The Imperfect Storm Ch. 05

Big Tits

(Trent just got a new job offer, but was too drunk to drive all the way home. He took a taxi from the airport to his sister’s house.)


I tipped the cabbie, and walked up to the front door of Kylie’s house. She opened the door just as I was about to ring the bell. She held the baby on her hip and stretched out her arm for a hug.

“Oh there you are!! Welcome home baby!” She planted a kiss on my cheek. I guess we’re keeping up appearances for the baby.

“Get yourself a drink. And pour me a wine? I’ve gotta put Jesse down with a story and some milk first. Make yourself comfortable.”

Make myself comfortable, hmmm. Well this fucking suit isn’t comfortable. And I’m wearing Dick’s underwear, that’s not comfortable. My ‘guys’ shouldn’t be mixing with his ‘guys’. I went to Kylie’s bedroom and disrobed, hanging up everything carefully. I found a white terricloth robe, that will work. I could hear Kylie singing a little song to her baby, so I went back down to the kitchen and got us some drinks. When I came back upstairs, she was just pulling the door closed to Jesse’s room.

“She’ll be down all night. Nice robe.”

Kylie took her wine, then held my hand and led me back to her bedroom.

“I’m going to slip into something more comfortable.”

“I’m going to watch.”

“Really?” she giggled.

I undid my robe and leaned against the door to her walk-in closet which, by the way, was about as big as my apartment. Almost.

Fresh air felt good on my cock.

“Well let’s see what we have here… ah here’s a nice number… tell me what you think.”

This brought me back several years when I used to sneak peaks at her through the crack in the door as she got dressed. Serious jack-off times, those were. But now, I stood here in plain sight, with a drink in my hand!

Kylie unbuttoned her blouse, and tossed it onto a shelf. Her industrial strength nursing bra was made up of what seemed to be yards of material.

She slipped off her little yoga pants to show me her full ass. No undies. She turned and walked towards me and faced away from me, lifting her hair. Her scent enraptured me.

“Undo me please?”

“Do you have wire-cutters?” I asked, ever the smart-ass. These were some serious hooks, however. I managed to undo them. My hands started to move forward but she slinked away, shaking a finger at me like Mom used to do.

I admired her now completely naked body. For having a baby recently, she looked remarkably good. Five foot eight, somewhere north of 150 or 160, she wasn’t a tiny thing. But she had it in all the right places. Firm legs, ample ass, curving in at the waist, then curving back out as you looked higher… complete hourglass figure… but she still had her back to me.

She stepped into some see-through purple undies, and threw on a ‘baby-doll’ in the same see-through purple. She turned around.

“Jesus fucking christ…”

Her enormous tits swung free under the sheer fabric. My cock rose to full attention.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t like baby-dolls.”

“I don’t fucking care! Come here!”

She smiled and turned away, shaking her finger at me again.

“You’re the naughty boy, aren’t you? Watching your sister change.”

She pulled the lingerie over her head, and slipped off the panties. With her back to me, I could see the sides of her tits. I had to grab my cock a little bit. She looked over her shoulder.

“Naughty naughty! Oh let’s see, this might do the trick.”

She stepped into this indistinguishable bunch of black lace, but it began to take shape. All, black, it had a little tiny mini-skirt around her hips, then lacy-doily action front with a bare back. Then it was topped off by a collar that she fastened around her neck with velcro.

I held my breath until she finally turned around.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, amazed at the view.

Her voluptuous breasts were barely covered by the sheer material, if she bent over I think everything would fall out. Now that would just be too bad, wouldn’t it! The little skirty-thing barely covered anything. Jesus, I didn’t think my dick could get any harder.

“Go get in the bed, hot stuff,” she told me.

I flew to the bed and ripped down the blankets and sheets about three quarters of the way down. Threw off half of the stupid pillows but kept a few, just in case.

I sat there, leaning against the pillows, my dick in full effect.

Kylie entered the room from the closet, or rather, her leg did. Just a leg with black stockings and black stripper shoes. She came out, all sexy-like, doing some very good poses that would make any porno magazine editor proud. Hugging the wall, thrusting out her ass, then turning and shaking her tits for me.

I was right, too. It didn’t take much. Three good shakes and her massive tits broke free from their tiny prison. I reached for her. I couldn’t take any more of this!

“Oh no you don’t!” she said, trying to mimic a ghetto gal, shaking her finger at me.

She grabbed her right breast with both hands and brought it escort ataşehir up to her face. She pressed on it, and several little fountains sprayed in the air. Giggling, she pointed the sprays towards herself. With her open mouth she caught several of them.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned. “That’s delicious! You want some of Mommy’s milk?”

