The Beach Loves Caryl


The Beach Loves CarylI have written about this beach before so I won’t spend time reciting all again here, but suffice it to say that there is an area that is not patrolled in anyway and the people who have seemingly taken to this area have respected the place and the people.I was there one day the following year after the guy with the thong bathing suit incident. My g/f Elaine was with me and teased every time I looked around, asking if I had seen the ‘Thong Guy’ yet, which was sad that I had such an amazing time with him and yet we never knew each other’s names even, so he was thing guy. On this particular day, it was nearing my birthday, in September and the sun was still hot and I was working on my final touches of that year’s tan. There weren’t many people at the beach that day because it was windy. This kept most people off the beach because the blowing sand gets everywhere. The ones that seem to come out in droves are the sail boarders or para-surfers. We had taken a spot just off the beach, back in the tall saw grass, down in a dune valley. Elaine had started out lying beside me. She poured tanning lotion, not sun block, all over my stomach and began rubbing it in. Without saying a word, she reached behind me and undid my bikini top and pulled on the string between my breasts and took the top right away. Instantly her other hand began rubbing the oil into my exposed breasts, quickly joining in with the other hand, spending far more time kneading my boobs repeatedly. Before I said anything Elaine’s hands began traveling toward my belly and then down unto my thighs. She added more oil and began rubbing down each leg changing sides often. Working her way back up, her hands were on the fronts and inner areas of the calves and thighs. As she reached the tiny black thong that I was wearing, which was at Elaine’s request, I felt a rush go through me and shivered in response. This is how dark my tanned tits were, almost the same color as my areola.I pushed her hands away, reminding her that she wanted me to wear these panty bottoms as the bottoms of my bikini today, because they were so small and had very thin thong back. She also said that it would be transparent especially if I went into the water. Thinking back, she might have said, if they got wet, which they were doing now from her applying the suntan oil and rubbing all around my pubic mound. Elaine said I could pull it off and figured I could make it work and keep my tanned ass well tanned. Elaine was very turned on too, but she didn’t say anything to me about it. She went out to the beach to wash her hands off in the water and see what the beach life was like. She told me afterward that as she walked out in the open a guy on para-sailboard, one of the ones that seem to stand on a stilt with a smaller board underneath, whipped past above eye level and shocked her that he was that close to shore. In all likelihood he was a good distance away, but when you get surprised it always seems to be more sensational. When she returned she reported that there much more ‘windy’ people on the beach now and a couple guys on boards saw about where in he saw grass we were situated. The ‘Windy’ people name came for two reasons. The first I’ll give you, it’s because they come when it’s windy to use their sailboards, parachute, etc. The second reason is that when they first came here some tried to take over the whole beach, and families and couples had to watch for them zigzagging around out in the water coming too near k**s and swimmers. The other reason is for all the BS they spout when they come out of the water, How great they are, how they will rule the beach etc. Usual BS until the Provincial Park Officers made them stay in a small area when swimmers were around, so they only came out when no one else was there. It pretty much sorted itself out. They only really wanted to come out when it was too windy for the rest of the people to put up with the blowing sand and if it wasn’t a windy day, they were like the rest of the people and had to be part of the regular beach pack. Because I and then Elaine and I had been coming to beach for so long, we knew the back areas behind and in the saw grass. Hell, we knew and partied in most of the dunes before the saw grass was even planted as little shoots. Most people park and walk straight out to the beach and then choose a direction based on what they see. We come in from the parking lot around the back way and go where we know it is best, and if someone happens to be there first in that spot, we know where the next best one is and so on down about 5 or 6 places back in there. I told Elaine that I was going to lay on my stomach and get my back and ass tanned. She pretty much begged me to go for a swim first. Reluctantly I walked out to the edge of the sandy beach, to see if I need to put my top on. There were the windy people down the beach and only one guy near us, but quite a ways out. Elaine took me by the hand and out we went, both topless. The wind had churned up the waves into rollers being a couple feet high. We walked out about 100 m, as far as the 3rd sandbar which with the waves was all we were able to walk to without swimming. The water was above my breasts one moment and then suddenly it was around mid-thigh. The undercurrent was strong, but we jumped and bounced over the waves as they rolled by. A I stood there fighting against the undertow taking my feet out from under me, I saw that the sailboard was passing by closer than he was before. I asked Elaine if she thought he was getting closer. “When I say now, you look down”, Elaine instructed me’“Okay”, I answered. Just after a big wave went by I held my ground and Elaine shouted, “Now!”I looked down and didn’t really see anything different. “So?”