That Awkward Moment When…..


“Have you ever had a friend with a really hot sister? It’s about the most awkward situation ever because you wanna do things to their sister, but you don’t want to mess up your relationship with your friend. This story idea came to me reading through other stories. I don’t have a sister, so I can’t relate, but I did have a friend with a hot sister with gorgeous feet. This story is based off of them. Please comment and rate!”

The first thing I noticed as I walked into my buddy Matt’s house was how clean the place was. Literally, the place looked like nothing was laying around or out of place. This was their new place, so I expected there to be a lot of boxes hanging around. Matt smiled and asked me what I thought of the place.

“It’s really nice,” I replied, but stopped dead in my tracks.”When the fuck did you get a huge plasma?” In his living room was the biggest home entertainment system I had ever seen. Matt’s dad had recently got a promotion at work and they were making lots of money. This had been the first time I’d been to Matt’s new home and was going to be the first time I’ve seen his family in a while. College was busy and we went to different schools as well.

Back in high school, we were both football players and on the varsity team. He was a running back and I was wide receiver. Matt had a little more muscle than me, but I was the attractive one. I’m about 6″ 1′ and have dark hair. I have kind of a baby face look and the girls were always trying to date me. However, I’m a bit shy around cute girls and definitely not a man whore or anything. I was wearing a pair of athletic shorts and a university tee. Nothing fancy really, just how I like it.

Like I mentioned, I hadn’t seen Matt’s family in forever. His parents were like second parents to me and were always inviting me to their family stuff. I had gone boating with them, hunting, fishing and even spring break with them. Matt also has a sister named Rachel, who completes their family. Rachel is a bit younger than us, but she turned 18 this year and had just graduated. I haven’t seen her since my graduation 3 years ago. Like everyone else, she had been going through that awkward phase in her life: braces, acne, puberty and such the last time I saw her. It was going to be interesting to see her after all this time.

Suddenly, the phone rang in the living room. Matt answered the phone, and walked into another room. I took this moment to look out into their back yard. They had a pool that dominated the backyard and a small patio with lawn chairs and a grill. I was so jealous of Matt’s family right now. Matt came into the room and I was about to ask him about the pool, but I noticed that he wasn’t happy. His parents weren’t coming home tonight because of a friend out of town was in the hospital. I tried cheering him up, complimenting him about the pool. He smiled and asked me if I wanted a swim. I happily obliged.

We returned inside about an hour later. I had my shirt off and was wet from the cool water. As I was walking to the stairs by the front door to the second floor, the door opened. Little Rachel came through the door, but she wasn’t so little anymore. My jaw felt like it went to the floor. Rachel, this girl that had once been an annoying, brace-face little stinker, had somehow transformed into this incredibly beautiful girl right before my eyes. She was now 5″ 7′ and had matured quite a bit, with beautiful curves, slender frame, and a very well kept figure from all the years of dance and cheerleading. Her hair, once a boring, flat mess, was now a wavy, smooth looking and shoulder length light brown. Her eyes were wide and gazing, with green eyes and gorgeous lashes that complimented them. Her nose was perfectly shaped for her face, and her smile was wide and welcoming. Her pearly white smile made me think of supermodels and actress’ smiles. Her fashion sense also was much better than the nerdy clothes she used to wear. She was wearing a blue halter top with white capris that work well with her beautifully shaped legs. She was wearing white flats to conclude her stylish appeal.

I literally thought I was looking at the perfect girl, not my buddy’s little sister. “Rachel?” I asked questionably. I had to be sure it was her. She gave a laugh and another dazzling smile. “Hi Tony, long mardin escort time no see.” She came up to and gave me a hug. I felt so awkward right now, being hugged without and shirt and by a girl I once considered an annoying brat. I returned the greeting and savored the moment for a few seconds. Rachel ended the hug, gave me another smile, and walked upstairs to her room.

“That just happened,” I thought to myself. That girl had literally changed head to toe. I can appreciate a girl’s whole body too. Matt walked into the room and he gave an understanding smile. “She really has changed a lot huh?” he said. I could only nod.

The rest of that day, Rachel stayed in her room. Matt and I mostly just played video games, like most guys do when they are bored. With his parents gone and no one to cook, we ordered some pizza later that night. Rachel only came out when the pizza had arrived. “I hope you got pepperoni and sausage Matt!” she said demandingly. Guess not everything had changed about Rachel. She had changed into a white cheerleading tee and shorts and her hair was tied back. What I was drawn to, however, wasn’t something the regular guy would care about: her feet. Another reason why I’m shy and not much of a ladies man is my foot fetish. I love girl’s feet and get easily distracted by them. Rachel’s feet, like the rest of her, was something to look at. They were about a ‘7 or slightly bigger. I couldn’t see the soles, but the top of her feet showed that she took care of them. They looked like they were slightly dirty, but that only added to their sexiness. Her toes were painted hot pink and were perfect shaped and cute. This girl’s body was literally a tease to my eyes.

