First Submissive Session


I have had submissive tendencies for a long time, but this was the first time I took active steps to transforming my fantasies into reality. I searched for a dominant woman who could receive me, as anonymously as possible, by buying a magazine which contained several ads of the sort.

Many ads had pictures, but I chose one with no picture, signed “Mistress Abigail” and boy was I lucky to have done so. What drew me to it was the tone and the fact that, as soon as I read it, I knew that she was someone who can be trusted and who understood the kind of needs that men like me have.

I was quite nervous as I called her from a public phone booth and tried to sound casual, saying it was “about the ad”. She spoke slowly in an authoritative but neutral voice, with just a hint of sexiness. She asked me what I was looking for. I vaguely answered that I was hoping for an initiation in the field that she mastered. Then, abruptly, she asked me if I was erect or not. I blushed and looked around anxiously, to check if anyone overheard. But there wasn’t anyone around, so I pulled myself together and admitted that, indeed, the conversation made me erect. Then she started asking more questions, all the way to very personal questions: my weight and height (175 pounds, 6 feet 2 inches), marital status (married), sporting habits (cycling, golf), favorite movie (One flew over the cuckoo’s nest), body marks like piercings or tattoos (none), sexual orientation (straight), number of masturbations per week (5), frequency of intercourse per week (3), experience with anal (fingers), pain tolerance (mild to moderate), personal fetishes (stockings, schoolgirl and office outfits, see-through lingerie, dildos among others), preferred female orifice (vagina) and, finally, previous encounters with a Mistress (none). After the last answer she paused and I had the feeling she smiled at the other end of the line. My cock gave an extra jerk upwards.

Then she asked for an address where she could send me a parcel. I was reluctant, and asked if it was absolutely necessary. Mistress retorted that discussing her instructions was not a part of the contract, and I was to choose on the spot if I preferred to hang up and search for another Domme or I would give her the address and be ready for a worthy punishment when I got to her, to repay for trying to undermine her decisions. That choice was no choice, and I started dictating my work address right away (I was afraid at home my wife would receive it). I swallowed hard and couldn’t believe that I was accumulating punishment even before anything had actually begun. Still, I held my nerve and didn’t dare ask what the punishment would be.

As soon as she put everything down, she just said: “The parcel will contain further instructions. You will follow them exactly. Do not call me again before you receive it. Good bye”. And she hang up without letting me say a word.

One week later, on a Tuesday, just as I was beginning to think that Mistress Abigail forgot about me, and I was wondering whether I should call her in spite of her forbidding me, the parcel arrived. My hands were sweaty and I couldn’t wait to get home and take a look inside. It contained various items like a map with a red mark and the destination address, a black leather hood and a matching collar, a pair of metal cuffs, an enema kit. A small ID-format picture of Mistress Abigail was also there. It only showed her face with a beautiful light-hearted smile, and her hazel-eyes were wonderfully matched by her long amber hair. She looked awfully young, fresh and innocent and didn’t match the somewhat severe voice she had on the phone when I hesitated to give her my address.

The instructions were at the bottom, and read as follows:

– You will arrive on Saturday, at 6 PM sharp. If you are late, whatever your reason is, you will not be allowed to come in

– No sexual activity is allowed during the 72 hours prior to our meeting. That does NOT mean just orgasms, it extends to intercourse with your wife, masturbation and all voluntary contact with your penis or anus other than for hygiene purposes.

– 48 hours before you arrive, take days off from work. Enjoy them. Go fishing or cycling, play golf or do whatever relaxes you. Do NOT just stay indoors, do NOT consume any alcohol, do NOT check your mail and do NOT turn on you computer. Do NOT consult ANY pornographic or sexual-containing material during this time, the alternative to that is looking at my photo and mentally rehearsing your arrival here.

– 9 hours before you arrive, give yourself an enema. Practice at least 3 evacuations. Thoroughly clean the kit and bring it with you.

– 6 hours before you arrive, shave all your body from the neck down. I don’t care what excuse you find for your wife, you must be properly shaved when you arrive here. Pay special attention to your anus, pubis and scrotum. Do not cut yourself. When you have done this, slap your balls thoroughly 20 (twenty) times while standing. Do not sex hikayeleri sit for at least 10 minutes afterward.

