Fay’s Dirty Discoveries Ch. 09


(As it has been a while since I added to this story, here’s a catch-up for anyone who has been following it (unless you want to just read the previous parts!). Fay is 22 years-old, 5’3″ tall, with tumbles of ginger curls and huge, 32FF boobs. She shares a flat with another stunning girl, called Nadia who, unbeknown to Fay, works as an escort. In the last several days Fay has been on a mission of filthy, sexual discovery, and has discovered that she loves being spanked and caned, humiliation, watersports, pooping herself, lesbian sex and generally behaving like a sick, degraded slut. Having just been fucked by a guy who runs a sex shop, Fay is now in the back alley, dressed in a white bra and white, satin, bikini-style briefs (both wet and stained with piss), a pissed on vest-top, some piss-wet grey sweatpants and some cute, ankle-length socks and sneakers — both also wet and smelly!)


The alley was a dead end, the only way out being to back track onto the main street, or to use the door to get into the back of the sex shop. It was filthy, with piles of litter heaped in the corners. It was also occupied. Fay was startled to recognise one of the five men huddled in the alley — it was the tramp that she’d sucked off earlier! He seemed to be relaying an animated tale to his companions, and Fay could guess who the star of that sordid tale might be.

At the sound of her footsteps, the five men all looked up, the nervy instincts of the homeless and persecuted making them jump. In the early evening light, the wet stains and piss-splashes on her clothes were clearly visible, although the way that the men stank covered the odour of stale piss on Fay.

“Fuck! That’s her!” exclaimed her park-bench companion. “That’s the girl!” The other four simply stood, looking bemused and, given her huge and inviting cleavage, lustful. Fay didn’t feel uncomfortable, however. Surely a homeless person was one of the few that wouldn’t judge her current state?

“Uh, hi,” she offered, tentatively.

“Is it true?” blurted one man, who looked about 50 but it was hard to tell. “Did you suck Bob and give him money?”

Despite what she’d done in the last three days, Fay blushed. “If that’s Bob,” she quietly pointed to him, “then yes, I did.” This prompted amazed mumbling and chatter between the guys. Then, the one who looked youngest, turned to her.

“What about us? Will you do us?” Fay had been testing the door to the shop, which was stoutly locked. She turned to them, starting to realise that a young, sexy girl stuck in an alley with five men really ought to feel nervous. The man smiled, salaciously. “You wouldn’t even have to pay me!” This prompted some saucy chuckling from the others.

“Come on,” said one of the others. “You’re obviously a slag.”

Fay turned to him to retort, but the men had been slowly closing in on her, and as she turned to defend herself against the (totally valid) accusation, she felt a hand squeeze her right breast. She pushed the hand away. “Oy! I’m not…” Her statement was silenced as the one she now knew as Bob suddenly kissed her on the lips, filling her mouth with the taste of stale booze and cigarettes. As he kissed her, he pushed her lightly back against the wall. The hand gaziantep escort was back at her tit now, and another closed on the other breast, mauling the soft, heavy boob.

Pushing Bob back with a solid shove, Fay realised she needed to gain control of this situation before she was forcibly molested by five tramps (although that thought did make her pussy tingle…not a great deal of force would be needed). “Wait! WAIT!” she shouted. At the raised voice, the men did take a step back, although they were still looking hungrily at her. “Ok, good, calm down. Now, if you touch me again without me asking I’m going to scream.” She paused to let that sink in, and the men all shuffled back a step. “I look a state and I need to get home, but I can’t walk across town looking like this. So, here’s the deal: nobody notices guys like you, so if you lend me one of your coats and walk with me in a huddle, I should be able to get back to my apartment.”

“And what’s in that for us?” asked the youngest. Fay needed them to agree, and had little time to come up with a sensible plan.

“If…ahhh…if you agree and I get home without being seen by anyone who knows me, then everyone who helps me can fuck me.” She paused, realising that her offer was insane. “After they’ve showered,” she added.

She told them where she lived and everything was quickly agreed. Five minutes later, gagging from the smell of the large overcoat she was bundled in, Fay and four of the men walked back to her flat. As she’d said, regular people simply ignored them, and she attracted no attention. Five minutes from her place, she realised that the group had grown as a wooly hat was plonked onto her ginger tresses. The tramp who had decided not to help had returned — and had two others with him. He grinned. “Now we’re helping too!” Fay was aghast. Seven men! But she couldn’t risk reneging on her offer, so, with mixed feelings, she carried on home.

* * * * *

Fay stood in the kitchen, staring blankly out of the window. From the bathroom she could hear a chorus of voices as the seven homeless men she’d invited into her home took the opportunity to shower. For her part, she hadn’t bothered, and was still in her stained and smelly clothes. She’d agreed — no, she’d offered — to have sex with all these men. She’d made a deal and they had carried off their end as she’d made it home without being spotted by anyone she knew. And now? Now she had seven tramps to contend with. The only good news was that Nadia was still away, but Fay was too distracted to start to worry about her friend. Her mind was a whirl of ideas, visions, experiences. Just yesterday she’d been spit-roasted by the two men Nadia knew, but now there were seven cocks to contend with. What on earth could she do? She was scared, undeniably. However, she was also wet, as massively and shockingly aroused as she’d been this morning when she’d deliberately shit her panties — stained panties that she still had on. Setting her jaw and deciding that this situation was simply too crazy to control, Fay shouted the seven tramps through to the lounge.

