T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 04


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Life, for a fortunate few in this world, was always perfect. When you are blessed with the gift of masculine good looks, you worked to develop the perfect body; women and opportunities just fell at your feet. Doors that would never open for most guys were yours to walk through on a whim.

Such seemed to be the world of Steve Bishop as he walked down the docks of the tropical paradise of Bear Island. Somehow, his best friend Vance had scored these summer jobs working at an exclusive island resort that catered exclusively to rich women. With his looks and easy going yet dominant personality, Steve never had a girl turn him down for anything he desired.

Guys, like Vance, hung out with him mostly in hopes of picking up the ones he had discarded once he had chosen the girl he would take to bed that night. They were often successful in their schemes. Vance was hoping for such luck here as well.

Both young men relished the idea of catching the attention of some incredibly wealthy and at least somewhat desirable looking woman’s eye.

Dreams of a quickie marriage, a few years pleasurable sexual frolicking before either party had their fill followed by an equally quickie divorce with a sizeable financial settlement danced in both young man’s heads as they followed the group of men and women to the waiting shuttles.

Steve looked down the white sands of the beach in anticipation of maybe darkening his tan a bit after orientation briefings were completed.

More than one lady in the group cast a lingering eye on the impressive work of art he knew he was. His vanity was well earned from countless hours in the gym from fifth grade until graduation. He played with more than a couple of these wonderful young ladies who willingly helped him fill in the dull days of the sea voyage getting here.

He never bothered with remembering their names. He lost interest in them once he had finished enjoying plundering unexplored flesh.Awareness of interested female eyes on him was so common place that he no longer experienced the ego swelling sensation of such attention. He just assumed most women wanted him and he was seldom wrong.

He walked down the dock with the strut of a man who owned the world. His eyes already scanning the resort staff sent to meet them for any new distractions to enjoy attention from.

Vance never stopped jabbering about this or that. How cool the vacation jobs would be, how that girl was hot or how drunk they would get. Of all his friends Vance was the closest to his level in good looks and didn’t act as an annoyance in his game of female conquest.

Yes, life was just another day full of the promise of great opportunities and untold pleasures.

They climbed into the shuttle vans after a couple of exotic looking island girls grabbed his bags from him with eager, inviting smiles. He blessed the girls with a gentle smile of his own before taking his seat for the ride to the summer staff housing. The trip was short and full of beautiful seaside views that energized the slightly travel weary group.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by their supervisors, given a brief overview of their duties, issued several sets of their uniforms, and shown to their suites in the temporary servants housing. Their rooms consisted of a pair of modest yet comfortable beds that neither young man hoped to put to use while here. Both enjoyed a quick shower and donned their comfortable staff uniforms and followed the rest of the group of new arrivals down to the lobby for dinner. Yes, life was good.

After the orientation meeting was over, they picked up a copy of their work schedules, a layout of the resort marked with their work stations and a map of the island.

The two enjoyed a pleasant evening at the staff bar where Steve carefully avoided showing more than a mild interest in any of the girls present. He didn’t want a jealous young lady spoiling his chances at a bigger, wealthier prize later.

Vance was not so particular and had wandered off with a beautiful Asian young lady after a few attempts she had at getting Steve’s attention failed. Steve picked up his half-finished drink and wandered around the resort.

The soft ocean breeze easily penetrated the light cotton uniform he was wearing. He felt like they were more pajamas than clothing. He took off his shoes upon arrival at the moonlit beach. He enjoyed the feel of soft sand between his çapa escort toes as he walked down to the surf.

The final rays of the setting sun seemed to provide the perfect ending to the perfect day he had so far. He barely walked a few hundred feet along the dunes before he found Vance with his girl entangled together. He smiled at his friend’s enjoyments as he quietly walked around the two who were too preoccupied to notice his presence. They were not the only couple among the swaying trees that lined the beach.

He paused at the sight of a couple of girls locked in a deep kiss. He briefly considered the thrill of trying to insinuate himself into the situation but knew it might invite trouble for his future plans and left the two beautiful girls to their exploration of each other. Yes, this was truly going to be one of the best times of his life.

