Falcon and Domino Ch. 02

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In the lounge of the Grand Hotel, reporter Dirk Peterson gazed at the other guests. He noted the occasional casual tourist mingling amongst the smartly dressed corporate guests, and figured it was a typical Friday afternoon in the hotel. He had been sent by his newspaper, The Daily Chronicle, to interview property magnate Aaron Lansdown about his proposed new development. Dirk knew that Lansdown wanted to build homes and offices in the old part of town that was now a red-light district, occupied by winos and prostitutes.

As he adjusted his shirt collar, Dirk thought about his alter ego – a costumed crimefighter called Falcon. For years, Falcon had patrolled the mean city streets and apprehended petty criminals and persistent prostitutes, known locally as nightladies. Yet a month ago something had happened that had shaken him badly. He had entered an abandoned warehouse in the red-light district to apprehend a new female criminal called Domino. What should have been a straightforward task had turned into a disaster of epic proportions. He had underestimated Domino, who had trapped him and unmasked him. Dirk had expected her to trace him and either blackmail him, or reveal his true identity to the criminal underworld. Yet she had seemingly disappeared into nowhere. He was relieved of this, as she had also stripped him and violated his body in a humiliating way. Dirk had decided that it would be best if Falcon kept a low profile for a while – or maybe permanently.

His mind returned to the present when he saw two people walking towards him. The first was a large, middle-aged man, with a crew cut and wearing an expensive suit. Aaron Lansdown was instantly recognisable, although beside him was an attractive young woman with long black hair. She was wearing a smart blue jacket and skirt, and looked every inch a business woman. Dirk offered his hand to Lansdown who shook it with a firm grip.

‘A pleasure to meet you Mr Peterson,’ he said. ‘This is my assistant, Miss Sadie Newman.’ With the pleasantries over, they sat down and Lansdown wasted little time, as he spoke about his frustration with the delays over his new development. ‘I’m desperate for work to start soon. This is a multi-million dollar project. It will provide homes and jobs for many people. The only thing standing in the way are the local winos and whores who are squatting on my land. They’re intimidating my workers who are refusing to go there. Do you understand my frustration Mr Peterson?’ Lansdown said, as he banged his hand on the table, causing other guests to look at him.

‘I understand perfectly well Mr Lansdown,’ Dirk replied. For the remainder of the interview, Lansdown made his feelings clear.

‘The cops are useless,’ he said. ‘Whenever they arrest and charge a whore, they’re out again after a few hours and causing more trouble.

‘I’m sure the police are doing their best, but they have to work within the constraints of the law,’ said Dirk. Without warning, Lansdown made a comment that surprised Dirk.

‘What about Falcon? I hear he’s a mysterious crimefighter, who catches criminals single-handedly.’

‘I heard that he’s just a fruitcake in a costume, who performs citizen’s arrests on prostitutes,’ he said, ensuring that he maintained an appearance of having little knowledge of his alter ego.

‘Maybe,’ said Lansdown. ‘But I wish the cops or Falcon would just go in there and get rid of these criminals for good. I’d like to take a bulldozer, and go in there myself to clear them out.’

‘I’m sure you don’t mean that Mr Lansdown.’

‘I certainly do, Mr Peterson.’ It was clear to Dirk that Lansdown was very angry about the delays. The interview ended with Dirk giving the property tycoon his assurances.

‘I’ll send my report to my editor. The Daily Chronicle likes to support businesses like yours.’ They shook hands and Lansdown and his assistant left. Once they were gone, Dirk typed his report on his laptop and emailed it to his editor. It was now late afternoon and he would finish early for the weekend. He was about to leave when he heard a voice behind him.

‘Do you mind if I join you?’ Dirk turned around to see Sadie Newman had returned. He gestured for her to sit down, and ordered two coffees. She sat opposite him and crossed her legs. Dirk found his eyes wandering xslot to them, before he averted his gaze quickly.

‘Your boss is a very determined man,’ he said.

‘He’s used to getting his way. He’s also interested in making money for his shareholders,’ she replied.

‘This new project means a lot to him. I can see that it will provide homes and jobs for local people.’

‘Some local people,’ she said. ‘It will consist mainly of luxury apartments and offices for large corporate companies, so Mr Lansdown will make a lot of money.’

‘What about you Sadie? Do you share his ambitions?’

‘I’d like to see Mr Lansdown’s new development built soon. If he’s happy, then it would make me happy.’ She replied. The conversation changed to more light-hearted matters. As he gazed into her eyes, Dirk realised that he found her very attractive.

‘I know a nice restaurant nearby. Would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night?’ he asked.

On hearing this, Sadie smiled. ‘I’d love to.’ They exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet at the restaurant the following evening.

