The ROTC Inspection Pt. 02


Again, apologies for any errors in ROTC or military procedures.


Her phone’s ring pulled Amy out of a remarkably deep sleep for an afternoon nap and she awoke confused and disoriented. Her hotel room was dark and it took her a second to locate her cell on the table across the room.

“Hello,” she said, trying, and failing, not to sound as if she’d just woken up.

“Jesus, wake up sleepy head. It’s time to paaaartyyyy,” Ellen drew out the last word for a good three seconds, and then burst into laughter. Amy smiled. If only her old friend knew the kind of party Amy had recently wrapped up, she’d be jealous as hell.

But Amy decided that telling Ellen about her afternoon of sex with Cadet Carey Jefferson was probably not a good idea. As one of the officers overseeing the university’s Air Force ROTC program, Ellen might be upset that Amy had slept with a cadet. It might not matter that Carey had been the aggressor in their encounter, well, sort of the aggressor, anyway.

“Hell yeah, if there’s a party, I’ll wake my ass up,” she replied. “What kind of party are we talking about? Male strippers and tequila, cause I’m totally up for that.”

“Yeah, more like a quiet dinner at my favorite Chinese place and then a night of wine and gossip,” Ellen said.

“Actually, that sounds even better. Tequila gives me heartburn and male strippers are usually gay,” she said. “When were you thinking? Jesus, I don’t even know what time it is. I really was zonked out.”

“I figured I’d pick you up in about 30 minutes? How does that sound?” Ellen asked.

Amy glanced as the alarm clock, its glowing green numbers about the only source of light in the room. “Maybe you better make it 45, is that okay?”

“Works for me. I’ll meet you in the lobby,” Ellen said, then hung up.

Amy set down her phone, switched on a lamp and then stepped into the bathroom to shower. She guessed that she reeked of sex and while she personally loved that odor, it can sometimes give others the wrong idea.

Twenty minutes later she stepped out, naked except for the towel around her head. She examined her body in the closet door’s full-length mirror. At 34, she still looked damn good, she thought. Her abs were maybe a little on the soft side – she hated crunches – but her stomach was still flat and there was not even the beginning of a muffin top. Her legs were shapely and toned, and while her upper body wasn’t quite up to Serena Williams standards, there was no flab there either. All in all, she still had it and figured she might as well flaunt it.

She was about to start digging through her suitcase for a suitably sexy outfit when she noticed the blinking blue light on her cell phone. She picked it up and checked her voice mail.

“Connors, it’s Gates. Look, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be staying overnight with my friend. Turns out another old pal lives pretty close and the three of us will probably be up late drinking and telling war stories. You know how it is.”

Amy could just imagine the three late middle-aged men sitting around sipping scotch and lying about old accomplishments. She smiled at the thought. She liked General Gates and hoped he was having a good time.

“Anyway,” the message continued, “I assume you are still going to crash at Capt. King’s house tomorrow night. So I’ll just swing by the hotel in the morning, pick up my stuff and head to the airport. No need to call me back or anything if that plan works for you. I will just see you on Monday morning. “

The message clicked off and Amy grinned. The plan had been that she would spend Friday night at the hotel, in case Gates needed anything, and shift over to Ellen’s house on Saturday once he left. But now she thought it would be okay to check out this evening and spend both nights as Ellen’s guest, hopefully in her bed, although Gates never need know about that part of the weekend.

“Shit,” she said to herself, looking at the time and realizing she would need to get a move on in order to be dressed, packed and checked out before Ellen arrived. She quickly dug through her suitcase pulling out a sleeveless pullover black sweater that hugged her in all the right places, her sexiest faded jeans and matching sheer black bra and panties. She donned her old worn cowboy boots, applied a little makeup, brushed out her long dark hair and began shoving all of her possessions in her suitcase. She took more care in packing her uniforms in a large garment bag, and then, after double-checking that she hadn’t forgotten anything, headed out the door.

Ten minutes later, Ellen pulled up in a sporty little red corvette and Amy couldn’t help but hear Prince singing somewhere in the back of her head. She waved and Ellen rolled to a stop. Getting out of the car, she gave Amy a quizzical look, and Amy explained about Gates’ change of plans.

“Awesome,” Ellen exclaimed.

