Finally Pt. 2


Sally crawled into bed with them. “You guys were awesome together. I never have seen you cum that hard, Lana.” Sally then frenched Lana, and kissed her nipple. “What’s this about?” Jeff said coyly. “You’ll see,” was all Lana and Sally said.

“We’ve been lovers for a long time,” Lana said as she started kissing Sally’s neck. “Since we were fourteen we’ve been satisfying each other when we didn’t have men,” she continued as Sally started to gasp from Lana licking her nipple as she talked.

“All that time you two have been going down on each other?” Jeff said as his lips met Sally’s.

“Kinda of wish izmir escort you knew now don’t you?” Sally said as she moaned from Lana’s mouth, now lapping away at Sally’s clit. “I need your cock in my mouth,” Sally breathed as she positioned herself so she could suck Jeff’s cock while Lana ate her pussy. Lana was now underneath Sally, and played with her own pussy while Sally bucked on her tongue.

“I’m gonna cum,” Sally screamed as she removed Jeff’s now rock hard penis from her mouth so she can buck more rapidly on Lana’s face. Lana herself was fucking away with four antalya escort fingers in her juicy mound like there was no tomorrow.

Sally started talking dirty as Jeff jacked off in front of her face. “Cum on me, pleeeeeze!” She yelled passionately as Jeff obliged by shooting a load right on her face and tits. Lana then slid up to kiss Sally, and help remove the sperm from her breasts. “Lana got a turn to ride you, now its mine,” Sally said as she climbed onto Jeff’s cock. Lana slid her soaking cunt onto Jeff’s face.

Sally and Lana started kissing and fondling kayseri escort each other as they both rode Jeff. The moans and shouts and straight up dirty talk started to blend together in Jeff’s mind, as Lana’s thighs clamped his head in place. All he knew was sally’s pussy had clamped down on his cock, and he could taste Lana’s girl cum again as she bucked on his face.

They all fell into a pile on the bed. Jeff lit a joint as Sally and Lana curled up to his chest. By the time Jeff finished the roach, they were asleep. Jeff looked down at the two gorgeous bodies that all through his youth he had wanted to fuck, and he just had. A smile crossed his face as he thought, “Not a bad night for seeing a cover band.” He laughed to himself and fell asleep.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

This is a continuation of my first story, and I wanted to thank everyone for the positive feed back from Chapter One, thanks 🙂

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