Don’t Let Me Wait Daddy Pt. 01


All characters within the story are of age, meaning 18+

Special thanks go to Dont4getMe for incredible editing! Without the support I received the story wouldn’t be as fluent and balanced as it is now! Thank you so much!


“How on earth did all that happen? I can’t really tell you, to be honest…”

Alexis and her mother stepped into my life around 3 years ago. Back then I just filed for my divorce and was not on the lookout for a new relationship. But when Heather welcomed me in the gated community with a smile that could melt the Antarctica I knew things were getting better. What I didn’t know on that day, was that her husband had died in a horrible car crash around a year earlier and had left her with her teenage daughter as well as a nice trust fund. That was kind of obligatory in order to live here since the house prices started around $5 million and could easily go beyond the $20 millions. I for myself made my money through my former consulting company, which I sold after the divorce.?

So to make things short, Heather and I started dating and before we knew it, we basically lived together. I never felt better in my entire life. Heather was smart, intelligent and had a body to die for. She had her own home gym and taught Yoga to anyone in the gated community that was interested. Alexis looked quite the opposite of Heather. While her mother featured raven black wavy hair she was naturally blond which must have come from her father’s line. After he died, she put on some considerable weight, so when I first met her she was quite chubby. But that’s where the differences ended, she was equally intelligent, witty and fun to be around with. Simply put, my life was great.??

Around a year ago Alexis went to a college and took up studying psychology. For Heather and me this turned out to be a huge change in life. Heather started her own Yoga website and gave lectures around the country, while I picked up my old work and founded a consulting start-up. Seeing each other less than before actually brought us even closer together and supercharged our sex life. Since my expertise was in data mining I could do most of my job from our home. Even Alexis seemed to find a new drive in college. The day she went there she started to shed weight and hit the gym whenever she could. I have to say I really admired her progress. We saw her around once a month and each time the difference was tremendous.??

Around some months ago she also changed her wardrobe. Usually she preferred wide cut clothes that would hide her chubby side, not that she had to, now she started to wear far tighter clothes. Nothing provocative, but you could clearly see that she started to feel really comfortable with her body. Heather and I were so happy for her, though we had encouraged her to love her body even if it didn’t resembled the typical model ideal.??She was about to return home for a two month college break that both Heather and I were very much looking forward to. Finally the three of us were united again, even if it was only for a couple of months. In the midst of this time together Heather got booked for so many Yoga courses, she would be gone half the time. I, on my side, was in the usual decrease of contracts since everyone was on vacation which gave me plenty of time to refill my batteries.??

It was on a Sunday morning, as Alexis and I drove Heather to the airport for a three day course in Hawaii, when things started to really change. Heather was already in the car while I pushed all of her baggage into the trunk. Alexis was about to join her mother when out of the corner of my eye I saw her getting into the SUV. At the first moment I thought it must have been a trick of my mind but when I got into the drivers seat I couldn’t help but notice an even more dramatic change in her clothes. With such glee she sat in the back, her mother equally smiling, as she shouted that she finally fit in her mother’s clothes. Well, almost to be precise, since she seemed to have lost weight almost everywhere besides her bust. So the little low-cut black dress she picked was stretched to the max over her breasts and it was quite clear she didn’t wear anything beneath it. I gave a raised eyebrow of concern to Heather while cheering with the two of them. Heather waved my concerns aside with her typical “Oh, let her” face.??

After dropping off Heather at the first class counter, we kissed goodbye and Alexis and I headed back to our car. You know, I’m used to other men ogling at Heather when we are around town, but this was an entirely new level. People openly stared at Alexis and some men even tried to sneak pictures of her. I got the feeling Alexis actually enjoyed this new attention she got. I didn’t notice that on the way in, but back then I was chatting with Heather about all the things balıkesir escort that needed to be taken care of at home. I would lie if I didn’t admit that I was relieved when we finally reached the car. It was crystal clear to me that we needed to address this before it got out of hand, but at the same time I didn’t want to be Mr. Killjoy to her new found confidence. However, I made a mental note to myself to talk to Heather about this so maybe she could talk to Alexis about that later that week.??

