Helping the Elderly Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read “Helping the Elderly Part I” to get the full story from the beginning.


Tracy fell asleep in Harry’s arms wondering what it might feel like to have his gigantic member penetrate her hungry pussy.

“Harry. Wake up. Harry.” Tracy needed to return home to cook dinner for Jim.

“What? Oh, Angel. Thank you for the best treatment a man could hope for!” Harry was still reeling from his orgasm Tracy gave him some two hours ago.

“Harry…” Tracy smiled and put her dress back on. She turned so Harry could help her with the zipper. She reached down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Call me if you need anything.” Tracy locked the door behind her.

Harry drifted off to sleep soon after she left.

Tracy prepared her version of a Cobb salad for Jim’s dinner. The two ate without much conversation. She found herself looking at Jim with a new-found disgust.

“How could I have married such a small man?” She wondered. After having access to Harry’s truly remarkable penis, she didn’t know how she would ever be able to make love to Jim again, at least not without laughing at him.

Later that night, Jim wanted to make love, but Tracy made the excuse that she was feeling nauseous. She fell asleep with her back turned to her husband as she replayed the sexy events of the day.

The next morning, she prepared a grapefruit for him and discussed the next few days. Jim was going out of town for two days and needed Tracy to pack for him.

After she finished packing for her husband, it was nearly noon.

As Tracy looked at her watch she thought “Oh my! I haven’t called Harry yet!” She was concerned that Harry might think she wasn’t interested in helping him anymore. Ironically, her phone rang as she held it in her hand, startling her.

“Tracy? Is this you?” It was Harry.

“Yes, Harry it’s me. Are you okay?” Tracy’s voice was filled with concern.

“Tracy, I need your help. I can’t explain it all over the phone. Come over here now.” There was a demanding tone in the old man’s voice that triggered a submissive response in Tracy. At that moment she realized that she was sexually stimulated by his command. She secretly craved more.

“I’ll be right there, Harry!” Tracy left wearing the shorts and tank top she had on and drove as fast as traffic would allow to Harry’s home. On the way, her husband called.

“Honey? Where are you?” Jim was expecting a ride to the airport.

“Sweetie, Harry called. It sounds like he fell down or something and needs help.”

Jim heard the sincerity in her voice and thought it best to cool his anger for her leaving without taking him to the airport. He gave a deep sigh of displeasure.

“Alright. I will drive myself. I’ll be home Tuesday around eight o’clock in the evening. I love you.”

“I love you too, Sweetie. Miss you!” Tracy ended the call as she was pulling into Harry’s driveway.

She let herself in with the spare key.


“In here, Angel.” She heard his voice coming from the bedroom.

Harry was naked on his bed. His potbelly heaving in labored breaths. He was putting on quite the show.

“What’s wrong?” Tracy was visibly upset at the sight of her patient lying on the bed.

“My chest muscles are stiff and I need you to put some liniment on them.” Harry had an old bottle of liniment on the bedside table that he pointed to.

“Shouldn’t we call an ambulance?” Tracy reached into her purse for her phone.

“NO! Uh, no, no, Darlin,’ that won’t be necessary. It’s just muscle tension under the skin. All in the chest area. I just need your magic hands. My heart is fine.”

Harry’s plan was to get Tracy naked again and at the very least, receive another incredible blow job. She made him feel on top of the world and he simply could not get enough of her.

“You had me worried!” She sat down on the side of his bed next to him.

“Rub this ointment all over my chest.”

“Of course!” Without even a second thought, Tracy pulled her shorts and underwear off and slipped out of her top. Harry felt his cock swell with blood and his heart rate increase.

As she picked her clothes up and set them on the chair in the corner, he could see all of her fine, naked body for the first time. Harry loved the fact that Tracy now disrobed whenever she was about to touch his body.

With ivory skin and a classic hour-glass shape, Tracy was the real deal. Absolute perfection. Huge breasts that hung down slightly, her waist was skinny and her hips wide and round. Her ass was full, but perky. Harry immediately recognized in her a body that could take a good fucking. Tracy had it all, and Harry wanted it…all.

