest cock I’ve ever fucked,” Jamie said.

Susie turned to Jamie wide eyed and asked, “Jesus Christ, who’s is bigger?”

Jamie smiled and sat up straight in her seat and said, “Mr. Benton Parker of course.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Susie asked.

“Yeah, he’s about the same girth, but maybe two or three inches longer,” Jamie said.

“God damn, you fucking whore. You’re going to share it, aren’t you?” Susie teased.

“Cigarette sisters?” Jamie said with a smile.

Susie leaned over and grunted from the pain, smiled and then said, “Sisters definitely.”

They both giggled and teased each other on the way back to Jamie’s car. As Susie pulled back into the now almost empty parking lot and drove towards Jamie’s SUV she asked, “You going to be OK at home babe?”

Jamie blew out a huge cloud of smoke and said, “Yeah, I think I’ve probably got a fight coming.”

“Well, I’m sorry babe. Blame me if you want, tell Cliff it was all my idea,” Susie said.

“Ha, he’s smarter than that,” Jamie said.

“I understand if you guys don’t want to come over today, maybe Turk and I can get it,” Susie said.

“I’ll let you know,” Jamie said as she climbed out of the car and blew Susie one last kiss.

Susie chain smoked all the way home, not so much for the enjoyment of it, but because she was a nervous wreck. The closer she got to Turk’s small ranch the more she cried. She knew Turk had been very encouraging of her whore life, but dragging her ragged, drugged up ass in at almost 6 AM might change his perspective.

As Susie pulled in, she could see Turk down near the barn carrying a bucket of feed. She watched his tall, lithe frame glide across the yard. His muscles already covered in a sheen of sweat from his morning chores.

Susie stepped out of her hybrid, her cigarette still dangling from her lips. She carried her heels in her left hand and walked gingerly towards Turk. It wasn’t her bare feet causing her slower than normal gait, but the fact that her asshole still felt like Steve was actively fucking it, only without the pleasurable full feeling that comes with it.

Turk began to laugh to the point he had to sit the buckets down to keep from spilling them. He was just about to say, “Looks like somebody got fucked.” When he noticed Susie’s tearful face.

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