Tammy , I Together Again


We all left for a weekend at the local Hilton. It had a hot tub, pool, sauna, and weight room. The rooms were really nice, two bedrooms connected with a common “living room” area.

As expected when we got there they took one room and Will and I took the other. Tammy walked out of their room nude… except for a very small red belt she wore around her waist and a red print cover over her vagina. It began clear she was having her period and this was what she would be wearing the rest of the weekend. I thought this interesting that I too was bleeding but I was much less interested in showing my situation off. I think Mark and Tammy are so comfortable with each other that they don’t even think about it anymore and just take Tammy’s clothes off her and show her off.

I stayed dressed since my period had just started and was very heavy. I was wearing a tampon with a small pad in my panties. I hadn’t told Will yet but when he walked into the bathroom while I was sitting on the pot pee’ing, he saw the pad in my panties. As I finished he knelt between my legs facing me and took a cloth and gently wiped me. I pulled one of my feet from my panties and instinctively spread my legs for him. He started taking my shoes and socks off, and then he removed the pile of jeans and panties from around my ankles. Then he unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, and then of course he unclipped my bra. So now I sat on the pot naked. Will took my arms and placed them around his neck. He ran his hands down me from my underarms to my hips. He moved closer to me so I had to spread my legs a bit more. He slid his right hand between my legs and started tugging on the string attached to my tampon.

I whispered in his ear “If you pull it out you will have to put one back in me.”

He slowly and gently pulled the tampon out of my vagina. He dropped it in the toilet and flushed it. Then he moved to my side and picked me up in his arms off the toilet. He stood me up in front of the vanity, and took a wet washcloth and washed my vaginal area, and then he pushed on me so I had to bend forward at the waist over the vanity. He took warm water and soap and washed my anus. He had only done something like this once before and that was not as long a wash as this. He washed and washed, then went down the insides of my legs to my knees. Then he took a wet cloth and wiped the soapy suds from between my legs. I have never felt anything like this, my boyfriend washing my most personal areas. Then he shocked me….

“Lisa, give me your hands…” As I stayed bent over at the waist I reached behind my back and he guided my hands to my butt checks. He curled my hands and then pulled so that my anus was exposed to him and I was holding myself open for him. He started licking and sucking on my anus. I just about lost it… he continued licking me like I have never had before. I could feel myself getting wet between the legs, but was it from William licking me, from my period, or was I really getting excited from having my lover licking and sucking on my anus.

At that point I didn’t care and started pushing my hips to him. I stuck my butt out to meet his tongue. I started to bump and grind my hips and was feeling very horny. I moved one of my hands enough to get it between the vanity and myself; I reached between my legs and reached for Williams’s hand. I felt his hand meet mine, and izmir escort I started to pull it. I positioned his fingers at the opening of my vagina, and one finger on my clitoris. I pushed one of his fingers into me, and then pulled on this hand so it would go deeper inside me. William’s hand is very soft, and was easy to position his fingers in my vagina. He started to push his finger in and out of me, and I responded by pushing my hips towards him. In this bent over position, he placed his finger directly on my g-spot. He pushed three fingers into me and I responded by pushing my hips back towards him. He started rubbing my g-spot and I could feel my excitement growing rapidly. As my excitement grew I started to have the urge that I needed to pee, but I had just gotten off the potty, but it was definitely there.

“Will, I’m going to pee I think.” I whimpered. He responded by sucking harder on my anus.

“Oh god…. “ Was all I could come up with, and then he put his other hand on my belly so his fingers were inside me and were pushing again his hand outside of me… and I went wild……… I exploded so fast that I almost cried out. I felt something squirt from between my legs, and it was like a pumping feeling. Like when Will breeds me I can

feel him inside me. I kept pushing against Wills hand until I was spent. I could feel Will still licking my anus, and I could feel that I had ejaculated all over Will, the floor and myself.

Will helped me straighten up and stand upright again. I was a little weak, but my Will supported me. Then I felt him gently pick me up in his arms and I laid my head on his shoulder. I felt him carry me a short distance, and then I seemed to fall asleep in his arms.

I awoke in Wills arms to the sound of voices, most of which I realized were not Will, Tammy or Mark. As I opened my eyes, I saw at least 10 other couples milling around talking, drinking and generally socializing. I looked at Will and asked where I was.

“We are in the Hilton, we invited some friends over,” Will said.

“Did you dress me?” I asked.

“Of course not… you are naked, just as Tammy is,” Will said.

As I looked around I could see most of the other couples were involved with each other and no one seemed to be looking at me. Tammy saw that I was now awake, and came and sat beside Will and I.

“Lisa, are you feeling ok?“ Tammy asked.

“Yes, but the last thing I remember was a whopping orgasm with Will in the bathroom. \“

“Oh Will brought you out here with the rest of the party and has had you on his lap for the past hour.“ Tammy said.

I noticed she was still naked but was not wearing the colored waist strap and Kotex she had on earlier. I looked between her legs and she was flowing freely now from her period. Her legs were red just as I was.

“Would you like to be cleaned up a little, Lisa?” Tammy asked.

“Yes, but what is going on here?” I asked.

“These are some of our close friends, they are here just to have a good time. “ Tammy said.

Mark walked over to where I was still laying on Wills lap, and handed Will a wash clothe.

“Care to clean up your little girl, Will?” Mark asked.

I looked down between my legs and saw that the remnants of my orgasm in the bathroom were still on the insides of my legs as escort izmir was the fresh flow from my period.

“Will, cover me with something…” I almost yelled.”

