I shoud have known it wasn’t my husband 2


I shoud have known it wasn’t my husband 2After that night of being fucked by a stranger with my husband a mere few feet away I felt sick cause I knew I just had to be pregnant, I mean he shot what felt like ten times more cum deep inside of me than my husband does and with the way I was coming over and over again myself it had to be twins growing inside of me. How could it not of happened. The next day I played being sick and in a way I was sick at the thought that I was pregnant and that I had enjoyed having some other mans penis inside of me. The vision of the guys penis kept running in my head and at times I would think stupid things like how he had made me cum or how much better his cum tasted compared to Todd’s cum. I then would think that only some street walking slut would have those thoughts.Yesterday my husband got a call from his boss at the crack of dawn asking his to do a job out of town which pays really good so he took it without even asking me but that’s fine with me cause it would mean I could get a early pregnancy tester and find out that I was knocked up by a stranger. I dropped my husband off at the airport and went straight to buy a tester. When I got home I sat looking at it reading how to use it only a few hundred times before having a strong drink to settle me down. Well one lead to two then five and soon after me being sick in the main bathroom down stairs. In my mind I was sure it was morning sickness even thou it was late afternoon.I put myself to bed and passed out with dreams of having baby after baby coming out of my body and all of them boys with a dark ring on their penis. When I woke up the bed was soaked with my sweat and having to pee like my husband says, like a race horse. I had a shower and some dry toast I went back to the down stairs bathroom looking at the tester again. I started to think what I would do if I was pregnant. Should I keep the baby telling my husband that its his baby? No I couldn’t do that, so what have it aborted? Well that’s as good as murder isn’t it? I mean it’s not the babies fault that I let some stranger come inside of me and with the way I was having orgasm after orgasm I was sure I had to have twins or maybe more inside of me.I opened the box and sat on the toilet and dropped the tester in the toilet I was shaking so much. I got it out of the toilet and with there being two testers in the box used the other one. I peed on it and all over my hand as well, but I was sure I had got enough on the tester for it to work.I washed up and tried to not get sick again waiting for what I knew had to be a plus sign show up. I mean I was in my most fertile cycle that night and what felt like a gallon canlı bahis of his cum inside of me, well how could it miss? I paced around the house knowing it would have the plus sign and not wanting to look but I finally went into the bathroom to look.Oh thank lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There was a minus sign and I’m not pregnant, how I didn’t get pregnant had to be a act of god, cause I was sure that I had to be full of babies. I danced around the house like a school girl and decided to take a long hot bubble bath. After the tub was full I climbed in feeling all my worries drift away. I started to think how good that strangers cock felt inside of me and how much and hard I came with him inside of me fucking me like a whore. When I started to cum is when I noticed I had three fingers inside my pussy as the vision of that cock with a ring around it hammered its self inside of me. After I calmed down I wondered what made me think about him again and why it made me so horny as well. Ok, I love my husband but I have never really orgasmed with him to be truthful. I do really enjoy having sex with him and I do love him with every inch of my body but, I’m I missing something? I started thinking that he is going to be gone all week and maybe I could go back to the book store and give maybe a blow job or two just to see how much different penises can be. After all my stranger was not only longer but also much bigger around than Todd is. I started thinking it wouldn’t hurt anybody and I could compare how different men’s sperm tastes. As long as I didn’t let any of them have full on sex I couldn’t see where I could get it any trouble. I started to orgasm again thinking about it.I made myself a nice diner and had a couple glasses of wine before I went up stairs to dress for my adventure. I thought about wearing pants but the knees would get dirty so I decided on a nice skirt that was just above the knee and a nice button up top that I could unbutton so I didn’t get any cum on it. I had to wash myself again before I even started dressing cause I was so wet again. I was planning just wearing a pair of my everyday panties but decided on a pair of very lacey tiny panties cause they make me feel sexy, as far as a bra goes I didn’t wear one cause I didn’t want any cum getting on it either.I called my husbands cell phone leaving a message that I was going out with a friend to see a movie and I may stay at her place if we have drinks and not to worry if he couldn’t reach me. I got in the car and I was so horny I kept rubbing my thighs together. When I got to a red light I saw a d**g store part way down the block and stopped. I bought a box of condoms just in bahis siteleri case but, I was sure I could control myself enough that nothing