The Game Bus Ch. 04


**Station 4: The Hot Seat**

Adam walked down the dark and narrow pathway and arrived upon a metal door. He reached out for the metal handle on the door and opened it, revealing nothing but darkness inside. He stepped into the room apprehensively, and the door behind him automatically shuts itself, leaving Adam in pitch darkness.

Adam stretched out his hands to feel around for clues of his next station, but all he could touch was the cool metal walls around him.

A bright light suddenly flashed from the screen mounted on one side of the wall. The familiar game show voice came on.

“Welcome to your next station Adam! This is where the fun begins! This station is called the Hot Seat Game and the rules are fairly simple.”

“You just have to take a seat on our special ‘Seat’ for at least five seconds to proceed. There are 3 levels of ‘Seats’ to overcome in this station, and a bonus level at the end to earn extra cash.”

A spotlight from the ceiling shone down, illuminating a knee-height black box situated in the middle of the dark room chamber. In the very centre of the box, a smooth black shaft resembling a dildo protrudes out rudely. The 4 inches vertical pole with medium sized girth gave Adam a very bad feeling in his gut, or rather, asshole…

“And of course,” came the voice, “you have to be fully seated with your bum on the base for it to count. All the best!”

“What the hell is this chair?!” Adam exclaimed. He walked towards the chair and surveyed it. Is he supposed to insert that shaft up into his virgin hole? What is this sick game? “No way is this going into my asshole!”

Adam thought of a way to beat the game. He lowered himself down onto the chair, avoiding the shaft in the centre and sat around it. The 4 inch acrylic dildo is now protruding out in between his legs, right before his flaccid penis and drooping testicles.

“This is going to be easy.” He counted for five seconds. “1, 2, 3, 4 and …”

“AHHHHHHH!” Adam screamed and bolted up from the chair, penis and testicles flopping around comically. “What the fuck!”

The voice came on. “No cheating is allowed, Adam. Electric pulses would run through the seat if you do it the wrong way. You should know the correct way to sit to pass this stage. Good luck!”

Adam stood there stunned by what just happened, and also by the rules of the game. He stared at the dildo sticking out ridiculously from the seat. No way is he going to insert a dildo up his ass. Nothing has ever gone up inside his virgin hole, only poop comes out from it. Well, except for that sponge shaft that has rudely penetrated his hole for the first time. He had never tried fingering himself before, only thoughts of doing it while watching gay porn. His hole is still considered tight and pristine.

“Well Adam? Time is ticking, bonus money is dwindling. If it’s any encouragement, your buddy Nat managed to complete this station very quickly. Also, he passed the bonus chair level, winning himself extra cash. Now let’s see how you fare.”

“What?! Nat did the bonus round too?” Adam could not believe it. He is now imagining a naked Nathaniel fitting up a bigger sized dildo up his anus, with the black shaft disappearing inside him and fully seated on the box, penis and testicles left on display. ‘Fuck!’ His thoughts has caused a rush of blood to his penis, 5 inches of flaccid meat slowly rising, turning semi-erect.

If Nat is able to clear this round easily, he should be able to. The competitive spirit in him started to burn, no way is he going to lose to Nat. Since erzurum escort young, there is always a constant rivalry between Adam and Nat in almost everything they do; from school to sports. This rivalry has been a healthy one and has made their relationship even closer, whilst trying to better each other.

Adam tried again, this time the correct way. He positioned himself squatting over the box, with the tip of the dildo softly touching his tightly closed hole. With one hand holding onto the box for support and the other on the base of the dildo for accuracy, Adam gently moved his bum downwards. He could feel his tight asshole expanding, the tip of the smooth shaft slowly entering, but it was too painful with too much friction to go further. He stood back up immediately.

“This is not going to work,” Adam frustrated. He needed some form of lube to make it easier to slip it in. He looked around the dark chamber for any tools he could use, or if a bottle of lubricant was lying around, but there was none. He had to think of other ways…

His saliva of course! Adam remembered from watching the gay porn videos where the actors would suck off each other’s penis and lubricate them with saliva before inserting into their assholes. There is a first for everything. Throughout his life Adam has never been in a relationship, much less conducting any sexual activities with anyone else. His usual forms of pleasure is only self-masturbating to gay porn. He has also been straight acting but he knows deep down inside he is bi-curious about his sexuality. This is going to be his first time doing a blowjob and inserting a dildo up his tight virgin hole.

