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My HUSBAND loves CREAM PIESMy husband and I are both in our mid-20’s and have been married for three years. Lately, I’ve noticed he likes looking at cream pie pictures and videos on adult websites. One night, we were fucking, bareback of course, and after he came, he asked me to spread my legs so he could see his cum in me. I did as asked and after he looked at it a couple seconds, he shocked me by going down on me and sucking out his own sperm! I had never seen him do that before and honestly, I was a little stunned he had done that. It did feel good though and he seemed to really like it because after he raised up from between my legs, with a wet face, I saw that he was hard again and we fucked some more.The next night, as we lay in bed, he had his lap top out and once again, he was looking at video of men eating cream pies form their wives that other men had deposited in them. I leaned over to see what he was watching and he said that he had always fantasized about what it would be like to see another man cum in me and for him to suck it back out!I was shocked once again and I reached over and k**ding, slapped his arm. I told him I couldn’t believe he wanted me to fuck other men and for him to actually eat the cum from me. He laughed and said he was only k**ding with me so I rolled over and turned off the lamp by the bed. Even though I was facing away from him, I could see that he was still surfing the net and I figured he was still looking at those videos. After a couple minutes, I felt some movement next to me and I looked over my shoulder back at him. He was jerking off, right there next to me and I pretended not to notice. After a couple minutes, he shook some and I knew he must have cum! I hoped he had some tissue paper over there and hadn’t fucked up the bed sheets that I would have to now wash!The next morning was a Saturday and we both had the day off. During that afternoon, he casually mentioned about our conversation that previous night about cream pies. I told him that if he really wanted to do that, I would see what I could do. I assumed that would end the conversation but about an hour later, he told me he had posted an ad on Craigs List, looking for a man to join us! I was shocked about that for sure and I got a little mad about it too. He explained that the selected guy would send his picture, etc. and if I didn’t like him, I didn’t have to do this. I agreed and I honestly WAS a little curious about doing it.That night, we got a ton of responses and after going through them all, I found two guys I liked a lot. He contacted them and sent my picture and his to them as well. They returned the message to us after just about an hour and one of them said he could come tonight. We set up a meeting with him at a local bar and I was by now, looking forward to this meeting! He showed up at the correct time which was 8 PM. He was a good looking guy named Jay, well built and I could only imagine how big his cock really was. We talked some and then, he and my husband went out to the back deck at the bar together and talked. I assume it was to set up a fuck session but they didn’t ask me to go back there with them. My husband returned alone and I thought the man had not wanted to fuck but my hubby said that the guy was meeting us at our house in one hour. I was somewhat delighted, but afraid too since I had NEVER been with another man since we were married. We paid the tab and headed home. I grabbed a shower as did my husband and the guy pulled into our driveway. I was nervous as a cat and after he came inside, we had a drink and some small talk. It was really hard samsun escort “breaking the ice” sorta speak, but finally, my hubby asked the man to make himself comfortable and he told me to go ahead and go to our bedroom and get in the bed and that they would soon follow.I did as asked and I got completely undressed and got under the covers. I was nervous as all hell about this, but after about a minute, the two of them came in and undressed in front of me. When the man pulled his pants off and then his underwear, his cock spilled out and it was huge! He already had a semi-hard-on and it was thick as a beer can! My husband, without warning, pulled the bed sheets down to the end of the bed, totally exposing my nakedness to the man. My hubby them got on one side of me and Jay on the other. Jay reached over to me and put his hand over my tit. I shuddered a little and felt my pussy get wet. Jay then reached down to my clit and rubbed it around. It felt so good but naughty at the same time. My hubby watched him do this and he kissed me on the cheek and whispered to me and asked if I was ok. I said yes and I reached over and down to Jay’s big cock. I wrapped my hand around it and gently pumped it. I could feel him swell up even larger that I had already seen. I felt myself wanting him inside of me so bad that I was shaking and I opened my legs slightly, hoping he would realize that I was ready to be fucked!I knew it was my first time doing this and it was a little strange at first, knowing my husband was watching me take another man inside me. The guy got in between my legs and gently put his open mouth over my pussy. I felt his tongue swirl all around the edges and then he licked my swollen clit a few times. I shuddered a bit, grabbing my husbands arm as this man did his thing. His tongue was wet, warm and felt wonderful as it explored my insides! I felt myself cumming pretty soon and I couldn’t help but moan as I reached a climax! He continued sucking and licking my hole and when his tongue and lips moved down to my asshole,. I came again and felt his tongue move in and out of my butt as fast as a bee stinger! He raised up and looked at my husband who then took his place and started eating me out himself! Jay then came around to my face, kissed my lips and then stuck his huge hard cock head to my lips. I opened them for him and let him slip his massive tool in my wet mouth!I rubbed his balls with my right hand and pushed my mouth up and down over the shaft, tasting the hot pre-cum that leaked from his pee hole. It was sweet and salty and I knew that his cum was going to be just as sweet as this was! I used my tongue to swirl around the rim and shaft and even tried to stick it inside his hole the best I could! I figured he would shoot his hot load in my mouth but instead, he pulled away, sucked each of my nipples for a while while my husband was eating my ass out! I pulled my legs back to my chin and with them spread wide, waited for a hard cock to fill my pussy!My husband moved away though and Jay got on his knee’s between my legs and plunged his big thick cock deep in my pussy! It was huge and hot and I moaned with every down stroke the man did! I was now coming again and again and I was so wet that the sheets were soaked from my juices! His cock was making sloshing sounds every time he pushed it in our pulled out and finally, I felt him tense up and a sudden rush of warmth shot through me! I knew he had cum and it must have been a lot of it too! He fucked me another 30 seconds or so and when he pulled out, I felt his hot cum run down antalya escort to my asshole and even further down on my thighs!I felt like a slut but loved it and with my legs still pulled