When Dirk arrived at his apartment, he found that he was unable to stop thinking about Sadie. He recalled how she wanted to see her boss’s building project start soon. This could only happen once the nightladies had left. It was clear to him that Domino was protecting the nightladies. Dirk realised that if Domino was captured, then the nightladies would be weakened. The police could arrest the ringleaders, and the others would flee, leaving the area clear for Aaron Lansdown’s construction workers to move in and demolish the site. All he needed to do was to capture Domino. He could write a report for his newspaper, and take a copy to show Sadie when he met her. That would certainly impress her. He hadn’t succeeded capturing Domino the first time, but he would be stronger and better prepared the next time.

Dirk removed a phial of green liquid from his fridge and examined it. On his first encounter with Domino, she had gained the upper hand by spraying knockout gas in his face. The following day, Dirk had visited a biologist friend of his, who had taken a blood sample from him. He had then used this to develop a serum which would act as an antidote for the gas. Dirk removed the top from the phial and swallowed the serum in one gulp. Domino wouldn’t overpower him again.

From his wardrobe he removed a box which contained his spare costume. Domino had destroyed or confiscated his original one, but he had the foresight to have a duplicate one to wear. He undressed and pulled on his red lycra leotard and tights, which showed every inch of his toned body. He then put on his black trunks, boots, gauntlets and utility belt with his reserve stun gun. Finally he placed his black hood over his head. Falcon was back and ready to go after Domino.

He opened the rear window and climbed onto the fire escape, and into the dark alley below. From there he walked briskly through the abandoned alleys until he reached the arches, which signalled the boundary to the red-light district. As Falcon approached Domino’s lair, he saw several nightladies standing around waiting for passing trade. When they saw him, they stared at him nervously.

‘On your way ladies,’ he said. ‘I haven’t come for you tonight.’ The nightladies hurried away, leaving Falcon alone at the door of Domino’s lair. He quickly unlocked it with his electronic keypad, and entered the warehouse. Once again he found himself standing in a corridor which led to a room at the end.

With his stun gun held firmly in his hand, Falcon made his way to the room where he found a wooden chair and large table. He also saw a life-size mannequin, similar to the ones used in department stores. It was modelling his original hood, gauntlets, trunks and utility belt. He remembered that Domino had kept them as souvenirs after she had stripped him. He heard footsteps and hid behind the door, just as Domino entered. He recognised her short blonde hair and saw that she was wearing the same skimpy black dress, with long gloves and thigh-high boots. She approached the mannequin and adjusted the hood, before rubbing its groin area. Falcon stepped forward and pointed his stun gun at her. ‘Enjoy it while you can, because you’ll never touch xslot Giriş the real thing again,’ he said, causing her to turn around quickly. She was wearing her black mask over her eyes.

‘Falcon,’ she said, clearly startled. ‘I didn’t expect you to return here again.’

‘I’ve come to take you in,’ he replied. ‘Although I didn’t expect to find such a bizarre sight.’

‘It’s my toy,’ she said, as she started to caress the mannequin. ‘It reminds me of my conquest of you. He’s not yet fully dressed, but I see you’re wearing a new costume tonight. So, remove your costume for me.’

Falcon raised his stun gun to her face. ‘This stun gun fires an electric current which disrupts voluntary control of muscles causing neuromuscular incapacitation. It results in strong involuntary muscle contractions, rendering the victim motionless for up to an hour. That’s long enough for me to carry your pretty little body over my shoulder, and to the nearest police station. I’m the smoothest crimefighter in town, and much too strong for you.’

Domino remained unmoved. ‘Smoothest crimefighter? The last time you were here, you swore that you would always serve me. I recall that you enjoyed having a powerful woman control you. So I’ll ask you again. Remove your costume!’

Falcon grabbed her shoulder and turned her around, pushing her head first against the wall. He pulled her arms behind her, and snapped his handcuffs on her wrists. He turned her around again to face him. ‘You’re in no position to make demands Domino. What happened last time will never happen again. You can be sure of that.’

‘I’ll ask you one last time,’ she said calmly. ‘Remove your costume now, or you’ll suffer.’

‘I’m taking you in. But first I’m going to get my revenge and strip you naked.’ He took hold of the top of her dress and tugged it, causing a jet of gas to spray into his face. Domino smiled, as Falcon blinked, although her smile disappeared when he remained standing in front of her. He reached between her cleavage and pulled out a small tube and canister. ‘Your knockout gas won’t work this time,’ he said, as he turned her around again and pushed her face against the wall. ‘Let’s see what other weapons this dress hides.’

Falcon grabbed the zip at the top of her back and unzipped her to her waist. He tore the shoulder straps and pulled her dress down to her ankles, before taking it. When he examined it, he saw several concealed tubes and wires on the inside.

‘Quite a weapon you were wearing,’ he said, as he turned her around again to face him. He saw that she was wearing a black lacy bra and panties. She was also wearing sheer black stockings, held up with a suspender belt. At the top of one of her stockings was a small gun in a holster. Falcon reached down to unclip the holster, and allowed his hand to stroke her thigh. He gasped as he felt her warm, soft flesh. He raised his hand and brushed it against her lacy panties. ‘What have we in here?’ he said sarcastically, before lifting his hand to gently stroke her bra which held her ample breasts. ‘It’s time for me to release these,’ he added. ‘Now what shall I remove first? Bra or panties? Either way, I’m going to enjoy stripping you.’

