The Surprise


As the light spills through the opening door, all that can be seen is the silhouette of a female form, the golden and red hues of the sunset at her back. With a sigh, she closes the door and flips the switch on the wall. The sudden illumination causes her to blink, revealing the inside world around her. A simply furnished front hall of the house, complete with a table by the door where she sets her keys and purse. She stands tall in her heels, a mane of silken tresses the color of fire billowing around her face with a tamed wildness, befitting one who just finished a long day at the office. Her hazel eyes twinkle in the glow of the lamp as her soft voice rings out in the air as she looks around. Stretching her neck, her long coppery curls flowing around her head like a mane, “Darling, I’m home, where are you?”

In answer, a lyrical male voice beckons from the room off to the side of the entry hall. “I’m in here, my love. Come join me, I have a surprise for you.” There is a hint of mirth in his voice as he speaks, an unspoken laugh clearly there.

With a smile she strides there, her hips moving in a seductive walk she saves only for him. The heels of her stilettos clack on the hardwood floor. Her form sways with a divine quality, that of a perfectly voluptuous woman. The black knee length skirt rustles around her womanly curves, topped with a simple white blouse and deep navy jacket, covering her ample charms. A smile forms on her glistening and soft lips as she wonders what he has in store for her. Making her way into the familiar room, she finds it pitch black, and moves to the center, to tug on the chain of the light of the ceiling fan.

“No, my love, close your eyes. And don’t turn on the light.” Her hand is stopped in mid reach by his own from the darkness. Her smile widens as she feels his touch, and closes her hazel eyes.

“All right…but it had better be worth it to not see my love yet.” A smirk crosses her face as he takes her hand and leads her to the far wall of the dark room, and backs her against the wall.

Laughing he takes her hands and places them above her head, “Oh, it most certainly will be.” Without even a moment of hesitation, he slaps a fur lined leather cuff around her right wrist, tightening it and the attached rope holding it in place.

The startled gasp in her voice suddenly mirrors the distress in her face. She struggles slightly and tugs at the bindings on her arm. His strong hands make short work of binding the other one similarly. Her voice is soft, with the emergence of a sultry southern accent, “And what are you going to do to lil’ ole me, my good man?”

A chuckle fills her ears as his lips move in to caress her ears, his voice silken and seductive, with a hint of steel in it, “I am going to have my way with my slave, that is what I am going to do. I shall take my slut’s body and use it, as it is my right. And not even your sexy voice will stop me!” His hand holds her cheek as his lips quickly claim hers, kissing her with a hungry passion, his tongue sliding over and between her lips to find her own.

With a whimper of arousal, she feels her knees weaken at the proclamation, trembling at his touch, her body writhing and undulating against him as she melts to his lips. Her voice is meek now, back to its original mode, but much more subdued now as she breaks the kiss. “Master wishes to use his slut for his pleasure?”

Licking over her lips as she breaks the kiss, he laughs softly and pulls the cord on the light. Resisting the urge to peek, she just tugs weakly against the bonds, realizing she is trapped, but not giving up yet. His voice is commanding, but still soft as he calls to her, “Open your eyes, slave of mine, and see what your Master has in store for you.”

Slowly opening her eyes, she can see him before her. He stands quietly, his arms folded over his chest. His tall frame, just a few inches above six feet is almost perfectly still as she looks at him. His statuesque body seems to glow in the light, his dark brown hair framing his face in a flowing cascade going past his shoulders. His practically hazel eyes have slight blue tint to them as he grins with a predatory smile. A neatly trimmed mustache and beard add to his evil look as his teeth just barely peek out. To her delight, she can see that he is dressed only in the kilt that she made for him so many years ago. Licking her lips as she notes that in his hand, is his vicious looking hunting knife, curved and shining in the dim light.

Moving closer, he takes the end of the blade and slides it over her cheek, letting her feel the cold steel caressing her flesh, eliciting another gasp from her body as her breath comes in heavier and heavier. Tracing down her cheek and over her neck, he moves the blade to her shoulder and begins to slowly slice through the fabric of the jacket. Moving from shoulder to wrist, letting it begin to fall carelessly off her form, held around her waist by only a few buttons. With a quick slice, he moves the steel instrument back down and removes the offending buttons, letting istanbul escort the garment hang off her other arm. A tremble courses through her body as she feels herself slowly being exposed to him, panting slightly with moans punctuating her excitement. Repeating the same leisurely slice along the remaining arm from shoulder to wrist, he finally lets the jacket fall to the floor, pooling at her feet and leans in to kiss on her exposed neck.