As we drove off, we chatted about the things we wanted to do, as I promised her that today would be a father-daughter day. We agreed on going to the mall later so she could get some new clothes, then treat ourselves with coffee and a small BBQ at home for dinner. But as everyday, since she returned home, she wanted to do her morning workout and cardio. I was glad about that, as during that, I could check my e-mails and contact a business partner of mine in Hong Kong.??

Our office was located side by side with Heather’s gym and Yoga room and shared the large glass window to our pool and terrace. I won’t lie, that I enjoyed sneaking peeks at Heather when she did her Yoga routines, though never lurking around, when she had her courses. There was no need for that, since Heather knew about me watching her from time to time, doing her moves, she deliberately teased me with not so yoga-ish moves during her solo sessions.??

After about an hour and a half of writing e-mails and chatting with Chan in Hong Kong I saw Alexis walking towards the terrace. Again, she had obviously raided Heather’s gym wardrobe. And like earlier everything fit perfectly except for the sports bra, being far too little for her bust. I never realized how lean she got in the past months, due to her clothes, but now she even had slightly visible abs. It really filled me with pride that she accomplished her goal so fast and really enjoyed getting there. I must have stood there for minutes admiring her transformation and I didn’t notice that it must have looked creepy for me to be staring at my step-daughter’s yoga routine. Her smile snapped me out of this trance like state. Embarrassed I awkwardly smiled back and turned my attention back to my computer. I really hoped she wouldn’t bring this up later. I tried my best not to let my eyes wander to her until she was finished.

I was so consumed by my work that I actually didn’t notice her leaving the terrace until I heard her bare feet plashing on our stone floor making their way upstairs to her room. When I shut down my computer later on, I realized in shock I only had around 5 minutes to get ready and half-expected Alexis being already at the door. But she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Glad that I gained a couple of minutes I went upstairs to change into a polo shirt and some chinos.

When I entered our master bedroom I almost lost my breath. Alexis was standing in Heather’s glass walk-in closet wearing one of Heather’s hottest dresses. An ultra tight grey minidress, that hugged her body like it was painted on and matching high-heels that accentuated her legs and ass even more. I always loved when Heather wore it, but seeing this dress on Alexis was simply too much. She obviously didn’t bother to wear anything beneath it as her ass clearly showed no marks of anything but two unbelievably hot cheeks, while her nipples almost punched through the fabric.??

I stood there for what felt like an eternity, watching her hips sway from left to right while she was checking herself out in the full-sized mirror. I couldn’t help but stare at her gorgeous body and her fluid motions when she suddenly turned her head towards me and looked me deep in the eyes. I froze in shock like a deer in the headlights when she turned and began to slowly walk towards me, swaying her hips from side to side. Still unable to move, I tried to say something, but my mouth ignored every of my commands as she came closer and closer.

“Do you like it, Daddy?” Alexis whispered in her most sultry voice. My mouth partly open I was trying to find my composure. “It’s okay to like what you see, Daddy – this is the idea behind such a dress. Hugging every curve of my body, leaving just enough room for your imagination – not revealing too much…” Biting her lip she seductively winked at me and slowly walked to the door behind me. “Don’t make me wait, Daddy.” She breathed, “Remember, this a daddy-daughter day…”??

I don’t know how long I stood there after she had left – my mind racing not believing what just had happened. When my thoughts came to a halt only one thought was left: “This had to stop – now!” But how? Confronting Alexis was clearly Heather’s department, but could I tell her? Tell her, that Alexis caught me staring at her with a hard-on? My own step-daughter? Surely not! Then it struck me – I grabbed my phone and speed-dialed Heather in the hope she had already landed. I would ask her to make Alexis stop wearing her clothes since she only seemed to pick the skimpiest dresses. I would tell her that it is not appropriate for Alexis to wear her mothers fuck-me dresses out in public. This might seem like grasping at straws, but I didn’t know anything better. I waited for the connection… my call went straight to her voicemail. “Oh crap!” I scowled to myself as I heard the clicking of heels behind me.??