“You are beautiful like this, most of the people in here have commented that your openness to let them watch you flow is wonderful.” He said.

For the first time ever, I was embarrassed in front of Will. Here I was naked, period flowing, no pad or tampon, and my own cum on the insides of my legs. Will had not cleaned me just to show off to everyone his conquest of me.

Chapter 2

Mark was very inventive and walked out of the bedroom with what appeared to be a jelly looking dildo in his hand, he brought it over for me to see, and then to Tammy. Girls, I have something for you to play with. We both looked at what he was holding then looked at each other in shock. Mark had a two-ended dildo, each end looked like a large penis.

Mark took my hand and Will took Tammy’s and helped us both to our feet. You could see that both of us were embarrassed, but our guys were going to have there way no matter what, so we have learned to go with it. Tammy was laid on her back, and Will squeezed some lube onto one end of the dildo, Mark then had me kneel between Tammy’s legs. My Will slowly opened Tammy and started inserting the dildo into her. Mark helped me lay on Tammy just as a guy would; he spread my legs and then spread my vaginal lips and inserted the other end of the dildo into me. I have to say that the dildo did feel good in me. Every time Tammy moved at all, I could feel the dildo move inside of me. I looked into her eyes, and asked if she was OK, she smiled and just looked into my eyes. She took my face in both her hands, drew me close and started kissing me. I felt her tongue go into my mouth, and I felt that instinct to kiss her back. We wrapped ourselves up in each other, until I felt that urge to make love….

I started pushing my hips slowly into Tammy’s, and soon I felt the same from her. We moved together with the feelings growing and growing inside both of us. Then without any warning, we both felt the dildo inside us start to vibrate. The guys had turned it on. The humming continued to drive us both further towards our eventual orgasms. I pushed harder and harder and Tammy started to whimper in my ear that she was very close to cumming, I whispered back that she could cum in my arms whenever she wanted to. She kissed my so deeply that I started to wet myself.

I was getting very close when I heard Wills voice…. “Remember… you both must ask permission before you cum.” He said… I looked into Tammy’s eyes, with tears in mine. “Tammy” I whispered, “we have to ask permission to cum, and I think Will wants us to ask the group.”

“Then lets do it.” She snapped… “I am about to cum like never before with you my best friend, I will humiliate myself anyway Mark asks or tells me to, you should do the same…” she said.

I cried out to anyone who could hear me. “ I have to cum. please say it is OK to cum”

I heard Yes, Yes, Yes. from a number of people, and I looked into Tammy’s eyes… “Tammy cum for me. I love you.” I said to her.

Tammy responded by pushing her hips further and harder towards me. And I felt her kissing me and panting, as the orgasm washed over her. I pushed more and started to cum. izmir escort bayan

I think this was the first time I told Tammy I loved her.

Chapter 3

A few weeks later, the four of us attended another party and it all seemed straight enough. We all started drinking and the party loosened up more and more. We sat at a table with five other couples and played cards. The game was strip poker with a twist. Whenever a hand was over, everyone but the winner had to remove a piece of clothing. I found out quickly that the piece of clothing would come off of the girl. After about six hands, it seemed that my Will could not win a single hand. Will had taken off my top and bra, my shoes and socks, my slacks, and was looking at my panties. He lost the next hand and five of the girls ended up naked, including me. All the girls seemed embarrassed to be naked, some more than others.

With the drinks I had, I started to feel that I had to pee.

“Will, I have to pee, I’ll be right back.” I whispered in Wills ear.

I walked through the house naked, and tried to open the door the bathroom, but it was locked. I tried to make myself invisible since I was without my Will, but most of the guys were looking at me, naked and all. I walked into the kitchen then back in to the living room. I tried the door again, and it was still locked. I really had to pee now. I watched as another girl I didn’t really know, walked towards me. She tried the door, “Its locked” I said.

“They are taking there time.” I said

“My boyfriend told me to use the cat litter box, but I can’t do that, it was be to embarrassing.” The new girl said.

I watched her for about five minutes, and it was clear she really had to go. She looked at the cat box again, and blushed. Her boyfriend came up from behind her and smacked her on the butt. He took her by the hand and led her to the cat box.

“I thought you said you had to pee.” He said.

“Please don’t make me use that cat box, not here with everyone watching.” She said.

“OK then you can just wait, but I don’t think the bathroom door has been opened all night.”

They walked over to the litter box and he stood beside her, she put one foot on either side of the small box and started to squat over it. I could see that she was blushing from head to toe. She sank deeper and her legs spread as she squatted. Her boy friend pulled her hair back from her face and put one hand on the inside of one of her legs, she very slowly started to pee, and he began kissing her. She put her arms around his neck, she pee’ed and pee’ed, we all watched her squirting into the cat box. She stopped pee’ing and her boyfriend took a Kleenex and wiped between her legs, she stood up and began walking away. Another girl stepped on either side of the cat box, and squatted. Her boyfriend was not around to help her so she was alone and pee’ed for all of us to watch. She finished peeing, wiped herself and walked away.

I still had to go badly, and walked towards the cat box. I wanted to stand and pee into the box, but was afraid I would miss it and make a mess. Will came up behind me, put his arms through mine, placed one on my tummy, and the other between my legs. I spread my legs a bit for him, leaned my head back onto his shoulder and asked him if I could pee.

“Will can I pee?”

“Yes Lisa, I want you to pee for me, and let everyone in the room see you darling,” he said.

I began pee’ing and let Will manipulate my body so my pee went into the box.

I could feel his hands on my body; he helped me pee until I was done. He picked up a piece of Kleenex and wiped between my legs. And he and I walked away.

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