Female Glory Hole Ch. 04

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Michelle slept late the morning following her submissive gang bang and woke up to the smell of bacon cooking. She was groggy as she slowly made her way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. Ken greeted her with a much needed extra-large cup which she greatly appreciated.

“How are you feeling honey?” Ken asked as he continued cooking.

“I’m exhausted but that was pretty awesome last night so it’s a good feeling too.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. It looked like you were having fun. I know I had a great time.”

“I have to hand it to you, Ken, that was some surprise you had planned out.”

Ken got an evil smile on his face and replied, “I’m kind of proud of myself too.”

Over breakfast, Michelle went on to explain that it was exhilarating to get a little drunk and then give control of her body over to Richard. She knew she was going to have sex with multiple men but she never dreamed of being placed in such a submissive situation where she was blindfolded, cuffed, led around by a leash, and stripped in front of a crowd of men. She really enjoyed being teased by all those hands, mouths, and adult toys as she was stretched spread eagle from a beam. Michelle went on to say she had never been so turned on and was ready to fuck and suck as many guys as she could after being teased for so long.

Ken told his wife that he enjoyed the process of walking her into the room full of men and formally handing the leash, and control of his wife’s body over to Richard. He was also more turned on than he had ever been watching his wife being dominated by Richard and offered to the rest of the men for their sexual pleasure.

Michelle thought the fact that she was bound, leashed, and blindfolded helped her enjoy the evening all that much more than the last couple of times at Richard’s. By not being able to see what was going on, it increased the anticipation she felt of what was going to happen next and she felt it increased the sensitivity of the rest of her senses. She recalled how she could tell the men apart by the size of their hands or how they stroked her bare skin or even by the cologne they were wearing. She also told her husband the fact that she had given up control of her body to another man, it gave her permission to “let go” and fully enjoy herself. She enjoyed being the center of attention and having a roomful of men sexually desire her.

As they were cleaning up after breakfast, Michelle told Ken, “All this talk about last night has got my pussy all wet. You know, we can sneak in a fast one before we have to pick up the kids.”

Ken got a huge grin on his face and responded, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

They scampered off to the bedroom and quickly stripped off their pajamas. Michelle made Ken use some of his neckties to cover her eyes and to tie her hands in front of her so she could relive just a small portion of the previous night. That let her husband know she really had a good time being a whore for a roomful of men. He laid her back and licked her hot, dripping wet pussy to multiple orgasms before fucking her in a variety of positions as she writhed in pleasure.

As he was fucking his wife, Ken asked her, “Which guy did you enjoy fucking the most?”

At first, Michelle wouldn’t answer but Ken started to fuck her harder as he plunged into her from behind, tugging on a handful of her hair, and repeated his question, “Who did you like fucking the most?”

“I enjoyed fucking them all but I liked the big cock at the end and I liked fucking Roger the most.”

Hearing that his wife enjoyed fucking her boss sent Ken over the edge and told his wife as he was cumming, “Pretend this is Roger shooting his cum into you again you fucking slut.”

They were both breathing hard as Ken withdrew his shrinking cock from his wife. He never expected his wife to want to have sex the morning after she got gang banged but he wasn’t going to turn it down either.

Ken left Michelle alone for some peace and quiet while he went to pick up the kids from his parent’s house. He stayed there for a while then took the kids out for ice cream to give his wife some time to herself to recuperate. When they got home the kids ran off to their friend’s house a couple of doors down, giving Ken and Michelle time to talk a little more.

He inquired about enjoying having sex with her boss so much and she told him there was something exciting about leading a double life. At work, they were professional and never discussed the time they each spent at Richard’s and it was thrilling for her to share such a deep, dark secret with him that no one at work would ever guess. He was also a good lover and something about him turned her on. She didn’t know if it was the power he had at the bank or the confidence he exhibited. She also had a reputation at work as being cold, even a bitch, and people would be shocked to know the devilish side of her.

