Buzz Me


This isn’t a quick piece of smut, but I can’t say it’s going to rank among the great works of literature either. Enjoy.

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Teresa Collins looked at herself in the closet mirror as she entered the bedroom she shared with her lover, Mike Adams. The sight made her smile. She liked the way she looked.

Naked as the day she was born, none of her body was hidden from her sight. Her straight black hair ran to between her shoulder blades and was hung in a bang over her forehead. Teresa had bright blue eyes set in a face neither wide nor thin and she had an aquiline nose. The lips of her mouth were a little on the thin side. She thought them her least attractive feature. The chin was a little pointed but not chisel sharp. The rest of her was slim. At a couple of inches over five feet and just a few pounds over one hundred, her build was pixieish. Her breasts and ass were not big, but that helped keep them firm. She kept her pubes, which were the same colour as her other hair, closely trimmed.

By the time she reached the closet Teresa had completed her visual inventory. She slid the door open and began to pick her clothes for work. She wanted to be very careful. There was a big presentation today and had to look her best.

So she never saw Mike roll out of bed, pull something from the night stand, then go over to her dresser and take out a pair of black lace panties. Her first awareness of him was when he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He ran his hands down her stomach, stopping just below her navel. A flat, cold and metallic device was in his right hand, her panties in his left. The very different impressions the two touches gave made Teresa shiver. Mike planted a soft kiss on her left shoulder.

He was a big man with the build and rugged appearance of the stevedore he had been in his younger days. He had to lean a little and bend his knees slightly to make his loving gesture. His sandy blond hair was graying, even the rather thick mat on his chest. Teresa never felt overpowered by him. Rather he seemed a large tree, something large and alive that sheltered her from the world. He was a solid anchor in her world.

Teresa shivered as he teased her. She turned her head and kissed his cheek. She pressed her back into him, feeling that he was erect.

“Oh no,” she said, a slight tremble in her voice. “I don’t have the time today. I’ve got to be at work soon.”

“I know, ” he replied. “Just letting you know I care.” He stepped back, turned her around and then fell to his knees. He held up the undergarment. “I think you should wear these today.”

Smiling, Teresa agreed. She raised her legs one at a time. Mike fitted it on and drew it up her legs. An instant before they covered her lips he blew a warm stream of air over them. She drew a sharp breath at its teasing touch.

“There,” Mike remarked, “All set. I also have a small gift for you.” He held up a small rectangle of metal. It was not much larger than a credit card and about four times as thick.

“What is it?” she asked, a puzzled cast on her face.

“It’s a cell phone. One of my clients asked me to evaluate it for them.” Mike was a freelance electronics engineer. He had a fine knack for analysing electronics and picking holes in their design and function. He worked from home most of the time so there were always some sort of consumer electronic device sitting around their condominium.

“That small now?” Teresa observed. “Cool. Thanks.” She reached for it.

He drew his hand back. “No. I want you to test its portability.” He reached for the top of her panties, pulled the waist out a little and slid the tiny phone between the fabric and her skin. Letting the elastic go, the garment pressed the cold surface against her lips.

Teresa’s eyes widened at the chill touch. “Mike, what are you up too?” she asked. Her face was amused and a little curious.

“Nothing, really,” he replied. “Just what I said. If you can carry it there, it can be carried anywhere, wouldn’t you agree?” Mike’s face was all wide eyed innocence. Teresa knew him well enough to know that meant he was up to something. “Mike?” she demanded again.

“I want you to do two things today,” he said then, avoiding the question.

Teresa thought for a second. Mike had never hurt her in anyway. And he was one of the smartest people she had ever known. So if he was up to something, it was almost certainly something she would like. She trusted him.

“What then?” she asked. Answers would come soon.

Patting the cell phone he told her, “keep this here all day. And make sure you spend the whole day at work. Plus make sure you have your usual Friday-after-work drink with Maureen.”

The phone request was a bit odd. The rest was what Teresa had planned anyway. aksaray escort “All right,” she consented.


