The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 05


So a couple days before Heather’s return she calls Bridget and tells her that Bridget and I are to fuck as much as we can for two hours without cumming. She said that she expected us to do some hot banging then we would just put it in then pull it out when things got too hot. We were to keep my cock in her pussy all evening as much as we could without cumming.

Even though we had been cumming all we wanted this last week for some reason during the day we spoke to each other and we were both so horny and were so ready for a fuck and cum. I swear Heather knew this as the timing of going back into the not orgasm zone was haunting. It was like she let us cum so the denial would be more intense.

Bridget and I were talking that maybe we could cum anyways as it would be a few days before Heather was home and how could she know if we came or not. So Bridget mounted me and I bucked like the pony at the five and dime that just got fed a roll of pennies. She was about to cum and I was not far behind.

Ring. Ring.

“Oh FUCK” said Bridget. “It’s Heather!”

“How did she know?!?!” I was baffled and said. “Maybe don’t answer it.”

Bridget shook with fear at my suggestion. “I have to answer. She has a whip that I do not want to ever get marked with again.”

“Hello” Bridget answered.

“You fucking slave!” Heather answered. “You were about to cum already! I can hear it in your voice.”

“duh, duh, duh” Bridget replied as I remained very silent.

“Well, put that phone on speaker and I will help you follow my instructions.” Heather commanded.

Somehow my balls knew they were in for a real ride. And what was going to unfold the next few weeks was more than my balls had any idea of.

We spent the next two hours simply putting it in and pulling it out. No sliding allowed. Bridget had tears running down her cheeks she wanted to cum so bad. And I wanted to give her that orgasm so bad I could taste it.

After two hours I was shaking like tits at the burlesque and as per Heather’s voice on the speaker phone, I pulled out of Bridget’s sweet wet pussy. Then Heather instructed Bridget to lock the chastity cage on me with the lock that the only key was with Heather.

I think I screamed when the lock clicked.

Bridget said. “I’m sorry”

Then Heather on the speaker phone said to me. “Alex, my battery is almost dead. I want you to take Bridget to the bathroom, than lock her up on the spread eagle ropes on the bed for the night.”

“I can do that Heather” I replied.

So Heather hung up, Bridget peed and I tied her down to the bed.

After I tied Bridget up I just stood and looked at her. She was so beautiful. The curve from the side of her bubble butt artfully leading to her slender waist and smooth tummy. And those cute breasts with those puffy nipples. She was so horny that her nipples were poking more that her breasts. And her blond hair framing that face that showed so much need. And then there was the barbell in her clit that kept that swollen clit in view even when the lips were puffed up beyond crazy.

I was locked up and she was tied up. And that clit was looking at me and saying “Hi Alex” I had to lick it.

So I did.

Bridget shrieked wild. She seen me looking at her and while she had gotten used to being the object on view she seen the look in my eyes and being bound up as she was had a look that was vulnerable and begging.

After I licked Bridget. Thoughts started rolling though my head. I am sooo fucking horny. I am locked up with no key in sight. Bridget is so horny she is about to cry and she looks ravishingly gorgeous all tied up there. Heather will never know. How could she? And I would feel some relief making Bridget cum. Yup that is how I am wired. If the girl cums then all is just fine even if I am so horny cum is dripping out my ears. Seemed like the only question left was how many licks left to get the tootsie to pop? I was going to ravish Bridget.

Bridget was watching me think like she had nowhere to go and as I started leaning in to go for her barbell swollen clit Heather screamed “NO! Heather will figure it out!”

Then she said. “Please… No, you better not”

I gave her one more lick.

“Please, please I gotta cum!” Bridget screamed.

So I said. “Ok, 5 licks”

And I gave her 5 licks using my whole tongue. Then I squeezed her big puffy nipples really hard.

“I was one lick from cumming. Please make me cum” Bridget begged.

I wanted it so bad too. So away I went. I started slow and she just flooded orgasm after orgasm as I sped up. She has a look of bliss on her face as she passed out for the night. My balls were swollen and going to be that way until Heather returned home. Who was I kidding? It was probably going to be longer.

The next morning I figured I better make Bridget horny again so Heather would not catch on. Bridget’s was horny in no time and begging to cum like nothing happened the night before. She certainly got used to cumming on our respite urfa escort from Heather.