I vigorously nodded my head, yes. Mommy, sister, whatever. I didn’t fucking care.

Kylie proceeded to grab both her awesome tits and hose me down. She started at my feet, then worked up to my cock, which got a lot of extra milk. She continued on up my stomach and chest, and then they arrived at my face.

I opened my mouth to receive my gift, cherishing the warm, sweet taste. It’s awesome, I heartily advise you to have some breast milk. It’s good for you, too. It’s not as thick as cow’s milk, it’s just like manna from heaven.

I couldn’t remain still any longer, I grabbed a fucking tit hard and pulled it towards me! Latching on, I sucked hard. To get good milk, I found out, you don’t just suck the end of the nipple. You’ve got to get as much as you can in your mouth. That stimulates the milk so it flows, and flows, and flows.

“Ahh Trent, baby, thank you. Jesse can’t possibly drink enough from me! I need six or eight more babies! Ohh this feels so fucking good! You like?”

I opened my eyes and looked at my sister, nodding and “Mmmm Hmmm!” ing. She smiled at me, her little brother. Well, not so little anymore.

I sucked her huge fucking tits for several minutes. This morning, we were kind of in a hurry to fuck and, to tell the truth, I was in a hurry again! But, My dear sister needs a good long fucking, so I’ve got to try and hold on.

I pulled her onto the bed where we kissed and kissed, rolling around slowly while we hugged and fondled each other. Her ass was awfully firm, I tested it with a few good cracks of my hand!

Slap! on her ass!


Slap again!

“Trent!”she teased. “You always were the little twerp!”

Slap again on her ass!

Then she did a little “Raaaawwwr” for me!

Finally I pushed her back down on the bed.

“Spread your legs for me, baby,” I told her. “Come on… wider! That’s my good girl. As they said in that movie with the tall blue people, ‘I SEE you’!”

And I did see her. Her luscious puss was in full view; lips tinted a little darker on the edges, nice and pink center. Her lingerie-skirt not hiding anything. Female aromas filled the air. I bent down, and went in.

First, I kissed her little patch of hair that she left. Then I kissed just off to the side of her pussy on her thigh. Then the other side. Then I rapidly kissed everywhere except on her lips themselves.

She yelled at me, “Get in there, you fucker!” And she clamped her legs down around my head, forcing me face-first into her steaming cunt.

And it was steaming! Well, almost, anyway. My face was immediately dampened as she forced my head side-to-side, grinding her cunt into me. This was fantastic, I like being overwhelmed by things, but I had to tap-out after a few moments.

“Okay you bitch!” I teased. “I gotta breathe, ya know!”

She made a face at me. “Do your job then!”

“Alright alright alri-i-i-ght…” I continued to talk to her, with my lips inside her pussy. The vibrations seemed to drive her pretty wild. I told her that I loved her, that I loved her body, that I loved her tits, all kinds of good stuff. None of it made sense to her ears, but her pussy enjoyed it!

I stuck my tongue inside as far as I could go. It was like a volcano in there. I looked up at Kylie, she was squeezing both her tits, spraying milk on herself and the bed, and just kind of lolling about.

I let go of her legs so I could finger her. I love doing that, exploring a woman with my fingers. It’s like, I’m inside you baby, checking you out! I moved up to kiss her while my finger, then two, worked on her.

Kylie greedily kissed me.

“You know,” she started. “Some girls find that to be a turn-off. How did you know I would like it?”

I grinned at her. “I’ve seen you masturbate. You always dip your fingers or your dildo inside yourself and the lick it clean.”

“I would never do that! And you never watched me!” she said, feigning shock.

“All the time. You never locked your door, you know.”

We kissed more, our tongues circling each other. Deep, slow kisses. I could feel her breath deepen. Something was beginning to happen. I needed to get back down there and help it along!

I jumped back down between her legs and licked her slit thoroughly while I put a third finger inside her vaj. Then I concentrated on her clitoris, licking it hard and nibbling it a little bit.

“JESUS Christ you’re going to make me cum if you keep doing… oh fuck yes…”

I sucked on her clit, pulling it and the surrounding cunt flesh into my mouth. My lips munched on all of it. My hand pumped her pussy as fast as I could.

“Goddamit! Fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!! Oh god fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!” She couldn’t say ‘fuck me’ kadıköy escort bayan fast enough! I didn’t remind her that I was licking and not fucking, it seemed the time was wrong to say anything.