Ken noted that Roger seemed to enjoy fucking Michelle while adana escort he was watching and even seemed to try to taunt him a little but that only made it better for Ken. He also got excited by the fact someone they knew was fucking his wife and thoroughly enjoying it. Ken knew Roger was also envious of him for having such a sexy wife.

Later that evening after the kids were in bed, Michelle and Ken enjoyed another round of sex. This time when Ken blindfolded and bound his wife’s hands, he made her pretend Roger was the one fucking her and made her beg for his cock. It turned them both on at the thought of her boss enjoying having sex with her.

Michelle kept begging, “Fuck me, Roger, fuck me so I can tell Ken all about it. I like it when you fuck me, Roger, give it to me good.”

Ken kept asking his wife to tell him how much she enjoyed the gang bang and how she wanted to do it again, how she wanted to service multiple strangers and how she especially wanted to fuck Roger again. They both had intense orgasms from their fond memories of the night before.

The next day at work, Michelle had a difficult time concentrating. Every time she saw Roger, she had flashbacks to the previous weekend which made her panties wet. This hadn’t happened before so it took her by surprise. Even when she saw her boss from across the room or walking down the corridor, she kept thinking of how she was strung up naked and how all those men played with her body, including Roger. There was something different now that she couldn’t explain.

When she was called into his office to discuss a task at hand, her face got flush which led Roger to ask, “Is everything okay Michelle?”

“Uh, yes, it’s fine sir.”

He thought her response was odd. She had never called him “sir” before. Especially after their previous intimate encounters together, she had always referred to him as “Roger.” As they met, Michelle had a difficult time looking him in the eye, mostly because she was embarrassed that being so close to him was making her panties uncontrollably wet. Her nipples even became erect and she was afraid they would show through her bra and blouse. Roger did notice but he was too polite to say anything. He was also very careful not to say anything to Michelle at work about their encounters outside of the office because he was afraid of lawsuits that would jeopardize not only his job but the company too.

When they were done with their meeting, Michelle went back to her office, extremely turned on and not knowing what to do. Her pussy was wet and itching for attention but it was only the middle of the day. She tried to distract herself with work but that wasn’t working either. Her thoughts kept drifting back to last weekend on how Roger was one of several men who made her suck their dicks, used her pussy, and fucked her ass while she submissively gave her body to them.

Unable to concentrate on her work, Michelle decided to go to the ladies room and masturbate to a quick orgasm. She locked herself in the stall, raised her skirt, and lowered her pantyhose before sitting down. She leaned back, spread her legs, and began to manipulate her clitoris which made her begin to moan softly. Someone else entered the ladies room as she was nearing her orgasm. She was too far along to stop now and she let out a louder moan.

The other woman in the ladies room asked, “Are you okay in there?”

Michelle replied, “Yes, I’m fine. I’m having some bad cramps today.”

When the other woman left, Michelle finished masturbating, bringing herself to a much-needed orgasm. Afterward, she was able to concentrate on her work. Later that evening, she let Ken know she was horny again and he was more than happy to oblige. He didn’t realize that when he arranged for his wife to be the subject of a bondage and submissive gang bang that it would inspire their sex life the way it had. He knew it wouldn’t last forever but, like any married man with a couple of kids, if his wife wanted sex, he wasn’t going to turn it down because eventually there would be another dry spell.

That night he tied her blindfolded and spread-eagle onto the bed and teased her naked body in a similar manner that happened at Richard’s except he was by himself. He licked her pussy until she had an intense orgasm before fucking her hard, withdrawing several times to make her pretend another man was entering her each time. When it was time for his orgasm, he told her to think of Roger while he was fucking her hard and came deep inside her pussy. When they were done, Michelle secretly hoped that the sex with her loving husband would put out the burning fire in her pussy, a fire Ken had inadvertently started.

