My student’s hospitality.


My student’s hospitality.My student’s wife.I’m a lecturer in a university and I have an arab student, Ali, who is studying for a PhD. He is really struggling with his work, so I have to help him a lot with is English. He is working on the rat eof ageing of ancient stone monuments in various parts of the world. This requires him to travel abroad often for months at a time.At first all of his work was conducted at “home” so we became close friends. One day he invited me to have dinner at his home. I was able to avoid accepting due to a prior arrangement. This became a weekly invitation and finally he wore me done so I accepted.On the appointed day and time I drew up to his home. It surprised me that he was living in a detached house in a very upmarket part of town. The house and garden looked very well cared for.I walked up the path to the front door, rang the bell and it was opened by a lady that I judged to be of arab extraction. She was about 5′ 3”, slim and dressed in traditional arabian costume including the face covering. She invited me to enter and conducted me into a spacious lounge decorated with expensive furnishings. “May I get you something to drink?” Knowing that alcohol was not permitted by the religion I asked for apple juice. After my drink arrived so did Ali.“I see you have met my servant Nadi. Anything you need tonight just ask her and she will cater to your needs.” “Will you wife be joining us Ali?” “Oh yes she will. She is getting dressed at the moment.”Not long after a tall lady swept into the room. She was 5’10” tall, slim and like the servant dressed in traditional way. Ali introduced her as Eileen, explaining that it was easier to adopt an english name than have people struggle with her given name. Eileen spoke, when she did speak which was not often, with a perfect english accent. I judged that she probably was educated in an English public school.To my surprise Ali produced a different wine for each course and the meal was rounded off by brandy. Now I am not a drinker, so by the end of the night I was not capable of driving. Ali commented “You cannot drive and I will not permit you to call a taxi. We have many rooms that are ready for guests so you will have one. You can stay the night. Since it is Friday night you can sleep as late as you want. Nadi show James to his room.”My room had a kingsize waterbed. It was a large room with an ensuite bathroom. As well as the usual it had a hot tub. Nadi siad “Sir since you have been drinking a lot tonight may I suggest you have a hot tub before you retire to bed?” I just about managed to reply “Yessss sounds good.” My speech was slurred. “Sir I will help you get ready and help you into the hot tub. Would bursa escort that be to your pleasure?” “I can manage by myself thank you” I slurred. “Oh sir my master will be very annoyed if you don’t let me extend proper arabic hospitality. “Oh I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble.”“First I will help you out of your clothes.” Nadia started by removing my jacket & tie, then she unbuttoned the front of my shirt and the buttons on the cuffs. I am not used to such service so I was interested. In addition Nadia was wearing beautiful perfume and she moved in such a graceful way that I found it very erotic. When she took off my shirt, she stood back and admired my chest. I would have given money to know what was going on in her mind.Next she turned her attention to my trousers. I thought to my self this is going to be tricky. Nadia got down on her knees and reached up to unfasten the waist fastenings before slowly lowering the zipper. I was getting very aroused at this point but I didn’t yet have a full hard on. Nadia took the sides of the waistband and lowered my trousers revealing my y front under pants. I started to say “Oh Nadia I am sorry.” But I got no further than the Oh when Nadia said “Master please do not speak I have seen this effect before.” “Nadia, I am not your master Mr Ali is your master.” “Master you are my master tonight according to Mr Ali’s words earlier. It can be no other way or I will have failed in my duty and that will displease Mr Ali.” So I had to accept that that is the case.Anyway my trousers had never been so gracefully lowered to the ground. By this time I had a raging hard on so I said “Thank you Nadia I can manage from here.” “Please master let me do my duty. I promise I will please you.” “Ok Nadia do your duty.” Nadia gripped the waist band of my Y fronts and lowered it until my cock was snagged in it. With such beautifully soft hands she reached in and released my cock. I almost came at that moment. It was beautiful feeling her soft hands around my cock. Nadia did it so matter of factly as though it was an everyday event.Taking my hand she led me to the hot tub which was bubbling away. I sat on the edge as Nadia knelt once again and one by one removed my socks. Now I thought this is care I would love to have everyday. I was helped into the tub and Nadia said “Master I will return in a few minutes.” So I made myself comfortable and was enjoying the experience when Nadia returned.This time Nadia was not wearing the traditional Arabic dress. Infact, she was not wearing anything. The shock must have shown on my face because Nadia said “Is master displeased?” “To which I replied “I am shocked rather than displeased.” “Let me explain master, bursa escort bayan I am a qualified Japanese Masseuse and this is the best form of dress for such work. If you want I can change into other dress but I prefer this.” “Nadia I will be happy with this form of dress.”Nadia was as I had thought, as I was allowed into the house a slim lady, beautiful breasts probably a C or maybe a D cup that stood proud. Her nipples were about 1” long and each surrounded by a large areola. Nadia’s waist was slender so that her body was what I consider the ideal shape – almost a figure of 8. As Nadia bent over I had a good view of her buns – perfect and toned in the gym (probably a home gym in this house). Her thighs were also perfect. But he crowning glory was her pussy: hairless, with labia lips that were tightly closed. Her clit was like her nipples about 1” long and poking out of the lips. Oh my it would be lovely to get to suck that I thought.