We ate our pizza and talked about “the good old days.” I did my best to keep myself in focus and not concentrate on Rachel’s body. This was Matt’s sister and it was wrong to look at her in any other way. She gave me smiles and winked at me more than once, as if to tease me. I felt so uncomfortable, and it was only got worse because of my massive boner that was probably showing. I may not be a man whore, but my dick is about 10′, not even kidding. Guys wish they had this shit, not to mention her brother’s size was a lot smaller.

After eating, Matt and I watched The Matrix, with Rachel still in tow. I purposefully sat on the recliner in front of the couch Rachel was lying on, so I couldn’t see her without looking back without being obvious. The movie was one of my favorites, so I was distracted the whole time. When the movie was finished, I looked over at Matt. The big guy was asleep, during an action movie. I shook my head, disappointed and amused with my old friend. I got up and headed to the bathroom. Rachel was also fast asleep on the couch, with her body stretched out on the couch. “Ignore her Tony,” I said to myself. I went to the bathroom and took care of my business. I went back into the living room, with both siblings fast asleep. This time I couldn’t manage but look at Rachel.

She looked very peaceful and ridiculously beautiful even when asleep. I looked at the soles of her feet. They were wrinkled, chunky, a bit dirty and very white. She was a dancer, so they were bit worn from the many years of ballet and other dances. They still were some of the prettiest feet I had ever seen. Every muscle in me wanted to smell her feet, lick them and suck on her pink toes until they were covered in saliva. An idea struck me though. Instead of smelling her actual feet and possibly getting caught, I could just go smell her shoes instead. She was obviously asleep, so as long as I put the shoes back, she would never know. I went to the front door. Her shoes, however, were not there, just Matt and I’s tennis shoes. “She must keep them in her room.” I thought. I headed up the stairs quietly to her room on the end of the upstair hall.

Her room was just as tidy as the rest of the house. All her clothes were either stacked neatly or in her closet. There, in the corner, were her white flats that she had worn today. The shoes might look clean and brand new, but they had been worn many times from the look inside of the shoe. I took the right one and gave it a sniff. Not very smelly, I was disappointed to learn. There was only a faint scent of sweat. van escort Fortunately, I knew this could not be her only pair of shoes. I went to her closet and there was her shoe rack. Like most girls, Rachel had a huge collection of cute shoes. There were tennis shoes, more flats, wedges, Vans, flip flops, sandals and even heels. I couldn’t decide which one to pick first.

“So, my flats weren’t good enough for you huh Tony?” I voice from the door said. I turned around, shocked to see Rachel standing there at her door, with a naughty look on her face. I was horrified, unable to speak a word. Rachel seemed to understand that, and took the moment to talk herself. “I knew you were looking at my feet downstairs, and before that I knew you had a foot fetish. It’s funny what people say about you, even after you leave high school.” She walked to her bed and sat on it. Her expression softened and she looked at me. “I’ve had a huge crush on you for a long time Tony, even when you were a jerk to me.” She sat up on the bed and put her feet out, crossing her legs. Her beckoning feet were on the edge of her bed, facing towards me. She wiggled her toes and scrunched them up. My eyes couldn’t be drawn away from these delightful toes.

“Tell you what Tony,” Rachel said. “You can do whatever you want to me feet, but I want something in exchange.” Rachel pointed her right foot at my crotch. “I’ve heard that you had the biggest dick in your class….and I want it.”

“Rachel, you’re Matt’s sister,” I protested. “I can’t do that, especially not in his house.”

Rachel’s face turned from teasing, to angry just like that. “Oh, so you can oogle over your best friend’s sister’s feet at her own home while she’s asleep, but when I’m in control you back off like a little pussy huh?” She wasn’t about to give up, I could tell. “Well, in that case, I’ll call my brother and tell him what you were doing in my bedroom and while I was asleep. I’m sure my parents would love to hear it too.” She relaxed and spread her feet out.

I knew I was trapped. She was forcing my hand, but I had one more thing to be concerned about. “If I do this, will you keep all of this to yourself?” I asked.

Rachel smiled, knowing that she had won. “If you give me that cock….I’ll be a good little girl. I’ll even let you have my feet first…now suck on them you dirty footboy!”

I sat on the edge of the bed next to her feet. I took both legs and started sniffing the soles of her feet. Now here’s what I wanted to smell: sweat, mixed with dirty, and what seemed to be some kind of lotion or perfume. Of course, the smell wasn’t as important to me now. I took her big toe of her right foot and started sucking on it. Her toe tasted like they smelled, and soon I was taking in her other toes. Rachel was relaxed and had her eyes half closed. Her toes felt warm and sticky inside of my mouth, tasting like something sweet inside. I took both of her feet together, and started feverishly stroking my tongue across the soles. Unlike her toes, there was a more spicy flavor to the bottoms of her feet, like oregano or peppermint.

