The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 6


The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Devastating and Dominating

Hello fair fans. I have for you another exciting stroke story that’s part of the wonderful adventures of my fictional creation, Miss K. I reserve all commercial and non-electronic rights to my work, except where noted. If it is illegal for you to read this literary work in your legal jurisdiction, please don’t read it. So without further ado, let’s get on with the story.

* * * * *

Tracy drove the black SUV with her friend Miss K in the passenger side, both of them struggling not to be bored to sleep with the monotonous countryside I-64, the scenery broken up only by the occasional road sign or truck stop. The Madonna CD thumping in the stereo helped matters though, the thundering bass strong enough to vibrate both of them a bit. The two decided to wear matching outfits, with white baby tees, short skirts socks and sneakers, with Miss K wearing a white thong to better preserve her big secret. They even had matching blueberry colored lipstick on their thick, soft lips. Miss K was about to doze off, her nips hard from the cool breeze that slipped through the window when she hear the following:

Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short wear shirts and boots so it’s okay to be a boy but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading because you think that being a girl is degrading but secretly you’d love to know what it’s like, wouldn’t you? What it feels like for a girl

“Yo, Trace! Turn the volume down!” Miss K said as she sat up in her seat.

Tracy turned down the volume quickly, then looked annoyed at her friend. “What?! What’s up?”

“Did you hear what that intro just said?” Miss K said as the techno music murmured in the background.

“Yeah, kinda,” Tracy said as her eyes drifted out of focus a bit on the interstate. “After all, you are finding out about what it’s like to be a big girl,” she continued before reaching over to rub Miss K’s nipple through her shirt.

“Nah, man,” Miss K said, slapping away Tracy’s hand. “I’m being serious here.”

“What’s your point?”

“Think about it for a sec. If you completely butched out right now, with the baggy jeans, short hair, baseball cap, the whole nine, and I sent you back home to the Boogie Down, not too many people would back an eyelash. Now look at me. While I don’t advertise the fact that I have a dick between my legs and completely ‘straight’ because of that fact, I can’t go back home to my boys that I grew up looking like this. They’d go ape-shit nuts. Heck, people think that most people like me are these weak little things who want nothing more than a dick in their mouth, a dick in their ass and to be treated like a two-dollar whore. I might look like some super-feminine anime babe, but I will be respected, and if you don’t do that, I WILL kick your ass!”

Tracy glanced over at Miss K, shocked at both what she said and how right she was. “Wow. That’s deep. I’m impressed.”

Miss K continued by saying, “I’ll kick anyone’s ass, especially with these lovely tits I paid for,” pawing at her huge boobs in the process. She then lifted her shirt up over her breasts, rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger and lifted each one to her mouth to be licked, eliciting a slight purr from her. “That feels nice. Heck, maybe I give some punk ass a flash after I beat him up. Fuck with his head a bit, you know?” she finished with a chuckle.

“You crazy,” Tracy said with a giggle. Settling back down on the seat, Tracy paid attention to driving. “So what’s the next thing on the agenda?”

“Well, I’m feeling in a femmy mood today. Feel like hitting up some lingerie shop and trying on some frillies?”

“That works for me. But where are we going to go exactly?”

“I dunno, but no place in a mall like a Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. I want something a bit more of a mom-and-pop thing. Besides, you can’t have so much fun in the mall without getting the cops involved,” Miss K said with a knowing wink.

“OK. Now to find a place.”

“Pull over, Trace. I’ll fire up the lap-top and cell phone modem, OK?”


In short time, Miss K found out about a small little lingerie store about a half-hour down I-64, in the closest town of any kind of size. With the N.E.R.D. CD blasting in the stereo system, Tracy pulled the SUV up in front of the small lingerie shop on the main drag in town. Just as she looked over in Miss K’s general direction, Miss K made eye contact with her, grinning as if she had something up her sleeve.

Miss K placed her right hand on Tracy’s right knee, then slid her hand gently back and forth up her thigh as she began to sing slightly off-key the end of the chorus from the last song that played from the stereo.

“Do I really even love you? Or do I really love your…brain!” she sang, punctuating that last line by sliding her hand all the way up Miss K’s thigh into her pussy and stabbing two twisting fingers inside her while her thumb rubbed her clit.