As he walked past a series of small storage huts he heard the soft murmur of voices. The voices became moans and grunts as he quietly slipped around the corner. The sight that greeted him had his jaw drop. A beautifully exotic Latina girl had a much younger redhead teenager in her arms. Normally couples making out had no effect on Steve but this situation completely blew his mind.

The girl held the boy pinned to the wall of the hut with his arms and legs wrapped around her sexy body. The soft exterior lights of the huts made their skin gleam as she thrust her hips into the happily accepting young man.

Unsure of what he was witnessing, Steve crept closer to the perverse scene.

The two lovers enjoyed a deep passionate kiss as the girl tightened her grip on the boy’s ass she was enjoying. Steve was close enough to smell the scent of perfume and sweat. He could easily make out the well-toned Latina’s muscles as she held her lover against the hut.His eyes were drawn down between her slightly spread thighs to see a sight he could not believe.

The girl had her large hard cock buried deep into the young man’s ass. His legs wrapped above her shapely hips caused his own hips to twist and flex upward allowing the girl even deeper inside him. His hands explored her back and breasts as they continued to kiss. Both lovers were lost in their own perverted paradise. Steve knew he should be revolted by the scene and thankfully part of him was. But that cock buried into willing ass drew his eyes against his will.

A giddy feeling raced through his stomach as he watched the girl pound the young man against the hut. The redheaded teenager seemed to buck against the woman as he met each thrust with an equally enthusiastic flex of his hips.

Unable to tear his eyes away from the two, Steve grew alarmed at his body’s reaction to the scene.

He should be vomiting in the sand. He should easily be able to turn away in disgust. But he remained rooted to the spot and took in every decadent detail. Familiar with his own techniques of taking girls the same way the brown skinned beauty was taking the pale boy, he knew she was close to release.

In morbid fascination he watched as she braced the helpless but eager teenager against the hut and pounded harder and deeper between his open thighs.

Steve heard her soft groan as she rammed the boy a final time and held her cock deep inside him. The two were lost in their own world of unnatural pleasure sharing a deep open mouth kiss as she pumped shot after shot of her cum into the willing teenager.

He heard the soft murmur of their voices as she caressed her young lover’s hair. She continued to hold the boy against the hut, leisurely thrusting and grinding her cock deep in his ass.

Steve was finally released from the spell of the scene; he walked as quickly as he could away from the tow, alarmed at his reaction to what he had witnessed. He sure as hell didn’t go in for crap like this! Real men didn’t take cocks like a moaning whore. Steve became angry at the two lovers for the image of passion he was unable to get out of his mind now. His own cock betrayed him by hardening slightly. That only fed his anger as he stormed into his room.

He briefly thought of going back out and finding the first girl to give the angriest fuck of her life to. He wanted to rid himself of the perverted sexual energy he had from the Latina that dominated his thoughts now. Instead, he took a long cold shower and found a small stocked bar in the community room on his floor. Selecting a bottle of rum, he returned to his room and drank himself to sleep.

The next morning he woke up and put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. His normal morning routine included a quick mile run to wake his body up. He stretched and took a short walk along the beach before he broke into an easy stride along the gentle morning surf. The sea felt cold to his feet and legs as he enjoyed the peaceful solitude.

He smiled at a couple of attractive young ladies who also were out for a morning jog. His eyes feasted on bouncing tits, gleaming flat stomachs and well sculpted legs. He returned istanbul escort bayan their smiles with one of his own, cheerful yet not too inviting. As his eyes traveled from their attractive faces, he was drawn to the v between their legs.

The image of swaying hard cocks bouncing in the morning sun sprang into his mind. The perverse giddy sexual energy coursed through his stomach again. His own cock stirred at the memory of the Latina taking her pleasure from the willing teenager.

Steve flew into a rage against the unwanted and disgusting images. The two formerly cheerful girls’ smiles faltered at the change in Steve’s expression. They gave the troubled young man a bit more room unsure of what strange fit he was experiencing. Steve balled his fists and broke into a full sprint. He tried to out run the lewd thoughts that raced through his head. He wanted to pound them out of his skull with his own hands if needs be.