– Of course I cannot verify if you respect all of this or not. If you DO follow the instructions, know that it pleases me and that it is a way for you to fully enjoy the experience that you chose to go through.

– take a pair of the sexiest black thongs from your wife’s wardrobe and buy a second pink pair to offer to your wife as a gift. Bring both of them with you in separate gift bags: pink for the black pair and black for the pink pair.

– go to a sex shop and buy a leather riding crop and a rattan cane. Do NOT buy them via Internet. Don’t bring them into your house overnight, leave them in your car.

– don’t bring any photo or video camera with you.

– When you arrive, you will turn off your mobile phone, leave your car in the parking by the fountain, put on the leather hood before leaving your car, take the parcel and walk to the house. Upon arrival, you will undress fully and put your clothes in the locker outside. You will attach your neck collar, kneel in front of the door and place the cuffs with your hands behind you. I will come and open for you. Do NOT knock.

– don’t worry, no permanent signs or physical harm will be left on your body

– you may feast your eyes on me as much as you want throughout your stay, and I will allow you to touch me at specific times, it is part of your contract. You will not be allowed to penetrate me in any kind. I want it be clear to you that I am a Mistress, not a whore.

– You may only speak when spoken to, and the only expressions allowed are “Yes, Mistress”, “Please, Mistress” and “Thank you, Mistress”. Saying “No” is strictly forbidden. Should you dislike anything, you can use your safeword, which is “strawberry”, at any time with the exception of a certain stage of the session. You will understand about this in due time. Pronouncing your safeword will put an immediate end to the session. In that eventual case, you will be released, you must dress, leave the premises and never try to contact me again.

– If you disagree or not feel ready to follow these instructions, send me back the parcel just as you received it and never try to contact me again. Otherwise, see you on Saturday.

I re-read the instructions several times, trying to learn them and intending to fully obey them. The first thing I wanted to try was the black hood. As I closed the zipper behind my head I felt tranquility and a strange excitement taking over. My heart and my cock were pulsating hard, and after a few minutes, I couldn’t stand the pressure any more. I masturbated while looking at Mistress Abigail’s portrait and recalling in my mind the sound of her voice. As soon as my wife got home, I did my best to get her in the mood for sex, and we enjoyed a good share of it that evening.

Before the 72-hour fasting I was at work. I went to the men’s room and I masturbated silently with my eyes closed, picturing various attractive females that came to the thought, mainly co-workers that I met that day. The last orgasm was about 30 minutes before the deadline.

After that, my lustful thoughts followed me, in spite of the increased sexual activity from previous days. On several occasions I found myself wanting to masturbate again. I glanced at women in the street, I imagined caressing the beautiful tender ass of female trainees or secretaries, and almost fell in the honey trap once. It was one of my female collaborators who came in my office and delighted me with a generous cleavage. I had met this woman before, but it was as if that day, for the first time, I realised exactly just how beautiful her breasts were. I had an erection from the very beginning, and she was doing everything to maintain it. She bent over the desk indicating something on a file. I looked at her finger and fantasized about her hand holding my testicles, then squeezing them lightly, then harder and harder. I squirmed on my chair. She was trying to make a point and I absently agreed without even listening. I just peeped at her chest with the corner of my eye. Her breasts very round and full, shaking lewdly when she moved. She wore a white bra that just barely covered her nipples. Later, she turned to pick something on the floor, and I looked under her skirt as high up her thighs as I could. I found myself wondering when was the last time she had had sex, and if she had any dominant tendencies. The glasses that she was wearing, her terribly-busy- and upset-by-this-point-attitude made me want to kiss her mouth. Fortunately she left before that, throwing me a “thanks”. But the pleasure had been all mine…

On the last day, I left telling my wife I had a meeting in another town for the week-end. She didn’t ask any questions, I do get to travel on business like that regularly. I packed my things (my wife’s underwear included) and took a hotel room where I could prepare undisturbed.

