The Drive Thru


The clock on his dash read 12:58 when he pulled up to the drive thru speaker. He hated these hours, but it paid the bills. And the isolation. He hated the isolation! By the time he got to his desk at 5:30 the only people left were the two day shift ITs he took over from. The little human contact he had was by e-mail and text message.

“What would you like tonight?”

He recognized her voice. She was closing tonight! He would have just a few minutes to enjoy that smile! He ordered his regular burger and fries and pulled around to the pick-up window.

“That will be $4.88!”

She smiled that smile. He loved that smile! He had the five ready.

She had his change ready. They did this several times a week. He really missed her on her nights off.

“You almost missed us tonight. Another minute or two we would have been closed!”

“Bad wreck a couple blocks back. Traffic’s a mess!”

“Which way?”

“Towards town.”

“That’s good. I go the other way.”

She handed him the bag with his dinner and gave him another smile. “Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?”

Anything she could do? Almost anything! Since his wife had left him more than a year ago for that young weight lifter, he was just plain lonely!

He grinned. “Come have a drink with me!” He knew she’d laugh that off. He was probably twice her age and he didn’t kid himself about his looks – average at best.

She didn’t laugh! She did smile! “It takes us 25 or 30 minutes to shut down. Can you wait?”

Could he wait 25 or 30 minutes? He would cheerfully wait hours if she would go out with him!

“Sure! I’ll eat this while I wait.”

Now she did laugh. “We’ll close this up as fast as we can.”

Twenty minutes later she came to his car window. “Do you mind following me back to my place so I can change before we go? It’s only a mile. I hate this uniform!”

“OK, but I gotta tell you, the uniform looks damn good on you!”

She laughed again and headed for her car. It wasn’t even a mile to her apartment. He shut off his engine, not sure if he should wait or go in with her. She answered his question by waving him to follow as she started up the walk.

The apartment was a small one bedroom. It was neat but not fancy, about what you would expect for a young lady working at a burger joint. As he sat in the only chair in the living room he realized she was pulling her uniform shirt over her head before she reached the bedroom door. Without closing the door she tossed the shirt onto the bed and, still in his line of sight, reached behind her back and released the single catch on her bra. Damn, she had awesome tits! They weren’t big, but they were beautifully shaped and so firm he wondered why she wore the bra to begin with. And then she was pushing her uniform slacks to the ground. At first he thought she was naked, but then he realized she was wearing a very small thong. Damn, he wanted to see what it hid! She reached into a drawer and pulled out a skirt. He watched those tits as she wrapped the skirt around her tight little ass. It was so short it just barely covered her cheeks. A second later she was pulling a very thin, sleeveless top over her still braless tits.

“Ready when you are!” She smiled as she turned.

“Umm, I guess I do have one question before we go. I know your name is Bria from your name tag, but that’s all I really know. I’m not going to get in trouble if I buy you a drink, am I? I mean you’re …”

She sex hikayeleri laughed again. He loved that laugh!

“No you’re not going to get in trouble! I’m 22, so I can do anything I want. Legally. And now you know my name and age, but I don’t ..”

It was his turn to laugh. “My name is Harry and I’m 46 and divorced, so I can do anything I want, too! Right now, I want to buy you a drink!”

They went to the only bar in town that had a band playing until closing. They drank their beer slowly, getting up a couple of times to dance. And they talked. He couldn’t believe this attractive young lady was actually sitting there talking to him! She was petite, with incredible, shoulder length copper hair and a spray of freckles over her nose. And that smile! It melted him every time he saw it!

They finished their beer just as the band started another slow song. She stepped into him just a little closer than before. He felt her tits press against his chest and her hips pushed a little more against his than the last slow dance. His cock wasted no time responding! She had to notice! He was getting harder and bigger by the minute! She held him tight, pressing her hips against his growing hard-on. He pulled her tighter against his chest with one hand, loving the feel of her tits against his chest. His other hand moved slowly from the small of her back to her ass. Not only did she not object, she seemed to be very happy with it!

