Office Tease


Office TeaseIt’s almost lunch you return to your desk from the loo. You settle down at your pic and begin to daydream it’s Friday and you would rather be home waiting for me in the hot tub then being at boring old work but then a girl must do what she must do.Your secretary walks in to talk to you. What now you think to yourself. All of a sudden you shriek out with this look of bewilderment on your face she looks at you you shuffle a bit trying to gather your composure. My hand moves further up between your legs you try slap it away with halve a giggle . I push past your hand nipping you on your thigh with my teeth you screech out ouch she looks at you again. Are you ok she asks yes yes fine all good my dear. You’ve never called her my dear before she smiles back at you leaning forward over your desk. Slowly my hand reaches up and suddenly stops ooh you forgot your panties today mm I grin to myself and lick my lips. My fingers softly start tracing your already outer lips my knees pressing your legs open from beneath so you can’t shut your legs I start insulting my finger gently running it down between your lips slowly in then out I do this about three times the two then three this time when they enter your samsun escort wetness I push them in further and start pumping them in and out softly as my thumb runs over your clit each time you start moaning softly the bite your lip and snap back to reality she is still there .Her eyes now wide open grinning at you her full firm tight Brest almost hanging on your desk . You shoot back and shout at her what thef are you doing her hand stops plying with her Brest and she looks at you in shock I ….I … I thought you liked me and I was turning you on looked like you gave me a signal . Out out ! You scream ….. I giggle to myself and you slap me on the head thinking to yourself I will get you for this baby.Taking my fingers away I move closer pulling you almost off your seat your legs over my shoulders as I spread your lips wide with my fingers. The rest of the staff still looking towards the glass of your office window as there about to leave wondering what she did to upset you. You grin at them friendly through the window. My tongue starts exploring the wet outer lips of your already throbing wet sensitive pussy. Slowly finding your clit I begin to circle it slowly with antalya escort my toungueGently at first then flicking it over till I find your clit teasing it I pull you closer and begin to lick suck and nibble on it your hands gripping the arm rest squeezing as you try shut your legs your hips involuntary start rocking yes baby I think to myself that’s it babes enjoy it ride the moment this feeds my desire as my sucking licking and nibbling becomes faster and wilder yes aah aah aah baby I’m going to get you for this aah aah aah you think inturnaly your hand reaches down pulling my head in deeper yes yes yes I’m going to cum you think to yourself aah aah aah with one last hard thrust you explode all over my lips . The office is quiet now everyone has left. I push your chair away and stand up and take a sip of your juice on the table and look back at you . Picking you up off your chair I put you down on your table halve throwing you back your still shocked and have not noticed I have no pants on and I’ve already removed your top revealing the soft silk smooth skin of your Brest and tummy your nipples erect through the soft satin silk bra. Pulling you towards me almost off ankara escort the edge of the table leaning forward I kiss you softly hello baby hello baby my ass you think but your to horny and wet now to argue.Your hand moves down and starts stroking my hard throbbing shaft I moan and lick my lips aah ye your touch feels so so good aah yes love . I want you now fill me baby it’s your fault I feel like this coming in here you will have to wait till tonight if you think I’m going to blow you. I press the tip against your wet lips as I slide all the way in your legs wrapped around my waist your arms around my shoulder as my hand s squeeze your ass pulling you up hard and deep as I go all the way to the hilt we both moan out loud aah aah yes yes yesFuck me baby now now like never before you scream out thrusting your hips at me our lips meat our tongues fighting for controls hips thrusting breathing heart rate all gone while aah aah aah yes yes yes baby yes a oh oh yes you scream out harder faster now now now fill me fill me your screaming now my hips pounding almost pushing you and your table over our body’s begin to shake we convulsants almost Un naturallyNow my love now I’m going to cum with one last thrust your head shoots back your whole body shakes as you begin to orgasum my hands digging into your ass as I squeeze it aah aah aah ye yes yes oh baby yes as I explode filling you up our juices mix as they drip down escaping from within we collapse onto your office floor trying to regain our breath.

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