Sissy Loni on the Big Island Ch. 03

Big Tits

This is Part 3, so of course, I need to encourage you to go back and read the first two parts if you have not. There’s a lot of character building and scene setting in those two parts, with just a bit of a tease here and there — I probably should have tried to include more action in these first chapters. That starts to change in Chapter 3.

So far, we’ve seen, over time, Sissy Loni blossom into a spectacularly sexy sissy slut. She meets Steve online, who unfortunately lives far away from California, in Hawaii. But after becoming online friends, Steve convinces Loni to visit. She packs up two suitcases full of her gurly stuff, and finally makes it to Steve’s place, a luxury home built into a hillside on the west side of the ‘Big Island’, Hawaii.

They finally meet, face to face, for the first time, on the patio at Steve’s place.

Thank to those of you who have added supportive comments and other feedback! The Covid situation has made writing these stories an outlet that I would normally be able to express in other ways, wink!



Steve couldn’t believe how really great, really sexy, I look! I look down, briefly, see a bulge growing in his shorts, his manhood is stiffening, I think to myself, he doesn’t know exactly where to start. He leans over, and plants a soft kiss on one of my cheeks. “You are stunning…” he says softly, into my ear, in part to say exactly what he thinks, and also to blow a little puff of air into my ear. I shiver, just a bit… “Let me show you around. If there is ANYTHING you need while you are here, you let me know, and I’ll take care of it for you…”

He takes my hand, and we walk over to the rail of the patio. It’s a solid concrete wall, a bit more than three feet high, tiled, with colorful Mexican-style tiles. Steve starts explaining: “Down there, is the Hulalai golf course, I have a membership there. I really love the game, been playing since I was a kid. Have a group I play with almost every day, and we get together once a week for poker night. We’re great friends. I really don’t play much tennis, but I will take out a canoe once in a while, and I use the spa a fair amount, to work out, get a massage once in a while, and use the sauna. The beach of course, is out further. This part of the coast is where the Kona and Kohala Coasts meet, it’s one of the sunniest places in all of the USA.”

With my hand in Steve’s, I realize just how big a guy he is. His hand dwarfs’ mine. And me, even in three-inch heels, I’m looking up, way up, to make eye contact with him. His chest is broad and has a pretty trim waist. His golf shirt is tucked in, and I guess he has a thirty-four or so waist. He’s built like a football tight end, or linebacker. I smile to myself; my mind quickly pictures him in football pants. I bet they would show off a great pair of glutes!

Turning away, he tells me: “Let’s take a quick walk-through.” We head inside.

“You’ve seen the kitchen; did you go upstairs at all?”

I nod, and whisper, “Yes.” I think the butterflies are still whapping around in my stomach…

“Well let’s go up for another quick look… But wait, where are my manners?” he says to me, smiling. Letting go of my hand, he goes to the kitchen area. How about a glass of wine? Ah, I should have let you know where I keep the wine so you could have had a glass while you were getting unpacked.”

He walks over to the wall of kitchen cabinets. He opens two, side-by-side doors, full height doors, from floor to nearly to ceiling. Behind these doors is a glass-walled wine cabinet. My mouth drops open, just a bit. “Oh my God, Steve, that’s very cool. How many bottles does it hold?”

“I had it custom-built to fit into this space. It holds about 360 bottles, thirty cases. I keep all my wine in here, whites and reds, for storage. I keep it at fifty-five Fahrenheit, all my bottles are stored here. But I know, when I’m going to drink a white or rosé, especially in the summer, I’ll just pop those bottles into the fridge, I like to drink those colder. Like this one.”

He reaches into the fridge and pulls out am unopened champagne-style bottle. “Let me pour us a sip…” he says, his eyes penetrating mine, that big smile just will NOT leave his face! “It’s a Tattinger, from France” showing me the label.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had this before…”

Steve opens the bottle quickly and pours two champagne flutes nearly to the top. Handing me one, he holds his up in the air: “To us, Loni, and to a wonderful week!”

I smile, and echo “To us…”

We clink our glasses, and eyes locked on each other, I take a sip. It’s a wonderfully crisp, dry Champagne, “very nice!”

“Let me show you around upstairs.”

We walk up, Steve pausing, pointing with an open palm, lets me go up first. Good manners, I guess, but also, I hope he wants to check out my backside as we walk up the stairs. I take my time, if he’s checking me out, I want to give him ample opportunity! I make sure to arch my back, just a bit more, to make Ümraniye Yabancı Escort my ass stick out… On the next to last step, I turn my head back to see, and indeed, he’s staring right at my ass. I love it, it’s what he should be doing, what I would want him to be doing!

