TAKING MY DAUGHTER AND HER FRIEND TO WORK: Part FiPart FiveIn The SuiteWe entered the suite. Both girls gave me a long hug and goodnight kiss full on the lips. They both thanked me again for a wonderful evening. We headed to our respective bedrooms.I had just pulled the sheet up over my nude body and was about to turn off the light, when I heard a soft knock on my door, I figured it was Shelly.”Come in.” I said. It was Amy in her sheer negligee.”Hi daddy.” She said as she climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to me.”Hi Honey.” I replied.”Do you think my boobs are too small?” She asked.”Uh, no, why do you ask that?” I inquired.”Well, all the men seemed so attracted to Shelly. They were feeling her boobs and ass and, well, I just wondered if my boobs were too small.” She asked.Then, to my surprise, she pulled the negligee over her head completely exposing naked body and her wonderful perky tits. Of course my stupid cock reacted by hardening under the sheet.”Uh, Honey, I think you should probably put that back on.” I told her.”Daddy, please feel me, I want to feel a man feeling my boobs.” She took my left hand and placed it against her right breast.Her breast was tight and firm. I rubbed my hand all over the beautiful orb. With a will of its own, my right hand rose and placed itself on her left breast. Both of my thumbs began rubbing circles on her firm nipples.”Oh yes.” she moaned. “That feels so good.”Goose bumps erupted all over her body as her nipples became harder and her areola began to pucker.”Daddy I want you to make love to me. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel a real penis inside me. I want to feel your warm cum fill my pussy.””I can’t do that I’m your father.” I weakly protested. “I don’t want you to get pregnant.””I’ve been on the pill for two months. You don’t have to worry about that.” She informed me.I didn’t bother asking her who put her on the pill. That question could wait.Turning to the side she reached back and down. Then she pulled the sheet off my lower body exposing my hard cock. Immediately her hand was on my erect penis.”It’s beautiful!” She exclaimed. Her hand stroking my cock and balls. “It felt so nice at breakfast this morning. I’m so excited to get to see it!”As she turned to get a better look, my hands fell from her breasts. Her beautiful ass and pussy were now in reach and my hands found new areas of her sexy body to explore.My fingers stroked her ginger colored pubic hair. It was so soft to the touch. Running my fingers lightly across her labia brought purrs of pleasure from her. She began licking my stiff member as she ran her nails along my scrotum. Now it pendik escort was my turn to make sounds of pleasure.My finger became wet from her juice and I let it slide between the folds of her pussy lips. I felt the bump of her clit and gently rubbed it with the very tip of my digit. Her body began to quiver and the goose bumps returned. Stroking her pleasure button with varied pressure and pace brought her to her first climax.”Oh yes, yes, yes yes!” She was moaning loudly as she came. “I want you inside me, I want to cum with you inside me!”She repositioned herself on top of me and mounted my hard swollen penis. It slid into her hot wet pussy with very little resistance. My cock felt exceptionally large. Mostly due to the forbidden fruit I was indulging in and also from the arousal from the earlier activities at the party.Amy began slowly riding my stiff pole. Rising up on her knees until the head of my cock just exited her hot pussy, then lowering and impaling herself until it was completely buried to the hilt. Her right hand rose to her breast and she tweaked and pinched her nipple. Her left hand reached for mine and we joined hands. My free hand rose of its own will and began tweaking her free nipple.Concentrating on the pinching and tweaking of her nipple, so I wouldn’t cum too soon, I was able to begin matching her pace on my cock. Soon the goose bumps began forming on her body as she quivered and shook with another orgasm.”Oh daddy yes, pinch my nipple harder. Yes, that’s it, twist it, pull it, yes, FUCK YES!” She screamed as the waves of pleasure washed over her body and she violently climaxed.”I love you daddy, I love you so much.” She told me breathing hard, as she bent at the waist, and lowered her upper body to me.”I love you too Amy.” I responded.With my cock still buried inside her we kissed. Hot passionate wet kisses with our tongues doing a tango together. I caressed her back and ass. Running my hands up and down her wonderful body caressing the swell of her breasts as they were crushed against my chest. She rose from my chest until her breasts hung where my mouth could access them. I knew what she wanted.I alternately took each hard nipple into my mouth and sucked and nibbled on them. I took my time with each wonderful breast. With both hands I would cradle a breast and lick nibble and suck all of it. Each time I sucked or used my teeth on her sensitive nipples, she purred in pleasure, telling me how good it felt.”Daddy, look at me.” She stopped my attack on her boobs.I looked up at her smiling eyes. “What honey?””I want you to fuck me now.” Having said that she fiercely kissed escort pendik me on the mouth. Then she pushed her body up so her tits were at my mouth