Dinner Time Ch. 04


My eyes widened as I saw the candle in his hand. He reached up with the other hand to the back of my head and grasped a handful of my hair as he swirled the melted wax around in its holder slowly as if to taunt me with it. He tightened his grip on my hair and lifted the candle and tilted it over one nipple. The molten wax came spilling down over it seemingly in slow motion giving me time to become truly scared. The heat of it hit my skin, not even hurting at first. It was just slowly spreading pleasant warmth. Then all of the sudden the burn kicked in. I yelped without meaning to, and before I had a chance to breathe through it the wax was pouring down over my other nipple.

“Breathe Love, its ok,” He whispered softly and lovingly as he let go of my hair and he reached between my thighs slipping two fingers into my throbbing sex. The pleasure was more intense than anything I had ever felt.

“Is that better?” he asked. He continued thrusting his fingers in and out of my pussy, as I began breathing deeper and more rapidly. I was so absorbed in the pleasure between my legs that I didn’t realize he was getting ready to tip the candle over me again. Once again I felt that warmth that quickly turned into an aching burn as the melted wax spilled over my nipples and dripped down my breasts. This time I focused on my breathing as he instructed me earlier, and I was able to convert the pain into wonderful endorphins. He began to stroke my clit as I rode out the searing pleasure. The sensations were incredible.

“Please!” I had no control of that sneaking out of my mouth.

“No talking now!” Once more he lifted the candle and poured the wax. It came down in a rain of blazing heat, but this time the pleasure kicked right in with the pain, and I started panting hard, trying to gain control over myself, but then he pressed the wax into my skin with his fingers causing the heat to radiate. The pleasure/pain travelled through my body and I became dizzy and overwhelmed with sensation.

I couldn’t hold back the moans coming from deep in my belly, “Oh! Please…”

Karl started rubbing my clit as he reached up and tugged sharply at the chain between my nipples causing the weights to swing and the clamps to bite into my flesh again, “Oh Please what?” He asked.

I clenched my teeth and held my breath trying to fight the pre-orgasmic waves that were washing over me, as he reached up and snatched a handful of my hair and pulled hard… “Please Master! … Please…I can’t…I can’t… Please! …” I could barely breathe to get out the words.

Releasing my hair and quickly withdrawing his hand from my sex, Karl turned to the shelf again and came back with ice cubes in his hand and began rubbing them against my sex. I think he was trying to bring me out of that state a bit. I wanted to pull away from the coldness, but I couldn’t move, reminding me again of how helpless I was at the moment. The ice did actually pull me back from the intensity of that pre orgasmic state a little. Still I was aching with a desire to cum. I let out an audible groan, knowing the ice won’t cool me much, and not for long, the hunger was too strong.

Karl turned again to the shelf and the little black box, and as he reached into the box, I began to feel frustrated. “What more, could he possibly add to my torment right now?” I wondered. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was teetering at the edge. The most incredible, mind blowing orgasm was threatening to take over me, and I was becoming too weak to fight it. Without realizing I was making it, I heard an annoying sound of frustration come from my throat and echo in the room. The sound made me envision a little girl with pigtails, arms crossed, face scrunched up and stomping her foot.

Well, I was no little girl, and those were not earrings dangling in Karl’s hand either, as he spun around in response to my “complaint.” He raised one eyebrow at me as if daring me to complain. I whimpered softly to myself as I clenched my teeth over my lips to hold back the loud groan that threatened to escape me.

As he slipped in close to me, I was begging him with my eyes to allow me to have some release. He placed one hand on my hip and dropped to his knees. I shuddered at the thought of what he might be planning for me while he was so close I could feel his breath warm against my sex. I inhaled deeply and released my breath slowly as if beginning a meditation.

Karl reached for the clamps that had been imprisoning my labia and tugged gently at them, sending pleasure waves deep into my core as I sighed loudly. It was then when I realized what the set of weights he had in his hand were intended for. He slipped a weight onto one clamp and before the moan completely left my lips, the other was attached. As I sharply inhaled the dangling weights clanked together causing a vibration in my sex that stimulated me all the way to my root.