Then she stiffened up and made a face like she was almost in pain, and convulsed heavily with a serious scream!


Her clit trembled and flexed as she came all over my face. Milk leaped from her nipples involuntarily. I could actually feel more fluid come out of her pussy! I pulled my hand out to see spiderweb strings stretch from her pussy to my fingers. This hazy fluid oozed from her pussy, down her crack to her asshole. I licked up a bunch of it, fuck yeah. This wasn’t that “Squirt” that you see on porn sites. That’s just pee. This was real.

“Ooooh baby”, she cooed. “Gimme some! gimme some gimme some yesssss.”

I put my three pussy-drenched fingers in her mouth, pushing her lips all around. I kissed her more, letting her get her tastes from my lips and cheeks, too.

“Ohhh baby brother,” she whispered. “You are soooo good! I’ve pictured this a thousand times. I didn’t think it would ever actually happen, though.”

We chatted a little more, I let her calm down some even though my cock was still raging. Both of us wished we had said something long ago. But, it’s one of those things; if you say something wrong you can’t ever take it back. Neither of us took the chance when we were younger. It took Stacy to bring us together.

“Hey Bro?”


“Would you fuck me doggy style? Dick thought that was …undignified.”

I thought he was probably doggy-styling that Taylor chick right now in the airplane bathroom but I didn’t say anything.

“Doggy style huh? I guess so, if that’s what you want.”

She growled at me again and assumed the all-fours position.

“The only problem is,” I continued. “You can’t see what I’m doing back there. Anything is liable to happen! Might get, undignified.”

She made a face like “oh yeah?” and spread her legs apart.

From behind her, I could see her wet asshole peeking through her cheeks. Her extended pussy lips glistened from her cum, spread apart, just waiting to be fucked.

I sidled up to her rear and rested my cock right on her vulva. It only took a little moving around to get my cockhead all juicy,

I pressed forward and inch, and slid inside my sister’s cunt. Her slick but tight walls held me firm.

“Well?” she asked.

“Just enjoying! Shhh!”

She sighed, wanting me to go faster. She bucked rearwards, forcing another couple inches in.

“Hey!” I yelled. “I wasn’t ready!”

“Bullshit! Come on and fuck me!”

I guess the kidding around was pretty much over. I guess we’re playing for keeps now.

I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her luscious brown hair, and pulled her head back. Far back. It had to hurt, just a little, anyway.

“You wanna get fucked?”

“Yes Trent!”

“You wanna get really fucked?”

“Please! For the love of God!”

“You’ll do whatever I want?” I asked this as I slowly pulled my cock out.

“Come on Trent just give it to me! Fuck me!”

“Say it then!”

“Alright Jesus christ, whatever you want!”

Boom! I shoved in my cock as far as it would go. Her vise-like tunnel opened for me under protest, but her juices eased the way. Still pulling her hair, I fucked her with long hard strokes. Pulling my wet cock nearly all the way out and slamming it back in. My thighs slapped against her ass cheeks and thighs. Jesus this felt good!

“Bark like a dog for me!”

“What?” she asked.

I pulled her hair more.


“Again! Better this time!”


“Good girl!” I patted her head.

I started fucking her faster. And faster. I had to let go of her hair and grab her hips just to hang on and stay aligned. I could hardly see my blurry cock!

Sweat dripped down my body as Kylie panted like a racehorse. But she was giving as good as she was getting. I grabbed her big fucking milking tit and squeezed it hard.

“Fuck… You!” she muttered in between her pantings. I grabbed the other one just as hard. I slowed my rhythm a bit; you can’t fuck lightning fast just holding onto tits. Too much sway and freeplay.

My cock fell out and went low, fucking her thigh for a moment. She stopped while I got it back in. We resumed our furious fucking for a few minutes, panting and heaving and thrusting and straining. this was some serious fucking.

And then, it happened! Was it accidental? Was it maybe my fault? Did I rise up a little too much after that dick-fall-out a couple minutes ago? Or did she drop down a little?

Whatever, as I fast-fucked Kylie’s cunt, my cock slipped out again. Too rambunctious, I was. When I thrust forward again, it went back into a hole.

Except, it was a different hole than I was fucking a half second ago. This hole received a lot of lube from before, and her cunt juices fully coated my cock, so the lube situation was pretty good.

Still, escort bostancı it was quite a shock to Kylie to get a throbbing cock shoved all the way up her ass!

“GAAAAWDD!!” she shrieked and lunged forward, trying to lessen the impact and perhaps remove my cock from her ass. But I fell forward with her. She hit the bed face down with me on top of her, my cock impaled in her rather delicate area. I held still.