Adam crouched down beside the seat with his face up next to the black acrylic penis contraption. This is it, his first taste of a ‘real’ penis. He opened his mouth and swallowed, from the smooth rounded tip and went deeper down. 4 inches disappeared inside his mouth. Adam circled his tongue around the shaft, making sure to lubricate it as much as possible. After a few rounds with his tongue, he pulled out his mouth, catching a breather from his very first blowjob. To finish off, he gathered his saliva and gave the tip of the vertical pole a final suck. Using his tongue, he circled around the penis tip with the extra pool of saliva, teasing it, making sure the entry point would be moist enough for easier entry.

“This should do it.” Adam attempts again. Positioning himself over the seat, with one hand on the seat for support and another holding on to the base of the wet shaft, Adam lowers himself. The black penis slowly stretches Adam, the tip gradually entering his bum hole. Adam pushed himself further down the base but his virgin cavity is too tight.

He shut his eyes, trying to imagine something erotic to motivate himself. Adam imagined it to be Nat’s erected penis and had longed to be sitting on it. With his lewd thoughts and lubrication, the dildo has been easier to insert. He could feel the 4 inches stretching out his tight anal cavity, but it feels quite good actually. This is what it’s like to have a penis penetrate up his bum. Adam sat down slowly and soon enough, his bum and ball-sack touches the cold surface of the box. Adam’s penis has now fully risen and awkwardly pointing towards the ceiling.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5” counted Adam.

“Congrats on clearing the first level Adam! Now on to the next!” exclaimed the game show voice.

Adam stood back up slowly, his boy hole feeling sore from his very first penetration. A light from the ceiling erzurum escort bayan shone down next to Adam, illuminating a similar box, but with a different contraption in the centre. The obstacle this time is slightly bigger than the previous, and what was different is that there are four rounded sections of growing sizes. It resembles a lollipop stick, but with four rounded candies stacked together on a shaft; growing larger as it progress down.

“Not again…” Adam felt defeated. This stage is really meant to train his virgin bum hole and he has no choice but to clear it to reach the end. He crouched next to the seat and gave the butt plug a good suck. He used his tongue and licked the tip like a lollipop, and swallowed it whole, making sure to lubricate each section well.

After it is wet enough, Adam stood back up and hovered over the seat, one hand holding onto the box for support again and the other on the wet shaft. He lowered his puckered hole on to the ‘lollipop’ tip, and POP! His hole has quickly eaten up the first small section of the dildo. The training from before indeed has proven useful. Adam has three more sections of that lollipop plug to go. He slowly lowers himself again, and could feel his asshole stretching out. POP! POP! The second and third rounded section both went up his bum. Last one to go.

Adam brings himself lower once again, but the last and biggest rounded ball plug is far more of a stretch Adam could handle. To overcome this round, Adam has to change his strategy. He removed both of his hands which were on the seat for support, and placed them on each of his butt cheeks. With a pull, Adam spread apart his butt cheeks, further exposing and widening his boy hole. In a quick motion, he quickly sat himself down and, POP! The remaining largest ball plug went up inside his rectum and locked itself in there.

“1, 2, 3, 4 and 5…” counted Adam, ashamed about his victory on this level. The depths of ridiculousness he has to commit to win this Game.

“Good job Adam!” the voice above exclaimed. “Now onto the last level for this station.”

Adam slowly stood back up. His boy hole once again expanding, the slimy large ‘lollipop’ balls popped out. With each expelling, Adam’s hole opened and closed, as though pooping out tiny balls on a stick. He stood up and recovered himself, right hand reaching back to his puckered hole and massaging the delicate meat crease.

Meanwhile, a spotlight shone down again next to Adam, this time revealing a seat exactly as the first one he had done. The same 4 inch smooth black dildo.

“For this round, you have to be seated for 10 seconds to pass this level, good luck!” explained the voice.

