Mum’s New Panty Slave Ch. 04


This story contains panty wearing men; creampies and male cock sucking. It also has an incest theme. If any of these offend you please stop reading now! Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy. I do appreciate your constructive feedback. This is chapter 4 so I suggest that if you have not already done so, read the previous chapters first.


Finally it was Monday and Neil was heading back to University. He couldn’t wait. He already had more than $50 in his panty fund after the additional cream pies and blow jobs he’d given in the last few days. Then this morning as he was licking mum’s pussy she had promised him a $50 finder’s fee if he could get David to fuck her … and David’s cock was at least 12″.

At the breakfast table, smelling of his mother’s pussy, he had asked, “So assuming David is Bi, what am I allowed to do before I bring him home to you?”

His mother smiled. “Providing that you strip to your panties in front of him and you Skype me in on your iPad I’d love you to blow him!”

Neil very nearly came in his white panties with the plain waistband but showing his cock through the lace. Neil knew David well enough to know that at worst his secret would be safe if he told him; and he had a plan forming in his mind.

At last it was time to head off. That is after dressing then giving his mum one final orgasm with his tongue so that he headed off to Uni smelling of her. He waited outside the lecture hall for David … but as the lecture was about to start David still hadn’t arrived. Disappointed he headed in.

Ten minutes into a very boring lecture his day picked up … David walked in. Unfortunately he couldn’t get a seat near Neil but at least he was there.

The lecture ended and they met up outside and greeted each other with a back slapping hug. “So why were you late?” Neil asked.

David grinned. “One of mum’s friends wanted me one more time!”

Neil smiled too. “You like the older ones don’t you … what is the oldest you’ve done … or would do?” he asked.

“Well mum was very young when she had me, just 16. So most of her friends are in the late 30’s. But I’d love to do an even older one … like 45 … it was your mum’s 45th birthday last month wasn’t it?” he said with a huge grin. “I’d do her anytime she wanted it! I love the older ones because they know their pussies will stretch to cater for my huge cock … the younger ones get scared at the sight!”

As they were talking they had walked to the building that had the cafeteria along with some other amenities. Neil said, “Well I lost my virginity and I’d love to hear all about your adventures and tell you all of mine. If that’s OK for you I’ll see if I can get the key for the spare recovery room while you get the coffees.”

David nodded his agreement, “I love talking about it so why not! Tell them I want you to suck my cock!” he added with a laugh.

Neil smiled. He headed for the desk hoping that nobody was using the main recovery room which was used by students who were feeling unwell or had already grabbed the key for the second one. Whilst in theory the rooms were only for recovery the unwritten rule was that as long as the main one was free the second one would be made available for private meetings — generally accepted to be sex!

He approached the desk and asked the lady for the key. She has seen him talking to David and smiled. “You’re in luck … here you go. We’ll call if we need it, but otherwise have it for as long as you want.”

David had their coffees so they headed upstairs to the room, entered and locked the door behind them. The room had two comfortable chairs and a couch. For now they sat on the two chairs facing each other.

Neil was hard in his panties. But he didn’t want to expose himself quite yet. “So how big is your cock?” he asked.

“Would you like to see?” David asked.

Neil hadn’t been expecting that … not quite yet. But quickly agreed.

David stood and walked to Neil. Then he kicked off his shoes, undid his pants and dropped them. The bulge in his boxer shorts was massive. Then he slid them off too. His black cock was awesome … and it was only half erect. Then David began describing his holiday at home. With his mother’s full knowledge he had fucked three of her best friends. He told Neil how he could easily cum six times a day and even then they were huge loads. His only regret is that none of the ladies had given him a blow job. As he described this his cock grew to full size.

Neil couldn’t help himself. He reached into his bag and pulled out his iPad and a ruler. He turned the iPad on and into camera mode. Then with David grinning and telling him “That ruler is only 12″ … not big enough!” he held the ruler beside David’s cock and took the picture. It proved it was more than 12″ and that was all he needed! He immediately e-mailed the photo to mum.

“Now tell me Neil, didn’t you say you were saving your virginity for someone special? So do you have a girlfriend too now?” gaziantep escort David asked.

“It was someone who I’m sure you will agree is VERY special … but no I don’t have … and won’t have for quite some time … a girlfriend” Neil told David.

David looked quizzically at Neil for about 30 seconds. Then his eyes went wide.

“Are you telling me you fucked the hottest MILF I’ve ever seen? Your own mother?” He asked.

“Got it in one. But if you think that is kinky let me tell you ALL about it!” Neil told David. Neil stood and moved to the couch. “Come and sit here while I tell you. But please don’t get dressed. Your cock looks fantastic!”

David sat. Neil stood again and started telling David all about his birthday! As soon as he described his present he dropped his pants and showed off his panties. David gasped, “That is so weird … but sexy!”