The enema was quite unpleasant, porno hikayeleri but when I shaved I was incredibly excited and maintained a thorough erection even though I tried to touch my cock as little as possible. I didn’t even TRY to chase away my lustful thoughts. All I could think about was Mistress Abigail inspecting the quality of my job with her fingers, spreading my ass cheeks and feeling my scrotum for any forgotten hairs that may justify a few licks of the riding crop.

I arrived about twenty minutes earlier. I parked the car, put on the leather hood and I tried to walk calmly the one hundred yards that separated the car from the house, but my knees were shaking a bit. The place looked deserted and that reassured my as I was taking off my clothes, but after I clicked the cuffs shut, doubt started to creep up on me. I was completely naked and already displaying a stubborn erection in front of a house I have never been to, and in which I didn’t know what was expecting me. Luckily, in a short while I heard heels clicking and the door opened to an astonishingly beautiful Mistress dressed in fine lingerie. She had her innocent-looking face with a warm smile, and the fresh body of a teenager. Her bra had clipped holes that left visible her caramel-colored nipples. Black stockings drew the attention to her creamy thighs and under a way-too-short schoolgirl’s skirt, her beautiful sex showed completely naked and hair-free. I would have gladly eaten her right then and there.

“You must be Jimmy”, she said.

“Yes, Mistress Abigail”, I answered in a low voice which I didn’t recognize as my own.

“Welcome”, she said.

Mistress Abigail bent forward delighting me further with the sight of her voluptuous and firm breasts. She produced a leash that I thought she would attach to my neck collar. Instead, she connected it to a smaller collar-like device that she tightened around the base of my ball-sack, separating the testicles from the rest of my body. First she pulled on it to make me stand, and then added: “Come in”. I could see the back of her classy outfit, with a crack in the skirt, that left her beautiful pearly ass in plain view. The three days of sexual starving all fell on me at once, and I felt I was going crazy with lust.

She led me to a large living room and attached the loose end of the leash to a chain that was hanging from the ceiling. The total length was too short for me to sit or kneel.

She girlishly said “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back”, and turned on a video with the tape of a man that was down on all fours and was being caned by two beautiful Dominas. His ass was a glowing red already, but he was not restrained. I could see he was struggling to cope with his pain: he was shaking his head, slowly balancing back and forth between strokes and panting viciously, but trying to keep silent. One of the females would shortly massage his genitals once in a while, to encourage him to take more.

My cock instantly became iron-hard and I looked on hypnotized, wondering how it would feel like if I were in that man’s place.

A little later, Mistress Abigail came back, and turned off the video. She had put on my wife’s black pair of underwear.

“Your wife’s size suits me perfectly, Jimmy.”

She took my leash and led me on a staircase that led to the basement, and then through a small door that opened on a fully-equipped pleasure room. It was black and pink, and home to a few chairs, benches and odd-looking stools, a bed, a collection of restraints and pain-inflicting devices. There were also several mirrors.

“There’s no need to be anxious, boy. For the beginning, we will simply feed your imagination a bit.”

“Thank you, Mistress”, was all I could say.

Mistress attached me to one of the chairs, that had a large hole in the seat. I didn’t understand why, until I realized that Mistress was lubricating my anus, and that she inserted something small and round. I didn’t oppose, but the small “something” quickly started to inflate inside me, with the power of Mistress’ fist. I was being thoroughly stretched, and I couldn’t manage to expel the object. She watched my face and she only stopped when I frowned in pain. She waited a few seconds, pumped twice more, and kissed me on the cheek saying:

“You will thank me for this later”.

She then brought in a slave-girl through a different door than the one we used to come in. The girl’s hands were tied behind her back. She was only wearing a black bra and she looked young and fresh. Mistress immobilized her face-up on a high bench, with her knees pulled up and widespread. She lowered her brassier and placed a forceps on each of her nipples. The girl watched as her nipples were being crushed by the bad metal, grimacing and squealing each time and then relaxing as she was getting used to the pain. Mistress placed them in such a way that they not only pinched the tender flesh, but also twisted it when she released the instruments, which seks hikayeleri hang down on each side of her chest.

Mistress then selected a cane and started to caress the girl with it.

“Girl, you know you deserve this, and you know that it will be painful…”, Mistress said. The victim only whimpered in response. “But after that, if you are good, I will let Carl have fun with you, and that will be enough to wash your humiliation, won’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress”, she said in a scared voice.