“Would master like me to massage his back and chest while in the tub?” That brought me back from my imagination. “Oh that would be nice thank you.” Nadia stroked my back and chest, it was very nice but it did not make my raging hard on go away in fact it became even harder. I thought to myself – the things I do for good student relations – still someone has to do it.When I was finished in the hot tub Nadia took a towel and dried my back and chest before kneeling in front of me. Her nose was just about 1” from my raging hard on but she made no comment. Nor did she touch it. Ah too bad I thought. When I was dried she led me to the bed which had been turned down.“Master would you like me to massage your front or back first?” “Nadia that will not be necessary.” “Master you are displeased with me?” “No not at all but I don’t think a massage is appropriate.” “It is the custom in this house master. Please let me give you a massage. I think you will enjoy it.”So I lay on the bed face down as suggested by Nadia. She started at my feetand massaged both of them before working up my lower left leg to the knee at which point she transferred her interest to the right leg. As she worked on my thighs she was leaning over me from the feet end. I could feel her bare breasts stroking my legs. Her hands worked close to my balls but never touched them. Ust as well I thought or I would have cum on the spot. Next my bums got a good work out from her fingers.In order to do my back and neck Nadia sat on my buns. Oh the feeling of that lovely bum pressing onto mine. As she stretched forward to reach the top of my back the pressure was released only to be reapplied as she massed my lower back. It felt almost as thought she was forcing me to ride the bed. escort bursa The bed responded by sending waves up and down the length of the bed thus multiplying the erotic effect. On finishing my neck, Nadia said “Master now you turn over please.”I will skip the effect of the massage on my legs, sufficient to say it was building anticipation as she worked up the leg toward my cock which was at full stretch. Just before reaching my cock Nadia reapplied the cream she had been using to her hands. Then she stroked all around my cock before actually touching my cock. It was exquisite she stroked it from the base toward the tip, fortunately she stopped just before I came. At this point she moved and straddled me as she had done when I was lying face down. This time when she lowered herself down her pussy crack was exactly above my cock. That ment my cock was forcing the lips open. I loved the feeling. Once again Nadia was stretching to massage the upper part of my chest then sliding her hands down towards my waist. Again this ment pressure followed by release. I felt the pressure building once again but again she stopped before I came.I felt great from the massage thought I did need a good fuck to get rid of the built up pressure. I thought to myself when she leaves I will jack off. Just then Nadia said “Master would you like me to keep you warm in bed?” “Nadia is that part of your duties? Will Mr Ali be annoyed if I say no?” “It is not part of my duties but sometimes, if I like the guest and he agrees I will sleep with him. I do not get paid for sleeping with a guest and the guest is not expected to pay me.” “In that case Nadia I would love it if you kept me warm in bed.”Since we were already in bed and Nadia was almost in the cowgirl position Nadia moved slightly and took hold of my cock. It felt brill but better was to come. She held the head at the opening of her cunt. I could feel the juices flow out and onto my cock. As it went in I felt such a lovely wram feeling surrounding my cock. When I was almost completely entered Nadia suddenly forced down on me so I was fully entered. That was great. She then lifted herself up before dropping again and again. It wasnt long before I came. A great flood of sperm shot out into Nadia’s cunt.As this was happening I was either fingering her clit or squeezing her nipples. That was followed by me sucking her nipples and nibbling them gently with my teeth. Ofcourse we tried the reverse cowgirl, doggie and missionary positions. After about 5 hours we fell asleep in each others arms.I woke in the morning by Nadia sucking my cock. When I was fully awake we had another fuck session before we went down to breakfast. Ali said “I hope you had all your needs taken care of.” “Oh yes I had thank you.” After breakfast I took my leave thinking oh well it was good while it lasted.Hope you enjoyed. DO let me know what you think of this story. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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