Now on the top level, I turn back to Steve and extend my hand, he reaches to me and we’re hand in hand again.

“I have to confess, Steve, I did take a quick peek up here when I first got here. Just a quick peek, though. I was curious, to see what ‘your lair’ might look like.”

We move through the entry room, to the bedroom, Steve shows me around his master bath, it’s huge, maybe one of the biggest bathrooms I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Here, let me show you the view from the patio… “

We walk over to the wall of glass, and Steve slides open the big glass door. We step out together and place our champagne glasses side by side on a glass tabletop. If anything, the extra level provides for an even more dramatic view than from the main patio. It’s beautiful, a beautiful panorama — just scanning back and forth, you can see palm-covered hillsides, lava-coated outcroppings, golf courses, hotels and resorts, and then further to the west, the Pacific Ocean. This really is a tropical wonderland.

“Steve, this is so beautiful. You really live in paradise, don’t you?”

“Loni, I’ve been very fortunate to have had a successful enough career, so that I could make the move here possible. I truly love it.”

With that, standing on his patio, we stand, facing each other, just a couple of feet away, then a foot away, then closer still.

“Loni… I sorry, I’m not going be able to wait another single second, I don’t think.”

Steve puts one open hand in the small of my back. He leans down into me, and by the time his open mouth reaches mine, my own lips are parted open as well. Our lips press against each other’s, and our tongues start a mad dance, his pushes deep into my mouth. Our tongues swirling around each other, Steve’s hand presses me firmly right into him. My breast forms pushed into his pecs, his hand slides down to cradle my round ass, and as he pushes, there is no doubt, Steve has a thick piece of hardwood packed into his shorts.

He breaks off our kiss, pulling his head back, just a few inches away: “You smell incredible… You taste incredible.” Back to the kissing, then breaking away, he starts nibbling on one ear, flicking his tongue into my ear… I shiver.

His lips travel down to the side of my neck. He’s kissing my neck, with soft, butterfly kisses, flicking his tongue on my tanned, smooth skin. I’m shaking a bit, he continues with a firm but sensuous pressure, to push my tummy against his hard penis, trapped, for now, inside his shorts.

It’s a cliché move, but with one arm, he reaches behind my upper back, and slips his hand under my arm, in my armpit. Immediately, I understand what he is going to do. I put one of my arms behind Steve’s neck, and hanging on to him, I jump just a bit, from the balls of my feet, and Steve puts his other arm under my bent knees. He has me up in the air, supporting my one hundred forty pounds without a hint of strain, he leans over and again stabs my open mouth with his deft, swirling tongue.

Now, I break our kiss, and start to run my lips up and down the side of Steve’s neck. This has never happened in my life, I’ve never had a man lift and carry me like this… He’s ‘taking’ me, I am going to be his…

He walks us from the patio into his bedroom. Gently, with care, he lays me down onto his king-sized bed, on my back, and slides onto the bed, next to me. Our faces are inches away.

“I can’t believe this is really happening, Loni, I can’t believe you’re here…”

“Me too, Steve…”, not very eloquent, is the best I can get out of my mouth. My heart is pounding and I’m breathing deeply, rapidly. What was I thinking to agree to fourteen days of abstinence? It comes back to my mind, what I said to myself back home, “After fourteen days, I’ll be like a bitch in heat.”

I am, right now, in heat. Nothing else is in my mind except Steve and his big cock.

We kiss, and kiss, and kiss. For minutes and minutes. My head is swimming. With one hand, I find Steve’s hardness, grabbing it from the outside, the outside of his khaki shorts. I can’t wait another second.

I wriggle my two hands free, and holding Steve’s belt buckle with one, I find the zipper tab, and carefully, pull the zipper on his shorts all the way down with my other hand. I fish one hand inside, find the top of his underwear, and slip inside that layer too. I find him, grip on to him, his cock. My God, he is THICK!

Now, I’m kneeling next to Steve, he is watching me, quiet. He’s breathing as hard as I am…

With two hands, I pull the elastic waistband down, and fish his big cock out of his shorts. I’m just barely able to fish it out, the open zipper is barely long enough! It takes a few seconds; Ümraniye Yeni Escort I finally manage to pry it out. It flops out, and immediately points to the ceiling.

