DISCREETOFFICESERVICES.COM… Chapter 12    Danny shuddered as he spilled inside me a third time since we’d fallen onto my bed shedding clothes.. Reassuring him again that I liked his weight pressing me into the mattress, he settled on top of me. Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I ran my fingers through his hair while his hot breath on my neck caused me to shudder with pleasure. A naked man on top of her is the best blanket a woman could wish for. At least, if she were straight. In my experience women were thinner and didn’t cover enough of me and their skin isn’t as hot as a man’s.For the last four hours I’d done my best to show Danny the difference between making love and the sex we’d had on his couch. We’d left half our dinners still on the plates when we both became hungry for something else. Straddling him Cowgirl the second time we had sex, I’d come for the first time. I’d come again this time just before Danny had. I was still in the midst of feeling muscles in the pit of my stomach ache and at the same time begin relaxing from the incredible orgasmic contractions that had lifted me off the bed until only the back of my head and my ass cheeks had remained in contact with the bed sheet.Danny shifted to bring his head above mine in the darkness for more kisses. His still hard cock moving in me caused more pleasure to run up my spine. “You came,” Danny asked softly.”Hell, yes,” I breathed back, then continued my education of a recent virgin. “A lot of women can’t come with just penetration. I’m lucky not to be one of them. I know you haven’t heard this from another woman, but you have a truly magnificent cock! Way above average,” I finished while crossing my ankles and tightening my arms and legs around him.Danny remained silent and I guessed at the reason. He was wondering how many other cocks I was comparing his to. Relaxing my legs, I groaned as muscles stretched when I lowered my legs to parallel his on the bed. Danny rose over me and I moaned this time as he pulled out to leave me stretched and wanting that full feeling again. Collapsing on his back beside me, I scooted until I was cradled against his side in the crook of his arm. Resting my head on his shoulder, I played with the sparse hair on his chest and kept my voice light when I told him to go ahead and ask.”I’ve been with eleven other guys,” I answered without giving him a chance to voice the question. I was truthful if I only counted the guys I’d been with during high school and the few I’d gone out with afterwards. If I counted the men who’d had me in the almost two years I’ve been a whore, my closest guess would have been around two hundred. Probably more considering the party invitations I’d accepted through Marla that turned into gangbang orgies and my regular clients. Most of the ‘parties’ had been with ten men or less and I was the only girl. Only one had equaled the size of the very first party I’d gone to and there were four of us gals to work that one.I’d found out that I was addicted to the joys of group sex. Of that sensuous feeling of complete surrender I had while bornova escort men used my body over and over for their own pleasure. Men in groups acted differently than one or two did. They became coarser. More demanding and rougher. Grabbing my tits harder. Pinching my nipples until they ached. Finger fucking me roughly until my hips were being lifted off the bed, suspended from the fingers deep inside my cunt.     Even while it was happening and I was begging them not to finger fuck my pussy or ass so hard, I didn’t know if it was because I couldn’t take any more pain, or because I couldn’t take so much pleasure. It all seemed jumbled together.Being treated like a whore, listening to men say things like, I’m going to fuck that bitch’s cunt raw… among themselves while waiting their turn was a complete turn on for me. Having one, two and even three men at once inside me while in front of an audience… I felt a tingle run up my spine just thinking at how hard I came during those parties. It was everything I didn’t feel when I was one-on-one with a client. Since my first party, I’d volunteered for others at least once, sometimes twice, a month if Marla asked and I could come up with a reason to explain my overnight stays in the city to my mom.So, somewhere around two hundred I estimated while Danny remained silent. “You were being a gentleman by not asking, but I know you had to be wondering.” Shifting to relieve the pulling sensation on some of my hair and of the skin on my trapped boob, I settled against Danny’s side again. “I did wonder from time to time,” Danny admitted with a laugh. “You’re so free with what you do and say during sex. Maybe with a little more practice and a great teacher, I’ll be just as free and easy.”I laughed, too. “Well, I’m more than willing to continue your lessons if you keep making me come as hard as you just did.”We settled into an easy silence and began a yawn at almost the same time. “Danny, how soon can we get those millions into our bank accounts,” I asked, broaching the subject I knew we both had to have been thinking about from time to time. By unspoken agreement we knew we’d have a 50/50 split.”Tonight, IF you have a really great excuse to give to the Feds and the IRS as to how you came to have that much money in an off-shore account.””Oh, I hadn’t thought of that,” I admitted in a weak voice. Damned government! Always ruining a good thing!”Something else you need to think about… Viv, we only opened one account out of twenty-five. Just think if all of them hold the same amount.””Umm, let’s see. Twenty-five times thirty-eight million… Ahh…” I felt Danny laughing silently beside me and punched him in the side. “Stop laughing at me, dammit! I’m pretty, not a math whiz. That’s why I keep nerds around to serve me,” I said with an airy wave of my hand in the darkness, then commanded, “Do my math, Nerd.”Danny’s laugh wasn’t silent now as he hugged me and said, “Your wish is my command, O’ Beautiful One. Viv, it comes to nine hundred and twenty million. Just under one billion dollars!”I escort bornova sat up in shock. I’d never even thought about… “A billion!?”Danny sat up on the bed next to me. “Yep.””And as far as