Christmas Games


this is a story about 2 couple and what the got up to one christmas. the couples are Laura and Rob, Vikki and Dan. They’d known each other for a little over a year now, and had become very close friends. On this particular Christmas, they would become even closer friends.

There had always been a sexual undertone in their conversations, but it had always been in a joking manner, usually nothing really serious. Oh sure, every once in a while, when they’d had too much to drink, they’d cop a feel of each other’s significant parts. Vikki would run her hand up the length of Rob’s cock through his pants, or Dan would grab Laura’s ass, but it never went beyond that.

Laura was 5’4″ with tanned skin, long toned legs that never seemed to end, long blonde hair and D breasts. Rob was 5’9 but about 150 pounds, which was mostly muscle. Rob and Laura had been together for about 2 years now. Vikki was abit taller than Laura at 5’7, she two had tanned skin from where she and Laura had gone on holiday together. She had brown eyes and hair. Her hair came down to about the middle of her back and was curly. Her breasts were bigger than Laura’s at a DD. Dan was 6’3 about 160 pounds and you could see where he had started to go to the gym with Rob.

Drinks had been flowing all day and the sexual tension was growing there was kissing and snogging from both couples. At around about 8 o clock Vikki suggest that they played with a sex dice for some fun. Laura and Rob were a little unsure at first but Vikki managed to talk them round and she went off to find the dice.

They rolled the dice to see who went first and it was decided that Laura would be the first to go. The dice was rolled at it fell on “kiss lips” Rob to receive nice easy one to start with. The drinks kept flowing at the four got more and more into it. it was back round to Laura she rolled “Lick above waist” Dan receive. Laura walked calmly and lick his neck and walked back swinging her hips. Dan’s turn. He rolled the dice and read, “Lick below waist. Vikki receives.” An evil grin crossed his face. Vikki saw the look and grinned back. She new wanted he wanted to lick. His telling her to drop her pants only confirmed her belief. Laura and Rob adjusted to see better as Dan dropped to knees. Vikki spread her legs and closed her eyes, anticipating his actions.

Dan took a finger and hooked it around the front of her lacy black panties as pulled the material aside, but instead of licking her juicy pussy as she had anticipated, he licked up and down the entire length of each of her thighs. Vikki was panting Pendik Escort and looking mad when she sat back up. Dan took another drink and Vikki said that he would pay for that at some point.

Laura’s turn came round again and this time the alcohol had really taken an affect on her. She rolled and got “suck below waist” Rob receives. ” An enormous smile crossed her face. “Mmmm, wonder what treat awaits me,” she stated as she approached Rob

. “Drop your pants, honey. I want to suck your cock.” Rob dropped his pants and Laura sucked his cock for the next 5 mins until he was about to cum. So she stopped and got back up to the her chair “so who’s next”

Rob was next up he got “suck above waist” Vikki receives. “Take your top off sexy I want to suck your tits”

I thought you’d never ask,” she remarked as she stripped her shirt and bra off.

He quickly looked her over, and then proceeded to flip her left nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. Vikki let out a moan and arched her back, pressing her DD breasts into his face. After several seconds of sucking on her left breast, he turned to her right one and gave it equal treatment.

Dan then got “lick below waist” Laura to receive. He did the same to Laura as he had done to Vikki. He licked around her pussy. Laura wimpered slighty and raised her ass off the chair for him to get better access. Dan took this as acceptance and spread her pussy lips open and took his first taste of this sexy woman. As his tongue made contact, she involuntarily shivered and let out a moan. Figuring he’d done as planned, he began to stand, but she grabbed his hair and pulled his face back towards her steaming pussy. She wanted more!

Dan got back down and began to slide his tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking her with it. She moved her hips to match the rhythm. After several seconds of tongue fucking her, he began to flick his tongue around her clit. She gasped and then let out a long moan. “God yes!”

Dan then got up and turn around to go back to his seat. When he turned round he was shocked Rob had his cock out and was slowly stroking it and Vikki was fingering her self.

Vikki then got “suck below waist” Dan receives.” Vikki did not waste any time getting to her feet and dropping Dan’s pants for him. She took his raging hard on into her mouth and began sucking his 7″ pole as quickly as she could. Dan gripped the back of the chair he was standing next to as his knees quickly grew weak and began to feel like Jelly. Vikki stopped long enough to allow Dan Anadolu Yakası Escort to sit down before taking his rod of steel into her mouth again and sucking it like there was no tomorrow. As Dan let out a moan, he looked over at Laura’s chair. Only Laura wasn’t in her chair.

