He Stole Our Baby

Group Sex

I had been married to Jim almost 20 years and I found out a secret recently that is about to cause a bitter and nasty divorce.

While cleaning out some thing for our garage/yard sale, I was cleaning out my husband’s old computer desk when I came across an envelope that showed the date January 16, 1984. That was the day that I delivered our only child – he was a stillborn. We named him Samuel after Jim’s grandfather because he helped raise Jim after his father left him and his two sisters when he was just a baby. I could not have imagined why he had this in his desk and just being a bit curious and it wasn’t sealed, just kept closed by a large clip, I decided to be nosy and see what these papers were all about.

I almost fell to the floor as they were papers and many pictures of a boy from the time he was a baby until he graduated from high school. There were notes on the back of each photo which showed the date and year each picture was taken and it started with a baby picture dated January 16, 1994 until June, 2012. The name of the baby was James and he looked so much like my husband it was almost like I was looking at his pictures growing up.

There was paperwork in the envelope as well and I opened it and I could not believe what I was reading. It was a notarized letter stating that the child was given to Mary XXXXXXXX on January 16, 199k4 at 1:15 pm – I delivered my still born that morning at 8:15 am – this was my baby. I had a very difficult birth after a very difficult pregnancy. I was sick almost ever day and couldn’t keep down food. The only thing I managed to keep down and help keep my weight on was to drink milk shakes and ice cream. I was told that I was going to have a “C” section and it would be less stress for myself giving birth to our baby. We didn’t want to know the birth at first, but we decided that after the sixth month that we would ask. Jim and I thought originally that as long as the baby was healthy, it didn’t matter.

After driving to the hospital that morning with labor pains and discomfort most of the weekend, Jim drove me to the hospital. All along I was seeing pictures of our adorable little boy and looking forward to holding him in my arms and feeding him. We got looks at the hospital at first because Jim is black and I am white and they probably didn’t know what to expect but I was in no mood to start spouting off my mouth as I do when people to stop and stare at the interracial couple. We got even more stares while I was pregnant. One day at the mall, I remember hearing whispers and couldn’t hear the comments, but Jim did and I heard him say, “No madam, I did not “knock her up” – we are married and what is your issue.”

He was very supportive of me during my entire pregnancy and I thought I was so lucky to have such a great husband. My friends were there for me too, but he was on top of it all. If he got stuck at work, he would call me and one of my friends would come by and stay with me and bring me my shakes or ice cream. It didn’t seem like that it happened that often until now. I realized that it was once a week and sometimes two or three.

During those “late nights” I know now is when he was seeing this other woman. She was white also and he dated her a few times (I thought) before we met but he told me that things between them didn’t work out and he broke it off with her. Like hell they didn’t. It comes to be that she thought she was pregnant and he was the father and she was thrilled and he was too but she wasn’t and she had gone into a deep depression. He accompanied her to one of her doctor’s and to help he through, they told her that she was pregnant and it would help her. I never heard such horse shit in my entire life.

Jim was the love of my life and I fought like hell to make him a part of my life and had to ward off my family and friends that were against interracial marriages that he was a great guy and took good care of me and he did. He was always there for me, took me to the best places to eat, took me away on short trips and a few longer ones, bought me beautiful clothes and jewelry. He was all I ever wanted in a man and this man happened to be black which I didn’t mind. I always found the black man to be the sexier and I found myself a real good man.

We had fallen in love almost instantly with each other and we had a wonderful sex life. He pleasured me and made love to me like no man had ever done and I loved going down on his extra large black cock and sucking him hard and licking his ass hole and balls. I loved how he made my pussy feel so good when he filled me up with his cock. We did it in all positions and he told me I was the best cock sucker ever. He always had a great “finish” and we were usually knocked out after that and took a nice hot shower and had to rest.

Sex was not the most important, but it was great to have a mate like that. We dated for only six months and we moved in together, against my family, who were extremely racist. Jim decided to take them all Ataşehir Esmer Escort aside one night and explain his love for me and that he wasn’t taking me for any ride or looking for some who had money, which my family did and that night he proposed to me in front of my family and some of our friends who were against our dating. He bought me a beautiful ring and we immediately started making plans for our wedding.

My best friend of over 20 years and his were our best man and maid of honor. My best friend is not against us, but she did tell me for years that she would never date a black guy after I told her I would. Our wedding party was mixed black and white and everyone looked great. My mother took to his mom right away and my father was there for us, but I know that he was hoping better for me, but did tell me that he just wanted me to be happy and if I ever needed anything to let him know. Jim’s father had taken off his mother shortly after he was born claiming that Jim was not his. Comes to find that he knocked up a young girl he was working with and her father came after him and he was asked to help support the child and he left, leaving them alone and never heard from again. His grandfather stepped in; this was his father’s father and he helped to raise him.

Grandpa Samuel was the world to Jim and he always was loved and taken care of. He taught him how to play football and basketball and Jim excelled at both and played for all his years. He was also schooled in the local high school and at home and he became an honor student. Having good grades and playing ball so well, it earned in a full scholarship in one of the Big 10 colleges. He made his mother and grandfather very proud.