She strained for a few moments… then breathed again… and finally whispered to me between her panting.

“That’s… Richard and I… we never did this… just wait a minute…”

I stroked her hair and held still, although I flexed my cock a couple times. I couldn’t help it. I like being in virgin territory.

“Jesus,” she whispered again. “I just… wasn’t expecting… it took my breath away! I’m so… stuffed…”

I kissed her on her cheek and, ever so slightly, lifted my pelvis up. Didn’t even withdraw my cock, just relaxed some of the pressure. Then gently let it back down again as I rested.

“How’s that, baby?”

“It’s okay I guess… doesn’t hurt…anymore…”

I moved a little more, this time pulling my cock back just a little, so there was some actual friction. Some fucking. Some butt fucking.

Kylie lay there, accepting the new standard in ‘undignified’ behavior. I pressed a tiny bit more, tiny bit faster. A low moan escaped her lips.

“oooohhhhh that’s good that’s good that’s good…”

I sped up more, pulling farther out, and fucked her ass for real. She was fucking tight, but we had enough lube from her cunt. I couldn’t hold on long; this was way too much, both the physical feelings and the mental turn on. It’s not every day you get to ass fuck your sister.

I stopped for a second so I could jam one of the little pillows under Kylie’s cunt. She gratefully accepted it, and ground herself into it with each stroke of my pounding cock. We both grunted and wrestled like animals, I tried to fuck her as hard as I could, she tried to to meet me stroke for stroke but just gave up and let me pound her ass, forcing her cunt into the pillow. I shoved my hands under her chest, not an easy task but eventually was able to get some milky tits in my hands. The milk just flowed from the constant pressure.

Our sweaty bodies writhed against and with each other. I decided to strike up a conversation.

“So you… (pant)… liked the… movie.”

“unh… fuck yeah…”

“I showed… (pant)… it to the… sister bitches… fuck your ass (pant) is tight! They loved it. (pant). We had… an all-out… orgy afterwards”

Kylie rose up a little and turned her head back as much as she could. We both stopped moving for a few moments.

“No fucking way!”

“Yes Way,” I panted. “Holy shit I’m worn out! But yes, I fucked all of them.”


“I’ve got crappy footage to prove it. And… AND!! They all went at each other, totally.”

“Bullshit again! Take your lying cock out of my ass and go jack off!” she teased.

“I swear Kylie! They ate pussy, all of them. And shared my cum.”

“Even Whitney?”

“Even Whitney!”

“That’s fucking hot. You may resume the fucking, please!”

I smacked her ass, CRACK!

“Ow! What was that for!?”

“I dunno! Just thought it needed to be done!”

I pulled out almost all the way and dropped hard back in deep.

“Oh my God!” cried out Kylie.

I fucked her hard and fast again.

“Just… picture… Missy’s tongue… dipping into Whitney’s… hot cunt.”

Kylie just moaned. I pinched her tits.

“My sperm… was inside Whitney… and Missy… lapped it up like a cat.”

“Holy… unh… fuck!”

“Stacy was sitting… on Whitney’s face.”


“I can’t… Kylie… baby… I can’t hold on”

“Fucking cum in me! Cum in my ass, Trent!”

With a few final strokes, my cock reached it’s limit and erupted inside her dark tunnel. Like a pulsing firehose, it shot load after load deep inside my sister. The word “Awesome” is thrown around rather casually these days. But this was pretty fucking awesome!

I could feel the walls of her ass flexing, apparently my cum had set her off, too. I was a rag doll on top of her, but she dug into that pillow with her pussy until she couldn’t pump any more.

We both lay there, breathing hard, spent. I wanted to kiss her or something, but I just couldn’t muster the strength at that moment.

After a minute or so, I kind of slid off and out of her and rolled onto my back. Kylie managed to snuggle up beside me. Even though we were hot, she crossed a leg over me and pressed her chest into my side.

“Hey loverboy!” she cooed.

“‘Hey’ yourself!”

“You were right, anything can happen doing doggy!”

“You seem to be ok?”

“Yeah! It was very weird at first. And it was a shock, of course! At first, anyway. But then, it felt good. And then it felt great.” She stretched up and kissed me on the lips.

“I lost my virginity to my brother! You know I love you, right?”

“Well… I love you too, Kylie. But…”

“But? But what?”

“But I’m going to marry Whitney.”

Silence. Oh shit, she’s hurt.

Then, “Well, yeah. I mean, you’ve been going out for two years. I guess.”

I looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry?”

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