Away With Unhappiness, Hello Happiness Part 2


The next morning I awoke to the sound of running water and I looked up at the digital clock beside my bed then lied back staring at the ceiling thinking about last night and I smiled. I climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom just as naked as I was the night before, I pushed open the half closed door and watched him shower through the glossy shower door and I smiled broader and walked further in the bathroom, “can I join you?” The door opened and I saw him looking out at me with a smile and I walked in closing the door behind me and he began to rub soap on my body with his hands then kissed me, I was finding it so erotic I was becoming hard and his hand went to my cock and soon we were lost in each other as we made love in the shower.

He wasted no time to get down on his knees and bury his face in my crotch. Now Marina didn’t quite like giving head so she didn’t put much effort into it but she loved being eaten out, I loved giving oral so I put very much effort into it and now so was Michael. Marina was a selfish lover but he, he was nothing close to selfish. He licked my piss slit then took the head into his hot mouth making me moan, I had to rest one shoulder against the wet tiled wall for support while one hand was resting on his head, “oh baby,” my eyes half closed for abit and I felt and heard him moan around my cock. I could see he was jacking himself off. Michael started to bob slowly on my shaft, it was so sensual, the water was casino oyna falling on my back and running down the crack of my ass where I soon felt one of his hands, he pulled my hips into him more and I moaned alittle harder than before now combing my fingers through his hair, I could feel the head of my cock touch the back of his throat, I swear he was starting to suck me his throat and soon he groaned, the vibrations did nothing short of thrill me and I could feel myself on the verge of cumming then I felt it. He had one finger rubbing my puckered hole and his other hand was now jacking me off, he had pulled back to suck on the head of my cock and I released my load in his mouth, I looked down at him as he gulped it down hungrily some seeping out the corners of his lips, that always turned me on, “mmmmmm…” I rocked my hips back and forth in time to his hand as he sucked me dry.

He stood up but his hand was still between my legs rubbing my asshole and I knew what he wanted, it was his turn to have a tight ass around his cock and I was more than willing to give it to him. I was starting to love this relationship already, he was willing to give himself to me at both ends and I was happy to do the same, I pulled him closer to me and kisses him lovingly, I pushed my tongue into his mouth to explore it and I tasted myself all over, I could even smell myself on his breath, pulling away from him, I smiled and turned around. Michael soaped his cock slot oyna up as I watched him over my shoulder, I was bending forward with my hands holding both the cold and hot water faucets for support, I knew I was going to enjoy this and I moaned in anticipation, my cock was rock hard again. I felt him probing my tight hole with the swollen head of his cock, it has been a long while since I’ve taking anything especially a cock in there so I know he, and I were gonna have a great time in a few short seconds under the raining water from the shower head. I felt the head push pass my sphinter and my grasps on the faucets tightened abit then relaxed, it hurt abit, I forgot how it could hurt and I laughed softly then felt his hand rubbing my lower back while hearing his words, “you alright?” I merely nod my head then responded by pushing back before answering him, “better than alright..Mmmmm…Gonna slide home?” Smiles back at him then looked ahead of me at the tiled wall and a low long moan escaped my lips as I felt him slide all the way in, the pain and the pleasure fused making me grasp the faucets tight once more and he stopped to give me some time to get accustom to the intrusion. Grateful for that I bit down on my lower lip before nodding my head, “I’m ready baby.” Just when I said that he pulled all the way out and pushed all the way back in. His thrusts were slow and fulfilling, they were hard and deep brushing that spot in me each time, “oh yes..!” canlı casino siteleri I moaned loudly my eyes now closed, I could hear him moaning too with the combination with the slapping of his wet skin against mine, I bet he had no idea what he was doing to me, my moans got louder.

I stood up slowly as he moved in me, then I felt him lift one of my legs, this took him deeper in me and from my position I had grown tighter around him. I raised my arms and reached back to hold the back of his neck for balance as he now started to pound harder and faster into my ass, he was sending himself deeper and his moans were growing loud against my left ear. My moans were growing loud too, actually I was now crying out for him to fuck me and he was doing it even deeper now. Pleasure surged through my body and I could feel myself on the verge of cumming and he knew because he released my leg and bent me over, he pounded my ass like there was no tomorrow and I came on the wall and the floor, the cum was quickly washed away by the water. He pulled all the way out and slammed all the way in spilling himself deep within me. With each splurt he made a grunt. Four sexy grunts and I moaned his name as my ass milked his cock of its cum, “uhhhhh..” He slipped out of me and I stood up slowly feeling his cum leak out, I shut the water off not even bothering with washing off. He opened the shower door and we walked out grabbing towels to dry ourselves.

We stood in the middle of the bathroom dabbing each other dry stealing kisses at each others lips, or neck or shoulders every once in a while when we weren’t smiling looking at each other.

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