Momentarily, I’m speechless. There’s a long, thick penis pointing right at me. I think to myself, it’s about as big as a twelve ounce can of Red Bull. Holy Crap!

I reach over and cradle it in one hand. Stroking up and down a few times, I bend my head down, and kiss the tip of the large mushroom head. The head is at least the size of a golf ball…

I look up, looking into Steve’s eyes: “Steve, this is absolutely gorgeous. From our camming, Steve, I knew you were, I knew you are… big. But to see it in real life, this is different… It’s perfect… It’s beautiful…”

Steve smiles, I slide his knees apart, on my knees, and one elbow, and my butt up in the air, I reach down and hold the base of his shaft with a few fingers. I start kissing his penis with little, baby, butterfly kisses. I place a dozen or so, all over the cock head. Then, twisting my head sideways, I kiss the sides of the shaft. Up and down, down and up. I put my lips on the slit at the tip, and lap softly, droplets of precum as I squeeze his shaft with my fingers.

Lifting up my head and torso, I look back into Steve’s eyes: “Steve, honey, I hope you’re ok with me having your cock in my mouth for hours and hours this week?” I tease him… “Is that going to be ok?”… I smile and giggle.

He smiles, chuckles, and pulls me back to him, so we are both laying together, face to face. “Very ok!” he laughs affectionately at me. “You are going to be my lover this week. My sweet sissy slut. My friend. My partner.”

Then, in a second, there is a more serious look on his face: “Loni, you are going to do everything I ask you to do, I tell you to do this week. We are going to make love many times every day. You will swallow my cum, many times. I am going to have my cock inside of you, inside of your boi-pussy, for hours. We are going to go out, with you ALL dressed up sexy for me. I am going to bring a few of my good friends over, one evening this week, you are going to service them, too. I have told them all about you, and they are anxious to meet you!”

After all that, Steve looks at me, studying me, for my reaction.

I’m just about breathless. Does he really mean all of this?

Looking into his eyes, he’s very close, inches from me, I open my mouth: “Yes, Daddy. I’m Yours. All Yours.”

We kiss some more. Steve’s tongue sends shivers all the way into my core. I’m holding his cock with two hands, stroking it, feeling it, squeezing it.

I’m in heaven. Sissy heaven. Laying next to a total stud. He’s gorgeous… His penis is gorgeous. And long. And thick. The head is glossy, still coated with my saliva. Huge veins wriggle across the length of his shaft.

“Steve,” I say to him, “Stop… Teasing… Me.. With… That… Thing!” I giggle.

I jump off the bed, standing right against the edge, without another word, I bend down and unbuckle Steve’s belt.

“Lift up!”

He pulls his butt off the mattress, and I pull his shorts and undershorts down in a single swoop, to his ankles. Lifting up his muscular calves, I take the shorts and throw them into the corner of the room. They smack against the wall and fall to the floor. Steve watches, without a word.

I climb back on the mattress, straddling Steve at his hips, I start grinding my thong onto his hard cock. Pinning it back against his stomach, I rub his cock, up and down with my thong and my little boi-clittie. I lean over, and kiss Steve. Then right back up, I pull at his shirt, pulling the tails upward, he understands, and arches his back, letting me pull the shirt up to his chest, then he sits up, and pulls the shirt over his head, tossing it aside, too. Now he is totally naked.

On my knees, aside Steve on the bed, I reach down to the hem of my minidress, squirming, I pull the tight-fitting dress over my head. Steve looks at me, up and down. In my pearls, I’m wearing that sexy pink brassiere, garter, stockings, thong, and still have my pink patent leather sandals on.

I slide the thong down, my little baby boi clttie pops out, even at just five inches, it’s fully erect, poking up in the air. I slip off the thong, down off my ankles, and now, lay back down, next to Steve.

“Daddy, I can’t believe we did this, I can’t believe we went TWO WEEKS without cumming. I giggle, reaching down, I again start stroking and feeling up his cock, and balls, with two hands. His ball sack is at least as big as a baseball… We kiss some more. I fell Steve’s big hands roaming all over, ALL OVER my body. The small of my back, my smooth silky thighs, all over and around my butt cheeks. He slides a finger into the crack of my butt cheeks, and lightly presses against my anus, making me moan briefly.

He pinches my nipples, lightly, with one hand, while squeezing the shaft of my boi-clittie in the other. All this is happening Ümraniye Masaj Salonu while our lips are locked together and tongues dancing against one another.

