Destroyed by text. Pt. 03



John 3:44pm: ‘Hi Pam, I’ve managed to get 5 credit cards, but I think that’s all I’m going to be able to get. Each card has a £5,000 credit limit, so you’ve got £25,000 to play with! Because I’m on minimum wage, I could only get bad credit ratings and so the best interest rate I could get was 25.9%. I hope that’s okay?’

John 4:15 pm: ‘Hello, Pam?’

Pam 5:35pm: ‘Alright, cockbite! Don’t get your undies in a bundle! Drop ’em off at the office now I’ve left and won’t have to see your diarrhoea face; as I say; I treasure the time I don’t spend with you!’

John 5:36pm: ‘I’ll walk down to the office now, Pam. Can I ask if I can have the photograph you offered for £500 now please?’

Pam 6:00pm: Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had enough oxygen at birth? ‘It’s not possible you’re this fucking stupid! You agreed to give me the credit; What the fuck does that have to do with the £500 you STILL need to pay for a fab pic of cute little me?’

John 6:01pm: ‘Sorry Goddess, I wasn’t thinking. More is less, right?’

Pam 6:30pm: ‘Just get my credit cards to the office and fuck off!’



John 8.15am: ‘Hi Pam, I’m so sorry to bother you, but with my overdraft totally drained, I’ve literally got no money. I mean I’ve got some food in the cupboards, but it isn’t going to last the two weeks to pay day. What should I do?’

Pam 8:30am: ‘I’m lying totally naked in bed with my hubby licking my pussy as I’m texting.’

John 8:31am: ‘Oh wow! I bet you look absolutely gorgeous, Goddess!!’

Pam 8:40am: ‘I don’t want your compliments, fucktard! I want your money and to make you suffer!’

John 8:41am: ‘Yes, Goddess. Sorry Goddess.’

Pam 8:52am: ‘I want you to promise to take ALL your food to a foodbank. I want all your cupboards completely empty. The idea of you giving away your only food when I’ve taken all your money is sooo HOT! Promise?’

John 8:53am: ‘But how will I survive?’

Pam 9:00am: ‘Who cares? Stop being such a selfish bastard and thinking about me, me, me all the time! DO IT! It’s making me soooo wet!’

John 9:05am: ‘Okay, Goddess. I promise I’ll take all my food and donate it to a foodbank.’

Pam 9:10am: ‘LMAO! Now fuck off while my hubby enjoys fucking his gorgeous wife, arse-hat!’


John 11:34am: ‘Hi Pam, I’ve dropped Ümraniye Fetiş Escort all my food off at the foodbank. My cupboards are totally bare for you!’

Pam 12:01pm: ‘Did you have breakfast first?’

John 12:02pm: ‘Yes, Goddess.’

Pam: 12:30pm: ‘God! I’m not saying I hate you, but if you ever got hit by a bus, I’d probably be the one driving it. How fucking dare you eat something when I told you to take it ALL to the foodbank! Make yourself puke, fuckface!’

John 12:45pm: ‘I’ve thrown up for you, Goddess.’

Pam 1:00pm: ‘Well, you haven’t finished until your dry retching! Get to it, shit-stain!’

John 1:14pm: Oh God, I feel so light-headed and dizzy. I don’t think there’s anything left in my stomach, Goddess.’

Pam 1:30pm: ‘LMAO! You’re such a total loser!’

John: 1:35pm: ‘Yes, Goddess. I’m whatever you want to make me into.’

Pam 2:00pm: ‘That reminds me; this morning after we’d made love, my hubby and I were lying in bed and although on the whole he finds you hilarious, he did say he would be pissed off if you were jerking off over thoughts of his sexy wife! So, be honest, uncle-sneaky-hands!’

John 2:05pm: ‘I have stroked my cock thinking of you, Goddess. I’m sorry if that offends your husband.’

Pam 2:23pm: ‘It fucks Pete off alright, but I swear just reading your last text made me bring up a little bit of vomit. You disgusting wanklette! Your chastity cage is on order, but until then I want to be sure you’re not getting any pleasure out of that wheesh meat! I want you to put it in a drawer and then slam the drawer shut again and again! I want tears; I want pics and I want that dinky-winky looking like it’s been in a fucking blender!’

John 2:31pm: ‘Please Pam! I’m so sorry. Could I please beg you to hurt my cock and balls yourself? It would be such an honour and a thrill?’

Pam 2:40pm: ‘No! Just damage your hamster dick and send the pics.’

John 3:00pm: *Pictures of John’s swollen and bruised penis*

Pam 3:10pm: ‘LMAO! So we know you love the idea of me spending your money… we know you love the idea of me living in the lap of luxury while you go without… we know you adore me while I hate you… we know you’re addicted to being destroyed by me… we know you want to be in chastity for me… we know you’ll only ever worship me and never find a partner… Ümraniye Gecelik Escort but… are you such a loser that the only thing that will make you feel better about yourself is paying a fine for being yourself? Do you want to have to pay to indulge in any of your creep-a-vert ways?’