Groaning at the teasing he is giving her, she can’t help but wriggle against him, enjoying the feel of his lips on her tender freckled flesh. As he continues to enjoy her flesh, the blade starts its work cutting free each of the buttons on the blouse. His lips follow the path of the blade on the flesh beneath, starting at the bottom. Each button hitting the floor with a pronounced plink as his mouth explores her chest, until finally all are gone. Letting her ample curves push their way out, still constrained by the lacy bra below, his lips move back on her neck. Without missing a beat, he cuts the same pattern all the way up along each arm in turn. Exposing all of the carpet of her perfectly freckled shoulders, till the white silken fabric joins the jacket in tatters on the floor at her feet.

Her lust filled gaze into his eyes tells him that she is fully under his power now as she whispers, “Please Master, use your slut, take her body, she belongs to you!”

He grins but doesn’t acknowledge it any more, and moves to cut the straps on the shoulders of the bra, allowing her globes to sink a little from their own impressive size. Winking, he slices the center of the bra, letting it fall to the floor, completely freeing her creamy rounded flesh, the exotic freckles continuing down to them as well. Leaning down, he takes one of the candy pink nipples into his mouth, sucking it hard, and flicks it with his tongue. Groaning as he samples her, pressing her chest forward in offering to his enjoyment. She quivers, her body reacting to the arousal, the heat in her body rising rapidly. Nibbling a little more on her nipple, he licks it one more time before he moves over to work on the other one, the blade now pushing down and slicing her skirt off her in a quick motion, dropping at her feet.

Looking up into her eyes as he suckles deeply on the second nipple, he releases it and starts to kiss lower, sliding the blade over each side of her now moistened lacy white panties. Cutting each side to the hip, they fall to the floor. Standing there, restrained and naked, she shivers from the excitement of being exposed and helpless, her fragrant juices dripping down her thighs. His lips continue to dance over her flesh, moving towards this moisture until he finds himself level with her slick and shaven mound. Sliding his fingers over her bare lips, his tongue follows and darts out to caress and expose her clit, first flicking it back and forth as she moans and bucks against him. Her thighs parting more, she whispers hungrily as she gazes down at him. “Yes Master! My cunt is yours!”

His tongue presses in further, parting her folds as it teases her sensitive nub with a practiced touch, his own eyes looking up into hers, shining with delight as the fire burns brighter in his gaze. Sliding his hands up and down her thighs, he continues caressing and stroking the flesh as she fights against the restraints, the whole time her legs open further, spreading wider with her need to have him explore her. His tongue continues to tease her clit, moving it around faster and with more force as his hands glide back up to cup her ample breasts. The blushing on her folds is bright from her arousal, the same pink as her nipples and glistening from the moisture. Her body arches forward against this renewed touch, eager to fill his hands with her ripe flesh, as her strained voice fills the air. “Please Master, suck your slut’s clit! Possess my body with your tongue, Master!” The musical quality of her voice fills the air along with her moans, her passions and body strummed like a finely tuned instrument. He brings her excitement to a perfect crescendo.

Licking even faster now, his tongue circles and moves around her sensitive core. He works her until her cries are broken and almost whimpering, before suddenly sucking on it, trapping it between his lips as his eyes burn with hunger, looking deep into her own. She can see how much he wants her release as a scream of pleasure is brought out of her, his ravishing of her body causing a tightening explosion inside her. A sizzling spiral consumes her body as her honey begins to gush all over his face as she cums for him. Barely even able to form words, she cries out her pleasure. “Master! Master! Your naughty whore is cumming for you!”

His tongue is a flurry of motion, licking and slurping up her delicious nectar. The sound of his feasting fills the air along with her screaming moans, the musky scent of arousal thick. His tongue continues to dance, moving slowly inward to her tight passage, the source of her nectar. He penetrates her deeply as he seeks out escort bayan more of its sweet taste. Her hands grip tightly at the leather cuffs, pulling and straining as she presses herself to him, whispering lewdly. “Yes Master! Tongue fuck your trollop! Her cunt is yours to taste!”