Neil still hadn’t mentioned his cock sucking exploits. “So mum reckons from the way you looked at me that you are Bi. Is that true? And if it is what things do you like to do … or want to do?”

David grinned. “I suppose you could say I was Bi. I love the idea of having some guy watching me plunge my massive cock in and out of his girlfriend or wife, then pull out and make him blow me! I certainly never think of anal or sucking cock myself, but if I ever had the opportunity I’d love to be blown in circumstances like that. Better yet … you could watch me fuck your mother then YOU could suck my cock! The way you’re looking at it I reckon you would enjoy that!”

Without letting on Neil had Skyped his mother as he started telling David about his birthday. “What do you think about that Mum?” he asked.

David’s eyes went wide as Neil put the iPad down so David could see the screen. Neil’s very sexy mum was lying naked on the bed, fingers buried in her shaved pussy. “I can’t wait! And that cock is big enough to earn you the $50 for your panty fund! But I need to see more. Can Neil suck you off right now David? I want to watch!”

David hesitated. Doing it with just Neil in the room was different from his fantasies. But then, he’d be able to watch Neil’s mum masturbating. And it was pretty obvious he’d be doing her soon.

“Please David. Neil loves the taste of hot fresh cum. He’s already given half a dozen or so blow jobs, but never to such a beautiful cock. I can’t wait to get him to eat your creampie out of me!” She added.

That was enough for David. “Go for it Neil. See how much you can get in your mouth!”

Neil got on his knees and did his best … which this first time wasn’t very much. His mouth and throat were going to need a lot of training to take much of this thick 13″ monster. He held the huge balls in one hand, the base of the shaft in the other, and then slowly took as much as he could into his mouth, and allowing it to slide into his throat.

He heard his mum moaning, “Oh my God is so big! I can’t wait to have that stretch me wide. That will fill me like I’ve never been filled before! And those balls! What a load they’re going to shoot into your mouth baby! And just wait for the creampie! When are you coming over David?” she begged.

David grinned. “Wednesday. Our day off. Your little boy certainly knows how to suck cock!”

“Is that alright Neil? Wednesday is supposed to be your day. But after that has been in me half a dozen times I’ll be too loose for you!” mum explained.

“Maybe I can fuck you and eat my own pie for breakfast! Then David can do you as much as you both want!” Neil suggested, briefly releasing David’s monster cock.

“Perfect. Now finish him off! And on Wednesday I will expect you to cum in your panties at least twice while you watch that monster in me!” then she let out a scream as she came yet again.

David didn’t try and hold back. He was nearly ready and now he tried to force his cock deeper into Neil’s mouth. But from the iPad he heard, “No David. Pull out a bit. Don’t cum down his throat because he loves the taste too much!”

David slid his cock out so only the tip was in Neil’s mouth. Now Neil tongued the tip whilst stroking the balls and shaft. Then he felt it. The cum surging down the shaft! It exploded into his mouth with so much force that it nearly forced Neil’s mouth back off the cock. Blast after blast filled Neil’s mouth. His own cock started spurting too.

He couldn’t hold it all in even as he tried to swallow. Cum dribbled out of his mouth, down his chin, and then dropped onto his panties. Finally the flood stopped.

Neil licked his lips, then used a finger to collect the drops from his chin and then licked them clean. He stood so mum could see the state of his panties.

“Good boy. I think that was worth $20 since it’s twice as big and came twice as much as the average cock! And I’m so glad you BOTH enjoyed it!” she added. “I’ll sign off now and let you enjoy the rest of the day!”

David had gone quiet. He had enjoyed it almost too much. But it only took a second to realise he didn’t care. “That was probably the best blow job I’ve ever had!” he told Neil.

Neil smiled. “Wait until it’s covered in mum’s pussy juices! Then it will slide nice and deep into my throat … as long as you promise to pull out like that rather than waste it where I can’t taste it!”

They sat together for another hour as Neil described all of his holiday adventures. By the time he had finished both of them were rock hard again. This time Neil didn’t even ask. He just bent down and took that beautiful big black cock in his mouth. This time he managed to take more as he began to train his throat to accept the shaft. The more he took, the harder his own cock grew. He felt the balls begin to surge; he slowed down as his own orgasm wasn’t quite ready yet. Now he carefully timed his movements. Once he knew he was just about there he sped up again.

They came together. Neil simultaneously filled his panties with his cum while his mouth rapidly filled with David’s. This time he didn’t miss a drop!

Then the intercom buzzed. The room was needed.

Neil made no effort to clean himself up. He just pulled up his jeans over his soaking wet panties. “I can’t wait for Wednesday!” he said as they left the room.

“Neither can I!” said David. —– The second he got home his mother called out and ordered him to strip to his panties and join her in the lounge. He quickly obeyed noting the badly stained lace of his white panties.