As if I wasn’t struggling enough to control myself, I now had the Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort weights to contend with. My labia were feeling pretty stretched from the weights, and whenever I moved, even just the slight amount that I could in my position, the weights would touch together causing me even more arousal.

Karl knew I was teetering so close to the edge, he also knew how to control me completely. He was aware that he held the power to flick a switch and turn me off and on at his will. He chose at that moment to use his greatest force against me… his voice.

“How does it feel?” He asked, as he flicked the weights with his finger causing them to clank against each other, inflicting even deeper arousal, but it was his voice that was truly tormenting me, because with his voice he could control my pleasure waves from across the room if he chose to.

I tried desperately to hold back the sounds that matched the waves of pleasure coursing through me as I pressed my lips tightly together, and inhaled ever so slowly through my nose and held in the breath for a few seconds to trap the deep moan before it reached my vocal chords, then releasing my breath as slow as I could.

“How does it feel?” He repeated, as he stroked his hands up and down my inner thighs, generating thousands of goose bumps all over my flesh. “I love that you are so sensitive.”

He slid one hand all the way back up my thigh and thrust three fingers this time inside me. My sex convulsed around his fingers as I groaned passionately.

I was wet, soaking wet and aching. I could not even believe the intensity of the combined sensations of my nipples so alive, throbbing and tingling with pleasure, and my pussy pulsing and squeezing his fingers as they stretched and dug deeper inside me and the weight and pinch of the clamps on my lips, stretching and pulling and vibrating like the ring of a bell. “Oh help me!” I thought to myself.

“I can feel how wet you are Lexy, I know you want to come all over my hand, don’t you?” I could barely stand it, I groaned so deep and long as I shook my head. His voice was firm and commanding as he said, “That’s right… not yet.” He continued to stroke me deep inside my pussy and angled his fingers to rub against my g-spot. I had to bite my lip as the pleasure expanded into a tight spiral of heat and need. My head was spinning out of control.

“Not yet Lexy… Hold it back… control it… For Me.”

I held my breath and squeezed my eyes tightly shut, biting my lip so hard I almost drew blood. I was most definitely teetering on the edge of climax but I had to hold back, I had to. I didn’t want to fail him again.

Karl’s fingers began pumping harder inside me and I felt tears spring from my eyes and spill down my cheeks. “I know how much you want to please me Lexy.” The pleasure was overwhelming, but my desire to please him was deeper. I would do anything for him, anything.

My nipples, my sex, my arms and legs, everything, ached and burned with need. The brink of climax was so intense it began to feel like an orgasm in itself, a very long lingering wave of nearly unbearable pleasure.

“Ooh Master … Master…I… I…Master!” I implored as my eyes were just about to roll back into my head. He very abruptly withdrew his hand from inside me, while he simultaneously jerked on the chain connecting the nipple clamps enough to make them bite into me again and to poke through the now hardened wax, then taking both clamps between his fingers at the same time he squeezed the ends and released my imprisoned nipples. I squealed as I felt the blood rush back into them like fire that just found oxygen and blazed out of control.

I was breathing with a hitch, as tears welled again in my eyes and I felt a tear caress my cheek. I was out of control, full of such overwhelming sensation, frustration and confusion. He may have suppressed that orgasm, but I was still floating, to where I didn’t know, but I was floating. He leaned in to kiss my tears away. I just closed my eyes and soaked in his tenderness as I tried to slow my breathing. I wanted so desperately to show him my obedience, and I was grateful for his withdrawal just then, because I was surely about to fail. I kind of felt like he was giving me a second chance, I was determined not to let him down.

I felt something against my lips. I opened my eyes to realize Karl was giving me more wine to drink. I sipped greedily at the wine and just let it flow down the back of my throat. When I had enough, I turned my head away, and he removed the glass, putting it back on the shelf.

When Karl turned back to me, he began to peel away the now hardened wax from my breasts. It felt cool and soothing as the air flowed over them with the blanket of wax lifted. His hands gently caressed the tender skin of my breasts. He then reached into the chest and came out with a cotton pad and a bottle of oil. He poured the oil over my breasts and Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort began massaging it in and wiped it off with the cotton pad. The oil smelt like almonds, it was delicious and the feeling of Karl’s hands upon my breasts, caressing and smoothing them, was very relaxing and of course… stimulating.