“Spread you legs, Daddy”, I ask, and again moving, I get on my hands and knees, between his thighs, facing him. Looking into my sexy Daddy’s eyes, I lower my mouth down to his throbbing penis. I open wide, and start to take him, his hard cock, down into my mouth. I put the head, just the head, into my mouth. I suck on it, while swirling my tongue around the large knob. I just can’t get enough of it. I run my tongue up and down the shaft, tracing his thick veins with the tip of my tongue. I move my mouth to his balls, open my mouth as wide as possible, barely fitting them into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the two orbs, rhythmically, sensuously, while I listen to Steve moan with pleasure. My clittie is drooling onto the bedspread.

Steve pulls me back again, close to him, face to face. We kiss again, with passion. After a few minutes more of kissing, while I’m cradling his balls and cock in my two hands, he breaks the kiss and pulls his face back, away from me, a few inches away.

“I need more, Loni! I need to feel me, my cock, inside you. Are you ready?”

Without hesitating, I nod, yes.

“Ok babe, move over here…”

Steve sits up, and moves off the bed, onto the floor right beside it. He pulls me over to the edge of the bed, pulling me by the underside of my two knees. He positions me, turns me, so my ass is just at the side of the bed. Lifting my muscular, yet slim legs, still by the knees, he instructs me: “Hold your legs up, with your hands, babe.”

I grip my legs, my thighs, so my legs are up and separated as wide as possible, exposing the entry to my boi-pussy to Steve. He moves away, quickly opening the drawer to his nightstand, he grabs a bottle of JO-H2O lube, I’ve seen Steve use this on his cock, during some of cam sessions. He comes back to me, and drizzles a line on me, starting below my balls, down to my rosebud. Then, using one finger, he starts to rub it all around, spreading it all over that area, and then puts some of the lube on my anus. He circles my anus with one finger, and then inserts a finger, just one knuckle of his middle finger, inside me.

Without breaking eye contact, I lick my lips, and moan.

Steve works his thick digit, back and forth, into my boi-pussy. It’s not long, until he has his finger in, two knuckles, deep, and then al the way in. Back and forth, in and out, he’s fucking me with that middle finger. I’ve already broken a sweat, and my eyes are watering.

He pulls the finger out, a little pop at the end, and now starts that same dance, with two fingers. First, circling the folds of my anus, and then pushing, gently, until he has two fingers in me, one knuckle deep. He stays inside me, twirling the tips of his two fingers, pressing against my rim. Then, a second knuckle deep.

God, even his fingers are thick, I think to myself…

In and out, in and out. You know what’s next, he has both fingers all the way inside of me. He’s pushing them in and pulling them out of me, slowly, rhythmically, taking two or three seconds each time, to go in and out. Inside me, he’s curling his fingers, rubbing his fingertips on the inside wall of my rectum, working them around in a three-sixty, all the way around.

Maybe the moaning is transitioning to something I might best describe as a soft whimper… I don’t want this to stop…

Now, the lube bottle is back in his hand, and he’s applying it to his hard, throbbing cock. He lubes it up, all around, and spreads some of the lube off his cock and onto my anus. Now, standing tall over me, he starts rubbing the tip of his cock against my anus, twirling it around in a small circle, then pressing the tip right into the center of that pink little rosebud.

With slow, constant pressure, he pushes the tip, the head of that thick slab of meat, right into me. I reach down, and move my hands from underneath my knees, to my two ass cheeks. I grip them, and try to pull them apart, as far as they will go, hoping it will make this easier…

More pressure, I feel a pop, the same pop when my butt plug reaches the point of no return, and settles into your anus, against the skinny shaft at the bottom of the plug. In this case, there’s no skinny shaft… There’s no skinny part of Steve’s cock! The ‘pop’ is the head of Steve’s cock, settling inside the rim of my anus. It’s only the first inch or two of his cock, the cock head inside of me is filling me up, feeling almost the same as my largest butt plug!

My only response is little, high-pitches girly grunts: “uh… uh… uh… uh…”

Steve stops trying to penetrate me any further, leaving the cock head inside of me, to help stretch me out more, to get me used to him being inside of me. Without pushing in, he moves his hips back and forth, toward and away from me, and side to side. The cock head is maybe getting more comfortable, I’m thinking.

Then, his thrusts to and fro begin to have more intention. Steve pushes, holding my hips with his two hands. He’s pumping, thrusting, advancing his cock into my boi-pussy. As he pulls back, he does so just enough the leave that thick flange at the edge of his cockhead inside my rim.

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