“Where was the water?” She asked.“At my thighs”, I answered pointing down as another swell was about to go by. Through her laughter Elaine asked another question, “And what was covering your big titties?”I realized that while Elaine was only coming out of the water up to her neck or shoulders, I was standing up all this time. “Now do you know why he’s getting closer?” Elaine commented about the sailboarder. “And them too!” I said as another two guys were about the same distance away going past us. Soon we were joined by another couple of para-gliders up at our end, circling more sarıyer escort than running parallel with the shore. Elaine swam up beside me and asked if I was getting turned on with this audience. I thought she meant because of my previous lack of judgement and flashed my tits at that first guy all those times. Then I found out what she really meant. Elaine slipped behind me and began to caress my breasts ensuring to lift them out of the water anytime someone on a board would go by. She was kissing my neck knowing that it drives me insanely horny. Her hands played over my tits and pulled my nipples so gently but firmly, just the way I love. I realized that the water was getting deeper. We were actually walking backward toward the shore and off this sandbar. When we came up on the next one the water was from my knees to my waist and they guys now numbering a couple more watched her playing with my tits every time they went by because the water never came up enough to cover them. Oh god when she slipped her hand to my panty top I thought she was going to let her finger go inside me and start doing me there in front of all the windy guys going by us. Her hands roamed over my stomach and down each leg and thigh. Then her hands were between my legs and I was quivering gain, but this time I was not going to stop her. I was so turned on I was about to beg her to take me, when she said, “Okay, let’s get some sun” turned and walked in towards she leaving me horny like I just did to her. When I got over the dunes to our blanket Elaine had already taken her bikini bottoms off and was lying on her stomach. I stood beside the blanket and stripped my bottoms off too and lay beside her. I asked her if she wanted any lotion, but I knew she hardly ever used it because she didn’t like it in the sun that long, to need it , like I do. I was marveling at how the guys were only going a short ways past us and turning to come by again and then turn around on that side and come back. “Well, your tits got them here,” She answered, “But that’s not what kept them here.”I had to ask, “What do you mean by that? They could see you playing with them, so that must have got their attention”When I had turned over to see what Elaine was up to she was standing at the end of the blanket so the sun was directly on her like it would have been on us out in the water. I thought how weird she put my panty bottoms on. Then I saw it, Elaine’s pussy, as bold as brass, displayed right there, completely visible through the panties I had been wearing, a few minutes ago in the water.That thong that gets transparent when it gets wet, and goes completely sheer except for the black lacy elastic used for the legs and waist. The triangle on the front was almost translucent, clear. I could see the full slit of Elaine’s pussy and the elastic looked like a triangle frame around her cunt. That’s exactly what the guys could see of me and why they hung around out there, and why they didn’t pass on the inside where they wouldn’t be able to see. Those guys had been watching Elaine seduce me and had been waiting for her to play with my wanton twat. They would be able to see it all. Just then I thought I saw Elaine’s pussy spread from being “in heat” and I knew that mine does that too. When I am horny, like I was out there, my pussy lips spread all on their own, as if getting ready for something to be inserted in there. “Give me my panties?” I requested.