Tracy decided it would just be best to get naked when using oil on Harry. She rationalized this by telling herself that it avoided the mess of getting it on her clean clothes. While she was getting herself ready to help Harry, she quickly put her fingers between her pussy Ataşehir Fetiş Escort lips and felt the wetness seep out. Her hips moved uncontrollably as she briefly touched herself. She was turned on. ‘My goodness! What has gotten into me lately?’ She thought.

She sat next to him on the bed and began to put the liniment on the sides of his chest, but soon discovered it was an awkward position. She looked at his body trying to think of a better way when Harry said:

“Just climb on up here, Angel.” He patted the top of his stomach as he lay flat on his back in the middle of the bed.

“That way you can really apply pressure to my chest muscles and shoulders.” He also wanted her pussy as close to his cock as possible.

Tracy looked at his fat belly and realized that his gigantic cock was taking up the center portion of it. The shape of his stomach would require she straddle him near his sternum, to avoid his penis, which would leave her no room to work his chest muscles. She stood at the side of his bed looking the man up and down trying to come up with a solution.

She decided she would sit on his lower stomach, right on top of his thick, throbbing cock as it lay on his stomach. She planted her left knee on the bed to his side and swung her right knee over his other side and eased her exposed, wet pussy down against the length of his shaft as it lay flat against his rotund torso. She looked down to see that about six inches were exposed and the swollen head jutted out away from her body.

Harry looked with eyes wide open at the sexy white woman straddling him. His plan to get her over to his house for more sex had once again, exceeded his expectations. He tilted his head down toward his chest to see her swollen pussy lips surrounding his shaft. She kept her blonde pubic hair closely trimmed so he had no problem seeing her lips and exposed clitoris. He could also see her wetness glistening against his jet black skin. It was just one of so many sexy sights he had grown used to in these past several days.

“There. Now I can rub your muscles. Tell me if I am too rough on you, okay?” Tracy began to squeeze his pectoral muscles and used her palms to work the ointment into his skin. She concentrated on his chest, but in only a matter of a few minutes she was sliding her sopping wet pussy along the length of his shaft for her own benefit.

She wasn’t expecting her position and movement would feel as good as it did. Soon, she stopped massaging his chest altogether and placed her hands on each of his shoulders as she slid up and down the length of his phallus. Her breathing was hot and increasingly rapid. Her clit rubbed against his silky smooth skin with each stroke. It didn’t appear that she was in complete control of her actions. Some sort of primal desire kicked in.

Harry placed his hands on her smooth hips and pressed her down against his cock smashing her pussy against his meat. He wanted to fuck her then and there, but she was too far down on his shaft to be penetrated. He thought it looked as though she was trying to have an orgasm simply by sliding against his dick.

Tracy stopped massaging Harry with her hands and was now massaging his cock with her pussy. Her firm hold of his shoulders allowed her to use his dick to stimulate her engorged clit. His hands were forcing her down, up, and across his black meat. Dragging her up and down his body. His black cock was slick, wet, and shiny looking from the fluids of her aching pussy.

After several minutes of this, she began to feel the beginning of a tremendous climax. She felt light-headed and as she began to cum, her eyes rolled back with white circles and black dots filling her vision. Her brain seemed to move within her skull. She groaned, screamed, yelled, and screeched as her body convulsed from a series of successive orgasms that were so intense that she collapsed in a lump of limp flesh upon the old man’s chest. Her panting was only interrupted by her repeating “oh God, oh God, oh God…” It was quite simply the best orgasm of her life.

Harry was as hard as he had ever been. What he wanted to do was lift her up and impale her upon his cock and fuck her right and proper, but he settled for caressing her sweaty body and enjoying the feel of her nakedness upon him as she caught her breath.

“Tracy, my hips and legs are a little numb. I need you to work on me for a bit.” Harry didn’t think that after her series of orgasms she would have the energy to relieve him, but his dick was hard and he wanted to cum.

Tracy smiled and sat up. “I have a better idea that will help your circulation, Harry, that is, if you’re up for it!” She was suddenly excited and slid off the bed.

“Okay, what’s the idea?” Harry was intrigued. He was thinking about it being his turn to get off.

“Why don’t you pack an overnight bag and come to my house so you can use our pool for your therapy? Jim is out of town for a couple of days so we would have the pool and the house to ourselves. You can stay in the guest bedroom downstairs. Ataşehir Gecelik Escort What do you say?”