Grinning briefly at her words, he dives in deeper, his tongue exploring her inner passage with wild abandon, hands sliding over her ass now. Giving it playful little swats, he causes her to push her mound against his face even harder. His eyes look up, seeing the glazed over, but hungry look in hers, and he rises, standing up, lips still slick with her cum. Kissing her hungrily, his tongue dances over her lips, letting her taste herself on his lips. Her tongue darts out and licks his face and lips eagerly, enjoying what he has offered her. She relishes the tangy sweetness of her own juices. As the kiss deepens, he moves in closer and parts the folds of his kilt, pressing his hardness against the folds of her sex, just letting the tip press inside to claim her. Pulling tightly on the chains, she wraps her legs around his waist, her ankles to his backside and trying to pull him into the furnace of her body, growling with hunger. “Master! Fuck your sweet slave’s cunt, fuck her before she goes insane with need for your cock!”

Pushing into her with savage fury as he hears her words, he fills her completely, his cock burying itself deep inside her. His hands move to squeeze her ass, spanking it occasionally as he begins a slow, steady rhythm of pushing her against the wall, slamming deeper into her. His lips capture hers, and she bites on them, matching his strokes as he whispers to her. “You are mine, my slut, my slut, and you love being taken like a whore, don’t you?”

Growling at his words, she looks deep into her eyes, using her hips and legs to pull him against her. She opens fully, straining to get him inside her deeper, the passion building with each stroke. His eyes are locked onto hers, capturing her gaze as he has her body, her voice a husky moan, as she answers him with a barely audible yes. His body works against hers, pounding with an animalistic passion, the desire plain to hear in his voice as the wet sounds of their furious fucking fills the air. “Mine! You are mine, my perfect slut!”

Closing her eyes, she revels in the exquisite feeling of the friction of his thick cock thrusting into her softness, splitting her open with each plunge, her growls long and low. In response, he own lust filled growls fills her ears as he kisses her again, pushing into her deeper and harder. Squeezing her ass harder as he pulls her against him, his eyes smoldering with the heat of his desire. Her body jiggles with the force of his marauding fuck, her ample breasts bouncing on her chest, nipples harder then steel as she whispers. “Yes Master! My body is only for your delight!”

Taking her cunt with deeper and harder strokes, moving in and out of her faster and faster, his lips move to her neck and ears. He feasts there, licking and nibbling as he takes her tight hole. Her moans are almost constant now, the passion inside her a roaring inferno that cannot be contained. His voice floats into her ears as he nibbles on the lobe. “Tell me, tell me you want your Master’s cum, my slut!”

Nuzzling against him as he takes her, her lips can’t help but let out a gasp of excitement, knowing she will soon get her reward. Pulling tightly on her chains, the sound of them barely audible over the slick slurping of his invading cock. Without a hesitation, her voice responds with fervor. “Please Master love! Fill your whore with cum! Show her she is a good slut for you!”

His thick shaft pumps harder and faster into her hole, moving quite fast in her slick passage. His hands grip her ass, pulling her closer as he feels his explosion growing inside. Her body is trembling with the increased vigor of his fucking, knowing what it means for her. Clamping her muscles down on him, squeezing him with her hot, slick vice, she coaxes his climax to be released, longing to feel the hot ribbons of his cum jetting into her. He growls with a lust filled voice, looking into her eyes with a passionate stare. “That’s right, you are a perfect slut, my slut! And you shall now feel my reward to my perfect little whore!”

Finally letting go at the gripping and squeezing of her cunt, he lets out a cry of pleasure, voice almost hoarse as the thrusting shaft explodes inside her with a torrential flood of his seed filling her. Whispering her enjoyment to him, her body is on fire, finally letting go of herself, her hot hole tightening uncontrollably, to milk the seed from his erupting cock. Pressing himself into her deeper, he tries to push his this cum deeper into her very core, marking her as his from the inside. Her body grinds against him, trying to enfold every inch of him. She cries out in pleasure as he convulses against her, whispering softly. “I am yours Master! Fully yours! I am a vessel for your satisfaction!”