“That thing’s going have enough room for all my stuff, right?” Amy asked her, pointing at fikirtepe escort the car.

“Hope so, otherwise, you’ll have to abandon it. That’s okay, it’s just your clothes,” Ellen said, and leaning in close added in a whisper, “and if you play your cards right, you won’t even need those.”

That, in Amy’s mind, was even more awesome, because it meant Ellen was interested in continuing the sexual relationship the two women had shared since their college days. Amy wondered what had happened, since in the past couple of phone calls, Ellen had talked about finding Mr. Right and settling down.

Twenty minutes later, the two women were seated in a back booth at Won Lee’s Café, an out-of-the-way eatery with the typical Chinese landscapes on the wall and statues of dragons and monks scattered around the dining area. While they waited for their food, they chatted about old acquaintances and Ellen’s fellow staff at the ROTC program.

“I am really am so happy you’re here,” Ellen said to her friend over her half-raised cup of tea. “I can’t believe we let almost 18 months go by between visits.”

“I know.” Amy shrugged and shook her head. “It was just bad timing. You were overseas, then I got sent to Europe and then you got back and had to spend time getting settled into this gig and we just couldn’t seem to synch up there for far too long.”

She set down her empty tea cup and reached for the delicate china pot to refill it. “But it seems like you’re happy here. Are you?”

Ellen paused for a second, and then ran her long, delicate fingers through her loose red hair. “Yeah, am I am. It took a little getting used to in the beginning, but I’m beginning to adjust. I like being able to go back to school for my masters. And I like teaching. We each have to teach some of the military sciences courses and I enjoy those.”

“What were the adjustments?” Amy asked as she reached out to grab a crab puff from the dish the young Asian waitress had just dropped off.

“Well, you’ve seen the town. What do you think?”

“I haven’t seen that much of it, just around the campus.”

Ellen smirked. “Then that means you’ve seen all the relevant parts. The university is essentially a small community of scholars and horny college kids surrounded by a slightly less small community of farmers and farm-related businesses. There are some nice cultural attractions and events, like plays and concerts, but other than that, there isn’t a whole lot around here that I find all that interesting. And it took me a while to get my sex life up and running. At first, I wasn’t getting laid at all and I still don’t get it quite as often as I’d like.”

Amy looked at her uncomprehendingly. “How can you say that? You’re surrounded by thousands of hot, young things. And don’t tell me they’re not interested in you, because those 19-year-old guys must be following you around campus like little lost puppies. You should be getting laid daily, two or three times on Saturday.”

“Oh sure, I can pick and choose which students I’d want to fuck, male and female, but I can’t actually risk it. Do you have any idea how much trouble I’d be in if I got caught fucking a student, regardless if they were ROTC? Plus, even if I didn’t get caught, I have to walk across that campus daily. I don’t want those kids looking at me and thinking, ‘there goes that slutty Air Force officer, I hear she gives it up to anybody.’ “

Ellen dipped a crap puff in a small dish of sweet and sour sauce and then popped it in her mouth. A little drop of the pink liquid hung on the corner of her lip, and it was all Amy could do not to lean over and lick it off. She was glad now she had not mentioned her afternoon with Cadet Jefferson.

“What about professors or staff? Or just regular guys in town?” she asked.

“I’ve dated a couple of university staff, profs and such. But it’s awkward seeing them around all the time afterward, when things don’t work out. As for town guys, well, the ones I’ve met are nice enough, but they really are mostly blue-collar, small town people. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t generally have much in common with them. They like their women to be a lot tamer, if you know what I mean.”

Amy knew exactly what she meant. One of the things that had drawn them to each other in the first place was their similar personalities. They were both strong, independent women who could be stubborn bitches when needed, and neither apologized for it. The military may have come a long way in the past twenty years, but it was far from being a paragon of gender equality and they both had the toughness and determination to succeed in it. And, Amy knew, they were also both aggressively sexual women who had no qualms about bedding whoever they wanted. The Ellen she remembered had always had a few guys and as many women who regularly shared her bed. Amy was the same way, and in a small town, that kind of behavior gets noticed and gets a woman the wrong reputation in a hurry.

