Part 2 Late night visits.


Part 2 Late night visits.It started out with some late night visits from an older man. Being so young and inexperienced, his unexpected touch brought very unexpected, dizzying feelings. He could make me, there in the silence and darkness, tremble and quake with explosive orgasms. I began to crave his visits, his touch, his mouth. I could have never of guessed how good it could feel and soon was introduced to the erotic thrill and pleasure that sucking cock could bring, also. How good it could feel, how lusty it was to suck cock, to pleasure it and make it cum. To make him cum. Laying in bed, waiting for him, hoping for him, my body would tremble with anticipation, my cock would throb. What would we do this time? What new and wonderful experiences might I have during his next visit. I began to realize that as amazing as he could make me feel, the amazing orgasms he could give me, those feelings paled in comparison to the sensual, erotic thrill of sucking his big, thick, beautiful dick. I couldn’t help the feelings, I couldn’t stop sarıyer escort the desire. As nervous as I was, I couldn’t stop wishing for him to feed me his cock again. To feel it drag across my lips, to feel its warmth, it’s girth and weight. As I layed there thinking about it, I could feel pre cum leaking from my own cock as it bounced and throbbed. It was this night, filled with desire, filled with lust that things would change. I wanted this and would let him know it.Hearing him slip into the room, I trembled with nervous excitement. My body felt charged when I felt his touch, but I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. With my hand shaking, there in the darkness, I reached for him as well and felt his manhood through his pants. It was the first time I had made any sort of move, any sort of advancement and as soon as I felt his cock swelling to my touch, I knew I only wanted more. I deeply wanted his cock in my mouth, to feel his body and to taste esenyurt escort his addictive cum again. We layed there silent for a few moments and stroked each others cocks. I knew what I wanted though, and as nervous as I was to show him, my lust drove me on. In the dark, in the silence, I rolled him onto his back, never letting go of the object of my overwhelming lust, his big hard cock. Trembling, almost moving in slow motion, I leaned over. Even in the dark, I could make it his manly shape and gave into my urges. I first kissed the underside of his shaft as it layed on his belly, so warm, so smooth and thick and firm. His dick felt so good on my lips, as if I needed it, like you need water in a desert. I licked him, feeling his ridges and veins and felt his big balls with my hand. They felt incredible, so big and full. I licked them, tasting the salty flavor on my tongue as they tightened against his cock. I could not have been anymore turned on. Kissing around his cock as I avrupa yakası escort stroked him soft and slowly, as he had done to me a few nights before, I felt his pre cum form at his tip, slick and wonderful. I licked it from him, wanting to know the taste, wanting it in my mouth then moved my cock hungry lips over his head, sucking on it as I continued to stroke him. I felt his hand on me, encouraging me. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it, how much I loved all of it. He moved his hand to my ass and squeezed and caressed it as I continued to pleasure him. I opened my legs for him and his hand found my hard, leaking cock. He only had to stroke me a few times before, I shook and came all over his hand and the bed. My cum making my cock slick and sensitive as if continued to stroke me made me moan out loud. Then, without warning, he came too, letting out a moan of his own.The feeling, the sensation, the taste of his warm jizz flooding my mouth, I can not describe. I loved it and greedily swallowed it and felt the thick fluid slide down my throat. We layed there in silence a little longer. I rested my head on his stomach and rubbed his nipples, as he had done to me and just stared at his beautiful, manly dick, still glistening with saliva and semen.I felt him moving, sliding out of bed, but before he left, he leaned over, silently, there in the dark and kissed my softly on the lips.

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