Cleaned off, it was only the scraggy hair and beards that indicated the men were homeless. konya escort Fay was temporarily dumbstruck as she looked at the septet of cocks, all half-aroused. The men started at her with animal lust. She sighed. “Ok, so, that’s my room,” she pointed. “You guys decide who goes first. I like it…well, I like it rough and dirty. I like being spanked and slapped, you can do me in the bum, I’ll swallow, you can piss on me, anything. Once you’re with me, just do whatever you want.” She almost choked on the last words, but she’d decided that she liked filthy, humiliating sex, and being fucked by seven tramps who were able to do whatever they wanted certainly ticked that box! With that she walked to her room, stripping her clothes as she went so the last thing they saw was her peachy, naked bottom disappearing into her room.

Fay was left waiting for a few minutes as a muttered conversation took place in her sitting room — presumably the men were drawing lots or something similar to decide what order they were going to screw her in. Finally, the door opened and the first naked man walked in. Fay stood up to meet him, but needn’t have bothered. Without a word he laced his fingers in her ginger hair and forced her to her knees, shoving his erect cock at her mouth. She got the message, and started to suck him, but the tramp had been told to take control and that’s what he did, thrusting with his hips and fucking Fay roughly in her mouth. She did her best to take his cock in her throat, but he was too big and too rough, and she was choking on him. Seeming to realise, the man relaxed, pulling his slimy, spit-coated penis out of her mouth. As Fay gasped for breath, he wiped his cock over her face, covering her cheeks with spit. Roughly the man hauled Fay to her feet with her hair, bringing a tear to her eye. Sitting on the bed, he simply said “Bend over and suck me, slut.” Taking a breath, Fay complied, bending over to take the cock back between her lips. She assumed that he wanted to watch her bottom as she sucked him. Fay heard the man shout something, but paid no heed, focusing on making him cum as quickly as possible.

However, she understood what he’d shouted when, without warning, she felt rough hands on her soft hips and, moments later, a large cock was thrust forcefully into her juicy cunt. The man she was sucking had taken hold of her head, so she couldn’t object as the new man started to fuck her. She’d planned on controlling the situation to a limited extent by taking the seven men one after another, but three minutes in her plan was in tatters.

Fay was surprised when both men pulled out of her without cumming, but before she could wonder why, she was roughly impaled on two new ones. After twenty minutes she started to space out, as her awareness had receded. None of the men came, but they were all taking turns with her, pushing their cocks into her mouth or pussy, thrusting for a few minutes, then swapping. She tasted her own juice as one’s who had fucked her took a turn in her mouth. If she was slow to react when they changed her position, they slapped her, stinging swats across her face and bottom. She was face down on her bad, one long cock in her mouth, when the kayseri escort first one pushed against her rosebud. She shuddered as someone spat on her arsehole to lubricate it, and winced as the dick slowly inched into her until it was buried deep in her bottom. This kicked off another ten minutes of action, as the men continued to alternate, fucking one of her holes for a couple of minutes at a time, passing her between them like an unimaginable slut. Inevitably, two at a time was soon upgraded. Fay was too tired to object (and, to be fair, had told them she wouldn’t) as they abused her body further. Two cocks stretched her pussy, then, as she continued to gobble at the dick in her mouth, one switched to her ass. She thought she might pass out, as three cocks hammered in and out of her. Seeing her actually let them fuck her mouth, pussy and bottom at the same time with still no objection, the tramps finally realised what a raging, dirty slut they had on their hands (well, on their cocks anyway). Hands spanked at her bottom, mauled her 32FF breasts, tweaked and pulled at her sore nipples and, all the while, three at a time they fucked her tired, sweaty body.

Presently, Fay was dimly aware that the cocks had withdrawn from her, but not been replaced. Opening her eyes from the sex stupor she had sunk in to, she looked questioningly at the seven men as they pulled her into a kneeling position. Looking at their engorged, well used cocks, she knew what was coming next from slips she’d surfed on Nadia’s PC. She opened her mouth wide, as the men started to tug themselves off. “Wait for it all,” grunted one of them, just as his dick twitched and a thick jet of creamy jizz jerked with unerring accuracy straight onto Fay’s tongue. The second man was less successful, spunking across her nose and forehead. The third mostly managed to fill her mouth, though some tendrils of cum dripped onto her big tits. The fourth also came across her face and hair, but the fifth positioned the tip of his cock at her lips and shot several ropes of salty cum into Fay’s mouth. She was struggling not to swallow now, her mouth producing saliva as her cheeks were filled with cum. The last two came together, spraying more spunk over the pretty ginger girl’s face and into her mouth. Like an obedient little slut, Fay held the spunk of the seven men mixed in her mouth, looking expectantly at them until they nodded. Then, taking a deep breath through her nose, she swallowed the gooey mixture down, gagging a little but controlling herself as she felt the sperm slide down her throat.

“Ok,” she said shakily, climbing to her feet. “You have to go now.”

* * * * *

Fay was surprised, when she reflected back on it, that the men had gone. They could have robbed her or, well, not attacked her as such because she invited them over to do that! But still, she knew she’d been reckless. Her body was shattered, aching from head to toe, particularly her jaw, pussy and ass. Still — what a day.

After a shower, Fay dressed for bed, pulling the stained and smelly satin knickers on but nothing else. She hesitated at the washing basket with her socks, bra, vest and sweatpants in her hands. Burying her face in them, she breathed in the musty aroma of stale piss. The hardening of her nipples was the answer she was looking for, and she dropped the clothes to the floor — she’d wear them again in the morning. Climbing into her bed, she snuggled down into the sheets (dry now, but smelling strongly of pee from her bedwetting three nights ago) and fell into a deep and well-deserved sleep.

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