“I want to taste your cum so bad Alex” Heather pleaded. “I want you to fuck my face”

“If it wasn’t for this cage Bridget you might not get a chance to breath” I replied.

Heather texted that Bridget was to be bound in her arm wraps. They were the long gloves with laced sleeves that held her forearms and hands useless behind her back. This was how Bridget spent the day while I was at work.

That evening Heather called as we finished our dinner that Bridget was to be tied spread eagle for the evening and the night with the feather duster on her pussy.

Bridget begged “Do I have to?”

Heather retorted. “Do you want liniment on your clit too Bridget?”

Bridget quietly went and got a tripod that had a feather duster hanging from it. She explained that because of the barbell the feather duster just swung around on her clit but never had enough friction to do any more than create the need for more friction. Since I got to watch I was very willing to tie her up and set up the tripod. I got the feather duster set so it was just at the right height to touch Bridget’s clit. It also tickled her tummy, legs and hip bones and made her jump from the light touch.

Every time Bridget settled down and tried to stop the feather duster from moving the heat of her body would make it spin again and invariably the center of the duster was twisting right on her clit as the barbell held it up. After a while she was moist with a light coating of sweat. Not much, just enough that the edges of the feather duster would change the spin over her clit. Never enough to make her cum, not even enough to get her close. Only enough to make her want it. And Bridget wanted to cum as much as I wanted to get out of this cage and fuck her silly.

“Ms. Heather did this to me the day I gave you your first blow job.” Bridget said breathlessly. “Then she tied me up and you made me cum way too many times.”

Bridget throbbed, trembled and shook.

“I really wish you could do that to me now” Bridget wished.

I dozed off to sleep and Bridget did her best to sleep. I woke to take a whiz and removed the duster and put the blanket over her. She was ready for some sleep.

When we woke in the morning, it was Saturday. I had been thinking about this all night so I asked Bridget about the liniment and what it was like.

Bridget explained. “Yes, Heather can be very… I will use the word, fucking intense. When I have been bad she has put some old style crazy liniment all over my pussy, nipples and ass then whipped me.”

“That is fucking intense Bridget. How do you stand it?” I asked.

“Well, she ties me down really tight when she does things like that. And she gets so turned on doing these things. She will always make sure I am on the verge of cumming as it is easier to take it when your mind is focused on the orgasm. What is difficult is there is no turning back, no safe word that will help. Once that stuff in on you, it is on you. And after the scene is over the burn just last for hours. Even though I was horny beyond belief when she starts the fire is so intense I could never touch my pussy to finish the orgasm. I just kind of curl up and whimper after she does this to me.” Bridget explained. “Besides, it is good for me to suffer out of control. I need it.”

Just as Bridget said that, Heather returned early from her trip and walked in the door.

“I am in the mood to make my slaves suffer; glad to hear you need it!” Heather announced. “And oh; Hello, how are you?”

I thought to myself quietly, I guess I am her slave too. I best be careful, I don’t want any liniment.

“I’m horny and you are beautiful! I replied.

“I love you Heather!” Bridget sang.

“Today it is all about making me feel good and making me cum” Heather proclaimed. “You have no idea what horny is yet, but you will.”

Heather dropped her stuff and flung off her clothes. Her nipples were hard and she was glistening.

Heather said. “I need a shower and my pussy licked.”

Heather started for the bath then stopped. Turned around and laid on the bed with her legs wide open.

Then Heather said. “No, I am way too horny. Sorry Alex, I am sweaty and my butt stinks from travel but you are my sex slave. So eat me! Now!”

I dived in. I was so horny I needed to feel an orgasm. It was musky and a little gritty. Best to not think about it and make her happy. After several orgasms she asked me to finger her gspot and put my balls that were hanging out of the cage in her hand while I made her cum again.

“I like it when these are blue” Heather giggled.

She went from giggling to screaming and the grip stunned me. I knew they were going to be blue.

After Heather caught her breath she told Bridget to come and help her take a shower.

I had two beautiful girls in my home. Pretty good Eh.