we know we’re the only ones who knows where it is?””I’m pretty damned sure that if anyone else knew, they would have moved it by now.””But, how do we move it to where we can get to it?””I have no idea,” Danny admitted with a sigh. “I’m Pre-Med not a business major. I’ve never even taken Economics 101. Besides, do we even want to touch that money? If there are instructions in that letter to that Federal Attorney to look you up for those pages…””What if there is? We don’t have to include that. We can just edit that part out. We could even say there were only five accounts and keep quiet about the other twenty. The Feds would never know!” It wouldn’t be a billion dollars but I could live on, umm… I refused to ask my nerd to do the math. That’s it! I have my nerd to figure this out.”Danny, you’re smart. You can study and figure out how to move the money so we can get it. If there’s nothing in the letter about the money, or if we edit the letter…”Danny was quiet for a long time. No doubt his greed was at war with his conscious.”If you can give me a few weeks to…” Danny broke off with a huge yawn. “I’m sorry, Viv. I’m just to tired to think about money tonight. We’ve got to get up for work in just a few hours, too.””No, we don’t.””Viv, studying about money doesn’t make me money and I’ve got bills to pay. I have to go to work.””No, you don’t,” I told Danny. “Remember I told you there were two things Tim gave me that day? Turn the lamp on and look in my underwear drawer for the second thing he gave me.”I remained sitting on the bed and directed Danny to the correct drawer. Opening it, Danny paused, then turned holding up a white, lacy nothing in the shape of a thong. “I hope this isn’t what Timmy gave you.””It isn’t,” I laughed. “He gave me the black one.””Why don’t you try it on? Just to see if it still fits,” Danny asked with a leer.”I’m sure it does. Now look in the back of the drawer.”Danny’s leer turned to shock as he found the first of many bundles of money. “Viv! He gave you this money?”I held up my right hand and swore to God that Tim had. “He said he didn’t want his bitch wife and stupid young-uns to have it. After he gave me the file and the letter, he opened a wall safe, stuffed the money into my purse and hustled me out of the office. Said it was my severance pay. It’s a hundred thousand dollars. I think you can quit your jobs and start studying full time on that.”Danny came and sat on the side of the bed, mesmerized by the bundles of cash in his hands. I scooted over to sit next to him. “I can quit all my jobs except for one,” he told me. “The owner is a friend of my father. If I quit, there’ll be all kinds of questions. But it’s only from eight in the morning to noon, Monday thru Friday. I can study afterwards.””What do you do?””You’d never believe me if I told you. If you can miss a day of work, why not come with me?”I bornova escort bayan thought and my first client tomorrow wasn’t until eleven. If I even decided to keep whoring. But then Danny decided that question for me when I mentioned quitting my job as an office temp. “Viv, someone knows you were the last one to see Tim. If you suddenly quit and start spending money you shouldn’t have, they’ll start wondering where you’re getting that money. I can quit because no one would care. But I think you need to keep to your regular schedule just in case someone is watching.””I guess you’re right. But I can take a morning off and come see this job that I won’t believe.Finding room to fall asleep amid all the wet spots was impossible so we changed the sheets on my bed. I told Danny that this was a part of love making that the books and porn videos always left out. Danny only said that if he wasn’t so sleepy he’d love to make more wet spots with me.We both fell asleep quickly and woke only a few, short hours later reluctantly. A shower together would have turned into another wet spot except we didn’t have the time. A coffee and sticky buns in hand we caught the subway to Danny’s job in what turned out to be a rather run down part of the city. Rounding the corner of a building adjacent to a large field, Danny pointed and simply said, “There it is.”I looked and, “Danny, it’s a pile of rocks.” “No, it’s a pile of bricks. My job is to separate the different types of bricks and stack them on pallets.” Danny picked up a brick and asked if it looked like the ones surrounding it. When I shook my head he pointed, “But it does look like those up there. It just rolled down away from its mates when the truck dumped them. These old bricks have a look very different from todays mass produced bricks and my dad’s friend finds them and sells them to people who wants a new wall to look old.” Piling up a stack of bricks in one hand, Danny moved to a half-full pallet and stacked them there.Picking up a heavy brick I put it on the same pallet while Danny started another hand pile. “And you do this all Summer? At least now I know where you got your muscles, Nerd Boy.””Smile when you say that,” Danny drawled in a Western accent again. Again I had no come back and he shook his head in resignation. “You really need to read The Virginian. It’s a classic.”     Bending over to pick up another brick, I stuck my tongue out and blew him a raspberry. “Reading is what God created nerds for. Looking good in tight jeans is why He created me,” I reasoned.Danny gave a long appraising look at my butt and said he couldn’t argue with my reasoning.I only helped for a little while. It started to get hotter and I didn’t want to break out in a sweat. I left ‘to go to work’. Instead I went back home to get the clothes my client wanted me to wear. Thank God, Danny had respected my privacy and hadn’t gone looking through my closets. Some of my wardrobe would be hard to explain. Pulling a rolly suitcase behind me, I was in the hotel room in plenty of time to fill the water and food bowls and change.         I kept hinting that I wanted my owner to buy me the sexy poodle costume but he hadn’t yet. I thought I’d look bitchin’ in it at a Halloween party. When my owner walked through the door I ‘ran’ to him on my hands and knees to rub against his leg. Woof, woof, woofing all the way…

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