John 3:12pm: ‘Yes please, Goddess.’

Pam 4pm: ‘I’m quite liking the idea of micro-managing your pathetic existence, at least until I get bored with you. So, on top of the £200 direct debit a month for bothering with you at all, here’s what I expect you to pay:

£50 fine for anytime you have an erotic thought about me (Your inner pervert’s working for me now, fuck-face!).

£500 fine if you’re ever in my presence (like if we attend the same meeting at work etc)

£1,000 fine if you ever happen to cum.

You like, you fucked-up turd-bag?’

John 4:05pm: ‘Thank you, Goddess. Your fines just show how deliciously wicked your mind is!’



John 8:15am: ‘Hi Pam. Sorry to bother you again. I didn’t eat at all yesterday as I’ve no food. I do want to obey you, but how can I survive? Please help me know what to do, Pam!’

Pam 9:00am: ‘£100 fine if you text me other than replying to me.’

John 9:01am: ‘Okay. Thank you, Goddess. What should I do?’

Pam 9:10am: For fuck’s sake you fuck nugget! You’re as useless as a ripped condom… although I suppose that’s at least been inside a woman! LOL! Look, add another £200 to the direct debit making it £400 a month and I’ll be your life-coach.’

John 9:11am: ‘Wow! Thank you so much, Goddess. I’d really like that, but it’s going to mean I’m living on around £950 for the whole month (including my overdraft) and my rent alone is £450.

Pam 10:20am: ‘Erm… no it’s not, fuck-buckle; Enjoy the math:

You get around £13,500 take home pay. I take £400 DD (£200 for bothering with you at all, and £200 for life coaching services) = £950.

But you owe me £500 for a photograph of me. £950 – £500 = £450. And £100 for texting me this morning: £450 – £100 = £350. Oh, and you owe me £175 for the chastity belt I ordered you: £350 – £175 = £175.

So, it looks to me like you can’t even afford your rent next month, and that’s before you even get paid and before your fines start mounting up! LMAO! I hope you’ve got that fluttery Ümraniye Genç Escort panic feeling, you desperate little twat!’

John 10:31am: ‘Pam, I’m scared. What am I going to do?’

John 10;55am: ‘Hello, Pam?’

Pam 11:30am: ‘Set up the £200 DD then I’ll coach you.’

John 12:10pm: ‘I’ve set up the DD, Goddess. What should I do?’

Pam 1:06pm: ‘Okay, well first off to solve your little food problem; it’s Saturday so all the people who aren’t a loser like you and have a social life will be out drinking… and then some of them will have a take-away… and some of them will throw a few chips away with the wrapper… I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you, fuck-face!’

John 1:10pm: ‘So if I hang around after pub closing time, I can eat other people’s left overs that I find in the bins? That’s disgusting!’

Pam 1:30pm: ‘Not as disgusting as you! if you’re smart, you’ll gather enough to last you as long as possible. Say thank you!’

John 1:32pm: ‘Thank you, Goddess.’

Pam 2:00pm: ‘Second problem; you can’t afford your rent. Well, don’t pay it then. Mount up the debt until you’re evicted and then we’ll find you somewhere to squat. That way you’ll have the added bonus of being able to sell off all your furniture so you can gift me the money! Yay! Plus, you won’t have to pay any utility bills if you’re squatting, ‘cos you won’t have any utilities! LOL!

John 2:05pm: ‘Your terrifying me, Pam. I want to follow your advice, but I’m so scared of being ruined!’

Pam 2:10pm: ‘No; you’re addicted to being ruined because you’re a sad creep-a-vert. I bet the idea of being evicted actually turns you on, doesn’t it fuck-wad?’

John 2:15pm: ‘Yes, Goddess. It turns me on and terrifies me at the same time.’

Pam 2:30pm: ‘Well then you’ll probably get super-excited when I tell you I want your eviction notice when you get it, just so I can frame it and hang it on my wall. So anyway, that’s your food and your rent problems sorted. Now let’s sort out your math problem.’

‘John 3:32pm: ‘My math problem?’

Pam 3:40pm: ‘Mhm. You obviously can’t manage finances, so give me your bank card and I’ll control your finances. Just imagine being penniless and having to beg me for any of your own money that you might need. I’d imagine that’s quite a turn on for a pervert like you!’

John 3:45pm: ‘Yes Pam, I love the idea of you completely controlling my finances and my life. I’ll drop my card off at your office so you won’t have to see me. Thank you, Goddess.’

Pam 4:00pm: ‘I hope you get beaten up by some drunks while your scavenging in the bins tonight. Now fuck off, loser!’


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