Teresa’s smile vanished as she compressed her lips into a slit. Her eyebrows moved down to shade her eyes as she glanced sharply at him. This was a serious thing to them. She and Mike agreed that when they promised it had to be carried through. They rarely made promises to each other, but when they did, they kept them.

She was silent for a moment. “OK,” she finally said. “I promise.”

“Good.” Mike smiled at her and stood up. “Get dressed and I’ll have your breakfast ready.” He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and left the bedroom.

Teresa turned to her closet and started selecting what to wear to work. The cell phone had warmed up so she hardly noticed it now. Her smile came back and she thought, “Sometimes he’s the strangest man. But oh so lovable.”

Soon she chose a single piece dress that was the same colour as her eyes. It clung to her but not too tightly. It was quite professional but beautiful as well. She pulled on a pair of blue shoes with low heels. These were meant to keep her feet comfortable and accented her dress. Teresa went to the bathroom to put on her makeup, insert a pair of small gold studs in her earlobes, then headed to the kitchen.

On entering she found her travel coffee cup and bagels waiting for her. Mike was just pouring a cup for himself.

“Oh,” he announced. “Two more things before you go.”

Teresa looked at him, both suspicious and entertained. “I’m going to regret this, but what?”

“Make sure you take those with you.” He gestured at some articles on the counter by the door. There were two small plastic bags there, one empty and the other containing four pairs of Teresa’s panties.

She looked at him with skepticism.

“Trust me, please?” was his response.

“OK,” she replied. Teresa grabbed the bags and stuffed them in her purse. “And the other thing?” she asked.

“No playing with yourself today,” he returned. “I should have asked that earlier, but I want you to promise that as well.”

That request rather surprised Teresa. She was too professional to waste time at work by masturbating. He knew that. There must have been a reason for him to ask. After a second’s thought she replied, “OK, I promise.”

Mike came over, gave her a hug and quick kiss. “Thank you beautiful. You’ll have a good day.” Her eyes twinkled back at him. He might be a little odd, but she loved him.

“I’m off. See you tonight around seven,” she told him.

“I’ll have something special for dinner,” he replied. She smiled wider at that. Among his many talents, Mike was a good cook.

He escorted her to the front door and locked it behind her. Teresa went to their building’s elevator, rode it down to the parking level then headed to her car. Starting it up, she set out for work.

Soon she was on the highway, her destination, downtown. The tiny cell phone was skin temperature and its presence was barely evident now. Again she wondered exactly what her lover was up to. However, she had more important things to think about and she started thinking about them.

Bzzzzt! The tiny device came alive at that moment. It vibrated against her for just a second. No one would have heard it, but Teresa certainly felt it.

Her eyes went wide. The vibration caused a sudden bloom of pleasure in her nether regions, one that spread almost instantly through her body. Her knuckles went white on the steering wheel and her right foot pressed on the gas. She lost touch with the world for just a second. Coming back, she let off the gas so she drew back from the car in front.

For an instant, Teresa was furious. “Damn that man! What sort of a game is he playing?” Then a smile formed. Game was the right word. Mike almost always played with and teased her, before giving her pleasure. She adored when he did this. It always made her very ready for him.

This time he wasn’t going to be playing for an hour, it was going to be all day. And she would never know when, exactly. Teresa would spend the rest of the day waiting for the next little jolt of joy.

“This is going to be fun!” she thought.

Memories came of other times Mike had played with her; with feathers, with chamois gloves, and once with a loofa. Teresa felt herself grow warm and a little moist with the recollection.

Shortly she was pulling into the parking lot of Motive Fashions, the place where she worked. Parking in her space, she was middle management, Teresa got out and headed inside. There was a happy smile on her face. The little shock she had received and the thoughts caused by it were making her a bit high. Several people noted her good mood when she greeted them.

On arriving in her office, Teresa phoned her team to remind them of the 9:30 pre-meeting. She spent the time before that rehearsing what she would say during the presentation. The anticipation and warmth that had built up began to fade under the mundane demands of work.

When her people arrived they went over what had to be done at the imminent meeting, then Teresa started a little pep talk. “We’ve worked hard on this. We’re going to be a big…”

Bzzzzt! The little device went off again.