Holding her close to him as the eruption dies Kartal escort down, he moves his lips to hers, kissing her over and over. He softly whispers and moans with desire as he continues to fill her with his cock, still pumping slowly. Gasping out her response, she nuzzles against his neck, kissing him back and trying to get as close as she can to him. His hands move up, one at a time, to release her from her bonds. The moment they are free, her arms quickly wrap around his body, pulling her closer to him. Holding her, still embedded by his cock, he walks back, and slowly settles on the love seat on the wall by the door. Letting her disentangle her legs from his body, her perfect form straddles him on the soft cushions. Smiling with a devious grin, she lifts herself up off his cock, letting out a little sigh of sadness as it is freed from her folds. She kisses him softly before sliding down his body and to her knees before him.

With a grin, he reaches out to caress her coppery tresses, looking into her eyes while her tongue slides out to glide over his luscious cock, cleaning off their mingled juices from its turgid length. A low growl of pleasure fills the now silent air as his hands hold onto her head lightly, stroking her hair at the feel of her tongue on him, his cock still throbbing, twitching slightly at her touch. Her hands move around to grip at his ass, nails digging in a little as she feels his length moving, and she takes it fully into her mouth. The hardness disappears between her velvety lips, her stroking up and down becoming lusty and eager on his shaft. His hips press up, pushing himself deeper into her, growling like an animal as he looks deep into her eyes. “Soon my slut, soon I will take what I want from you, and give you the gift you so richly desire!”

Letting out a moan at his words, she sucks and licks his cock hungrily like a lollipop. Running her pink tongue over the sensitive ridge, she moves one hand to cup his balls, already full for her again. He shivers from the intense pleasure she is visiting upon him. His hands grip at her hair, pulling her face against him, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. She takes it eagerly, and moans against his length, the sensation causing a tremble throughout his body. His voice is commanding as he pulls her down more, almost growling. “Take me deeper in your mouth, my whore. I want to fuck your throat my perfect slut!”

Eagerly she pulls him deeper, obedient and willing to his desire, wanting to please her sweet Master, his cock a rigid length of silk in her mouth. His hips press against her lips, pushing his cock deep into her throat now. Taking her mouth like he did her cunt, he starts fucking her sexy face with a deep-seated desire. Her moans become louder against his meat as she is trapped by his grip in her silky red hair and his lust, her own desire causing her eyes to tear with delight from the force and size of his juicy cock as he takes her face mercilessly. Feeling the eruption slowly building inside him, he slows a little on his strokes, wanting this to last as long as he can, savoring her, taking his time on her mouth. He looks down at her, stroking her cheek as he fucks her mouth, his lips curled in a grin. Taking him deeper, she feels his Mastery of her in each stroke. She watches him move, and sensing his welling pleasure as it spirals through his body. Sliding back a little on the seat, he pulls his cock from her mouth and licks his lips, lifting her head by the chin to look into his eyes as he grins seductively. “I want to fuck those beautiful tits, my whore.”

Licking her own lips in return, she positions herself higher, and places his slick cock between her soft, round globes, their freckled flesh surrounding him as she moves up and down over his cock, sucking on the head of his cock with each stroke. Looking up at him as she does, her eyes blazing with desire. Moving in time with her, he pushes his thick length between her perfectly soft mounds, enjoying the tender flesh against him. The feel of it drives him to pick up speed with the tasting of her lips on his cock. Her hands cup over her breasts, mashing them against him as her fingers pinch on her nipples, looking at him coyly as the seductive voice fills the air. “Does my Master love his slut’s soft, tempting and yielding body?”

Moaning with the desire she invokes in him, he licks his lips between strokes, looking deeper into her eyes. His hand moves up to caress her hair and cheek, gripping a little on her hair. His smile becomes a devious grin, still pushing his cock up between her tits. Her body responds to his touch, moving faster and letting out a soft little moan as his voice glides on the air to her in response. “Your Master loves his slut, her body, her soul, and her mind. All are his, and he loves them all!”

With a wide smile, she continues to move him in her globes faster; licking and sucking the angry purple head with each stroke, making it go deeper into her mouth each time. She noisily goes down on it, longing to feel its length inside her again. His gaze is piercing as he takes her body for his pleasure. She trembles at the gaze and whispers to him. “Show this little strumpet what she is, your whore, your cum slut! Give me a hot load of your sperm to lick up Master! This little trollop belongs only to you!”

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