“I want you to count them out loud.”

The blows started landing on her beautiful snow-white ass at a steady moderate rhythm, raising welts. The numbers went by, with the voice slowly disintegrating into long grunts. Every three or four turns, Mistress Abigail would voluntarily avoid hitting her victim, placing the blow in the air under her ass. The swooshing sound was identical, however, and the girl anticipated the pain all the same. She still buckled against her bounds and, curiously, I felt she suffered even more on these “skipped” blows. It was on the third such occasion that she started crying, although she had not been hit. The initial sobs evolved into lovely tears and vivid panting. She couldn’t focus on the count anymore, and the suffering showed on her flushed face just as much as on her abused buttocks and upper thighs.

From time to time, Mistress Abigail would pause and comfort the slave-girl by stroking her hair or fondling her abdomen and buckled arms.

Mistress finished with two “skipped” blows that made the girl scream as if they were the most painful of all. By then she was trembling uncontrollably and her face was washed with tears. She was left to cry a little more, and Mistress inserted two fingers in the girl’s vagina.

“I must check to see if you are wet enough, pretty thing”, she said.

Mistress Abigail was pleased with the amount of her lubrication, and took away the forceps. The girl once again squealed as blood invaded her tortured nipples.

Then, Mistress Abigail brought in Carl, who was a strong black man. She caressed his testicles for a while, to make him hard. He had a huge fat member, about 9 inches or more, and he became erect pretty easily looking at the beautiful helpless girl, who fell silent as the bull approached her. She received his meat with a sigh of relief, Mistress Abigail’s hand guiding him inside the wet and slippery orifice.

“Fuck her good, and leave your cum deep inside her, Carl”, Mistress said.

The girl’s tears soon turned to moans of pleasure, as Carl was picking up the pace. She was savoring the sensations that spread from her sex through the entire body. Mistress Abigail came to sit on one of my knees. She put an arm around my shoulders and started to whisper as we were both enjoying the show.

“Is your ass plug less uncomfortable now, Jimmy?”

“Yes, Mistress”, I admitted.

Therefore she smiled and proceeded to inflating it even further, until it became uncomfortable again.

“Do you like what you see, Jimmy?”, she asked.

“Yes, Mistress”, I answered with a dry throat.

“I knew you would, boy. You see, this slave-girl is well trained. She knows that satisfaction must be earned, that’s why she accepts all that pleases me. You must learn that too, Jimmy.”

Carl was giving the girl a rough ride, using her body as a plaything to satisfy himself. The slave-girl seemed to like it nonetheless. When the intercourse became too monotonous, my attention drifted to Mistress’ presence. She was wearing a flowery fragrance that made me desperately wanted to kiss her skin, but I knew better than to jump at the occasion. Her legs were perfectly shaped all the way up to the feminine pubis, now hidden by my wife’s lingerie. The breasts, seen from such close range, looked lovingly lazy and inviting and her nipples were obscenely pricking the air with each breath. Her neck, young and slender was radiating warmth and must have been heaven to nibble on. But her best asset was the beautiful innocent face, expressing joy and vague satisfaction.

She wore very little makeup and a natural-colored lipstick, that rendered her lovely mouth even more suitable for a kiss. I don’t know whether she caught me looking or if she guessed my thought, but she kissed my lips on the spot, an giggled girlishly afterwards, pushing my desires out of their bounds.

After that, we heard Carl and the girl screaming together in the middle of their sexual discharge. Carl casually pulled out and left, while Mistress Abigail hurried to her feet, released me from the chair and lead me by the leash to the slave-girl. It was awkward walking with the anal plug.

“You know what would please me now, Jimmy?…You cleaning my slave-girl with your mouth. Go on, boy!”, she said, pulling me closer to the freshly fucked pussy. I was so excited that I would have done anything she asked me, so I didn’t hesitate and started licking from below her slit, where globs of cum were dripping regularly. The taste made me want more, and I earnestly lapped and chewed at the girl’s genitals. She was watching me with a mocking and satisfied look, as Mistress scooped out more cum with her fingers from deep inside her vagina, and fed it to me.

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