His run went on until his lungs could not draw in enough oxygen to keep up with the demands he placed on his body. He slowed to a walk that allowed him to relax. Drained of unwanted energy, he headed back to the servant’s housing for a shower and quick breakfast.

He and Vance received their instructions for their duties as waiters in the main dining hall. The large circular room held a decent sized oval riser along one end for a band. Tables were set in rows, covered with shining white cloths that gleamed in the late morning sun.

Overhead there was an atrium roof, a series of clear windows that allowed the morning sun to fill the chamber. Screens could be drawn across the windows during the heat of the day to keep the room cooler. Along the exterior facing wall was a bank of windows designed to maximize the ocean view. Rows of tables had a generous amount of space to allow diners and staff to move freely. Even the seating had double spacing to provide further comfort to the guests.

It was clear that the resort spared no expense or detail on the luxuries it provided its clientele. Such elegance and richness only hardened Steve’s resolve that he would snare the attentions of one of the guests in hopes of enjoying this type of lifestyle for himself and ultimately on his own terms.

He went about his duties with care and attention that earned him praise from his lovely supervisor. He politely turned down her offer for drinks after dinner that night. Claiming fatigue from traveling, she accepted his excuse with disappointment.

As he and Vance made their way back to the servant’s housing, they nearly ran into a young woman who was paying more attention to her data pad than where she was going. A quick apology, she paused to look Steve over. Steve froze in place.

It was the Latina girl from the huts the night before. He again felt the giddy swirl of energy in his stomach. He wanted desperately to believe it was his revulsion to the creature. His heart raced slightly and his cock hardened against his will. He knew what this woman had hidden away from the view of the world.

He felt a swelling of rage that reddened his face. The beautiful girl’s eyes finally met his own. The smile turned from cheerful to inviting to downright seductive in a matter of seconds. Steve found it hard to breath. He was torn between wanting to beat this creature to a pulp to thoughts he was too shocked and embarrassed to allow himself to consider fully.

“Dude!” exclaimed his astonished friend,” are you blushing?? Seriously??”

Steve was unable to reply. His eyes locked on the sexy girl’s as time froze for the two. As if she knew what he was thinking, her smile turned wicked and she gave him the sexiest wink then walked on to complete her duties.

“Man!” continued Vance as Steve broke into a fast walk. “I mean, she’s smoking and all but I’ve never seen a girl rattle your cage like that!”

“Drop it,” hissed Steve through gritted teeth.

“Whoa.. hostility..” crowed Vance, trying to lighten the foul mood his friend was experiencing. “You ok, bro?”

“Yeah,” growled Steve. “Do yourself a favor and stay away from that one.”

“You two know each other or something?”

“Or something..”

Vance was intrigued. “Come on man, Spill! What gives with her?”

“She isn’t a she,” answered Steve without slowing his stride.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“It means just what you think it means, dumbass,” snarled Steve.

“Hey man! Chill!” The startled young man stammered, “She’s like… really? ..Like, not a she? How did you find that out?” asked Vance. He stopped and quickly back peddled, “You didn’t… You two… No way!!”

Steve whirled on his friend, read to swing. Vance backed off slightly. “No! Nothing like that and don’t you even begin to suggest to anyone anything like that happened.. ever!. I went for a walk last night and saw her with some kid out by the huts on the beach.”

Vance looked back at the figure of the girl before she vanished inside the building. “Really?” He paused güngören escort stunned at what he was being told. “She has a.. You know.. I mean, Really?? As super-hot as she is?”

Vance picked up his pace to catch up with Steve who stormed his way towards their room.Once inside Vance continued to ramble excitedly. “I don’t believe it!”

He paused at the threatening glare his friend gave him. “Not that I don’t believe you, bro!” He held out his hands to try and calm Steve down.