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” I heard an all so familiar voice breathe. When I turned around Alexis was already standing directly in front of me. “Why do you keep me waiting for so long, Daddy?” she pouted.

“Alexis, I… I… just need a couple more minutes, I will be downstairs in a sec.” I stammered, feeling my erection building right in front of my step-daughter. Why on earth does she have to wear this dress? I couldn’t fight it any longer. My eyes involuntarily wandered down her neck into her unbelievable cleavage and nipples that still showed very prominent through the grey dress.??”What is it, daddy?” she mouthed while stepping even closer – Good lord, an inch closer and she would press against the ever increasing tent in my trousers. There was no way she could have missed it. “You seem so tense. We have such an amazing day ahead of us! I don’t want you to be all stressed out. Here, let me help you!” With that she took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

“You know, I took a course in physiotherapy, let me give you quick massage, I guarantee afterwards you’ll feel better than ever before!” Her tone suddenly shifted to a much more neutral pitch, leaving all the sexual undertone out of it.

“Alexis, I don’t know, I… I think I…”

“Oh come on, Daddy!” She interrupted me, “You can make it up to me latter! I bet you’ll love it.” Before I could continue my protest, she pushed me onto the bed and ordered me to turn on my belly. Though I didn’t think that this would be a good idea, I complied as this way my raging hard-on would at least be hidden in the mattress.

“Okay Alexis, but…”

“Shhhhh… Daddy, close your eyes, relax and let me do my magic…” She breathed into my ear and before I knew what happened, she had climbed onto my lower back and sat on my butt, spreading her warmth all over my body wherever she touched me. She didn’t exaggerate, her skills were amazing! She kneaded my upper back with such expertise I couldn’t believe how good it felt.??

“This doesn’t work, Daddy! I can’t massage you through your shirt and pants.” She whispered while leaning into me so that I felt her breasts pressing against my upper back. She didn’t even wait for a reply before she began to tug at my shirt. Torn between the amazing relief Alexis gave to my muscles and the guilty feeling between my legs, I tried to convince myself, that she was only playing daddy’s little girl earlier. My mind must have been taken off-guard when she appeared in Heather’s dress. I lifted myself a bit to help her pull my shirt over my head and unbuckled my pants so she could pull them down my legs. She even folded a small blanket over my butt like the way they do in massage parlors.


“That’s way better! Don’t you think?” She whispered excitedly and, damn, she was right! I cannot even begin to describe how it felt. All I knew, was that I didn’t wanted her to stop.

“Oooh… that’s it…” Was what came out of my mouth and she clearly showed no intention of stopping. Her hands glided over my bare back and I got so relaxed that I forgot about everything that had happened before.??

“Turn on your back, Daddy, let me work on your neck-muscles.” She breathed, almost inaudibly, while she lifted her weight off of me. As if I wasn’t in control of my body, I slowly turned over to lay on my back. In a panic I remembered the former tent inside my pants, but was relieved when I realized that my erection has subsided. I must have gotten so relaxed that even this tension went away. As I lay there, she slowly positioned herself behind my head and put her knees just above my shoulders. In the same moment, she took a small blanket and blindfolded me so I that I could relax better, as she explained simultaneously.

I couldn’t help but notice her smell. She smelled almost like Heather, but on a much sweeter basis. I instantly felt my cock stir again when she started to massage my trapezius muscle. Her soft touch and sweet scent was simply too much for me. I tried to imagine Heather being the one above my head, but that didn’t help at all. I could feel my briefs tighten more and more, from second to second. “She must notice my hard-on, she couldn’t have missed that!” I thought to myself. But even if she did it didn’t seem to bother her. She continued to massage my frontal shoulders as if nothing was happening between my legs. My mind raced trying to think of what to do. Trying to hide it might just lead her attention to it, but doing nothing wasn’t an option either. Just before I was about to shift and apologize, I felt her body move and her hands wander over my chest, kneading every fiber of my pecs. When her body moved my blindfold had moved as well, her thigh must have slipped it off my eyes.??