level once again.”Suck and bite my nipples and fuck me!”My hands reached down and each one grabbed an ass cheek. Spreading her firm butt cheeks, my fingers caressing her ass and pussy, I began thrusting into her.She responded by urging me on. “Mmmm, yes daddy, you made love to me. Now fuck me, fuck me hard! Squirt your cum into me! I want your hot sperm in my pussy. Please get on top of me and fuck me!”I rolled us over so I was on top. She spread her legs wide as I pumped her pussy hard into the mattress. Her legs rose and I grasped each of her ankles, spreading her legs even wider, I continued pumping my cock deep inside her as my balls slapped against her ass.”Uh, uh fuuuck , uh ahh yes, that’s it fuck me, fuck me hard!” Again she was almost screaming.Feeling her heat and wetness my cock grew even more. My testicles were swelling as they were preparing to pump their hot load into my little girl. As I continued to pound her she reached up with her hands and began playing with my nipples. Pinching and pulling them, scratching them lightly with her fingernails. This sent chills through my body and heightened my arousal to the point of no return.Looking into her eyes I could see the enjoyment she was experiencing. “Fill me up daddy. Fill my pussy with your creamy cum.”My balls began tightening and jumping. My cock was throbbing. Then the hot lava of my eruption spewed forth in an orgasm in the likes of never before.”Ahh, ohhh, uhhh, yes, fuck yes!” I loudly shouted as I filled my daughter with more streams of sperm than I’d ever thought possible. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful.”Oh yes daddy, keep fucking me I’m cumming again!” She moaned.We continued fucking each other until my balls ached and Amy had climaxed out. Unbelievably my cock was still hard and she remained impaled as we rolled to the side and locked lips. We continued kissing, softly now, all over each other’s face.”Thank you daddy, thank you so much for making love to me and fucking me.” She cooed as we kissed. “Now we can do this all the time. I can’t wait to fuck you again.”Her kisses slowly ceased and she drifted off to sleep. My cock slowly slid from her pussy. I could feel my sperm leaking out onto the sheet. The maid would have a mess to deal with in the morning.Just moments from falling asleep myself, I felt a weight on the bed, and a new warm naked body press against mine, it was Shelly. I turned and her smiling face looked into mine.”I see you made pendik escort bayan up your mind.” She whispered. “I loved watching the way you held her ankles and pounded her into the bed. You need to do that to me. We’re going to have a great rest of week. You won’t be alone in bed, you’ll have two hot young pussies to tend to every night.”She kissed me. “Thank you for bringing me and for loving and fucking us both. If I thought you could, I have you fuck me right now. I think you need to rest up though. You’re going to need your strength! Good night daddy, I love you.”I didn’t protest. “Good night Shelly honey.” Was the last thing I remembered saying.Wednesday MorningI woke to the incredible feeling of warm lips on my cock as fingernails raked my balls and a small hand stroked it. Looking down, Shelly’s blonde hair came into view, as she sucked my cock. Her ass and pussy were in reach and I took advantage of them.My hand rubbed her tight little butt and she wriggled her ass so my fingers could slip into her wet cunt. She made mewing sounds as I finger fucked her. The way she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and flicked her tongue back and forth was a fantastic feeling. Her nails scr****g my testicles as she jacked my shaft was more than I could stand.She must have felt the impending explosion building and she increased the pace in every place she was tending to. Had Amy not been sleeping next to me I would have yelled in ecstasy as my balls pumped their creamy load into Shelly’s hungry mouth. She finished by swallowing my cum. Then licked and sucked my cock clean.Coming up to face me, she kissed me and spoke. “Mmm, that was tasty. Now, when you meet ‘Little Miss I Need Some Pointers’ this afternoon, remember your pointer is needed back here with us. Don’t be sticking your pointer where it doesn’t belong.” She instructed me. “That bimbo wants to fuck you, I could tell.””I promise I won’t. I’m totally happy with loving just the two of you.” I kissed her. “Now, I’ve got to get up and get to the course. My pro am time is in about ninety minutes.”I went into the bathroom and showered shaved. Then I re entered the bedroom. Shelly was spooning with Amy. She was awake, but Amy was still sleeping like a baby. Shelly’s hand was on Amy’s breast lightly stroking it.”You gals have fun with Ariel. She’s a great lady.” I told her.”Thanks daddy, we will.” She told me. Then she added, “Bet you have a great time fucking her. I could tell you two have a history. I like her though, bet if we weren’t here, you’d be in bed with her instead of us. I’m sure she’ll have some good stories for Amy and I today.”I chuckled and dressed in my golf outfit for the day. Then I gave each girl a kiss. Amy stirred but still did not wake.”Remember what I said.” Shelly warned me as I left the room. “No fucking the little wanna be pro.”

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