“It gebze escort just took me a while to find a few people I could trust, and who aren’t the jealous type, demanding absolute monogamy. And I didn’t want to hit the bars every night looking for one night stands. Like I said, it’s a small community and fairly conservative. And in this position, my off-work behavior is more scrutinized that at past postings. Col. Peterson made that clear right from the get go. So finding people who want the more casual relationship that you and I are used to is harder.”

“But I thought you didn’t want that anymore anyway. The last couple of times we’ve talked, you were all about finding that one person you could settle down with,” Amy said. “Is that off the table?”

Ellen gave her a rueful smile just as the waitress brought their entrees. “As to that, I think that was just an over-reaction to the culture shock I felt when I got here. The first month or so, I went out a couple of times to bars, not the ones that cater to the college kids, but they were still filled with young people. That, or divorced forty-somethings or aging alcoholics. I felt out of place.”

Amy nodded in understanding. “I can see where that would be uncomfortable,” she said as she speared a piece of beef with her fork.

“But after trying to find that kind of relationship, I realized I’m just not built for it. I like sex too much and just can’t commit to one person, at least not physically,” Ellen said. “I was dating this accountant I met while out running, but after about a month, I knew it wasn’t going to work.”


“Because I started fucking his secretary. I came in to surprise him over lunch one day, but he was out. She starts coming on to me and the next thing I know, I’m going down on her on the couch in his office.”

“Holy shit,” Amy said. “That’s hot.”

“It was. And it helped open my eyes to the fact that if I’m ever going to be in a long-term relationship, it’s going to have to be unconventional, either an open relationship or one that involves other people in the bedroom. You know I love a good threesome.”

Amy gave a sharp laugh that startled an older couple a few tables away. “Yes, yes I do.”

One of her most vivid sexual memories was of Ellen’s first visit to her after they’d met during a summer training program. Amy was newly assigned to an airbase in California and wouldn’t be able to meet Ellen until after work. So she had left a key with her next door neighbor at her apartment complex, asking that the young woman give it to Ellen when she arrived. Amy walked through her door to find the pretty brunette kneeling before a naked Ellen eating out her friend. They’d spent the better part of the night double-teaming the girl, and later, the girl’s male roommate.

“I mean, after a month or so, I just start to get an itch in my pussy that my boyfriend, no matter how big his dick or how talented his tongue, just can’t scratch,” Ellen said, taking a bite of shrimp.

Amy started laughing and nodding her head emphatically in agreement. “Preach it sister. That’s why it’s better to just have that reliable set of friends with benefits. So long as everyone’s on the same page, it’s fantastic. By the way, what happened with the secretary? You still fucking her?”

“No, she didn’t like betraying her boss or her husband,” Ellen said. “And yes, I know I shouldn’t be messing around with married people, but in my defense, she was really hot. But I have finally managed to find a few discrete people that I can hook up with on a regular basis, although I wish it was more.”

“Yeah, will I get to meet any of them?” Amy asked?

“Maybe, but not tonight. Tonight, I want you all to myself.” Ellen cast a lascivious look at Amy and, having slipped off her loafers, ran a foot up along Amy’s calf. “If that’s okay with you, that is.”

Amy arched her eyebrows and gave her friend a hungry smile. “Okay doesn’t even begin to cover it. Should we take the rest of this to go?”

“Oh no, eat up. You’re going to need your strength,” Ellen replied, then winked at Amy. They both burst out laughing.

Amy was grateful when the waitress finally brought the check. She tried to grab it, but Ellen beat her to the punch.

“Thanks, Mindy,” she said as she handed a credit card to the waitress. She was a young, very petite and delicately featured college-aged girl with long, black hair that hung to the small of her back. Amy had been eyeing her all night, admiring the way her tight blue blouse molded around a very nice pair of small but firm tits.

“She has this really tight red dress, with little white starbursts on it,” Ellen said, reading Amy’s mind as they both watched the girl retreat toward the cash register. “When she wears it, her ass looks like the most succulent strawberry you’ve ever seen. I just want to hold her down and suck out all her juices.”

“Is she a member of your little group?” Amy inquired.

“I wish. içerenköy escort A couple of times I’ve wondered if she’s been flirting with me, when I’m here alone, but I figure she’s just angling for a better tip. It’s odd, but she wasn’t really at her best tonight,” Ellen said.

“Maybe she’s jealous, you having dinner with another woman. Maybe she wishes you would just grow a pair and go for it,” Amy teased her.