Teresa let out a puff of breath. She was more sensitive down there now. This time the feelings echoed just a bit longer. Her lower lips puffed a bit in reaction and she went from merely moist to dewy. She sagged against her desk.

“Are you all right, Ms. Collins?” came from one of her subordinates.

With a deep breath, Teresa managed to focus. She stood straight and pushed her feelings down as well as she was able. But the pleasure was sharp enough it would take more than just force of will to control it. “Yes,” she reassured them. “I felt dizzy for a second. I’m fine. Let’s get going. The presentation starts in ten minutes.”

The group went up to the main meeting room and checked all the equipment needed. The senior management trickled in one at a time. When everyone was present, Teresa took the floor and got to work.

She covered all the lines that had been designed and what focus groups had to say about each one. Slides appeared on the large flat screen monitor to emphasise what she was saying. It all went without a hitch, much to her relief.

Soon she started on her recommendations. “So, you can see the ‘Orange’ line would be most successful in the…”

Bzzzzt! That teasing vibration played over her again.

Teresa stopped speaking with an audible gasp. Her knees shook a little, weakening under the delight burning through her. Her lips grew more puffy and her clit hardened somewhat, magnifying the feeling. She started to leak lubrication, barely.

“Teresa, are you OK?” came from the VP of Marketing.

“Mike, you bastard!” went through her mind. “This had better be worth it or you’ll pay big!”

“Yes, sir,” she replied. “I’ve been having dizzy spells.” And Teresa continued with her presentation. She had to focus more. The heat roiling in her threatened to perturb her thinking time and again. Teresa had to concentrate a little to grab at her thoughts.

When the presentation was finished the senior management gave her a polite round of applause. Teresa could tell they were very pleased. She would have been overjoyed, if she hadn’t been so distracted. The craving in her wouldn’t go away. She could feel the little cell phone roll against her as she moved. It teased her still hard clit and slid over her lips. The pleasure wasn’t great, but it was noticeable. A light haze lay over her thoughts.

She made the rounds of shaking hands, gathered up her crew and returned to her office. Teresa thanked each of them and they returned to their regularly scheduled jobs.

It was almost noon and Teresa realised she was hungry. She phoned the local deli, asking them to deliver a Caesar salad. Motive Fashions had a company account with them so Teresa often availed herself of her services. While waiting she started her day’s paperwork.

When the salad arrived, she worked and ate. One hand she used to feed herself and the other turned pages and signed forms.

Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!

Teresa’s eyes fluttered as heat grew again. The pleasure bounced back and forth through her and a tiny moan emerged from her mouth. Unconsciously she splayed her legs, opening herself for what her body was beginning to demand. She could feel her cheeks warm and knew her face must be flushed

For long seconds all Teresa did was wallow, allowing the feeling to wash through her. Then, knowing what she was doing she sat up straight and closed her legs. Looking down at the last piece of paper she had been writing on, she could see a blind scrawl from the shaking of her hands. She concentrated and succeeded in signing her name clearly. It wasn’t easy. The tremors wouldn’t seem to stop.

Squirming in her chair, Teresa could feel how wet she had become. The metal surface that was teasing her slid smoothly over her now engorged lips and hard clit. That small motion caused ripples of passion to pass through her. She noticed that her panties were now quite soaked. Teresa gathered up her purse and headed for the washroom.

Once inside, she went to a stall and closed the door. Teresa pulled the tiny cell from under her gusset and then peeled the soaking garment down her legs. She hiked up her dress, sat down on the toilet and moved her hand towards her wet, hot labia. “God, I need to get off,” she thought.

Then she stopped. “Damn,” Teresa remembered. “I promised.” She looked thoughtful for a second. “How’s he going to know?” was the question she asked herself. “I would know,” came the answer. “I made a promise and I don’t break them.”

With a sigh Teresa pulled another pair of underwear from her purse, stood up and slipped them on. She placed the wet ones in the other bag Mike had so thoughtfully supplied. Picking up Mike’s phone, she looked at it for a second with both trepidation and anticipation. She knew that she would be teased the rest of the day, and that the reward for waiting would be great. “Mike, you had better be up for what I’ll need when I get home!” So she replaced the miniature device in the place it had been resting all day.

