Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 02


I left off having a great orgasm thinking about my big men making me a Coconut Island Surprise Drink on the beach wearing only white speedos. It did not hurt that they were hung Island men…

After all the excitement, a boring story about a housewife’s struggle with a mid-life crisis is just too tame. I set down the book and look out on the ocean again. Maybe I need something spicier after that episode.

I reach into my bag and pull out a trashy novel. I chuckle, as I look at the picture of a young man and a middle aged woman on the cover with a beach in the background. He looks like the cabana boy! The great thing about trashy erotic novels is that they only take about 15 minutes before the story gets spicy. And, this book did not let me down as I read the spicy story.

I closed my eyes and imagine the scene I just read about Liz, the wife, getting a massage on the beach. In the story, Liz was on the beach on a massage table. Her masseuse was young, probably 18. He was beautiful with thick wavy black hair and a copper complexion. And, he was working on her with a gusto. He moved all over her body in their private massage tent.

I felt myself getting turned on as a fire started down in my crotch. I looked around. What was wrong with me today? I was so horny it was unbelievable. When at home, one to two times a week for a quicky was fine. Today after seeing Ajax and Big O and now reading about the young cabana boy, I was insatiable.

I closed my eyes again and went back to my thoughts projecting myself into the story as it plays out in my head with me as the main character.

The young cabana boy was in tight white shorts and polo shirt. He was sweating because it was so hot. I tell him that it is OK for him to take off his shirt because it is already fairly wet. He obliges and I get to see his bare chest and six pack. So young and so sexy.

As he works on me, I notice the bulge in his shorts. Very nice! A yalova escort big one! Like the story, I am the aggressor on this young man. As he is working me over on the table, I reach out an touch his shorts. He jumps. I say in my mind, “Don’t worry honey, it will be worth your while” He smiles a sexy smile and moves back toward me… I sit up and pull him towards me and my nakedness. He leans down and we engage in a slow wet kiss.

Back in reality, my crotch is wet again. I hear the waves and again feel the urge. I cover myself with a towel and go back to my story in my mind and hands down my bikini again.

As we kiss, I reach down for his shorts, unbutton and unzip them. They fall to the floor. He is wearing sexy briefs that secure his growing member. Wow! Its big. I reach in a free that big boy from its cage. As I hold the base just before the balls stoking it, half hard it is half way up my arm. He has a really thick head on his cock. I never experienced that before.

He lets out a soft moan as I get up from the table and kneel in front of him. I take his semi-hard cock into my mouth and suck. I can barely get my mouth around the tip. As it grows and grows, I can no longer put it in my mouth. I stroke his big cock while licking on his massive cock head! Wow! What an amazingly unique cock! He stops me and smiles and says, “This session is about you…” I smile back and nod.

I lay down on the table and wait. But, to my surprise the young man has patience. He firmly pulls me to the end of the table, spreads my legs and slowly kisses and licks my inner thighs. What a tease, I am going crazy! After five minutes of teasing my clit, I am nearly coming. My cabana boy goes to town. He takes my clit into his mouth and sucks, nibbles and licks for all he is worth. Every time I get close, he ratchets down the intensity teasing me more…

In the real world and under my towel, I simulate edirne escort the exact events going on in my head. I close my eyes.

I imagine this young Adonis stands up. His massive cock is standing up at a 45% angle towards his chest hiding his six pack abs. He looks like some Greek god! “Are you ready for me?” He asks.

I moan “Yes, fuck me with that big cock head. Tease me with it. Put just the tip into me.” I edge to the end of the table. His rock hard code is so hard, it looks like effort to push it down to the edge of my waiting pussy. I am so wet.

Slowly, he rubs is big mushroom cock head up and down on me wetting himself in the process. I deviate from the story and think, “Just the tip because I am married. OK?” He nods agreement. He runs that big thick cock up and down on my outer labia. It is so wet. I see his muscles and stomach flexing as he does it.

What a turn-on. He pushes a little. The head is so big, I really do not think it will fit. So, he rubs up and down again. Stop, push in a little more. I look down and see about 1 inch of his cock in me. The tip of the tip. I know that there is more to go for his big mushroom cap. I am being stretched with just this portion of his big cock. I imagine what it would be like having that big cock head deep in me touching my cervix. A guilt comes over me.

No, I can’t, I think. We are just playing “just the tip” like I teased boys in college. He pushes some more. A little at a time. As each stroke goes a little deeper as I am stretched. I feel pain with pleasure. I relax my entire body and breath deeply. And, then he pulls out one inch and pushes in again. Pop. It slips past vagina walls and his head is in me!

Wow. What a feeling. Its like his ridge of his head reaches up and tickles my g-spot. My vagina is adjusting to his thick shaft while his thicker head is inside me.

I say, “Just the tip young man.” He erzurum escort moans, “OK”. He moves the tip in an out maybe ½ inch tickling my g-spot. My pussy is grabbing on to it and it will not let go. As he pulls back it rubs up against my g-spot and sends me into shutters as one wave of coming after another hits me. My pussy tightens around his cock.

The young, obedient man tries to pull his cock out. He looks stressed. He whispers, “It is not coming out…” Well, we have a problem to solve here. I have a big cock head in me and it will not shrink to come out until I satisfy this poor young man. What is a woman to do?

I reach around and grab his tight ass, I slowly draw him in. I can see that huge cock head working its way up my belly. I stop and push him back to the edge where he is again tickling my g-spot. Then I pull him in hard. I look down and with his big 9 inches buried in me touching my cervix in pain and pleasure. I swear I can see the outline of his cock head on my skin. I reach down to feel it!

The young man can no longer stand it. He starts fucking me hard and driving it deep. I am just mesmerized by the outline of his cock tracing up and down my lower tummy. Waves of pleasure hit me matching his thrusts.

In the real world, my hands are working my clit while this sexy scene goes through my head.

Harder and harder he thrusts as his pelvic bangs on mine. I have his huge cock buried in me when he stiffens up and moans. I feel like someone let a fire hose loose in my pussy. One, two, three… I stopped counting as I came with him squirt after squirt. Finally he was done. As he laid on me panting, I could feel his member shrinking in me. Soon, he pulled back and it came out with a pop! After coming his head was still 2 inches in diameter. But, at least it came out! I was exhausted.

Again, I hear the sound of gulls in the distance and open my eyes and look around in paranoia. No one. Damn! I need a drink and it is gone! I check my watch. It has been about an hour or so. My mind drifts to Ajay and Big O wondering when they will make their next appearance and presentation. Good thing I have backup. I reach into my cooler and get our individual serving white wine. What a day I think to myself and relax on the beach…

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