Alright this should be easy for Adam, as he had done the same level before. What more is extra 5 seconds on the seat is to him?

Adam squatted down next to the seat and got to work with his mouth again like a ritual. He swallowed the phallus like before and coated it with his slimy saliva, giving extra attention to the shaft tip for easier entry. He got back up and positioned himself over the seat and sat on it. This time, the shaft slid up into his bum hole easily. ‘Oh that was quick.’ Adam was unsure whether that was a good or bad thing, that his hole is beginning to open up.

Adam is now seated completely on the seat, butt cheeks and testicle sack in contact with the cool surface of the box. Then it happened.

The shaft began to pump upwards and downwards! Adam, shocked by the sudden movement, immediately lifted escort erzurum his ass from the seat, his bum pulling out halfway. The shaft stopped moving immediately and returned to its original position.

“What the fuck. I knew it will not be that easy.” This level was not the same as before. The dildo now has been mechanised and would move itself once it senses the subject has been in place.

Defeated, Adam sat back down again, bum in contact with the cool surface. The box sensing it’s subject, began pumping. The smooth black shaft went inwards, deep into Adam and pulled out. It repeated itself. With each thrust, Adam moaned as the dildo’s tip rubs against his prostate spot and pulls out.

“AHHHH 1, Ahhhhh, 2”

Adam held onto the sides of the box to keep his bum rooted on the seat, not wanting the mechanism shaft to lift his bum up and he has to start the ordeal all over again.

“3 AGHHH, 4 Ahhhh, 5 AHHH”

The shaft now starts to vibrate while thrusting.

“Ohhh myy gggoddd.” Adam moans at the sixth count. With each thrust mixed together with the extreme vibration of the dildo right inside Adam, it is making it unbearable and too erotic for his sensitive meat cavity. By now Adam’s penis is raging hard. His pee slit can be seen peeking out slightly from the uncut meat pouch that is almost unable to contain the growing bulbous cock head.

“Sixxxxxxx, Ahhh, sevvvennn, Eiggghhhtttt, Ahh”

The dildo mechanism adds in another mix, it now starts spinning clockwise.

Adam lost his focus to count. The combination of thrusting, vibration, and spinning, is too much for his sensitive spot. Adam held onto the sides of the seat tightly. He closed his mouth shut, not wanting to shout his moans out, but he is unable to control the moans coming out from his throat.


The machine stops. 10 seconds has passed, the ordeal is over. Adam continued sitting on the butt plug, for he was too tired to get up. His body is panting heavily, as though as he had done an intense workout in just 10 seconds. He slowly regained his breath and energy.

“Good job Adam! That’s it for this level. Now for the bonus stage, you may choose to participate or skip it, and move on to the next station. Should you pass the bonus seat, you can win twice the money you have won so far.”

A spotlight next to Adam shone down again, revealing the bonus level this time. The contraption on the box this time is a 6 inch tall butt plug with a bulbous round tip. The girth of the shaft seems to be larger than the previous’ Adam had gone through before.

“What the fuck. This thing is about 1.5x larger than before! No way am I torturing myself again.”

“Are you sure you do not want to give this a try? Nat cleared this seat swiftly though.”

“Yes. No fucking way I am sticking this up my ass.”

“Very well then. You passed the Hot Seat Game and may proceed on to the next station.”

A click sound is heard from behind Adam. The door to the next station unlocked itself. Adam slowly pulled his butt off the seat he was on with the dildo sliding out his bum hole. He recovered himself and reached his hand back to his hole and massaged the delicate crevice. He looked at the bonus seat once more before opening the door behind, and couldn’t imagine Nathaniel, naked and cock raging hard, forcing up this monster size dildo up his asshole. He is pretty sure this bonus level had a special mechanism to it too, further torturing his boy hole.

The games are getting too ridiculous for Adam. All along he had been straight acting but watches gay porn, and this is the very first experience he encountered. Bringing fetish to a new level. Adam has to persevere to the end to win the cash money and not let Nat laugh at him being a loser.

Apprehensive about what is coming next, naked Adam opened the metal door and stepped through it.

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