“I just can’t wrap my head around the idea. I mean, I heard of girls like that but I would think that.. you know.. You would KNOW if you saw one. I mean, did you see the tits on her?? And her ass was perfect!! I mean.. I would definitely hit that!”

Vance paused realizing what he was implying, “I mean,, if she didn’t have.. well, you know…” He corrected hastily. “oh nevermind,” he finished in embarrassment.

“Yeah,” grunted Steve. “I know. Now let’s drop it.”

“Sure, bro.” Vance said. I’m going to grab a shower real quick then meet up with Valerie down on the beach. You going to be ok?”

“Sure,” replied Steve neutrally. “I’m cool. Don’t take all the hot water.”

“Got it! Chirped his friend as he grabbed his shorts and t-shirt and vanished into the bathroom.

Steve sat down on his bed glancing about the room. He fidgeted with the TV remote, surfing channel through channel on the satellite service. There were plenty of sports channels that covered everything from baseball to rugby. He paused to watch the action while Vance finished up in the bathroom.

“Don’t wait up for me!” he crowed as he grabbed a large beach towel from the closet.

“I won’t,” replied a much calmer Steve. “Have fun.”

“I will! See ya!”

Vance was out the door and the room fell to silence. Steve turned the volume up to drown out the void left after Vance made his exit. Restlessly, Steve continued surfing the channels.

Eventually, he came across the adult channels. The first few were standard fare. Men with ridiculously sized dicks fucking equally ridiculously voluptuous gals followed by a couple of channels of girl/girl action, which he paused at as any normal man would. He felt his cock stir thankfully at the sight of the girls locked in a deep French kiss.

The next channels jarred the erotic feeling out of him as guys were kissing guys. One channel showed one young man on his knees with a hairy man over him feeding him his cock. Steve felt a grateful relief as he went cold with disgust. He fingered the channel button on the remote, happy to quell the unspoken worries he held inside since last night.

The next channel struck him like a bolt of lightening. It was a poolside scene with a sexy tanned Latina girl with flowing dark hair. She looked like a sister to the girl that worked at the resort. The girl that tormented his thoughts as he once again saw her thrusting into the teenager by the hut.

Cursing at the unwanted memory, he angrily looked back at the action on TV. The girl in the scene was feeding her thick hard cock into the submissive guy in front of her on a towel. His head down on his hands, eyes closed as he willingly allowed that bitch to fuck him like a damn fag!

Steve grew angry at the damning feel of unwanted sexual energy that whirled in his gut. His cock stirred and Steve almost screaming in anger and fear. He switched off the TV cursing loudly as he tried to rid himself of the images.

What does this mean? Was he gay? ‘No FUCKING WAY!!’ he mentally screamed at himself. He stormed off to the shower, his hard cock leading the way. He set the shower to the coldest setting and stood naked letting the water cool his temper and the heat of feelings he didn’t even begin to acknowledge.

Feeling his heart beat return to normal and his temper cooled, Steve wandered down the hall into the community room. Selecting another bottle of rum, he headed back to his room. He spent the next couple of hours drowning his churning emotions into a hazy comfortable slumber.

Steve walked along the beach alone. The sun was setting to end another day here in paradise. He rounded the huts whose soft exterior lighting had just come on with a faint soothing hum. The sea air felt cooling on his skin.

He took the beautiful Latina girl in his arms. His mouth claimed hers hungrily. His tongue found hers and they tangled in the warm depths. He traced the sharp hard edges of her teeth and explored the soft wet wall of her palate.

Steve’s hand roved up tanned flesh as he found her firm round breast. Cupping that perfect orb, their kiss deepened. Taking a handful of her dark hair in his hand, he pulled her head back. He kissed along her jaw and she turned her head further to give him her throat. He relished her submissiveness, her surrendering herself to his pleasure. This was the way it was meant to be. This was his place in the world. His cock hardened in anticipation of the thrills she would provide him. He wanted her on her knees with his dick sliding between her soft full lips.

His heart beat loud thuds in his ears as he took her nipple into his mouth. He ran his tongue over the hardening nub of flesh. He felt the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing became labored with excitement.

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