“Only if you promise not to put them on again until I say so?” Elaine teased as she made to slide them down her legs, stopping at her hips, the panties now a thin line of material across her pussy, waiting for my response.I waited until it was near uncomfortable and broke down, “Yeah, Okay. But please don’t make too big a deal out of it?” Elaine has put me in some awkward situations and not all of them turned out to be something that I would or could write about. If you have read my other stories you will know that since being with Elaine, I have expanded my horizons in new ways. I was no longer Bi-curious…….I was Bi.Not that it was a problem but I really enjoy a good old fashion fuck after many orgasms that Elaine gives me. Elaine is a lesbian and has no like of men, let alone love for them, finding them useless to her, but for my sake she assists (helps?) me in getting laid. As she has said many times, “Girl, you can go get fucked any day, and almost any time, but we are after the prime fucking for you and get some new experiences, all while allowing you enjoy that exhibitionist person that has been cooped up inside you way too long!”I took the panties and tucked them into my beach bag, out of sight. As I lay back to enjoy some more sun on my naked back, Elaine motioned back towards the tree line and saying she had to go pee. I could hear the waves breaking and the poplar tree leaves rustling and of course the squawking of the seagulls. The sun was giving my back, my ass and the back of my legs one more day of deep tanning. It all felt too good as my thoughts wandered to Elaine’s hands getting so close to my pussy, and all those guys looking at my pussy and watching Elaine getting closer to touching it in front of them. It must have been when I shifted and had to straighten my leg for a moment that my hand did not reappear from under me, but slid underneath. As I fantasized and relived those few minutes in the water, I was not thinking about my actions now and began grazing my hand over my pubic mound. Then along the top of the slit and then down the sides, my finger tickle my moist flesh. Oh so slowly, all the way to the bottom, pulling my fingers out of my crack and then my hand traced the other edge back up. Before my hand came to the top of my slit, I began rubbing my hand across about a half inch above my clit. As I rubbed myself the intensity and speed became greater. I couldn’t help myself at this point, my other hand went under me as well. I hunched up my ass and let the left hand hold my pussy lips open wide so I could get as much friction directly on my clit, pushing the protruding nub violently from side to side. I jerk my hips out like an a****l being mated, trying to ensure as much contact and thrust depth for that ejaculation. I felt myself start vibrating beyond anything I could control esenyurt escort and a stark yelp came out before I began sobbing from joyous sensation course through me from my loins. Immediately I thrust three fingers of my left hand into my pussy, but I was too tight to take it. By the fourth thrust two fingers were going in to the full depth and a third finger was soon added too. This is the time when, and if, I was with someone that had a decent sized cock and they stuffed my pussy with it, I would wrap my legs around them so tight and my vagina would throb and pulsate on their cock, keeping them as deep inside me until this massive orgasm decides to subside. For now, three fingers were going to have to do and they did, but not bring on quite the powerhouse orgasms that I was describing above.Shortly after some indignant thrashing on my beach blanket, I noticed that I was being watched by a couple of young men. It seemed that the moment I saw them and froze, Elaine stepped out of the bushes across from where they stood. She walked towards me and ever so casually, as if asking if they would like a drink of water. She inquired if they were interested in joining me on the blanket.I was shocked when she said this, but not as shocked as when she said to them, “Obviously the girl needs a cock, and I’m sure you noticed that I can help her out in the department, maybe one or both of you could cum to her aid?”The taller dark haired guy, I’ll call Alpha, walked right up and knelt beside me. He immediately took my tits in his hands and roughly began squeezing them and kneading them. Once he had done this for a very brief time his cock was suddenly sprung right in front of my face. I wanted to make him wait, but as I was about to very lightly lick the tip of his dick, the Beta guy started consuming my pussy with his tongue, lapping me up like a thirsty dog on a hot day. Alpha was not made to wait, as I brought my face up to take the tip of his cock, Beta made me gulp and I opened my lips like a mouth-breather and took half of Alpha’s prick in to the back of my throat.I knew I was going to have another orgasm soon and right after it I wanted to feel Alpha’s big fat dick slide into my pussy and pushed in as far as it will go and held there while I cum like a banshee. Then, fuck me silly as I have multiple aftershock orgasms that just me keep me moaning and vibrating, with the odd thrash thrown in too. Beta was relentless on my clit and I was soon building up to a big one. Damn if the young man didn’t eat me through that orgasm, then another and into a third one before I finally yelled for one of them to put their dicks in my vagina. Naughty nurse talk I guess lol. I was lying naked in the sun covered in suntan oil and my sweat. My eyes were closed as I kept