Tracy started to say, “I Bahis Sitesi don’t think that’s my…” before getting cut off by Miss K’s advancing mouth, her tongue being sucked into her friend’s mouth as she tongue kissed her. In a flash, she felt her nipple get soaked and sucked through her shirt into Miss K’s mouth, her friend’s tongue running along the areola as she felt the fingers on her cunt work feverish to get her to an orgasm. Tracy felt Miss K hum on her nipple as she pumped her faster, speeding her towards an orgasm just before Miss K pulled away and sat back down in her seat, leaving her a bit dizzy.

“What was that about?” Tracy panted out as she felt her body cool down, her wetness cooling on her thighs.

“Oh, just me having some fun, trying to get both of us nipped out, you know?”

“Fucking slut!” said Tracy in a half-serious tone

“You wish!” Miss K giggled back as she unbuckled her seat belt and stepped out the car. After getting some money from the back, she let Tracy out, and held her hand, helping Tracy walk into the store on uncertain feet. When they walked into the store, they saw a small, well-kept store full of all kind of lingerie. The lingerie ranged from sensible support bras to some delicious kinky teddies and camisoles, likely for the ladies who want to give something a little extra special for their man.

“Hi, ladies! Can I help you?”

Miss K and Tracy looked down and saw a large built, if well-proportioned, middle-aged Midwestern woman with a pleasant dressed in a rose-colored dress suit and a pair of sensible shoes. Her hair was flecked with gray and styled in a bouffant, while her suit revealed just enough of her bountiful cleavage to draw attention.

“Hi! My name is Ella Mae, and welcome to Ella Mae’s Lingerie Shop! May I help you ladies?”

“Sure,” Miss K said, reaching for her purse. “Me and my friend here would like to shop here, but we’d like a bit of privacy, you know?”

“Sure, I understand how that is when you’re trying to buy certain things. Don’t want everybody to know, you know?” Ella Mae replied with some understanding.

Miss K then reached into her pulse and pulled out a large wad of money. “Here’s $5,000. Take a thousand for yourself and deduct the rest of our purchases from that, OK? Just close up while we shop.”

“Well,” Ella Mae said as she took the money and stuck it in her suit pocket, revealing her lacy, beige bra. “I can close the shop up for you, so you can shop in privacy.”

“Thanks,” Miss K said as Ella Mae went to close the curtains in the front of her shop. She locked up the front door, then flipped the open sign to close before turning back to her customers. “So, ladies, shall we begin?”

“Sure,” Miss K said, pulling her t-shirt off and over her head and revealing her huge breasts. Tracy, taking the hint, pulled her shirt off too, revealing her nice pair.

“Well, I see you two are ready to shop!” Ella Mae said with a smile. “Let’s start with bras. You’re a 34C,” Ella Mae said pointing to Tracy, “and you’re a 42DDD.”

“Good guess. I’m impressed,” Tracy said with a smile.

“Wait a sec,” Miss K said. “I’m a 40DDD, not a 42?!”

“Trust me sugar. I’m a 38DD, and your chest looks much bigger than mine. Don’t worry though. We carry stuff in sizes for big girls like you. Now, let’s shop, ladies!”

Ella Mae went to a rack of bras, picked up a handful and handed them to Tracy. “Let’s start with you. Why don’t you try some of these bras on and see how they flatter you, hun?” she said as she gently placed the hangers in Tracy’s hands.

“Alright, just show me where the dressing room is,” Tracy beamed up at Ella Mae with a bright smile.

“It’s straight back, behind that curtain there,” Ella Mae, gesturing behind the girls. “Now let’s see you work it!”

Tracy disappeared behind the curtain and slipped on one of the bras. The first one she tried on was a sensible black one that didn’t flatter her cleavage particularly well. While Ella Mae looked pleased, Miss K shook her head when she saw Tracy with it on. Tracy’s eyes lit up when she got what was on Miss K’s mind, and she scrambled back to the dressing room. When she came back out, she was wearing a lacy teal demi-bra, her hard nipples poking through the cups. Miss K ran over to Miss K, her boobs bouncing slightly, and bent down to lick one of Tracy’s hard nipples through her bra, her navy blue painted nails lightly brushing her belly.

“I take it you like that one there!” Ella Mae said looking at the couple.

“Yeah,” Miss K said before taking a passing lick at Tracy’s nipple, “definitely.”

“Oh I see. You two are lesbian lovers. Not that common around there parts.”

“You could say that,” Miss K said, jiggling Tracy’s bouncy breast in her hand before walking back over to Ella Mae. “What else did you give my fair friend?”

“Oh, you’ll see. Just keep your hands off so you don’t damage the merchandise,” Ella Mae said with a wink and a smile.

