gloryhole suprise


gloryhole supriseBarb was what you would call a classic beauty,, she was 52 but kept herself in very good shape, long dark hair, dark yes, full lips, since her husband died 7 years ago she had gotten many offers to date from men but never took any up on it, It never seemed to feel rightafter almost a year of coaxing she decided to take a vacation with 2 co workers,, Bev who was a few years older but very heavy set, but also the life of the party and Maria, who was 60 and nearing retirement, they decided to go to the Dominican republic, a place Maria loved but the other s had never beenthey spent the first few days on the beach and the 3rd day decided to take a bus trip, to tour the islandit was typical tour with the typical people, couples , family’s , a few singles like themselves, after lunch they were off to do some local shopping at a market on the beach. well barbs lunch upset her stomach so at the market she found the nearest rest rooms, not the nicest but she had no choice,she sat for a few minutes then heard someone enter the stall beside her, she was wearing a bikini under her shorts and top she still had the body for it, 36 DD breasts, slim waist, her hips were a bit wide but she was still proud of how she looked,All of a sudden a hole that was a piece of wood was removed from the patrician, leaving a 6 inch hole, Omg what was going on, she couldn’t leave yet, who was thereshe put her hand over the hole but felt someone touch it so she pulled backthen she heard a mans voice with an thick islander accent”how are you today” “um I’m good” she didn’t know what to sayhe replied, ” I saw you enter, you are a beautiful woman”she answered in a low “thank you””if you wish I can make you feel better” “I think I will be Ok” this was quite unusual, something never experienced, but thought maybe kayseri escort it was normal here.his hand reached through the hole and somehow he knew exactly where to reach to, his hand went right on her breast and gave a soft squeezeshe grabbed his wrist and pulled on his arm, he gave another squeeze and pulled his arm back in the hole” very nice feeling ” he saidshe wanted to leave but felt a stomach cramp and knew she couldn’tThen to her shock the tip of his cock was in the hole, then more came through, and more, he was huge, she had never seen a black mans cock in person before, it was easily 10 inches and very big around, it was so close to her “touch it” she heard him say, she had all kinds of emotions and thoughts running through her head, should she, who would ever know, she was scared yet a bit excited, she reached up slowly, ran her finger along the head, it twitched, then she ran her finger along the length of it, it twitched again and seemed to get a little harder, she just had to, so she wrapped her hand around it her fingers wouldn’t touch and she gave a little squeeze”that’s it Lady, don’t be shy” she heard him say, she removed her hand and wrapped it around the head, giving another squeeze. she heard him moan, with her hand around the head she rubbed her thumb along the tip, then he pulled back through the hole, leaving her a little confusedthen his hand came through the hole again “my turn” he said, she didn’t reply ,just watched his hand near her breast again,, then he slid his hand up under her top, his finger hooked her strap “undo this for me” for some reason she listened, reached behind her back and unhooked the bikini strap, his hand went under onto her bare skin, caressing her, she closed her eyes and let him, he grabbed the bottom konya escort of her top and lifted it up over her tits, “hold this up for me” she did what he asked his hand roamed from one breast to the other, she opened her eyes and looked at the hole, she could see his eye as he looked at her tits, she felt a wave of heat, none other man had seen her that way since her husband died, now she was exposing herself to a complete stranger, his hand slid down, over her tummy, between her legs, she forgot she had her bottoms pulled down, his big black fingers slid along her pussy, she shook in pleasure, he pulled his hand back, leaving her wanting morethen as quickly as his hand left his cock reappeared, she reached out and grabbed it started slowly rubbing her hand along it, it was so big, she was getting foggy, not thinking strait, waiting to hear his voice again”good girl” for some reason she was happy he was pleased with her, which in turn made her start moving faster, how did this happen was she dreaming, this was no dream this was very real, some precum started to show from his cock, she reached up with her other hand and rubbed it into the head, “fuck yes” his words of encouragement made her smilethen he spoke again ” you know what your going to do for me?” “no” “suck my cock” she had never been told that in her life, but it turned her on even more, she leaned forward and opened her mouth, she started sucking his head, as much as she could, she started sucking him hard, loving it, hoping no one could hear the slurping noises, she shifted to her knees in front of him,trying to suck more into her mouth, at the same time sliding one of her hands between her legs, her finger found her clit and started rubbing, she didn’t remember feeling so turned on, she was wet izmir escort , she slid her fingers inside, moving back and forth from her clit to inside,, she loved what she was doing for him “ok stop” she did as he told her ,she slid hic cock out of her mouth”now put your ass to the hole,” she stood slowly and backed against the wall, his hand came through and stroked he pussy, slid a finger inside and started finger fucking her, she bent over a bit, loving the feeling, he removed his finger “don’t fucking move” she didn’t ,she stood still, then felt something against her pussy, OMG she thought , I cant do this, then in one push he slid his cock deep inside her, she felt a sharp pain, then pleasure as he started fucking her, she had to brace herself against the other wall, her eyes closed, she felt this strange black cock , fucking her hard, getting faster, then it hit her, her first orgasm in years, her knees went week as her pussy clenched his cock, she almost fell to her knees, he kept sliding his monster cock in and out of her, she was in a daze, then she heard him grunt, he pushed hard and started to cum, he pilled her pussy, then he stopped, his cock still deep inside her, he slowly slid out, as his cum fell to the floor, she sat back down, still confused, he handed her a pencil and paper through the hole”give me your hotel and room number” without thinking she wrote it down, “good girl Ill be there at midnight” and his door slammed shutshe got her self cleaned and went to meet her friendsthey were so busy they didn’t realise how long she was gone they continued going through the shopsshe felt a man come up behind her, he grabbed her waste, “don’t turn” she knew the voice, his hand slid up her tummy under her top, inside her bikini top, pinching her nipple, she stood still for him, “remember you will be my fuck toy while your here, now go in the change room, remove your bikini top and don’t wear anything under this top Ill be watching your nipples along with everyone else ,ill be waiting outside your room at midnight,” with that he vanished, and she did as she was told

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