Karl reached above my head and loosened the knot of the silk ribbon from the hook closest to my wrist, then released the knot above my shoulder. He hooked his fingers around the smooth silk right at the hollow of the inside of my elbow. In one smooth motion, he pulled at the ribbon and I felt the silk caressing my skin as it easily unwrapped and slowly slipped free, giving me goose bumps again. He reached for my hand and brushed the back of it with his lips before resting it against my side. He released the ribbon from my opposite leg just as smoothly and then the other leg.

I still felt like I was drifting as I remained on the cross supported only by the binding on my hips and my inner thighs, and my one arm. I felt as relaxed as if I were lying atop the softest feather bed. As he released my inner thighs he let the ribbons tangle around the dangling weights from the clamps still gripping my labia. I released another soft moan from deep in my throat as I shivered. He reached up again and effortlessly freed my remaining bound arm. My arm fell heavily to my side of its own will and I had to grasp the sides of the cross to balance myself. Karl reached around my waist and slipped his hands behind the cross to untie my hips and I simply fell into his arms.

Still holding me, Karl took a few steps back toward the black chest and sat down with me cradled in his lap. He held me this way for several minutes and gently rocked as he stroked the back of my hair and planted gentle kisses on my neck. I felt a shiver start at the base of my neck and travel straight down my spine expanding into my core, filling me with an energy I could live off of forever. I knew that feeling, that energy, it was his love.

I was more determined than ever to please him. I would do whatever it took to show him my submission. There was no better feeling in the world.

It felt like time was suspended as Karl held me in his arms. The trance I was in was interrupted by Karl’s soft whisper in my ear. “You are doing very well Lexy… I am so pleased… I want you to stand up now and face me.” Without hesitation, I stood to my feet, turned toward him and awaited further instruction.

Karl tapped the inside of my thigh indicating to me to open my legs further, which of course I complied. He then reached in and swiftly released the labia clamps as I squealed and jumped backwards almost falling to the floor as he steadied me by grabbing my hips. My sex lips immediately began to throb and burn with heat as they felt so enormous against my pussy. He then suggested I use the ladies room before returning to him.

When I entered the bathroom, the first thing I had noticed was how incredibly flushed and pink my cheeks were. I looked as though I had just come in from building a snowman, complete with the “hat head”. I was anything but cold though, even though my now purplish nipples would have fooled you as they jutted straight out hard as rocks. As I attempted to relieve myself I could not believe how swollen my sex lips were. When I was done I took a cool washcloth and just held it there for a minute before washing up. I splashed some water on my face and ran a brush through my hair before returning to Karl.

Karl was in the kitchen on the telephone and I could hear what sounded like him filling our glasses. He hadn’t instructed otherwise, so I returned to our special room and stood in front of the black chest as I was before and waited for Karl. He came in the room and placed our filled wine glasses on the shelf and walked around to stand behind me as he began to caress my sides gently with his hands, then placing both hands on my shoulders and kissing the back of my neck, giving me a pleasant shiver, he slid his hands down my arms until his hands encircled my wrists. He pulled my hands behind my back and held both wrists with one hand and began walking me toward the wall where he retrieved a long scarf and proceeded to bind my wrists together. I was instantly wet again…

Leading me by my elbow, Karl walked me to the new spanking bench, where he placed his hand on the back of my neck and squeezed, indicating to me to kneel, which I did on the soft padded knee support and he pushed between my shoulder blades for me to bend my upper body over the top of the bench which was also softly padded and covered with very soft leather. This was slightly awkward with my hands bound behind my back as they were, but I didn’t complain.

I suddenly felt my legs being pulled further apart and cuffs being wrapped around my ankles and then my ankles were secured to the rings with my knees as far apart as they could be without falling Ümraniye İranlı Escort off of the bench. He then reached up and pulled me forward by my shoulders forcing my ass up higher, and then secured my knees into position.