She smoothed her dress and reached for the stall door.


Teresa sat back down as her legs gave out. She gave a panting moan and her hips bucked for one pump. Her nipples hardened as lust reached a new plateau in her. Her clit seemed to throb and her lower lips fluttered. She felt hollow, with bright little motes of bliss roaming inside her.

“Damn you, Mike! I can’t wait anymore!” But she knew she had to.

Focusing, rising above the hot fog filling her, Teresa left the stall and went to the wash basins. She washed her face and fixed her makeup. Each second she waited for Mike to play with her again. The expectation kept her temperature high. She was getting to like her surprise, but was afraid of when it would happen.

Returning to her office Teresa sat down, with a rather unladylike posture. It was uncomfortable closing her legs all the way.

She finished her lunch and continued with her paperwork. Once again, her feelings started to dull under the prosaic activity of her work.

When the bureaucratic drudgery was done, Teresa started reviewing the photos she planned to use for the upcoming ad campaigns. Shortly she decided that one set needed something. She called the person responsible for that group of pictures. He soon arrived in her office with a slightly worried look on his face. He was new here and not sure of the corporate culture yet.

Teresa soon put his mind to rest. He hadn’t fucked up. It just wasn’t what she wanted. She explained this to him, showed him the photos and described what she thought would work better. He saw that she had a more experienced eye than him and listened carefully. He came back with some other observations.

“That’s good, Dave,” she replied when he made them, “I hadn’t seen that myself…”


Teresa’s eyes popped a little this time. Her lust hadn’t really gone away and this fresh buffet on her senses pushed her higher than ever. Her nipples hardened to stiff points, pushing against the fabric of her dress. She could feel a slight sheen of sweat form on her skin. Lubrication began to seep from her, wetting her panties again. Wildly, she hoped the phone was waterproof as a silly vision of the shock she might feel danced through her mind. Consciousness seemed to fade slightly at the rush of fire that passed through her.

“Ms. Collins?” impinged on her awareness. “Are you OK?”

She managed to sit up straight and smile weakly. “Yes. Another damned dizzy spell. I’m fine.”

“Really? You don’t look ill. More like…” Dave’s eyes widened as his voice trailed away.

“Like what?” Teresa demanded.

“Uh, tired,” Dave said. “Yeah, you look sleepy.”

Teresa sighed. “I think that’s all, Dave. Get back to work. Have the changes we discussed ready by Tuesday.”

“I will, Ms. Collins. Thanks.” He got up and left her office.

“Close the door, please,” Teresa asked him and he did.

As the door shut, Teresa slumped to her desk and took the deep breaths her body demanded. “Good Christ!” went through her head, “How much more can I take!”

Each time Mike set off the phone, he had pushed her body higher. Now she was more turned on than she had ever been. Her body burned with lust. A fire that roared was burning in her now and it seemed to consume her.

She looked at the clock. It was barely after two. “I’m not sure I can last much longer.” Only the strength of her promise kept her at work.

“Work,” she thought, “work should distract me.” So she got to it.

It helped a little, though not much. Her passion made it very hard to concentrate. Every motion had to be thought through. And every movement of her legs and hips caused the miniature device pressed against her wet heat to inflame her a little more. She kept checking the clock displayed on her computer monitor. Time seemed to crawl by.

Just as she looked at her computer screen for the umpteenth time it happened again. Bzzzzt!

Teresa’s eyes lost focus and her eyelids flickered. She couldn’t hold back the trembling moan of pleasure that passed her lips. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. She splayed her legs again and sank into her chair, pushing her hips forward, presenting herself for love. Her internal heat climbed and filled her body. She seemed a second away from spontaneous combustion. Teresa felt a squelching sensation as her lower lips danced with need. She lay almost sprawled in her chair for long minutes, trying to fight down her feelings. Open mouthed, she drew in the massive amounts of air her body now demanded.

Eventually she managed to focus on her monitor once again. The clock now showed a little after four. “Almost there,” flitted through her mind.

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