My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 1


My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 1My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 1 Schrodinger’s Oral Sex ParadoxHonestly I never had thoughts about her before she came to stay with me, not until the night I saw her in my kitchen. I’ve lived alone for a long time and I’m used to walking around my house naked with an erection. Sandy was away for the next 6 months with her job and I was going out of my mind without her fat juicy pussy. My 2 am routine is I whack off and then go down stairs to get a drink before bed; usually Im still hard when I walk downstairs. I guess it was partly due to the fact that my penis was full of blood that could have been better used in my brain, but I forgot that my little sister was staying with me.I walked into my kitchen to find my fat ass sister bent over looking my fridge, wearing a sexy grey thong. I froze, captivated by her big soft jelly butt and thick thighs. Thankfully I was able to get control of myself quickly enough to slowly back out of the room sneak out quietly, I walked back upstairs and tried to figure out what I should do. My heart was beating out of my chest, I’d never seen her this way, I wasn’t there when my little sister was growing up. When she had matured into a real woman. I spent 5 years away in the Army, this was the first time I’d been around her since she was a skinny teenage girl. The young woman sleeping in my guest bedroom was amazing, she had a fat fucking jelly butt and thick jiggly thighs that would make a grown man cry. Needless to say I didn’t sleep that night and whacked off about 10 times until my cock was raw.The next night I slept by the staircase listening for her to go into the kitchen and around 2 am she did and then likewise for the next three nights after that, it was her routine. I decided to stake out the guest bedroom she was staying in with a camera. At 1:30 am I was upstairs, watching a feed on my bedroom computer I saw my sister masturbating. Vigorously finger fucking herself while clicking through images on her laptop. I had part of the information I needed to form my plan, she was just as horny as I was, but how to exploit that? The next day when she was at work I went into her laptop and clicked on recently viewed files, I was speechless by what I found.It was naked pictures tuzla escort of me that I sent Sandy; she must have been searching my computer for porn and thieved them from me, what a dirty bitch. I searched under the bed and found a box of dildos and a picture of me. I was going fuck my own sister and make it appear to be all her fault. I was going to commit a huge taboo and play innocent, it was diabolical.That night I knew what I had to do, at 2 am I walked downstairs, dick hard as a rock, I put a little oil the tip just in case I saw an opportunity to slip it in. I walked into the kitchen and smacked her as hard as I dared, right on her fat ass. A jiggle went through both cheeks and then I slipped a finger in her wet pussy and wiggled it around. She jumped up and hitting her head on the top shelf of the fridge. “What the shit” she yelled and turn to see me buck naked and hard “Whoa, whoa, what the hell, is that your, whoa!” she said putting her hands up “Im sorry, I’ll just be getting back to bed..I’m..uh..s..s..sorry about this”… she stumbled over her words.He eyes were fixed on my hard oiled cock and she tripped on the rug. I walked over to help her up, I crouched down hard my manhood was next to her head. “We need to talk Jessie,…I know you’ve been doing sick unnatural things in my guest bedroom, I found the picture of me in your dildo box….what was it doing there? Don’t lie to me?.” I gave her a stern look. “I..uh..was…you know” she struggled to make up an excuse. “I already know Jessie, I found my pictures on your laptop too, you wanna see me naked? You wanna see my cock and balls?” I raised my voice “WELL HERE I AM SO LOOK ALL YOU WANT YOU PERVERTED GIRL”. Her jaw dropped, “what your mouths open? wanna suck it? Huh, well do you?” I yelled pressing my cock up to her lips.I lowered my voice “I’m sorry Jessie, I’m not mad honest, I’m just a little confused….why do you want sex from me, I’m your brother?”. Jessie hesitated but finally said “I’m just super horny you know, and its hard to meet a guy, I saw the files on your computer and thought there wouldn’t be any harm if I only used them for masturbation, I’m so sorry”. I helped her up and we sat on the couch, I took her hand and said “I know that you must get real horny tuzla escort bayan and I understand the temptation, I think I have a way to satisfy both of our needs and keep it from getting to weird, it will give us plausible deniability, are you interested?”