feeling more and more sensations reverberating from my loins, when simultaneously I felt a hot liquid spray across my stomach and a big fat cock shoved into my snatch. The thrust had enough force that I bolted upward as far as I could go with two guys on me. There was a cock spewing hot thick white blobs of cum on my stomach then on my tits as he tried to bring his cock to my mouth before it was all spent. I looked up and Alpha looked disappointed as he couldn’t get anymore out for my mouth. Beta was now slamming and holding his penis in me and did exactly as I was instructing him to do. I don’t know how many times he slammed his cock into my depths and held it while I enjoyed one orgasm after another. When I couldn’t handle any more explosive orgasms I felt back on the blanket limp. Beta knew he wanted to cum and if he didn’t do it soon, it could get even weirder than it already was. He began fucking my pussy with the same fervor and force as he used on my clit with his tongue. He was hunched up pushing his dick into me like a jack rabbit. When he came he fell flat on me and just pumped and pumped his young sperm into me.It was almost surreal as I lay out in the sun, with all the waterside noises in the background and a young man lying across my in the pools of his buddy’s cum on my stomach, chest and tits. His cock pushed in all the way and his cum overflowing around his cock and down my ass. The main sound was that of these two young men breathing heavily after using my body for their enjoyment. I loved it. When Beta crawled off me, Alpha wanted to make small talk, but I rolled onto my stomach and closed my eyes. I hadn’t felt this good and well used for a while and I wasn’t going to let some windy guy, who wanted to make excuses or plan another time we could fuck or whatever he was going on about. Elaine knew the drill and this was her cue to enter the scene and oust the guys away. Her mean butch dyke character persona, she uses, works well and needs little explanation. These guys just fucked a lesbian’s woman and were not welcome here now. They got the message, whatever it was she said, and they grabbed their shorts and off they went. I don’t even know if they were dressed or naked when they left. I was enjoying being enjoyed and I had the revitalizing aftershocks that kept a perma-smile on my face. I had laid out there over half an hour and Elaine brought me back to reality asking if I wanted more lotion as I was really showing the affects of the day’s sun. Now remember this was September and I had tanned so much that it was difficult to see my nipples as the flesh of my breasts were so dark, and now my back would match and no tan lines today either. I needed to cool off and get the sand and dried cum off me, so Elaine and I walked over the dunes to the beach. I had done this topless so many times I never thought anything about it as I stepped out past the last stand of saw grass, and there on the other side of it was another young guy and his girl friend walking by holding hands. They stopped in their tracks as, when this oiled up sweaty blonde woman sauntered out before them, absolutely naked. I saw the guy’s smile broaden as he looked me up and down and I knew he was enjoying the view. I felt sorry for the poor young girl who was much less developed than I was, but my pity left as quickly as I saw that smile on her face as she cuddled into the guys arm.I kept on walking out towards the water so I trooped right in front of them, but as they were nearing where I came from, Elaine avrupa yakası escort stepped out, topless. The girl now understood that we were lesbians and her smiled broaden too and then she winked at me. She was very turned on by the thoughts and sights too.Elaine and I jumped about in the waves that had seemed to be bigger so we only made it the second sandbar. Being aware that I was the entertainment the last time I was out in the water with Elaine, I was much more aware of my circumstances and surroundings. There was one guy that looked pretty hot that made several passes by us that Elaine finally goaded me into flashing him, first boobs then boobs and pussy. He smiled and waved, but there was a female boarder showed up shortly after and they rode off to the other end of the beach. That was okay because I gotten enough of a jolt from the teasing to get me back in horny mode again. As we were kneeling in the water and bouncing keeping our heads only sticking out of the waves, a guy I had seen there many times before, and as always he was walking along the beach picking up things that didn’t belong there that had washed up on the shoreline. He was wearing the same red faded bagging swim shorts. I wasn’t sure if his hair was white or blonde. He was one of the few people with a darker tan than mine, maybe that was why I was intrigued by him, that and his good works.He was long gone towards the park entrance when Elaine and I returned to the beach and then our blankets. I thought I saw her with a empty soda can n her hand, but thought nothing more of it. After a few minutes of lying in the sun I was mostly dried