After an injury after way through he senior year in college, he would never play again. His back was hurting all the time and his knees were shot. He blew out one of his knees after tackling one of the opposing players and and fractured the other in the same play. He was hospitalized most of the remainder of his senior year and he became very depressed kept to himself most of the time. His tutor helped him with all his school work and he was able to graduate with honors. The scouts that were watching him since his freshman year, wanted him to turn professional but he wanted to finish his education as he was preparing go into business after graduation and it would be his back up after his football days were over.

He had been working at one place that summer at a place that was close by to home and accommodated him by allowing his first several months of using his wheelchair and the crutches. They treated him well and he excelled. A huge fire in that neighborhood took out the shop and unfortunately the owner could not recover enough to rebuild and was in debt that they were forced to close down.

Only being out of work a few weeks, we went into one of the places in town and they knew him from his prior job, offered him a position with the company, great salary and benefits and he took the job and to this very day he is still there and is a manager and is on the very good side of his bosses. He is left in charge during their absence and has been always a trustworthy employee and was named employee of the year 15 times.

We met when I when I came into his place to look for something for my dad. There were four other men there, but Jim caught my eye and it could be because he was the only black guy there in a sea of white and Spanish faces. I passed by the other four guys when I heard Jim ask me, “Welcome to XXX XXXXXX, may I be of help to you?” I told him what I was looking for and would appreciate the help as I wasn’t sure what I was looking for or getting. Dad had taken ill and asked me to pick this up and have it delivered and installed while he was in rehab.

Jim took the time to be with me and showed me my options being very informative and patient with my many questions. He had the greatest smile and I felt myself wanting to ask him for a date. I’m not like that so I guess I was taken by his charm and good looks. He smelled so good and had the darkest black eyes I’ve ever seen. He got me what I needed and then handed me a slip of paper and told me to look at it later on. He told me it would be delivered the very next day and installed and I knew that would make my dad a happy camper.

After getting into my car, I unfolded the paper which he gave me and it was a copy of his business card and stapled to it was a phone number written in marker and it said, “Please call me at this number as it is my cell. I would like to hear from you”. Jim I quickly called him and he answered after only one ring. He told me that he would like to take me out sometime, but asking at work would not have been the proper thing to to. He also said he didn’t know if I was into dating black me, but I seemed to have enjoyed talking with him. I told him that I certainly did enjoy our talking and he was most helpful and I would love to go out with him. We Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort made a date for two weeks after because he had a vacation scheduled with his male friends to go camping and then he had to bring his truck in for repairs. He told me I can call him anytime during the times he was off and ask if he could call me and told him yes.

During the weeks that he was on vacation, we talked every day. He made time out from being with the guys for me and I called him too. I was very excited to say the least because I didn’t date much and about eight months earlier I broke up with a guy who was in love with himself and my money. We also spent my money and he was always looking good and for a while I didn’t mind and then it was upsetting to me thinking that he was using me. I told my parents I was going to break it off with him and they said the liked him and I told them he was sucking out all my money and they said we had plenty but I couldn’t see him getting it.

Three days before our date, I received a call from Jim and asked me if I would be home anytime during the next three days and I said I took a few days off to get some things done and he was happy I was not saying why he asked. I made appointments to get my hair cut, a manicure and pedicure, waxing, had gone to the store to buy a new outfit with all matching accessories, earrings, handbag, shoes, the works. I was so worried that after being with me, he wouldn’t like me. Don’t know why because he was with me and then asked me to call him.

The next day before I was getting ready to go clothes shopping, my doorbell rang and I received long stem yellow roses with a card that read, “Looking forward to seeing you” Jim I was so excited as I went for my favorite vase that my late aunt left me to put them in. I called Jim after putting them in water. He asked if I liked them and I said I did as they were my favorite color rose.

That Saturday, I was so nervous as I prepared for my date with Jim. We talked several times and he said that he would be at my house at 7:00 and I said I would be ready. He said he made all the reservations and planned our night out and asked if was alright that he did this and I said it was great.

He came at 6:50 and when I answered the door, he was carrying a single yellow rose. He handed it to me with a huge smile and a kiss. He smelled heavenly and looked great. It was as if we called to coordinate our outfits because we almost match visa versa. I had on a purple pair of pants with a white top with a two tone purple jacket. Jim had one a white pair of pants, a purple shirt and a white blazer. The color purple look great on him with his dark black skin. I showed him around the place and when we stopped in the kitchen, I went into my cabinet to get a vase for a single flower and put water into and placed in the rose.

As we approached my home office, I placed the vase on the desk and it said it looked very nice. I did some work from home on some days so I had a little office set up at home. I had a copier, fax machine, desk, computer, etc. and it was like a mini version of my desk at work. They supplied this to be after I had to work from home after having an operation that laid me up for a few months and I wanted to finish my project that earned me a huge increase in salary and a small promotion too.