The next day, as Michelle was getting ready for work, she wore a low cut white lace bra and matching bikini underwear set underneath her white blouse and business suit. It made her feel sexy on the inside while wearing conservative attire on the eskişehir escort outside. Things were busy at work and she wasn’t distracted by any deviant thoughts or desires like the day before; that is, until later that afternoon. Roger hadn’t been around all day but Michelle got an email from his secretary that he wanted to meet at 3 P.M. Michelle’s thoughts started to think of how he had fucked her at the female glory hole and had a private session with her later that first night, how she had one date with him with the permission and encouragement of her husband and how he was one of several men to have fucked her the previous weekend. Her pussy began to get wet again.

When she went to his office, he casually asked how her day was going and she replied, “It’s been busy but it’s a normal day at the office sir.”

He was puzzled that she was calling him “sir” again and even mentioned, “There’s no need to call me sir, you can call me Roger. We’ve known each other long enough to be casual.”

“Okay, sir. Um, okay, Roger.”

Michelle then remembered she forgot a file and went back to her desk to retrieve it but when she did she took off her suit coat and undid a button on her blouse before going back into her meeting with her boss.

“I’m sorry sir. I forgot the file I needed.”

She sat down at a chair in front of his desk and ever so slowly raised her left leg high and crossed it over her right leg. She wasn’t deliberately trying to give him a peek up her skirt but maybe she did it unconsciously. She did it several times during the meeting too. When Roger had a question about one of the documents, Michelle got up from her chair and leaned over in front of him, her blouse hanging open, giving her boss a clear view of the fleshy mounds of her ample breasts covered only by her lace bra. Roger was becoming distracted by seeing peeks of Michelle’s panties and breasts but he was determined to keep things professional at work. Having sex with underlings could lead to serious consequences and he had too much to lose. He was already taking a risk by becoming involved with Michelle away from the office but he wanted to keep the workplace free from any complications a relationship could bring.

Even though his dick was getting hard, he maintained his composure. When Michelle sat down in front of him again, he couldn’t help but undress her with his eyes, imagining seeing her naked again. He loved seeing her nude body, her firm 36c breasts, long, lean legs, and sensuous round ass. His mind kept drifting to the expert blow jobs she had given him in the past, or how he had spread her legs to fuck her several times and how he had bent her over to fuck her nice tight ass. He had to fight with himself to keep his mind on the work at hand. He wasn’t sure if she was teasing him, wanting to have sex with him again or if it was just wishful thinking on his part but they were at work, and sex with Michelle was off-limits there. He had to maintain self-control.

Even though neither one of them wanted to admit it, there was a definite sexual tension in the air between the two sporadic lovers but both of them were fighting their natural instincts. Neither one wanted to be the first one to break the office rules out of fear they were misreading the other person’s desires.

Michelle and Roger played this little cat and mouse game for the rest of the week, with Michelle becoming more brazen in her teasing of Roger and Roger becoming more obvious in his stares up her skirt or down her blouse. Unbeknownst to Ken, he was the beneficiary of his wife’s teasing games with her boss. He unknowingly was contributing to her actions by encouraging her to fantasize about her boss while they were making love. Ken even stopped by an adult bookstore and purchased a blindfold, leash, and soft cuffs just like those she wore the last time at Richard’s in order to enhance their fantasies and recalling Michelle’s submissive night of passion.

The intensity of the teasing was turned up that Friday. Michelle put on a black lace bra and matching thong underneath a sheer white blouse and business suit similar to the one Richard made her wear before he bound her hands above her head and stripped her naked before an audience the previous Saturday night. At first, Roger didn’t make the connection but when he met with Michelle that morning, he couldn’t help but notice after she removed her suit coat. Her black bra was clearly visible underneath. All week long, he was wondering if she was taunting him intentionally but her attire left no doubt, especially when she sat down and she left her legs open wide enough for him to see directly up her skirt to her view her black panties. He was still reluctant to make any advances on her at work. His better judgment told him he better not act on his or her desires but his sexual thoughts were taking over the rational ones.