‘Why are you still wearing a mask?’ she asked. ‘You know that I unmasked you the last time you were here. It was really easy. It was so easy for me to peel it off. So easy for me to expose your handsome face. You have no more secrets from me. I’ve seen everything you have. So why do you still wear that stupid mask?’ Falcon hesitated on hearing this. She was mocking him, and making him angrier.

‘I remember,’ he said. ‘So before I undress you, I’m going to unmask you and see your pretty face.’

‘No! Don’t touch my mask!’ she screamed.

‘Too late,’ said Falcon. But when he placed his fingers under the side of her mask, he felt an electric shock which ran through his body. He felt himself being thrown back against the foot of the table, which broke his fall. Falcon tried to move his arms, but they were completely numb. He tried to raise his legs, but was also unable to lift them. He realised that he had been paralysed.

‘I warned you not to touch my mask,’ said Domino. ‘Don’t worry. It’s not permanent. My mask may be smaller than your stun gun, but you’ve just xslot Güncel Giriş touched the sensors that have the same effect. You’ll be able to move your muscles in a while, but until then you’re incapacitated.’

Domino grappled in his utility belt for the handcuff key and freed herself. She placed her hand on his chest, and pushed his torso flat onto the table. She then grabbed his arms and pulled him, until his whole body was lying face up on the table. He saw her standing over him, still in her underwear.

‘When will you learn?’ she said. Falcon was unable to speak, as the electric shock had rendered his jaws incapable of movement. She touched the mannequin. ‘My toy is only half dressed. It’s time he had some more clothes. Domino placed her hands on his boot and tugged until it slid off his foot. She repeated this with his other boot. She then stroked the soles of his stockinged feet with a metal rod, only to find that there was no reaction. This confirmed to her that he was incapable of any reflex actions. ‘You didn’t answer my question. I asked why you were still wearing a mask. There’s not much point, when I’ve already unmasked you once before.’ Falcon knew that she was deliberately humiliating him. ‘I don’t see any need for this,’ she said, as she casually removed his mask. She repeated this with his gauntlets, utility belt and trunks, until he was wearing only his leotard and tights.

Falcon tried to move his arms, but realised that he couldn’t raise them. Domino opened a cupboard and placed her damaged dress inside. She put on a white medical coat, and replaced her black gloves with latex surgical gloves.

‘I warned you that you would be punished if you didn’t remove your costume when I told you to,’ she said. ‘So now Doctor Domino will perform the procedure.’

Falcon again tried to move, but his muscles would not respond. From a drawer in the table, Domino produced a wet flannel and started to dab Falcon’s chin and neck. She then applied a generous amount of shaving foam, before taking a razor which she held to his throat. Falcon remained motionless, as she proceeded to shave his stubble until he was smooth. When she had finished, she rubbed scented aftershave cream on his neck.

Domino took a step back and smiled. Without saying a word, she carefully peeled off his leotard and repeated the process as she shaved the hairs from his neck to his navel. Finally, she rolled down and removed his tights. Falcon was now completely naked and at the mercy of his captor again. Domino smiled at him. ‘I still have some shaving foam left,’ she said. ‘It would be a shame to waste it.’ Falcon could only look on in horror, as she covered his genitals with foam. Then with the razor, she slowly started to shave from his navel downwards. Falcon closed his eyes, desperately wanting her to stop, but Domino continued meticulously until she had shaved every pubic hair from his body. When she finished, she lifted his limp cock to inspect her work, before removing her gloves and white coat. She then sat on the chair next to Falcon’s motionless body, and placed her hand around his flaccid cock.

Slowly she stroked his cock with her finger tips and found there was no reaction. Falcon lay on the table unable to speak or move. He knew what she was doing, but could feel no sensational. Domino continued to stimulate him, until eventually when the effects of the paralysis began to wear off, he was able to feel her delicate hand movements on his cock. Within seconds Domino found that she was holding his fully erect cock in her hand. This forewarned her that he would soon be able to move his limbs. Domino stood back as Falcon pulled himself up from the table, but he was still weak, and fell onto his knees in front of her.

‘Once again you’re kneeling before me,’ she said. ‘You know what to do now.’ Unable to summon the strength to resist, Falcon kissed the toe of her boot and worked his way to top and down again, before repeating it with her other boot. Eventually she told him to stop as he pulled himself wearily to his feet. He was able to walk, but too weak to fight her. Domino led him to the door and opened it. She gazed at his shaved genitals and smiled. ‘You really are the smoothest crimefighter in town.’

Falcon staggered outside to find that it was now raining lightly. He had entered Domino’s lair looking for revenge, but she had outsmarted him again. Falcon knew that he would have to find another way to defeat her. But that would be another day. Now all he wanted to do was to get home without being seen by anyone.

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