We got into his truck and I asked him about his trip with the guys and he was telling me about it and he held my hand the whole ride. We stopped at this steak house that I have been thinking of trying and I never did. I wonder how he knew; I knew he didn’t, but it was liked he did. We ordered a bottle of wine and he toasted me and said, “Thank you for agreeing to see me and have dinner”. I told him I was honored to and we clinked our glasses together. The food was great; we had a steak and chicken combo with baked potato, fresh green beans, a delicious cranberry, walnut, goat cheese salad. For dessert we had creme’ brulee which was also a favorite.

After dinner, we walked to his truck and he told me we were going to listen to a club for dancing and drinks, if I had no objections which I didn’t. He held the door open for me and closed the door and went around to the driver’s side came in and I looked at him and thanked him for the wonderful dinner and we kissed. His lips are so soft. He again held my hand until we got to the club.

We had a great night of dancing, good music, drinks and just talking. He told me all about himself and I did the same. We exchanged a few little kisses during the course of the night we just having a blast. The band went of at 2 so we finished our drinks and we were heading back to my place. We got there and that’s when it all started. We started kissing harder and deeper, feeling each other up and kissing and touching and clothes were coming off and before I took of my bra, I told him that I was not a whore or a hooker and I don’t sleep around and I’m not normally like this but I really like Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort you. He told me that he knows that I’m not just by talking to me and being with me and he liked me too.

We had some wild sex that night; I sucked him off and he ate me out and we explored every inch of each other. He had the most beautiful black cock and he was clean of pubic hair and so soft and smooth. His cock was about two and half inches thick and about seven inches long as he started to go into erection. I told him that I was not a woman about size and he said he loved my big white titties and asked me my size. I was a 42DD and firm. He squeezed and sucked on them and nibbled on my nipples and I took his entire cock into my mouth, sucks his balls and licked his asshole. It was great. He fucked my titties, and my pussy and then we went into doggy style and then he asked me if I wanted it anal. I never had it before and I told him that and he said he would understand if I didn’t want it, but if I did he would be gentle and I gave him the okay. He was as promised very gentle and we were both about to cum. He rolled me on my back asked me where he could put his load and I told him down my throat, my face and chest. He came all over me and then I swallowed the rest as he had one huge load. He told me that he has never come so much at one time. We cleaned up and I asked him to spend the night and he did. I woke up to the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs cooking. He found everything to a make us a great breakfast. We kissed and we ate and rested and then we made love again.

The first six months went by so fast. We spent most of our time together, met some each others friends and were having a great time. Our wedding was beautiful and our honeymoon cruise of two weeks was mind blowing.

We tried for several years to have children and I didn’t get pregnant. We finally went to the doctor and I need to get blown out and my tubes cleaned, but we were both able to have. Finally we got pregnant and I knew it. I was sick every morning and by noon I was feeling better but by 6:00 I wasn’t to good again. He was always taking good care of me and like I said before, if he had to work late, I always had some one here to be with me as I didn’t go out much. I was working from home and they knew I was doing my best and always had someone come by and get my work and bring me some, but didn’t over work me.

This brings me to the envelope that showed that my husband gave this woman “Mary” our baby. They had all the paperwork drawn up and notarized saying upon the birth of my child, that I was giving up the baby to “Mary” for adoption because I was not financially capable of caring for this child because I am without a job. It also stated that I was of the Catholic upbringing and was against abortion even though my pregnancy was cause by rape.

I was outraged to say the least and I called him at work immediately to come home. He asked me what was wrong and I told him that I didn’t wish to discuss the matter over the phone. I figured since he was a boss, he could and usually can come and go as he needed. Why was he resisting me?? Did he think I may have stumbled on this envelope?? I never did go into his desk for anything – I had no reason to do so before. He saw a new desk he liked and said we would put this out and get a few bucks for it to put towards the new one. Again, we are really not in poor financial shape as Jim and I make excellent money, my parents left me a nice sum of money to work every day things with and the rest we have investments, CD’s, money market as well as a summer home in Bermuda. Since our place is paid off and we have no one but ourselves to support, we are really off pretty well.

Jim walked through the door and had a very angry look on his face and asked me what couldn’t wait until he got home in the evening and I waved the envelope in front of him. I asked him why he has led me to believe all these years that our son was dead and who is Mary?? He burst into tears and fell to his knees that he was cheating on me while I was pregnant with Mary who he fell in love with and didn’t mean to and she wanted his baby so badly but she couldn’t have any. She knew we were married and I was expecting and she talked him into giving her our baby. Even thought it is his and mine, the fact is that part of that baby is his was making her happy.

I told him that this was something I can never, ever forgive him for and right then and there I asked for a divorce. He asked me if I looked at the pictures and I said I have and I have all the paperwork with it and it has since been picked up by the lawyer who will be serving him divorce papers very soon. I was told at the time of the birth/death of my son that I would not be able to have anymore children and I was so depressed. I took a leave from work for almost a year and my company was very good to me and actually footed 95% of all my bills and expenses during that time and kept my job as they liked me, my work and I liked them and working for them.

We are now in the process of getting a divorce and I demanded that the young man be told the truth. Mary is a very beautiful woman and I could see why Jim is attracted to her. I want the boy to know the whole sick story from both of them and I want him to part of my life.

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