off. Elaine asked if wanted any sun tanning lotion applied, even though I was laying on my back and could easily reach the areas that needed tanning, it was the sexual thought that matter and it mattered a lot right about then. Elaine spread the oil across my tits like she usually does, but she did not spend as much time rubbing it into my breasts as she would, and then quickly down each leg. Once she did this she began rubbing extra oil into my vaginal area, often spreading my labia out and rubbing oil inside me and on my clit. It was more than just suntan oil; she was getting me ready again. For what, I could only guess?Elaine sat up and moved near my head. She reached down to rub the excess oil into my breasts now. As much as my tits liked the attention, I had to wonder why it happened this way. I remember hearing Elaine say, “Here, eat this!” as she swung her leg over my head and put her knees by my shoulders and her fresh twat came down on my face and nuzzled into my mouth. I started eating her ferociously. I licked and bit hard on her clit and had her squirming and pressing into my face so hard trying to get all she could. Then her I heard her say, “Eat this!” as she spread my cunt lips apart. I was expecting her to lean down and start chewing my snatch like I was doing to her. A mouth suckled unto my pussy, but it wasn’t Elaine’s lips and tongue. It was different and good, but not Elaine’s level of eating cunt. Then as Elaine backed off my face I felt a penis pushed to the entrance of my pussy and had spread my lips out. Then I saw it was the white hair man with the dark tan. I looked down and the hair on his chest was white too. This hid the chiseled effect he had worked his body to. Then lower, I saw a white patch of pubic hair, but it was the fat uncut cock that was pushed all the way in and then pulled all the way back out. Not many guys can maintain a straight enough line of entry to pull out like that but each time he re-entered me, my clit was thrilled by the resistance of his cock pressing back against it as he shoved it home again. He was so tender the way her caressed my breasts, His licks and kisses to them as tender as if he were doing a virgin he loved, yet his hard cock slammed into my waiting pussy with as much force as he could muster. I was floating away in orgasm after orgasm, feeling the ebb and flow of my pussy wanting and exploding. When he came, he sat up and stroked his hard cock until he blasted streams of clear running fluid all over my pussy lips. His last act before falling down on the blanket beside me was to slap my pussy with his flaccid penis several times ringing my last orgasm back to life for a fleeting moment as my pussy spasmed a few more times, with each slap.He rolled over and sat up looking at the cum smeared all over his cock. “Hey sweetheart, would mind cleaning me up a bit?” he asked. As I rolled over unto my right side I could feel his cum now running downhill in this new position. I took his flaccid dick in my fingers tips and began to lick the head and then started to lick up the underside of his cock. He moaned in pleasure as I sucked his cock into my mouth and to the edge of my throat. A couple more licks and slurps and I could feel that his cock was growing again and was pushing at the back of my throat. I switched around in position to allow his cock to go unhindered down my throat. Once he felt my throat muscles start to work his pecker and squeeze the head of his cock, he began bucking his hips to get more fuck into my face. “Oh fuck! I wish my wife could suck cock like this. Don’t take this wrong but you are a great cocksucker!”Two more pumps of his cock into my mouth and I pulled back, scowling at him. Thinking, ‘You prick, here I am deepthroating a married man less than 300 feet down the shoreline from his unsuspecting wife’. I wasn’t ready for what he did next. Apparently he was going to fuck my face with or without my consent as he stuffed his hard cock back into my mouth and began rocking his hips violently to fuck my mouth hard. He really must have liked it because he came again quickly, this time he left his cock in my mouth and I swallowed all I could. A small amount dribbled out on my chin and down onto my right tit. “Will you be re tomorrow?” he inquiredI looked at him and said, “The only way you are going to get anything from me after this is if your wife gives me her expressed approval”His answer was a shock too. “I’ll have her walk up the beach with me and then she can tell you it’s okay, herself, but she might want to watch, if that was okay?”I asked Elaine, “I wonder how he knew we were here?”“I don’t think he did until he saw you.” She answered.“So how did he know to look here?” I hypothetically questioned again.“I lead him here. I put pop cans and garage close enough together that he followed the trail!”“So you breadcrumbed a guy right to my pussy? I love you!”Wow, and next maybe a reverse cuckold with her permission and he’s got a big fat juicy cock. At this point I was really hoping to see him the next day.

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