back as far as I could, I watched my husband put his face between my legs and then his hot mouth go over my pussy! He began licking and sucking it and I could feel his tongue swirling around inside. I knew that he was eating that sweet cum out and even the thought of it was making me even hotter! I mean, here I was, with a pussy full of a strangers cum and having my own husband suck it out, eating it and swallowing this man’s cum! My hubby sucked me clean and then I watched as Jay, still playing with his spent cock, went over to my husband and I watched in almost disbelief as my husband took the man’s cock in his mouth and sucked on it some, cleaning the cum from the shaft and then even kissing the mans ball sack!We all got up and went to our poolside bar and had a few drinks. Every time I looked at my husband, I could think of only him eating that cum and actually sucking a cock! I would have thought it weird and strange but honestly, it turned me on a lot and knowing now, what he really liked, was letting me be his whore and of him being the clean up slut!Jay left for the evening and after we went to bed, my husband fucked me again and this time, he didn’t eat me out but we just fell asleep! The next day, we discussed what we had done and we were honest with each other about what we wanted to do next time, if ever again! We made some plans for the following weekend and decided to go to a nudist resort here that’s known for having lots of swingers! My husband called them and made reservations for us for the entire weekend and honestly, it made me wet just thinking about the people we would meet and it would be our first ever visit to a nudist resort!Finally, the weekend rolled around and we couldn’t get in the car fast enough to get there! We finally arrived, checked in and went to our hotel room which was poolside. We undressed, grabbed a couple of towels and sat out by the pool, looking at all these naked hot bodies around us! I for one was looking at all these cocks hanging around and I could only imagine how they would feel inside of my wet pussy tonight!We met several couples and they told us that the place to meet was at the dance that night and that usually, everyone hooked up at those, went to the hot tub area where things got really HOT! The dance started at 9 pm and we did in fact meet some couples and a few single guys. After we left at around 11, we all went to the hot tub where people seemed to pair off. You basically left from the tub and went to hotel rooms to fuck and get fucked! We had a couple follow us to our room and also, two single guys who were pretty hot themselves! My husband and I were really excited about what might happen and when we got to our room, we were already naked so I just laid on the bed, spread my legs and the people with us knew what they wanted as well. I was more than ready to be a slut and to get as wild as I had imagined! My husband was ready too and who knows what nasty things he might do tonight! One of the men got in between my legs and put his mouth over my hot pussy. Feeling his tongue enter me made me shiver and he began eating me out. Another man then came over next to me and pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked it for all it was worth and let my tongue lick the rim and shaft! I could feel him push it in farther and I gagged a couple of times it was so big. I looked over at my husband who was sitting ankara escort on the bed and he was playing with his cock and watching me get off! I orgasmed at the sight and shot my juice into that mans mouth! He seemed to like it though and kept his mouth tightly over my fuck hole too.The man I was sucking starting to tense up and I knew he was fixing to cum in my mouth and I DID want that cum too! He finally shot a huge load which I took in and I could feel the warmth of it all around my teeth and gums! He pulled out and the woman then came over to me and told me she wanted a taste. We kissed each other deeply and exchanged his jism with each other. It was my first time kissing a girl and the feeling made me wetter than I already was.The guy eating me finally pulled away and he stuck his fat cock in me so deep that I thought I would burst! His cock pounded away really fast and I felt him tense up and then, a hot stream of cum shoot inside of me. It was incredible, feeling another man cum in me and when he pulled out, he stood over me while the woman there sucked him clean! My hubby then put his mouth over my drenched pussy and I could feel him sucking me out and then his tongue bury itself deep in my hole. Just thinking about him eating that cum was hot and knowing that he was enjoying himself was nice too. He pulled away from me and I saw my hubby’s wet, cum drenched face and all I could think of was giving him even more.The woman took a turn getting fucked next to me, doggy style, and when the man came in her, she moved over next to me, lowered her wet cunt over my mouth and then gently pressed her freshly fucked pussy against my open mouth. I could feel the hot cum and her juice flow over my tongue and down my throat and I sucked and licked her hot hole till she came again! My husband then pulled her to the side and he finished eating her hole and he then sucked and licked her ass, making sure that all the juice and cum had been cleaned up.I felt so damn slutty I could not believe it all but I was loving every minute of it. I watched my husband fuck that girl and he would eat the cum from her and myself, every time a guy would cum in us. I was asked to bend over, doggy style and I heard the door open and in walked another man who was apparently friends of the other couple there. I let him fuck my pussy and then, he pulled out and pressed his cock against my asshole. I wasn’t quite sure how this would feel since the only man to fuck my ass was my husband when we first got married. I braced myself for the impact and when it went in me, I jumped a little but took it all. He pounded my hole for several minutes causing me to cum twice and finally, I felt him cum and his cock was now slippery and wet with his sperm making it that way. He pulled out and I looked back and saw my husband take the guys dirty dick into his mouth and suck it clean. I felt cum running down my ass crack and then, felt my husbands familiar mouth cover my asshole and his gentle sucking and licking felt great as he cleaned me out and ate all the spent jism inside of me.I rolled away and watched him suck a couple of the guys and eat their asses out too. I never knew he was such a slut, but now, so was I and I was still ready for more. By now though, everyone was pretty much spent, so we said our goodbye’s and parted ways for the night. We fell asleep and went home the next day!Ever since that weekend, we have met lots of swingers and we go to the resort several times a month to fuck, play and get naked! He and I have both become well known sluts there and we have done some really fun and nasty things together. He knows I need dick and I know that he needs cum, so between the two of us, we can take care of any and everyone that wants to fuck around!One day, I threw an anal gang bang for him after finding out he likes it in the ass, but that’s another story I will share with you later!

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