It Began with a Need Ch. 05


The next morning, tousled and groggy, I awoke in that disoriented state that one finds oneself when in unfamiliar surroundings. Sunlight beamed through the open curtains across my face and body and, it was only upon looking down to where my lover was draped across my lower body, still wearing his lingerie, that the events of the night before broke over me in a wave of remembered pleasure.

My own body was covered in lipstick kisses as, during each momentary abatement throughout the night, Stevie had insisted on applying a fresh coat. She had proved a most attentive lover as evidenced this morning by the dampness of the sheet beneath my ass and legs. I lost count of the number of times I had cum before, exhausted, and with the dawn throwing eerie shadows into the room, we had succumbed to sleep where we lay.

Even as the thought took form, or perhaps because of its formation, I became aware of Stevie’s soft, even breath breezing over my pussy; I could feel the point where his nose was pressed against my pubic mound; and where the gentle movement of his lips that accompanied his breathing was making minute contact with individual public hairs.

These subtlest of contacts stoked the embers of my slumbering arousal and without a second thought I reached down and gripped my lover’s hair, moving her face once again between my thighs; thighs that were, with my first movement of the day, aching from having been spread wide for most of the night.

“Lick me!” I demanded as she was awoken unceremoniously by my grip on her hair. I didn’t wait for a response but pressed her face tightly against my wet pussy and began to grind my clitoris hard against her lips. I felt a tentative tongue begin to lap gently at my labia: I did not want gentle. I wanted my cock! And I wanted it now!

“My cock, Sissy; Find me my big, thick cock. I need it. Now, Sissy!” I commanded him Anadolu Yakası escort loudly, pushing his face away and struggling to raise myself into a doggy position.

“Fuck me from behind!

I want it hard and fast.

Use your mouth Slut, lube up that fat cock for me!”

My instinctive use of foul, demeaning language was turning both of us on. Stevie snapped out of her befuddled, recently awoken haze and I could see her clitty growing insistently against the cum-stained silky shorts she was wearing as she opened her mouth to give her first blowjob.

Truthfully, I no longer needed the lubrication: the sight of my sissy husband sucking on a fat cock opened the floodgates. My pussy was dripping wet. I reached over and began to wank his clitty through the shorts:

“You like that Sissy?” I asked as he began to hump my hand:

“You like sucking cock for your Mistress?”

He moaned and nodded slowly without ever releasing the cock from his mouth. His humping became wilder and wilder as he approached orgasm and I let go quickly not wanting him to cum yet; needing him to focus on my pleasure for a while.

I watched for a second while he hopefully humped the air in front of him and then reminded him firmly of his duty in the dirtiest way I could imagine:

“You won’t make it cum Sissy! That’s enough. Bring him over here and put him deep inside me”.

With a moan, of what sounded like regret, the monstrous dildo emerged, glistening, inch by inch, from between his lips. I got into position again and screamed my pleasure as in one movement he slid it, balls deep, into my throbbing pussy.

“Fuck me!” I yelled “Fuck me with your big cock Jamie!” I remembered his name and continued to repeat it like a mantra as the fucking got harder and faster. I could feel Stevie’s clitty against the sole of my Anadolu Yakası escort bayan foot as I, the cock, Stevie’s foot-humping, and the bed began to move in a ferocious, expletive-ridden harmony.

“You’re so much bigger than my husband Jamie!

So much bigger,

so much fatter,

so much better than he ever was!

Fuck me!

Fuck me!

Fuck me!

Make me cum Jamie!

Make me cum on your thick cock!”

My voice was growing ever more guttural as waves of orgasmic delight washed through my body. I was shaking so badly I wasn’t sure I could remain in position, fucking back onto Jamie’s cock even as he was being withdrawn.

“Short thrusts!” I growled and the intensity increased.

Once again I felt like I was spilling gallons of fluid onto the sheets. More and more sprayed out with each momentary withdrawal. Stevie’s tongue was now pressing at my ass, penetrating me there, tongue fucking my anus as Jamie fucked my cunt. I could take it no more:

“Stop!” I screamed…

…Though in truth the word came out as no more than a dry, growling, paper-thin whisper. I pressed myself back against the cock, trapping it as deep inside me as it would go and, with one final squeeze gave myself over to the shuddering crescendo of my orgasm.

Every muscle in my body gave out in the rush that followed. I collapsed face down on the bed shaking with the release, gulping air as if I had, at some point in the excitement, forgotten how to breathe.

I needed to get that monster cock out of my pussy but I could neither do it myself nor communicate that need coherently to my lover; so it remained where it was, forcing my spent pussy to accommodate it, creating alternating pulses of pleasure and uncomfortable pain as the muscles sought to reject it with involuntary movements.

My escort bayan ever-thoughtful, empathic Stevie brought me a glass of water and I croaked my thanks as he gently turned me over and helped me sit up, positioning all the pillows around me to prop me up. I allowed the water seep into the parched desert of my throat and weakly asked him to free me from the dildo.

It was as I looked at him to ask that I noticed the startled look in his eyes. It registered a mix of fear and wonder and I had no doubt that my own features mirrored his. We had never used language like this before during lovemaking; I had never been so selfish, or so vocal, or so demeaning; he had never been so submissive and accommodating and, he had never, ever sucked any of my dildos with such enthusiasm prior to using it on me.

The last 36 hours, while new and exciting for me and Stevie, seemed suddenly like the gentlest of introductions: nothing in our 20 years together could have prepared either of us for the explosion of emotions that had just been revealed.

We sat there looking dumbly at each other: me propped up by pillows, still weak as a kitten, Stevie cross-legged at the end of the bed, his clitty still pressing insistently against the cum-hardened silk and his hard nipples visible through the lacy cups of the camisole.

“Wow!” he eventually exclaimed as if that was the limit of what his brain was capable of vocalising.


I simply nodded in agreement.

“That was…” he struggled to find the words.



And we began to chuckle at the good of it; the apparent inability of two intelligent people to find a vocabulary, beyond that single word, to describe a shared experience.

The chuckling soon gave way to a fit of uncontrollable laughter which continued as we found the comfort of each other’s arms.

And as the tension of the aftermath dissipated into the sex-soaked atmosphere of room No.825 I knew that, no matter what happened in the future, I would be facing it with my loving, gentle, submissive sissy partner beside me…even though she may be on her knees in her pretty, frilly maid’s uniform!

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