Tracy then came out with a burgundy Bahis Siteleri satiny push-up bra, her tits overflowing the cups and bouncing deliciously as she strutted out. She then turned back towards the dressing room, bent over to grab her ankles, showing off her bare pussy before sliding her hands up her legs and brushing her vulva with a fingertips. She stood up, looked over her shoulder at Miss K and Ella Mae and flashed a knowing smile and a wink.

“Naughty girl, your friend is,” Ella Mae said.

“I know. If it wasn’t for that, we couldn’t have any fun together,” Miss K said, idly playing her fingers across her nipples.

Tracy came out a few more times and modeled a few more bras, each one sexier than the next, from a sheer demi-bra that flattered her hard nipples to a couple that bared her nipples and lifted her tits up on a shelf. After the last bra, Miss K told Ella Mae, “could you get me 5 of each of the bras Tracy’s modeled for us, one in each color? Except the first one, of course.”

“Of course dear. You seem too wild a bunch for that sedate a bra. Let me get those bras so I can get you what you want, OK? Want some matching thongs?” Ella Mae said.

“Sure,” Tracy said as Ella Mae walked over to her to get the bras that she modeled. She carried them over to the counter, then pulled out a small notepad where she wrote down the type of bras that she was getting so she could pull the right kinds from the back room. After she finished jotting down her notes, she looked up at Miss K and said, “let me go in the back and get the bras that are your size. Ain’t too much people that big come shopping in here, and fewer still that are as wild as you.”

“You got that right! I paid good money for these, and I’m gonna have some fun,” Miss K said as she crossed her arms under her breasts and stuck her chest out, her huge tits heaving with her breath.

“So that’s your secret. You know, good girls never tell their beauty secrets,” Ella Mae said as she walked to the back storage room.

“Well, Ella Mae, I’m neither!” Miss K shot back before everyone started laughing, with Tracy falling out from laughing heartily.

After rooting around in the back and looking for what she needed, Ella Mae returned with bras the right size for Miss K and handed them to her. “Now it’s your turn to see if I have something that can handle those man-made thighs of yours. Talk about a freak of nature!” Ella Mae said jokingly.

“You got that right, I’m a freak!” Miss K screamed over her shoulder, sashaying her hips for Ella Mae and Tracy as she walked into the dressing room. Once the curtain was closed, Miss K found a sheer black demi- bra. She slipped it on, closed the front clasp, and then settled them in the bra as she looked at them in the mirror. Her nipples contrasted beautifully through the sheer black fabric, standing out beautifully. She pinched her nipples through her bra, hissing at the sensation, then walked out to the gaze of the women. She tossed her hair back with one hand, then squeezed her tits together between her arms. Sticking out her chest, she asked the ladies, “What do you think?”

“Wow, um, Kayla! You look fine in that bra!” Tracy said looking at her body. “Plus, it seems to set off the rest of your body deliciously.

“Not bad there, Kayla! You have a nice body there. Do you work out?”

“Of course!” Miss K said as she posed for the women. “I paid for this body. Mind as well take care of it.”

“Fair enough,” Ella Mae said. “Try on some more of those bras, and let’s see how they flatter your wonderful body.”

Miss K went back to the dressing room and put on a brown push-up bra, making her huge cleavage look even larger and walked out for the women, loving the air blowing across her exposed areolas. Wanting to ham it up a by, she stuck her chest out, put her hand on one hip and the other hand in her hair. “What do you think ladies?”

“I think you look like a Black Jessica Rabbit! That body looks unreal!” Ella Mae said, looking at Miss K with fascination.

“Thanks, honey!” Miss K said as she smiled and posed for them. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a mannequin dressed in something interesting. She turned and looked to see the mannequin dressed in a sheer black bodysuit. That’s when she got an idea.

“Got any bodysuits, Ella Mae?” Miss K said, pointing up in the general direction of the mannequin.

Ella Mae crossed her arms, thinking for a bit, then stood up straight with a start. “Actually, I do have something. I keep a few of those in stock for my taller customers. You’re a bit taller than them, but I think it’ll stretch.”

“Go get it then,” Miss K said. “Besides, I don’t wanna show off too much to my fair friend. Right Tracy?”

Tracy just giggled, batting her eyelashes a bit as she coquettishly smiled up at her friend. “You know I just love with when you’re covered up,” Tracy said sarcastically.