Laura had mounted Rob had started to ride him fast and furious while Rob sucked on her beautiful titties. Dan could tell Laura was close to cumming and he, himself, was getting close to cumming in Vikki’s mouth, so he helped her up and turned her around doggie style on the floor. He guided his hard cock into her wet, hot pussy and began to take long, slow strokes. Soon both ladies were on the verge of cumming. Laura and Vikki began cumming at the same time, digging their nails into their partner’s chests and backs. Their moans began to send the men over the top.

Laura climbed off Rob and leaned over the chair, Rob following close behind with his cock in his hand. He easily guided it back into her juicy pussy and began to take slow, deep strokes. Dan thought this was a good time to switch positions and told Vikki to lie on the floor. She got down on the floor and spread her legs in the air, inviting Dan. Dan didn’t hesitate in driving home his cock into her waiting pussy, and proceeded to fuck her as fast as he could. He was just about to cum when Rob brought up a great idea. “Wanna switch?” he asked.

Vikki looked back at Dan with a lust in her eyes he hadn’t seen since the day they had met. Dan couldn’t help but say yes. “Sure, but we gotta sit there and watch each other.” Rob replied,


Laura and Dan sat out first, sitting on the couch and fondling each other laura was stroking Dan cock and Dan had to finger in Laura’s pussy as Vikki began to suck Rob’s huge cock. He was bigger than she was used to so could only manage to suck the tip. After several minutes, they lay down on the floor and Vikki guided his cock into her pussy. Never having had such a large cock inside her before, she came while his cock was only half way inside her. As she came, Rob stayed motionless, letting her adjust to his size. Once she began to rock her hips in order to fuck herself with his cock, he began to take long deep strokes. Vikki went wild and began to flop around on the floor as she began to experience her strongest orgasm ever. Rob could feel her pussy starting to clinch onto his cock and began to fuck her faster, wanting to cum with her.

In only a few seconds, he could feel himself start to cum and grunted, “I’m gonna cum!”

She İstanbul Escort replied, “Yesssss, cum baby, cum deep inside me. I wanna feel you fill me with your load!” Both Vikki and Rob came at the same time, Vikki nearly standing up as she arched her back. As they both began to calm down, Rob collapsed onto the floor next to her and began to suck on her lovely breasts as they watched Laura and Dan get started.

Laura and Dan didn’t waste any time getting it on. They were so hot and bothered from having just watched their partners fuck, that Dan’s cock was nearly a blur as he fucked her from behind doggie style on the couch. “God ya. Fuck me!” she screamed as she fingered her clit. “Fuck my pussy hard. Aaaaaaah!”

Dan could feel Laura’s pussy grasp his cock and nearly pull him in with each stroke. “Aaww ya.”

Laura was screaming so loud that they didn’t hear Vikki start to suck Rob cock

Dan could feel his balls tightening up and new that in another few seconds he’d be cumming deep inside of her. Laura felt his cock growing inside her fiery hot pussy. “Oh yes, fuck me, cum for me, baby. I want to feel it explode. Ram it deep.”

That sent him over the edge, and with a series of grunts and short fast strokes, he came deep inside her. As the last of his seed filled her, he drove his cock deep and fast into her cunt until she came “Yeeeessssss! Oh ya, fuck me! Uuuuggghhhh!”

Dan collapsed onto the couch beside her and tried to catch his breath. Laura quickly went down on him, trying to get him hard again. She still wanted his cock deep inside of her. He lay down beside her in a 69 position and began to lick her pussy. “Mmm ya. Lick that pussy. Finger fuck me! Make me wet again! O god your good with your tongue”

Laura’s talking dirty to him and the lovely smell of her pussy began to get him hard again. In another few moments, he was hard as a rock. Laura didn’t waste any time. She mounted him and began to ride him hard. “Ya, that’s right, I’m gonna fuck you like this until I cum. Then I’m going to suck you dry.” She said.

With that, she began to cum again, digging her nails into his chest. As she began to cum, Dan shoved a finger up her ass. She screamed as she came and drew blood on his chest. “God yes, fuck my ass with your finger. Huuuuuuugghhhh!”

She sat motionless on his cock for a moment, waiting for her head to stop spinning. Then she climbed off of him and proceeded to stroke his cock and suck it as quickly as she could. “I want you to cum on my tits,” she said.

Dan lay there in Heaven as she gave him the best blowjob he’d ever gotten. He’d have to have her give Vikki a few pointers.

When both couples had calmed down Vikki suggest that maybe they should swap for the night so they could really see what they could do together. They all just looked at each other and smiled

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