“Maybe I will. But for now, I’m more focused on going for you,” Ellen shot back.

“You fucking better be.”

As soon as Mindy brought the credit card back, Ellen scrawled her name across the slip and the two women made a beeline for her corvette. No sooner had Amy closed the door then Ellen pulled her into a passionate embrace. Their lips met, tongues sliding along each other, hands roaming over each other’s body.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Amy whispered in her ear. “I want you so bad.”

Reluctantly, Ellen pulled away and started the car. “If I don’t get you home and in my bed ASAP, we’re gonna get arrested for indecent exposure, cause I will be fucking you within the next half hour.”

And a half-hour later, Amy was sprawled spread-eagle on Ellen’s queen-size bed, lost in a sense of growing ecstasy as her friend applied years of experience in going down on women to Amy’s aching cunt.

She tried to speak, to encourage Ellen, but all she could do was make a series of low, guttural moans. But Ellen got the message, or just couldn’t wait any longer, and shoved two fingers up into Amy and began curling them, rubbing against Amy’s g-spot and causing her to shake violently as her first orgasm of the night washed over her.

Ellen immediately pulled her fingers out, licked them clean, and then straddled Amy’s face. Amy looked up to see a pair of swollen pussy lips outlined in delicately trimmed red pubic hair. She immediately began licking and sucking, savoring the still familiar taste of her friend.

When Ellen came, they lay together, kissing with undiminished passion and lightly running their fingers all over each other. Suddenly, Ellen jumped out of bed and ran to her closet. She reached into a box on the shelf and then turned around, proudly holding up a foot-long, double-headed blue dildo.

“Yes, big blue!” Amy literally pumped her fist. “Lube that fucker up and get over here.”

Ellen grabbed a small body of lubricating oil and rubbed some over the toy. She knelt on the bed, legs apart, and gently shoved half the dildo into her, moaning as it easily slid in. Then, holding the other half steady with one hand, she maneuvered herself over Amy, who had lay back down and spread her legs wide. With one quick thrust, she filled Amy’s cunt.

“Oh fuck yes,” Amy cried, wrapping her legs and arms about her friend. The two women began humping their pelvises together, their pussies so wet that the dildo made a soft squishing sound with every thrust. They pawed at each other’s breasts, pinching and pulling nipples, biting ears, sucking tongues, completely lost in their shared sexual energy.

“Let me fuck you,” Ellen ordered Amy, who knew exactly what she intended. Amy relaxed her pussy as much as possible while Ellen tightened her vagina muscles, clenching the toy in her cunt so that she could work it in and out of Amy.

Amy slid one hand down to her clit, desperately circling it with a finger, while her other plucked at first one and then other of her rock hard nipples. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around Ellen’s waist and held her fast against her body. Amy grabbed Ellen in a bear hug, pulling her close as an orgasm ripped through her.

As soon as she had recovered, she summoned all her strength and flipped their still coupled bodies over so that she was now pinning Ellen to the mattress.

“My turn,” she said and began fucking Ellen as she had fucked Amy. It only took a minute before Ellen arched her body up, almost throwing Amy off as she came fast and hard.

The two captains again collapsed next to each other and after several minutes of gentle kisses and soft stroking of bodies, slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Hours later Amy got up to get a glass of water, and as soon as she returned to bed, Ellen rolled on top of her and began kissing her way down her friend’s body, licking her friend to another, softer orgasm. When she was done, Amy of course returned the favor.

The sun was high over the eastern horizon by the time the two women awoke, naked and a little sore but also extremely happy and satisfied.

“Good morning,” Ellen whispered to Amy, giving her a gentle kiss on the lips.

“Same to you. God I feel great,” Amy smiled warmly at her friend, then reached over and brushed a stray strand of red hair off Ellen’s face. “You are so beautiful in the morning.”

“Thanks. Hey, how about some breakfast. I’ll make coffee and cinnamon rolls.”

“Sounds great. But I’ll come help,” Amy said, rolling to get out of bed.

“No, please, stay here. You’re my guest. It won’t take long and we’ll have breakfast in bed.” Ellen rose, pulled on a green silk robe and padded out of the room. Amy lay her head down and allowed herself to sink deep into a state of utter relaxation and bliss. It had been such a wonderful night.

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