“I never knew it would feel this good,” Rachel said softly, apparently enjoying this. My tongue glazed the sole over every wrinkle, wrapping her heavenly soles in a wet film of saliva, much like her toes. Her moans began to make me hard, even as I tried to concentrate on nothing but her feet. I moved to the ball of her foot, licking it tenderly. The moans intensified, which made my licking intensify. I went back to her toes for a second round on each foot. Since her feet weren’t small, ny mouth could only fit some many of her delicious toes at once. I sucked on them like a madman, driven by sexaul lust to cover all the parts of her feet. Nothing was left untouched.

The fun ended with me giving one last big lick across each soles. Rachel looked down at her feet peds and looked pleased. “Good job footboy, she said happily. “I never thought that would be so hot….but I want my cock now.”

Defeated at this point, I let loose my massive dick out of my pants. It was already at full length and wet with pre-cum. Rachel’s mouth opened wide with surprise. “Oh my god, it is huge!” She got down on the floor and started stroking it with her hands. ankara escort She gripped my cock tightly and stroked it harder than any of the few women who have gotten the chance to do so. Rachel took the tip of my shaft against her licks and starting massaging it with the tip of her tongue. She really knew what she was doing. As if to confirm that, she looked up. “I’ve been waiting for this cock since you left for college Tony,” she said longingly. She then as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and starting swishing it around her mouth. “Oh god…!”I thought to myself. She was amazing at this this! I felt the flood of cum starting to fill up. She continued pumping and sucking on my cock much like I had done to her beautiful toes. Screw the feet, she was every man’s dream so far. I warned her I was cumming, but she didn’t take her mouth away from my swollen penis. I came full force right in her mouth. I was expecting her to choke at this point, but she swallowed the whole load, right in front of my face.

I took out my cock and slumped back on the bed. I looked up at Rachel. She had a little cum dripping from the side of her mouth. She noticed, took out her skillful tongue and licked it off. “Oh Tony, your juices are so delicious…but I want more.” She slipped off her shirt, revealing shapely breasts confined in a sexy pink bra. The last time I had seen her, her boobs were nothing but mosquito bites, now they were the most perfect breasts I had seen. She wiggled out of her shorts to reveal her matching pink panties, soaking wet in cum.

She got on the bed, untied her hair, and waved her hair back. If she looked hot before, she looked like pure fucking sex right now. First, cute supermodel, now she was a hot Victoria secret model. I went for a grab at her, but she slapped me away. “Nuh uh, it’s my game now footboy. You got my feet, so you do what I tell you…GOT IT?!” she snapped. I reeled back, shocked at this reaction. She suddenly lightened up, and gave a daring smile. “Beside, I think you’re going to like this next part.” She brought her legs up and motioned me to lie down. She brought those same heavenly soles that made me hard as rock and started sliding them around my cock. Not once had I ever received a footjob. “I’ve watching enough porn videos, I think I know how to do this,” she said matter of factly. He wrinkled soles feel better than her hands on cock, and soon, my length was going back up. Rachel brought her right foot down my monster cock and pushed it down, stroking it rhythmically to the point where I was throbbing. While she was foot fucking me, she removed her bra and out came her luscious pair. Her small nipples looked like they needed to be sucked, but Rachel was more concerned about her feet on my cock. The stroking continued to bring me to the brink of shooting off a second load, only about seven minutes after the last round.

Finally, my dick was ready for her. She got up again, quickly removed her panties and sat on top of me. “I’ve been waiting for this since I was fifteen Tony, I want you to fuck the shit out of me!” she said seductively. She grabbed my cock and navigated my shaft straight into her beckoning pussy. I felt the warmth of her pussy wrap around my throbbing cock. I pushed my cock up into her, not being able to get it all inside of her due to my size. Soon, I was pounding up inside her. Rachel gave out the sexiest cries I had ever heard a woman make. She obviously never felt a real man’s dick up her pussy, and I was determined to show her more. After only a few minutes, she let out a bloodcurdling scream, and I felt a wet, hot feeling inside her: she had cum early. Now most guys would stopped right now, but I wasn’t going to. I pushed her down, and now I was the one on top. I thrusted my whole weight into her and continued fucking the shit out of her exhausted body. She continued to moan and scream, albeit tired and seemingly overwhelmed.

The moment came when my second load came out, this time it was even bigger. The juices started spurting out of her soaked pussy and she let out a defeated sigh. I pulled out, collapsed on the bed, and breathed heavily beside Rachel. We looked at each other for a few seconds, amazed at the hot mess we had just made. We both laughed and smiled. “That was exactly how imagined….or even better,” Rachel finally managed to say.

I smiled and looked down at the girl that once would tail me around their old house. “You grew up Rachey.” I said happily. She smiled back and brought me in for a passionate kiss. We made out for what seemed like hours, happy to be closer than ever before….

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