As the band went into the final notes he felt her head lift from his shoulder. Looking down he saw her upturned face. She seemed to want to kiss. He was happy to oblige! Their tongues quickly found each other. The music stopped and he struggled with the disappointment that they would have to go back to sitting across from each other at the table. It felt so good, her tits against his chest and his cock pressed against her crotch.

She spoke quietly. “I think I’m ready to leave now.”

The disappointment doubled. “I was hoping for another slow dance.”

The smile again. “We can dance all we want at my place.”

He found it hard to believe, but he wasn’t dumb enough to give her time to change her mind! Ten minutes later they were walking up the walk to her apartment! She let them in and then locked the door behind them. She was in his arms within seconds, their tongues engaged in a full scale assault on each other. He started to move as if dancing slowly, holding her as tight as he could.

“I do my best dancing naked, Harry.”

“I’ve never done that, Bria, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather try it with!”

She stepped back just enough to lift her arms, inviting him to pull her shirt over her head. Her tits were even more incredible up close than he had realized from his glimpse earlier. Her nipples were the size of gum drops, dark brown on pale white breasts that were firm and beautifully shaped. He traced soft circles around each nipple with the tip of a finger. She moaned softly before tugging on the bottom of his shirt. He quickly lifted his arms allowing her to pull it off. He pulled her to him, reveling in the feel of her nipples against his chest. Once again their tongues wrestled. He found the place on the waist of her skirt where the Velcro held it and with a couple of gentle tugs her skirt fell free. He dropped it to the floor and his hand found the smooth, firm ass he’d wanted to fondle on the dance floor. She pushed against his now hard cock for a few seconds before pulling porno hikayeleri back and undoing his belt buckle. He was thankful for the slip-on shoes he wore. He kicked them free as she unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. She dropped to her knees and pulled his jeans to the floor. His hard-on pushed the front of his boxers towards her face. She pushed them to the floor with his jeans and took his cock into her hand for a moment before pulling him slowly into her mouth.

“Oh, shit, Bria! That is sooo good!”

She began to move slowly up and down, sucking gently.

“Wait! Damn, Bria! It’s so good! Wait! Are you in a hurry, baby?”

She looked up at him without taking his cock out of her mouth.

“I know this is a dream, and I don’t want to wake up any sooner than I have to! You said you did your best dancing naked. Let’s do it. Let’s dance naked! We have all night and all day. Let’s make this last.”

She finally pulled her mouth slowly off of his erection and stood back up, smiling. “Take off my panties, Harry, and we’ll dance.”

He dropped to his knees and pulled the thong slowly down the long slender legs in front of him. Her pussy was shaved smooth. He gently ran a fingertip the length of her cunt. He wanted to taste her more than anything he could ever remember. But he was afraid if he started that now he wouldn’t be able to stop until he was spent. He stood up and pulling her to him, kissed her again.

“Are you ready to dance, Harry?”

“Yes! Oh my god, yes!”

“Okay. What I want is for you to pick me up.”


“Pick me up. Grab my ass and lift!”

He did and she quickly pulled his cock straight into her pussy and locked her legs behind him, locking his erection deep inside her.

“Okay, let’s dance now!”

He couldn’t believe this was really happening. Just a few hours ago he was expecting to spend a couple of hours watching porn before he fell into bed. Instead, less than ten minutes after entering her apartment he was dancing naked with her, his cock buried deep in her cunt.

“Damn, Bria, you feel so good!”

“Hmmm, you were right. We need to take our time. I like dancing naked even more than I realized!”

They moved slowly around the living room for several minutes before they neared the door to her bedroom. The sensation of her pussy holding his cock was incredible. He wasn’t sure how long he could last without cumming in her.

“Harry, are you ready to move that thing around inside me, now? I really want to feel some in and out.”