We spent the rest of the day and evening balıkesir escort in bed. After showers Bridget and I took turns licking Heather’s pussy and tits. We went nonstop and made her beg us to stop. We had her in a continuous orgasm for a long while. An oboe player and a trombonist that use their lips and tongue for hours playing can last a long time giving oral. Let us tag team and there will be no mercy. Heather was drenched in sweat. We were proud.

After the three of us cuddled in Heather’s bliss, Heather had me on my back and Bridget fuck me.

“Don’t move Bridget, just slide in as deep as you can and lay on Alex.” Heather instructed. “I will make you move my way”

“Uh oh.” Bridget whispered.

Just as I comprehended Bridget, Heather took her flogger and started whipping Bridget’s ass. Then adjusted herself so the swing was right down her ass crack so she was whipping the inside of her crack. Each whack was making her jump on my cock.

“Eeek! Ahhhhh!” Bridget sang with each crack of the whip.

All the sudden the flogger had a direct hit on my balls.

“Fuck!! That was my balls girl!!” I yelled.

Heather giggled and said. “Take it and get used to it. Those balls are mine and they need to suffer before I let you ever cum again.”

Bridget whispered. ” I told you, Uh oh. She loves doing these things.”

Heather went whack. My balls went tight and Bridget shook. Heather went from a giggle to an outright laugh.

Every whack of the flogger made my cock and Bridget’s pussy move just a little. The pain of the hits slowed down the zings. My balls were feeling warm and my cock was feeling all kinds of heat in Bridget’s pussy.

Bridget snuggled, shook and said. “Oh my Alex, I love your cock”

With that she started sliding and we both started gasping in ecstasy.

“Off! Off! Off!” Heather yelled. “You two are entertaining me and there will be no orgasms!”

Heather rolled Bridget on her back and whipped her clit several times.

Then Heather turned to me, told me to stand up. She then grabbed my balls with a choke hold.

“Hands behind your head and spread your legs” Heather emphasized her words with a ball squeeze.

She then put her hand on my waist and brought her knee into my balls several times really hard. I went to my knees.

“Wow! Is that fun! I bet that orgasm has subsided” Heather laughed. “Fuck her now! The easy orgasms while I was gone are over!”

I buried my cock in Bridget’s pussy and pounded her gspot hard. In no time we were both ready to cum.

“Pull out and eat me Alex!” Heather said as she laid down with her legs in a nice peace sign.

I sucked her clit to make is swell and then assaulted it like a wood pecker…with wood.

After Heather came Heather yelled. “Fuck her again Alex!”

She then straddled Bridget’s face looking at me. As soon as we were close she had me pull out and move closer to her so she could hold my balls. As Bridget ate her out Heather squeezed harder and harder. My cock was ready to squirt yet instead I could feel Heather’s orgasm building in my balls.

Heather started cumming with a humongous squeeze. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

At the same time with my balls in Heather’s hand I was screaming. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Heather then said. “Bridget is too close to cumming for and more but Alex you may think you are too close to cumming but I can push you farther.”

With that she cuffed Bridget’s hands behind her back and had her lay on her tummy on the bed. They she had my lay on my back between Bridget’s sweet legs with my head on her wonderful ass. Then Heather had me reach under her legs and put my hands over the small of Bridget’s back. And she cuffed my hands.

Heather then laid face down between my legs and gave me a blow job. For eighteen seconds. I was already at the edge of cumming in eighteen seconds! I cooled off a little and she did it again. This time it was half the time. Just as I cooled off she did it again. And again. And again. So that she would put my cock in her mouth and take it out and I was on the edge of cumming.

Heather said. “We will do this for an hour and see how you do. I would like to take you longer Alex but we might need to work up to longer teases.”

I had already done over an hour of Fuck teasing with Bridget. I was sure I would go crazy with the need to orgasm. And crazy I did. For the next hour plus, Heather kept me one lick from orgasm. I was drenched with sweat as was Bridget’s ass crack from me sweating on her.

Bridget yelled out. “I wish I could see this. I feel him shacking really, really bad.”

I shook, I trembled, I dribbled and I begged. Then I begged some more.

Next morning I was out for errands and Heather got Bridget to confess that I made her cum the other night. I guess Heather was happy to be upset because she loved to do the bad punishment to Bridget. Heather trabzon escort tied Bridget up and coated her in all the good spots with the liniment cream and whipped her. I was not there. When I got home Bridget was untied and whimpering all curled up on the floor.