. Jessie nodded her head, so I continued my proposal “Have you ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat?, well this is similar its called Schrodinger’s blowjob or Schrodinger’s Cunnilingus; I read about it on a website called xhamster, straight guys use this method to get gay head but still maintain a heterosexual status”Schrodinger’s blowjob theory states: “I get head from a man w/ a blanket over my head while I watch men/women porn. I can honestly say that this is the best resort. I come in the bedroom, undress, put a blanket over half my body and the partner sucks me into heaven. No talking, seeing …etc. A great blow and go” “Since there is no talking or seeing, the man can assume that it could have possibly been a woman sucking him off he has plausible deniability and thus is still a heterosexual”.”If you want we can try this?” I said in a caring voice. “Sure” she said “what do we do, I wanna do it now?”. I nodded and led by her hand to the bedroom. I held her hand and then I gave her careful instructions “Okay Jessie strip naked and get on the bed, put on your headphones and listen to music, blindfold yourself, and cover the upper half of your body with a blanket; soon after you do that somebody will come in and start eating your pussy and rimming your ass, don’t say anything and don’t look, just enjoy it, after you cum wait one minute to take off the blindfold and wait ten minutes then go into my bedroom, your gonna see a man with his upper body covered with a blanket, for all you know it could be anybody, just suck his cock good, when he cums just leave and go to bed”. Jessie nodded and I left the room to allow her to prepare herself.deletedI walked in and dove straight into her shaved pussy, I plowed my face into her soft jello thighs, her pussy was sopping wet and I flicked my tongue over every centimeter of her labia. She had such a chubby vulva, I love a girl with a fat pussy. I slopped my tongue over her inner and outer lips and gave an Eskimo kiss to her clitoris. I started to escort tuzla lick kiss and suck her fat thighs while giving her two fingers. I ran my tongue down, from the top of her mound down to her anus and began to swirl my tongue in little circles and suck on her asshole for a few minutes until she started to convulse with pleasure. Using her own moisture as lube, I slowly and gently palmed her clit in an elliptical motion, being careful not to be too rough. She was letting out a long drawing moan, I put a finger up her ass and then started sucking on her pussy tasting the sweet juices she was making for me. I reached my free hand up under the blanket to her tits and started kitten pawing them. I started to quickly slither my tongue all over her entire pussy and I fingered her ass like a machine gun. I could hear her moaning like a Hong Kong whore so I started to lovingly suck her clit, and within seconds she came, nearly pulling my hair out in the process, then her legs collapsed on the the bed. I left the room and I could here her laughing and crying with pleasure, I dashed upstairs to my bedroom.After what seemed like only a minute, I felt somebody climb onto my bed. A warm wet mouth went down onto my penis. Sliding the length of my shaft down to the hilt for a few seconds before gagging and coughing; going back up with the tongue tracing the raphe, finally ending with a tongue twisting tickle on my frenulum, this went on for 5 minutes and it was the best wettest blowjob of my life. A warm, firm, soft, small hand began gently kneading my scrotum and testicles. I heard a woman’s voice say “Goddamn these are fucking big heavy balls I gotta taste them” then I felt a tongue start to flick around my sack and I felt her hot breath on my big heavy balls. The pace of the blowjob got faster and then stopped and hand started to stroke me fast and I felt a tongue start licking my asshole; all the while the scrotum kneading became firmer and even a little painful. The warm mouth went back onto my cock and started to bob up and down very quickly I felt myself cumming and I cried out. The mouth sealed around my cock and sucked down every drop of jizz. I shot my last few streams into the mouth and I heard a woman moan, then I heard a massive gulping swallowing sound. The person got off of my bed and I heard my door close.I sat in bed completely satisfied, my sister just sucked me off. I wonder if Jessie would be willing to try Schrodinger’s Anal tomorrow.

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