“That does sound good, Bria, but I think we need to do a taste test first.”

“I tried to do that a while ago and you stopped me, remember.”

“No, I mean I want to taste test you!” He carried her to the edge of her bed and gently dropped her on her back. She laughed and held her legs up and apart, offering him her shaved pussy. He dropped to his knees by the side of her bed and lightly teased her pussy with his fingertip, savoring the moment, almost afraid he would wake up and realize it was all a dream. Her pussy smelled incredible! He gently pulled her lips open and slowly and softly ran his tongue the length of her slit.

“Oh, shit, Harry! That is so good!”

He closed his mouth over her clit and sucked for several minutes as she squirmed and squealed beneath him. And then he drove his tongue into her as hard as he could. She came harder than he thought possible! He continued tongue fucking her until she seks hikayeleri begged him to stop.

“Oh my god, Harry! That was so good! I want you to fuck me, but I need to rest for a few minutes first!”

“Yeah, I want to fuck you, too, Bria. But there may be a slight problem. I don’t have any rubbers. It never occurred to me when I asked you to have a drink with me that we’d get this far tonight!”

“I’m on the pill, Harry, so I’m not worried about getting knocked up. And from what you’ve told me about your lack of a social life over the last year or so, I don’t think I need to worry about your giving me any STDs. And I can promise you the same thing, so why don’t you get that cock in me and let’s see how many times we can make each other come!”

He was ready! He slid his cock slowly into her waiting cunt. And then he started a slow, smooth, in out rhythm. She hit her climax just seconds before him. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to pull his cock as deep into her cunt as she could as he shot one stream of his cum after another into her.

“Oh, yes, Harry! That is so good! Keep fucking me! Keep cumming in me! Oh god! So good! So fucking good!”

“Yes yes, yes, Bria! It is! It is so damned good! So damned good!”

“Now will you let me suck that lollipop for a few minutes? I really want to taste my pussy on your cock and then I want you to cum in my mouth! Please bring it up here!”

Harry was not about to argue with her! He quickly moved to his knees over her face. She pulled his cock so deep into her mouth he could feel her tonsils with the head of his erection! Just a few minutes ago he had been sure his balls were empty, now he could feel them filling back up! He didn’t ever remember a blow job like this!

“Oh, fuck, Bria! Suck on it! Suck on it! I am – I am – oh, shit! I’m cumming!”

They collapsed on her bed and were asleep in seconds. Harry, used to short naps in his recliner, was the first to wake up. It took just a few seconds for his mind to process the gorgeous young lady lying nude beside him. He wished he could wake up like this every time!

Bria was on her back, her tits rising and falling gently as she breathed, those beautiful long legs parted slightly, her pussy begging for attention! As good as she had been to him for the last few hours, he could not imagine disappointing her! Besides, truth be known, he really liked the taste of her young cunt!

He felt her stirring as he teased her clit with the tip of his tongue. As he dragged his tongue up and down her slit he reached up and rolled one of her nipple between his thumb and finger. He could tell she was awake, but she was trying to lie still and enjoy this! He kept the touch of his tongue and fingers light, wanting to make this last as long as possible. He felt her legs stiffen, felt her take the deep breath and hold it, and then she flooded his mouth with her cum! He swallowed her hot juice, sucked, and probed her wet cunt with his tongue!

She finally pushed him away. “Please, Harry! Enough! Stop! I can’t take any more!”

They stretched out together, her tits tight against his chest, her breathing slowly returning to normal. “I think I want you one more time tonight, Harry. But it’s my turn to give! You get to lie right there! I get to ride!” She came to her knees over him and pulled his hard on into her cunt. She began rocking slowly up and down on him, doing her best to prolong the pleasure of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. When he finally started to cum, in the middle of her second orgasm, she used every muscle in her cunt to milk the cum out of his hard on.

“I guess I should get a shower before I leave.”

“You don’t really have to leave, you know.”

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