“What happened? I asked.

“So you made her cum after I told both of you no orgasms Alex!” Heather said like she was mad. But her eyes were happy.

“I will go with the fifth” I said.

“Does not matter, Bridget confessed. You are guilty. She has been punished. Now it is you turn. I am going to enjoy this” Heather said.

“Strip!” Heather commanded. “To the garage.”

So as we walked in the garage Heather put cuffs on my wrists then clipped the cuffs to a rope from the rafters. She grabbed the other end of the rope and my arms were in the air. Then she put ropes on my ankles and tied my legs so they were spread open. My cock was well exposed and I figured I was in for a tease. But then Heather then put a strap that held my cock up to tummy.

This when I knew something was wrong.

Heather explained. “You made Bridget cum when she was to be left horny. Now I get to punish you. You need to know that I really enjoy this so you need to learn to accept it and enjoy it.”

With that she started kicking me in the balls. Her aim was very good. There was no mercy as they were full on kicks. She did kicks from the front and the back. Always hitting the target.

I was cringing and trying to move to the blow.

“Close your eyes” Heather commanded. “You need to hold still and take it full force. I like it better that way.”

After I took several kicks not knowing when they would hit, I was panting.

“Ok, now you can open them.” Said Heather. “Now look at my eyes and see how happy this makes me.”

She looked me right in the eyes, told me not to flinch and just let her kick enjoy this. And that was the biggest kick. I was hanging from the ropes.

“One more just like that. If you don’t flinch it will be the last one.” Heather said. “Look at me, in the eyes”.

I looked at her and flinched.

“Sorry Alex. We need to do that again. You need to trust me that it is ok for me to bust your balls” Heather calmly said. “We will keep trying until you don’t flinch.”

I steeled myself and looked at her beautiful green eyes. And I took it. It almost hurt less that way.

The Heather said. “So when I say no cumming, do you understand what that means?”

“Yes Heather.” I replied.

“So you really do like having your balls busted. Your cock is hard.” Heather noted. “Maybe I should put liniment on it too.”

“Don’t worry.” Heather replied. “That is a special treatment that Bridget really enjoys. She likes whimpering and she will be whimpering until morning. I have something special for you now that your balls a tender, this will be intense and please me nicely.”

Heather released the ropes and led me back to the bed. Bridget was still whimpering on the floor. Heather petted her.

Soon I found myself with my ball sack wrapped up with clothes line cotton rope from the base until my balls were tightly stretching the end of the sack. This created a form somewhat similar to a penis that was big on top as the balls were firmly bound next to each other. Next she placed a condom over the balls and rope so she had a smooth surface to slide on she said.

Heather announced. “Your balls are going in my pussy. They will be tender so this is going to turn me on a lot”

“What?” I replied.

Heather said again. “Balls in. I am going to fuck your balls. It will make me cum but your cock is not going to get anything out of this.”

Heather used plenty of lube and she stuffed my balls in her pussy. With the rope being firm and all the lube there was plenty of “hardness” to go in. I discovered my balls do not compress that well and they were squeezed big time to go in. Heather had no trouble just forcing my balls in her pussy and loved it when the “popped in.” My balls were so tender from the beating; well you can imagine how I felt.

“Wow! This is good” Heather described. “The ridges of the rope under the condom feel soooo nice and I love how tender your balls are. They are so big all tied up like that in my pussy.”

After they were in every time Heather came her pussy crushed my balls. She not only enjoyed that but my screams of pain turned her on so she came more.

“No matter how hard I fuck you, your balls don’t pull out like a cock does. I love it!” Heather described. “I can really ride you hard”

She started banging against her gspot really hard. My balls were being thrown and slapped back in forth in Heather’s pussy… And then she came again and her strong pussy crushed them…again.

After an hour or so, Heather was sweating and panting. She rested her head on my chest to catch her breath then she rode me again and again.

“I can’t go any longer. What a great fuck!” Heather said breathless.

She tried lifting up and pulling my tied balls out. I screamed. He pussy had cramped down from all her orgasms and the balls being bigger were not sliding out. She tried bouncing a few times to pull out and she came again.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Heather screamed. “Too many orgasms. Too many orgasms. I must just force this to fall out.”

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