Harry didn’t care to be too far from his house. He had grown to dislike travel and he certainly didn’t want to get caught, at his age, by a jealous husband.

“No, Tracy, thank you, but no. I’m better off here.” Harry shook his head.

“Aw, come on Harry, please? The drive will do you good. Not to mention the exercise and relaxation you will get from the pool. I will put some clothes together for you.” Tracy got up from the bed and was going through his dresser drawers looking for clothes.

“Well, if you insist, then I would be happy to stay at your house.” Harry conceded.

Tracy smiled as she laid out some underwear and a couple of T-shirts. Harry helped her prepare an overnight bag.

After making Harry a sandwich, the two drove across town to Jim and Tracy’s house. The couple laughed and enjoyed the ride together. When Tracy turned onto her street and pulled into the driveway, Harry remarked that he was impressed with the house and the neighborhood.

“This is nice!” he said.

“Thank you! Jim is blessed to have a successful career. I am very fortunate.”

“Darlin,’ a woman like you should be treated like a queen. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“Thanks, Harry! You are such a charmer!” Tracy teased.

They never spoke of the fact that Tracy was cheating on her husband, and that she had no intentions of going without Harry’s big, black cock.

Tracy showed Harry around her large, comfortable home and ended in the downstairs guest room.. A set of graceful French doors opened to the pool and deck area, Harry would have no issue getting to the pool on his own if he chose to swim without her.

“I’ll put your things in the chest of drawers. Are you feeling up for a swim?”

“I’m not a strong swimmer, Tracy. It’s been a very long time.” Harry was scratching his stomach looking out to the pool.

“That’s okay. We will stay in the shallow end. You need your therapy, don’t you?”

Tracy didn’t have to remind him. He’d been waiting for what seemed to be hours to get off. He was so turned on from this voluptuous white woman that he could barely stop himself from jacking off right then and there.

“Absolutely. My legs are stiff and my groin is really aching.” He responded.

“Here, let me help you out of these clothes.”

With that, Tracy removed his shirt and squatted down to slide his pants down. His cock sprang up and she instinctively grabbed it with her left hand and rubbed it while he was stepping out of his pants. Taking care of this giant dick was becoming second nature to her. Harry pushed his cock into her hands. ‘She is really getting’ the hang of this,’ he thought.

Tracy stripped off her clothes and became completely naked once again. Her pretty red pedicured toe nails and fingernails stood out against her pale white body. Harry’s dick was hard and his mouth was salivating.

She opened the door to the patio area and walked out to the wide steps to the large pool. Her breasts jiggled and swayed with her walk. She stepped in and guided Harry down the steps.

Once in the water she asked “Isn’t this wonderful?”

“The temperature is perfect.” Harry agreed.

Tracy swam off to the other side and Harry dunked his head under the water and watched Tracy frolic like some sort of sexy water nymph you might see in an adult cartoon.

Under the water, Harry’s beast was still fully erect and needing release.

He decided to get out of the pool to show Tracy the state he was in. Hopefully she will get the hint.

Harry slowly walked back up the stairs out of the water and made his way to the side of the pool where the depth was about three feet. He sat down on the edge and let his legs soak in the pool.

Tracy spared no time in making her way to where Harry was sitting. His arms were extended back holding his torso up which had the effect of pushing his already hard, foot-long cock out in front of his body, hanging just over the water.

It was a view that Tracy could not ignore, nor was it an opportunity that she could pass up.

“Harry! I forgot about your circulation therapy! I’m so sorry!” Tracy was now in waist high water standing in front of Harry’s giant penis. She moved in between his legs. She placed one hand around his cock and the other cradled his huge balls. Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, her piercing blue eyes stared up at him. She looked at his cock with a lustful gaze and bit her lower lip.

Harry pushed his cock in an upward direction, closer to her face. She used water to lubricate his cock and started stroking it.

“You can’t use your hands today. My dick is getting sore from too many hand-jobs.” Harry was suggesting she use her mouth, but he wasn’t sure if she was ready to be his submissive slut just yet, so he refrained from commanding her to fuck him. Before he could continue, she climbed out of the pool and disappeared Ataşehir Genç Escort into the house. She returned with a bottle of baby oil.

“This should help.” She said, and jumped back into the pool.

