Helen Ch. 08

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This story is a graphic tale of a Dom and his very submissive transgendered male. If you are offended by tales of BDSM and sex between consenting adults then read no further ……… other wise enjoy

It is best if read with previous chapters.

Feel free to leave honest comments or suggestions, it really does encourage those of us who write to continue…

When we got to the garage I took the leash from Helen and opened the door for her. I then opened the boot, I had an estate car, and pushed Nancy into the boot, covering her with the boot cover so she could not be seen from outside. Nancy started to protest, so I grabbed her face in my hand between her cheeks and forced her mouth open.

“Listen you are lucky I did not leave you here tied up in the garage, you are nothing to me, you will do as you are told or I will throw you out now.”

She said nothing and allowed me to push her down in the boot.

I then got in the car and kissed Helen before driving off.

“Let’s go and get some more of your clothes, we can get removals in next week to clear the rest of your things. I want to make this permanent. We have a lot to do, training you and now Nancy, do you like that name by the way?”

“Yes Master it’s very appropriate.” She smiled at me sweetly and rubbed my groin, immediately getting the reaction she wanted.

We drove the short distance to her house, a small three bedroom detached place just outside the town. When we arrived I encouraged her to open the house up while I got Nancy.

“Oh I hope the neighbours don’t see him.” She said to me to which I replied “It doesn’t matter you will not be coming back here.”

I grabbed the leash and Nancy scrabbled to get out the car and follow me, she was mincing along, the short chain making her take short steps, and I though we will need to keep that chain on as it makes her walk in a more feminine way.

When we got inside I found an under the stairs cupboard and pushed Nancy in, it only had a handle on the outside so he was not going anywhere. I then followed Helen upstairs and we went through her wardrobe, sorting clothes that I thought she would look good in as my slut, and some for work as well, after all she had to keep up some appearances for now.

She packed a couple of suitcases full, and then I came across a maids outfit, lots of frills, obviously an expensive fancy dress costume, complete with maids head dress, apron, and fluffy petticoat. I took it out and said “Whose is this?”

“Mine Master.” she said blushing. “I got it for the firms fancy dress Christmas party, I wore it so I could serve my employees.”

“You must have looked stunning in it, wish I had seen you in it, but I think it would be better used now on Nancy, you will never be my servant, just my slave, lover and girlfriend, she will do all the menial tasks.”

I went back down mersin escort stairs and dragged Nancy up to the bedroom.

“Helen get her dressed, do some make up on her, I know her hair is very short but we will let it grow and have it cut in a female style, I have a friend that will do that for us.”

“Then we must get home as you have long day tomorrow, after work I have a couple of surprises that you may not enjoy straight away but you will learn to love them.”

Helen looked at me in a worried way but didn’t comment, she just got to work transforming Nancy into the maid she needed to become.

I took her suitcases out to the car and put them on the backseat then went back indoors. Helen had done her best with Nancy and she really did look quite feminine, apart from the hair, so I took Nancy by the leash and took her out to the car, pushing her in the boot, I said to Helen, “Let’s go home darling.”

We travelled in silence, apart from some grunts from the boot, and I enjoyed myself running my hands up and down Helen’s smooth thighs, teasing her, she was very hard and a couple of time I had to slap her hand as she tried to touch herself. “There will be time for that later.” I said gruffly.

“Have you ever fucked Nancy?” I asked quietly.

“No Master he has only ever used me, it’s how we wanted it to be.”

“Well times have changed sweetie, I will decide who pleasures who, and tonight you are going to take Nancy’s cherry.”

Soon we arrived home and I sent Helen to go and have a bath, and put on her prettiest frilly nighty, and not to play with herself or I would hurt her a lot. She smiled at me I think weighing up if she wanted the pain or not, I hoped she would obey.

I dragged Nancy into the lounge, bent her over and fastened her wrist cuffs to her ankles. I then lifted her skirt over her back and pulled down her panties, exposing her ass and her caged clitty.

“Now then Nancy, you are mine and Helen’s servant, you will do as we instruct you, obey and your life will be bearable, disobey and you will wish you had not, it’s up to you. You will pleasure us in any way we desire, and you will be responsible for all the household chores. Is that understood.”

I got no response from her so I moved in front of her and slapped her hard across the face. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND” I shouted at her.

“Yes Master.” she weakly responded.

As soon as she had replied I pushed the big ball gag into her mouth, I did not want her protesting or screaming later, this was a lesson to break her spirit, make her realise that she had no say anymore, that she was just a slave and toy for our use and pleasure.

“Good, now don’t go anywhere.” I chuckled seeing her in this position, hardly able to move as I walked out and went upstairs to find Helen.