I shuddered wondering what he was going to use on me, was it going to be somewhat gentle and pleasant or was it going to be too much for me, was I going to love it or… I couldn’t understand why I was so incredibly wet and so scared at the same time. I shivered again as I felt a trickle of my pussy juice on my inner thigh.

Karl walked over to the red chest again and gathered some things; I could only raise my ass higher as I rocked my hips eagerly awaiting his return. I couldn’t see what he had, and I didn’t care either, I wanted whatever it was, I was sure Karl was about to take me to the land of pleasure again. From what seemed out of nowhere I felt wet spill across my ass and pussy lips. As he stroked me and began to rub my clit, I realized he had poured lubricant on me. I purred in appreciation as I felt a deep wave of pleasure travelling through me already. He continued to stroke my clit as he slipped a finger into my ass. I moaned in pleasure and he thrusted it in deeper for just a moment before he withdrew his finger and replaced it with something else.

“Oh no, not the butt plug,” was all that was going through my mind as he slipped it in, twisting and turning as it entered me. I soon realized it wasn’t the largest one and was relieved, as I relaxed my muscles and just tried to enjoy the sensation. Karl gave it one last push as I gasped, and it was now firmly in place.

“SMACK!” his hand suddenly landed on my ass with a sting, I squealed with surprise as his hand came down with another firm ‘whack.’ I could feel the pressure of the butt plug as I squeezed my muscles together in anticipation of the next strike. The hard spanks continued, “whack, whack, whack!” I just moaned and raised my ass up to meet each slap of his hand as if in harmony with the cadence of it all. I could feel my own wetness dripping again. I began to writhe as his thumb pressed against the plug in my asshole. I was on fire inside and wanted my bottom to be on fire too. I cried out as the hard smacks continued without let up, but then the spanks started getting even harder and Karl paused more between each hit, smoothing his hand in a circular motion over my tender cheeks. Just as I had wished for moments before that, my ass was on fire as each time Karl seemed to hit just that little bit harder. Oh, then it started stinging pretty good as tears began running down my cheeks. Finally the pain got to be too much and I sobbed out loud.

At that exact moment he started rubbing my clit again, hard and fast. I felt my insides heating up again, as he slid two fingers into me and I cried out in appreciation, it felt wonderful, he continued working his fingers into me and making my clit itch with want for more. I bucked my hips up and down and pushed myself into his fingers and arched my back to give him easier access to my clit which was now completely out of its little hood and begging for more attention, as he granted that secret wish, he slipped in a third finger, pushing in deep, I almost lost it, then in went a fourth, and I was now riding his hand to the inner part of his thumb. I was losing control, fast. I knew I could no longer hold on, the intensity of those feelings was all I could focus on. I cried out as my whole body began to shudder. My back arched as the first orgasm flooded through my body and I lost complete control as I cried out over and over shamelessly thrusting my hips, as the pleasure waves consumed me. Even as my legs and body quivered out of control, Karl kept at it and started twisting and turning the plug in my ass at the same time. I hadn’t yet recovered from the intensity of that orgasm as another started to roll through me with the force of a tsunami.

I was slowly returning to earth as I tried to slow my breathing, I was whimpering softly as Karl gently caressed my ass cheeks. He reached in and grasped the bottom of the plug and started twisting it again as he slowly removed it. I moaned out loud again at the sensation and I shuddered a little as a shiver travelled down my core. Karl released my wrists first, then my knees and lastly my ankles. He helped me up and walked me to the white fur rug laying me down ever so gently and spooning in behind me, wrapping his arms around me, he just held me tight in silence.

I was overcome with emotion and gratitude as a soft sigh escaped my lips. I was absolutely absorbed in his embrace when the reality of the situation kicked into my head. I realized just then what I had done. I failed him; again. I couldn’t believe it, already, just like that; I failed him. I felt a tear escape and slide down my cheek as Karl reached up and gave me the tenderest kiss, and then he got up and left the room, leaving me alone. I started crying softly and couldn’t stop as the tears rolled down my cheeks. All I wanted in the world was to please him. He is so wonderful, and I am so lucky to be his, I couldn’t believe I failed him again. I was so disappointed in myself. I felt immensely contrite at that moment and wasn’t sure how to express that to Karl, or how to make it up to him.

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