What I saw made my cock twitch and jump furiously in my pants. Her bare pussy was just inches away from my face and it was dripping wet. To my shock, but weirdly turning me on even more, I saw that she had a small spiral tattoo above her pussy. My cock was now bopping and twitching like crazy inside my pants while I stared, transfixed at my step-daughters tattooed pussy. Lost in the moment, I didn’t notice a small drop forming from her mound and landing softly on my lips. Unable to resist I opened my mouth and tasted her juice. I always enjoyed Heather’s taste, but Alexis’ was like heroin.


Completely mesmerized by the sight and taste, I didn’t notice that her hands had made their way far lower than appropriate. She now was dealing with my oblique, her fingertips casually slipped below my waistline from time to time while staying just away from my throbbing member.

I still was lying there but couldn’t do anything except gaze at the perfection in front of my face. Her soft lips slowly parted a tiny bit and seemed to pulsate, very subtly, whenever she let her hands run all over my chest down and towards my hips, bringing her sex dangerously close to me. It almost felt as if her spiral tattoo was starting to hypnotize me.

Like slipping out of a dream state, I was all of a sudden was freed from all restrains when my cock was surrounded by the most wonderful warm and soft feeling imaginable. It took me a second to realize what had happened but in the moment it came to me like a shock. All I saw was her soft mound coming closer and closer to my mouth while a rhythmic suction, in combination with a twirling sensation, overflowed my cock from the tip deeper and deeper downwards to my balls. When her pussy finally touched my lips I felt her shiver and increase her efforts over my cock. My tongue started to lick and play with every inch of her sex while her hands softly worked my shaft. If she kept on increasing the pleasure she was giving me I wouldn’t last for long, that was for sure, but Alexis relentlessly worked my member like she did nothing but in her entire life.

With each bop of her head, I felt her grinding harder and harder against my face as she continued her sexual onslaught on me. Momentarily, I wondered who was enjoying this more, me or her. I couldn’t help it; her taste, smell, the feeling of being used by her pussy to grind on and the heavenly sensations she gave to my cock simply were too much. I felt my balls tighten and my body tensing up, but before I could blow my load she stopped sucking suddenly and pinched me right beneath the tip of my member immediately stopping me from coming.

“Not now, Daddy…” She breathed again in her low sultry voice while continuing grinding even harder now, “cumming for me is a privilege and has to be earned. You need to be a good daddy and make me cum.” Alexis now sat back up and pushed her pussy, with her entire weight, onto my face. I could hardly breathe but I didn’t wanted to. If I died like this, I would have been the happiest man on earth.

“Oh yeah… make me cum, Daddy! Make your little girl cum!” She screamed while grinding harder and harder against my nose, tongue and chin. “Let me be your good little girl! Let me be a daddy’s girl!” I felt her pussy pulsate and shiver, her body began to spasm before she collapsed onto her hands as the orgasmic waves rolled over her entire body.


It took her only a couple of seconds in order to regain her composure after her orgasm has subsided. She climbed off of me and stood besides the bed while bowing down to my face. “Thank you, Daddy.” She whispered into my ear while flicking her tongue over my lobe. “Don’t keep me waiting for too long. Remember it’s a daddy-daughter day and we want to go shopping. I’m sure you want to be a good daddy, don’t you?” Before I could even move a finger she licked along my neck down to my belly and swallowed my entire cock in one take while looking me straight in the eyes.

My head fell back on the mattress as she worked her way back up my shaft, giving the tip of my member a final lick with her soft tongue while smiling wickedly. “See you downstairs, Daddy. And no touching.” She said in her most teasing tone. With a wink she turned and I watched her hips sway out of the bedroom letting me lying there alone on the bed I shared with Heather just hours ago.

“How did that happen?” I thought to myself…?

…to be continued.

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