Ella Mae went back into the storage room and retrieved the bodysuit for Miss K, who went Canlı Bahis Sitesi back into the dressing room to change. She removed her skirt, shoes and panties, tucking on her dick a little to make sure it stayed in place between her butt cheeks. Then, she slipped on the black bodysuit, putting in one leg, then the other before sliding it up over her hips and stretching it over her huge breasts as she slid her arms in. Then she looked up in the mirror and was pleased by what she saw: a curvy, stacked Black girl with big blonde hair who looked absolutely stunning. Even though the suit flattened her breasts out a bit, everything else was held in perfectly by the suit, from her hard nipples, to the big, round ass and the big dick she held between them reaching just past her asshole. She noticed that her body suit had a small opening, apparently for the various forms of relief that a woman would need. “Hmmm…that’s something to remember,” Miss K thought to herself.

Tearing herself away from the mirror, Miss K walked out from the dressing room and showed off the body suit . Ella Mae and Tracy were captivated by the way Miss K wiggled around in her little suit, trying to show off every curve she had in her firm, toned body.

“That looks nice on you,” Ella Mae said, looking at Miss K with a bit of detachment. “And you really are in good shape there, though maybe a bit too big to be feminine. Excellent choice, though. I must say, you have good tastes.”

“Thanks, Ella Mae,” Miss K said. “I appreciate it.” Then, she pulled her hand from behind her head to cup and squeeze her breasts, lifting first one that the other up to her mouth for a brief tonguing.

“You know what would be a good idea, Kayla?” Tracy chimed in. “If that body suit was leather.”

“Sounds good to me,” Miss K said as she finally stood still. “Can you do that?”

“Well…” Ella Mae said as she thought for a second. “If I took your measurements, I could have one ready by this afternoon. Plus, I am getting paid a good bit of money as is.” Standing up straight, eyes beaming, she said, “I can do it. Just follow me over to the counter so I can tale some measurements of you.”

Miss K followed Ella Mae over to the counter, where she got a small notepad, a measuring tape and a pen. Then, once she was facing the counter, Ella Mae got to work on her, first measuring out her arms. Then she got to her chest, where she got a bit of a thrill feeling Ella Mae’s soft chest on her back and hands on her tits as she measuring those out. Thankfully, Ella Mae walked around in front of Miss K to measure her waist and hips, then got on her knees and took a series of leg measurements. The measurement of her inseam was the last one, turning her on and scaring her a bit as Ella Mae’s soft touch stopped just short of reaching her dick.

“And that’s 34,” Ella Mae said, jotting down her measurement before looking up between Miss K’s tits, her face almost even with Miss K’s crotch. “Man, you definitely are a big girl. I can barely see your face with those melons of yours.”

“Thanks, Ella. You’re no slouch yourself.”

“Well, thank you for shopping here, um…”


“Yeah, right, Kayla. Are you gonna hang around for me, or are you gonna shop some more while you wait.”

“Nah, I’ll take a look around this town. Could I do something for you before I leave though?”

“Sure. What is it hun?”

“Just close you eyes. It’s a surprise,” Miss K said as looked down over her tits at Ella Mae, flashing her a smile. She then looked over her shoulder at a surprised Tracy. “Now watch this,” Miss K mouthed as she looked over my shoulder. “Follow my lead, and this should be fun.” Tracy giggled a bit as she surveyed the scene, looking at Miss K’s dick twitch between her cheeks.

Miss K then reached through the opening in her body suit and pulled her semi-hard cock against the smooth bodysuit and out, letting it hang limply and brush Ella Mae’s face. She pinched her nipples to get her dick to twitch, then looked down on Ella Mae.


Miss K looked haughtily over her breasts and down into Ella Mae’s eyes. She saw a bit of surprise and well as of lot of awe as she saw those eyes shift down to her dick. Miss K stood there and looked quietly down at Ella Mae, waiting for her to speak.

“Wow. I never thought, I mean, I’ve watched that Springer show once or twice, but I mean, it’s just so big and I never thought, you know, that a girl, I mean, person like you could have something so, you know, um, big! It’s much bigger than my late husbands, and, I mean, I always thought all those stories I heard were myths about Black men being hung, but you not a…”

“Shhhh.” Miss K whispered out as she put one finger to her lips. Then she said at barely over a whisper, “shut up and suck my fucking dick.”

Nervous at to what to do, but afraid to do anything else, Ella Mae lifted the tip into her mouth and slipped it past her lips, surprised at how much she’d have to stretch her mouth open. She saw Miss K look down at her as she sucked harder on the thick shaft in her mouth, purring with contentment as she ran her hands through her short hair. Then she felt her hand slide under her suit jacket and bra, squeezing on her soft breast and making her hum on the tip in her mouth.

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