Michelle and Roger were exchanging glances all day sakarya escort on Friday. At one point, Michelle was leaning over Roger’s desk again giving him a view down her blouse but this time she, ever so lightly, repeatedly brushed her breasts against his shoulder. She felt like she was in control of this situation because it became obvious that he was struggling with wanting her sexually and trying to be professional. She continued to call him “sir” which is what she was instructed to call her male partners that night at Richard’s.

There was no doubt about Michelle’s intentions when Roger had to squeeze by her in a hallway that was filled with boxes of supplies that were just delivered. He held her waist and said, “excuse me” as he brushed past her. His hips making contact with her ass.

Michelle slowed his progress by pushing her ass against him and giving him a sexy look over her shoulder and replying, “No excuse me, sir.”

Late in the day, as everyone was getting ready to leave for the weekend, Roger decided to confront Michelle about her actions and intended to tell her that they had to be careful at work. He called her into his office and she removed her suit coat once more. Roger gazed at her tall, lean body, her long legs, her shoulder-length blonde hair, and her blue eyes. Her black bra showing through her sheer blouse. He asked her to take a seat. As she sat down, Michelle inconspicuously raised her skirt a little so she would show off more of her legs. In doing so, she also revealed that she had removed her panties.

“You wanted to see me sir?” she asked coyly.

Roger immediately noticed and was caught off guard by the sight of her bare pussy but he was determined to keep it professional.

“Well Michelle, I wanted to talk to you about your recent actions.”

“Like what sir?” she asked as she lifted her leg to cross them, again giving her boss a view up her skirt.

“Well, Michelle, actions like you just did. Making sure I can see up your skirt and flashing your pussy to me. I know we’ve had some personal relations in the past but that has to be kept outside of work.”

She uncrossed her legs again, leaving them wide open and replying, “Yes sir. I understand.”

Michelle opened her legs a little wider and continued, “I’m sorry if I’ve done anything to make you feel uncomfortable sir. It won’t happen again, sir.”

Roger stared at the beautiful woman before him, the one he had the pleasure of fucking several times in the past in her pussy and ass. He had been on the receiving end of her luxurious blow jobs and licked her pussy until she came to an intense orgasm. He was doing his best to resist her open display of sexuality and an obvious offer to screw him again, right there, right now. He paused while he thought about the potential consequences of acting on the thoughts going through his mind. The thoughts of what his manly instincts were telling him to do.

It was then that he got up from behind his desk and walked over towards the door. Michelle wasn’t sure if he was going to ask her to leave or not but she watched as he looked around the outer office and seeing that everyone had left but them, he closed his office door and locked it behind him. He then stood in front of her with an obvious lump in his pants. He had made up his mind that he couldn’t take her teasing anymore and if she wanted to get fucked, he was going to be the person to give her a good one before they went home for the weekend.

“Stand up Michelle.”

“Yes sir,” she replied as she followed his order.

He then leaned in to kiss her which she enthusiastically returned. They kissed each other deeply as they began to fondle each other. His hand fondling her breasts while her hand reached between his legs to begin stroking his cock through his pants. His hand then found its way up her skirt to begin finger fucking his horny employee. Michelle moaned as she found pleasure in the manual manipulations of her pussy by Roger. He knew exactly what she liked from their previous encounters and she came to a quick orgasm even before they removed any of their clothing.

They quickly began to strip off their clothes, neither one of them able to control their sexual desires any longer. Roger was thrilled he was going to have Michelle to himself again rather than having to share her with several other men. She seemed to like being submissive so he decided to take advantage of that fact.

Roger sat down in the chair in front of his desk and said, “Michelle, you’ve been a very naughty girl. You shouldn’t be teasing your boss like you have been all week. It isn’t very professional at all and I’m afraid I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. I need you to bend over my lap now Michelle.”

She gazed at the stern look on his face while glancing down at his hard cock and decided she liked the game he was playing and complied with his order with a simple, “yes sir” before draping herself over his lap, exposing her bare ass to Roger. Roger grabbed both her hands behind her back and placed one leg over her ankles to ensure she was securely in place and couldn’t escape.

He then told Michelle, “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you Michelle, but you have to learn your lesson.”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

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