As I walked into the bedroom kocaeli escort she was just drying her hair, sitting naked in front of the dressing table, a picture of beauty to me, and I strode over putting my arms around her from behind. She turned her head and I kissed her passionately, pushing my tongue into her mouth, tasting her and she responded, nipping my tongue, pushing back with her own tongue and I saw the passion in her groin as she grew.

I broke away, I wanted her to stay hard, and I knew much longer and we would be in bed, and I needed to break Nancy before we settled in for the night. I watched as she got up and dressed in a lacy nighty, without panties, her breasts filling the small cups, without the erection you would never know she was not all woman, I guess that’s what I adored about her since we had first met.

I held her hand as we went back downstairs, she gasped as we walked into the lounge and saw Nancy bent over, restrained and exposed, and so so vulnerable. I quickly removed Nancy’s gag.

I then led Helen round in front of Nancy and lifted her cock positioning it at Nancy’s lips, and patted her on the ass encouraging her to push into Nancy’s mouth.

Nancy was obviously not new to having a cock in his mouth as she opened willingly and started to suck Helen while I watched. Helen herself was getting excited and it was not long before she started groaning because of Nancy’s ministrations. I pulled Helen off Nancy’s mouth and led her round behind Nancy.

I spat on Nancy’s puckered hole and rubbed it in, inserting a finger, she was tight, she would suffer some pain when Helen entered her but she needed that to emphasise her lowly position and to break her, she would suffer a lot more when I took her later.

I held Helen’s cock and stroked it making sure it was as hard as it could be considering the hormones she was taking and when satisfied I guided it into Nancy’s sissy pussy. Helen needed no bidding as she thrust forward entering Nancy in one move, making her squeal. As Helen started thrusting I whispered to her to slow down and enjoy it fully, and I then moved to Nancy’s mouth and pushed myself into her.

For Nancy this must have been both humiliating and exciting, humiliating because this was the first time she had been taken anally, and orally at the same time by a man who was almost a stranger, excited because I could see her cock trying to harden in its cage.

As Helen stroked in and out of her I could see she was building to an orgasm, I smiled as I watched her get closer and closer, and I said “its ok you can cum in her now.”

With that it was obvious that she exploded deep inside Nancy, she was holding herself in as deep as she could, grabbing Nancy’s hips for leverage and groaning as she emptied. Helen for her part had tensed but with my cock in her samsun escort mouth could not utter a sound.

“Thank you Master.” Helen said quietly as she pulled out of Nancy, her cock already deflated. I in turn pulled out of Nancy’s mouth and moved behind her letting Helen guide me into the hole she had just vacated. Nancy braced herself as I pushed into her, groaning and then squealing as I stretched her far beyond what Helen had done, and I guided Helen to put her cock in Nancy’s mouth to shut her up and have Nancy clean her.

As soon as I was fully in I started pounding Nancy’s ass, not showing any regard for her, I wanted her to know that I would use her whenever I wanted, there would not be the love I had for Helen between us, she was a slave to us both and had to be broken in.

Nancy for her part took me all and did not resist, I think we had already broken her spirit, she was after all now totally dependent on my and Helen’s actions, she had nowhere to go, would have no clothes other than the feminine outfits we provided, was locked in collar and cuffs which would remain on her permanently while in my house.

As I continued to pound I felt myself coming to an orgasm and with a final thrust making me balls deep in her I unloaded myself, grunting as spurt after spurt of cum filled her anus.

As I pulled out she was gaping nicely and I pushed in the locking anal plug, turning and clicking the padlock shut, making her retain Helen and my seed inside her, I intended to leave it there till the morning before allowing it out of her.

While I was seeing to this Helen had dropped to her knees and was cleaning me, her tongue working its magic on me, already making me semi hard again.

I pushed her gently away saying “Lets get this bitch settled for the night then we can go to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow.”

I unlocked the cuffs allowing Nancy to stand, took her leash and dragged her down to the basement, Helen followed.

I had been in the basement briefly earlier in the day and while a lot of sorting needed to be done to make it a home for our servant I had dug out the old mattress I knew was there together with the old dog cage. I had adapted the mattress to fit inside the cage and while it was not long enough to stretch out in it would give Nancy a modicum of comfort for her overnight.

I ordered her to undress and fold her clothes neatly, and pushed her into the cage naked, except for her cuffs, collar and cage. I put the padlock on and clicked it shut, she was not going anywhere.

I turned to Helen and said “For the moment until I can get things sorted down here she will sleep in the cage. There is no heating down here, but it is not too cold, and if she performs well we will give her a blanket. You will be responsible for getting her up before you go to work in the mornings, make sure she is dressed and made up until she can do it herself, by then I should have this room sorted as her home. I never want to see her as a male again.”

Helen just nodded at me. I then went to the door with my lover and turned off the light, locking the door behind us and giving Helen the key, “Now let us go to bed.”

To be continued…

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