Harry’s cock was pulsing he was so turned on. She opened the bottle and squirted oil all over his cock. Harry was desperate for her to get him off. His balls were aching from the teasing she gave him earlier that day and he needed to cum, but he wasn’t sure what she was about to do.

To his surprise she took her hands off of him and pointed the baby oil bottle toward her breasts. She looked down as she covered her luscious huge tits with the oil. She covered each of her hard, pink nipples and doused her cleavage between each full breast. Harry stroked his dick in anticipation taking in the sight of her oiled-up, huge breasts.

Then, in one movement, she scooped up each breast and trapped his black, hard-as-steel rod in between them. Her tits were big enough to totally surround his shaft, but his cock was so long that nearly half of it appeared through the top gap in her cleavage. She looked down and moved her body to the side to get her distance between herself and Harry just right. Then looked up at him.

“I saw this in a video not too long ago. I have never done this before.” Tracy confessed.

“You’re doing just fine. Now, take your hands and keep your breasts wrapped around my penis and move your body up and down like you do when you are helping me with my circulation.” Harry knew he wouldn’t last long with this. He felt the ultra-soft skin of her breasts completely envelop his cock. He felt the blood rush to the head as pressed into her forcefully.

Tracy took to tit-fucking like everything else she did with Harry. She was a natural. She never let go of her breasts as she used them to stroke the long, thick dick. Her body slowly moved up and down over his length. Harry shoved his cock into her tits every time she moved herself up his cock. All he could feel was the flesh of her soft, plump breasts engulf the head, then shaft of his cock. She was relentless. Stroking him with an increasing pace until she was moving fairly quickly up and down his dick. Harry sat up and used one hand to fondle her nipples and squeeze her breasts. The squishing sound her tits were making was the sexiest sound he had ever heard. Up and down she fucked him with her tits. His cock felt red-hot.

“God damn girl. Keep moving your breasts up and down.” Harry encouraged her as best he could. His cock felt completely smothered as he fucked her cleavage with hard, heavy thrusts.

She stopped the stroking motion to separate her breasts and slap his cock between them repeatedly…Harry responded by taking his cock in hand and slapping her tits with it causing more smacking noises. Tracy smashed her tits back together and used her hands to make a tight area of cleavage with her tits for Harry’s black dick to reside. She moved them quickly over the top six inches of cock rapidly. Harry couldn’t believe how sexy her moves were. He just shook his head and tried to hold off the immense pleasure she was causing him. The squishing noises, panting, and groans were all that could be heard in the outdoor patio area as Harry continued to pump his dick between Tracy’s tits.

Finally, he couldn’t take anymore stimulation. He began bucking his hips into Tracy’s breasts-smashing and twisting them with his enormous, throbbing cock. His cock felt hot and electrified. He grabbed her shoulders and pumped her chest against his tool repeatedly, then groaned very loudly as he began to erupt. The hot cum spurted up from his loin and began to erupt.

Tracy moved her mouth down and opened wide for her reward. Harry replaced Tracy’s hands with his own, grabbed each of her beautiful tits and fucked them hard and fast.

Tracy began to encourage him. “Come for me Harry! Give it to me Harry! Cum in my mouth!” Hearing her talk to him like that sent Harry over the edge.

“Fuck!” He screamed loudly as he blasted her mouth, lips, and chin with semen. One, two, three pulses of thick, sweet cum shot into her mouth. He continued to hold his cock within her warm cleavage like a vice. She then grabbed the top of his cock with her hands and milked the last drop of cum out of him, swallowing all that was in her mouth then smiling-looking into his eyes the entire time. She was proud of her work.

“Oh how I love the taste of your semen, Harry!” She said this as she looked into his eyes.

Harry caught his breath for a moment and then started laughing. His orgasm was so intense he felt like a young man once again. Tracy went off into the pool and was humming some song that he didn’t recognize.

He lowered himself into the pool and went under water. He realized that what he had with Tracy required very little effort on his part to maintain. She was not only willing to help him with his bullshit “condition,” but was also engaging him for her own sexual satisfaction. He shook his head and grinned. ‘It’s about damn time things start going my way.’ He thought.

After drying off, Tracy made them both a late dinner of steak and baked potatoes. After their meal, they reclined on patio furniture by the pool. Tracy had Harry’s feet in her lap and was rubbing baby oil into them. Harry was getting sleepy after finishing a glass of wine.

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