like that would happen.I pulled around back of the adult book store parking so no one I know would see my car and walked in. I seen maybe 8 cars other then mine in the parking lot but inside I only seen the same guy behind the counter a two other guys. By doing the math that would mean there was 5 guys in the back where the booths are. I walked up to the counter asking for 5 dollars worth or tokes and he handed me my tokens with my 5 dollar bill back saying that it was ladies night and the tokens were on the house. I smiled thanking him as I turned headed for the back. I found booth number 3 was empty going in and locking the door I found where to put the tokes in and put 4 in. The movie that came up was this red head who had huge tits being fucked by two black guys. One was in her pussy and the other in her ass. Both of those cocks looked huge. After only minutes I had my hand under my skirt and inside of my lace panties. It was only maybe a minute later a hard cock came through the hole in the wall and I grabbed ahold feeling how it wasn’t any larger around but a lot longer than Todd is. I bent over taking him in my mouth feeling how much different he felt on my tongue.Being bend like I was it began to make my back sore, so I got up bending at the waist as I sucked on this stranger’s penis. I do have to say I found it very wicked what I was doing but also a huge turn on. I had just got to the point of having my nose against the hole opening when I felt a hand under my skirt rubbing my ass cheeks. I started to feel like I was about to cum just from this when my friend behind me pushed a finger or two inside my very wet pussy, making me orgasm with that cock part way in my throat. I felt myself pushing my ass back at those fingers as my orgasm came to a end. Seconds later, the cock in my mouth began shooting very thick creamy cum in my mouth and down my throat. His cum wasn’t bitter at all but I can’t say it was sweet either. My friend behind me was still finger fucking me but now he was trying to push a finger inside my asshole as well. No one has ever tried such a thing with me before and I wasn’t so sure I wanted anything inside my ass. I moved forward and turned around saying “Give me your cock I want to suck it off.” He said “Lick my fingers off first honey.” I took his fingers even the one he had part way in my ass and cleaned them fully for him. He pulled his arm and hand back replacing it with a cock about the same length as the last one but a lot larger around. I licked around his cock first before taking bahis şirketleri him in my mouth. I did the best I could to take all of him but my jaws were starting to get sore from being open way to far. I tried my best to make him cum but it just wasn’t happening but I did feel my wetness on both of my thighs and I thought way not use one of the condoms, I could still taste his cum and my jaws could get a rest.I got the box of condoms out and put one on him and after taking my panties off and hiking up my skirt I held him as he started pushing inside of me. I wasn’t totally sure he would fit with how big around he was but I was so wet it didn’t take to long and my ass was against the wall as he fucked me good. I started to orgasm just like last time I was there and had my face only inches from the other wall when a black hard cock came though the hole.I had never seen a live black cock in my life and was totally sure I wanted to have anything to do with it. I did take it in my one hand feeling how smooth it felt as yet a other orgasm racked my body. I stuck my tongue out tasting his precum and it tasted better than I had ever tasted before and this time it was a little bit sweet. I began to suck that black cock as I fucked that fat cock in my pussy. I felt like a total slut and I loved being done by two at once. It wasn’t much longer and my friend inside me fill that condom and when he pulled out I turned asking him for the condom. He handed it to me and watched as I drank what was inside. He said “Fuck me, your one horny bitch aren’t you?”As I was facing him I felt a hand on my hip pulling me back and soon enough I felt a cock sliding inside of me. I wasn’t even thinking anymore other then being fucked properly. I could hardly believe how fast I started to orgasm again when it hit me. Fuck he was in me bare, NO condom. I pulled off of my black friend and turning around it looked like cum dripping off his cock. I yelled “You didn’t cum did you? You did cum inside me did you?” He didn’t answer but I felt air push through the hole as he opened the door leaving. I pulled up my panties and rebuttoned my top before leaving finding no sign of any black men inside or out. As I headed for the door on legs that felt like Jell-O, the guy behind the counter said for me to come back real soon that they enjoyed having me. I got in my car heading for home when I saw the same d**g store stopping I went in asking the d**ggist about a thing I had heard of called the morning after pill. He smiled and told me about them before selling me two of them. As I paid him he asked if the condom I had bought earlier had broke cause as he put it, that cheap band I bought was known to have that problem. He then said that if I took the pills as he said my husband would every know what I had been doing as long as I don’t get a STD.Now I have this to worry about and I’m starting to feel sick again.

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