His mother was standing on the rug dressed in just a pink see-through nightie. “On your back at my feet,” she ordered.

He quickly obeyed.

She moved and stood directly over his face. He was staring up at her very wet and naked pussy. Then she began to squat and the dripping pussy got closer and closer to his face. “Don’t move your head. Only your tongue is allowed to move,” she ordered.

She lowered herself a bit more. Just out of reach of his tongue … but boy did she smell good! “Look what you and David have done to me … I’ve masturbated six times but it just doesn’t help. LICK ME!” she yelled as she lowered herself enough for his tongue to lick her pussy lips, but not get in.

Neil was awestruck at the sight. She was so open this way. He flicked his tongue over it. It was wetter and tastier than ever. Then she lowered herself right onto his face. He could no longer see a thing, but now his tongue was deeper than ever before. His cock began throbbing as he thought of … well he’d better not try and think about it if he wanted to hold off his next orgasm until watching mum being fucked later tonight!

He continued licking until his mother had coated his face with her juices. He knew that he would smell of her for the rest of the day and night, until his morning shower since washing his face was banned! Finally she stood again, but still over his face.

“Did you enjoy that baby?” she asked, looking down at his throbbing member. New pre-cum stains were on his panties.

“Awesome!” Neil replied. “I can’t wait to eat a creampie from you like that! You were so wide open it would pour into my mouth. I just wish you liked panties because I’d love to see your wet panties lowering to my mouth, lick you through them first and then …”

“I get the picture! Now, since you’ve got more than $100 in your panty fund I called Karen. She is working Saturday with lunch from 11:30 to 12:15. We’ll be there at 11:00 at you will shop alone with her. She’ll join us for lunch. She knows you aren’t allowed to date yet but still wants to hear all about your training to date. Maybe you can ask her if she would like to sit on your face in her wet panties one day! And Wednesday I’ll fuck David right here on the rug. You’ll be beside us and then I’ll face sit you. Would you like that?” she asked, looking down still at his panty covered cock.

Neil couldn’t help it. He spurted his third load of the day into his panties. “I think you can take that as a yes!” he said, “Please wear a nightie for that first one at least!”

His mother smiled. “OK. New rule. If I fuck wearing a nightie or slip it will always be on this rug and then I’ll face sit you.”

Before his father got home they had also agreed that the next cock Neil would suck would be David’s. Neil also told her how much more he had managed to take the second time he sucked David. In addition tomorrows men would be cancelled. She wanted both her panty sissies to have a day without orgasms.

Then she went and grabbed the biggest vibrator and had Neil practice sucking it and sliding it into his throat. Eventually he managed to take all 12″ of it. Still not as much as David would be offering him, but very promising!

That night’s five men were in and out in record time. His mother was so randy that she just wanted it hard and fast. She used her expert pussy muscles to suck on their cocks too. Then once they had spurted she used them again to force the cum back out into her son’s mouth as quickly as possible. Five men all serviced in about 30 minutes!

After they left she told her husband the news. At this point he had a big bulge in his panties but they were dry. “Nobody is to come over tomorrow. I need a day off to rest my pussy before Wednesday. And you need to take the day off too.”

His father looked at his son, “Is he that good already?”

His mother grinned. “No. Like you he lacks control.” With that she turned the TV on and started the video she had transferred from the record of today’s video call. “David is coming over to fuck me. He can go at least 6 times a day. As you can see at least one of those will need to be in Neil’s mouth, but most will be stretching my pussy like never before. And just watch how much he cums … imagine the size of the pies your son will be eating!”

Just as she hoped that was enough to push her husband over the edge. He creamed his panties. “Good boy. Now definitely no orgasm for you until David gets here! And Neil, I know Wednesday was agreed to be your day. But would you mind waiting until Saturday … after we’ve been shopping for more lingerie for you … I really want that to be the next cock I feel!”

Neil smiled. “No problem! Actually I was hoping for that. I want my first orgasm after the one I’m about to have to be in my pretty pink silky panties while eating David’s first creampie from you!” he told them, and just as he promised came for the fourth time for the day.

The three of them (after untying his dad) fell into an exhausted sleep.

Tuesday was strange. First, after his shower he wasn’t allowed to lick mum’s pussy. Neither was dad. She wanted to abstain completely for a day before taking on the monster. Then, he was given a new pair of plain white panties. The tiniest bit of lace on the leg bands was the only thing that made them feminine. His father was given an identical pair. “No getting too excited today. And tell David to leave you alone and try to hold off too. I want the first one to be awesome for ALL of us!”

David agreed so Uni has boring!

Arriving home he found his mother dressed in a fairly long dress. It stayed on until bedtime. Not one touch all day. But it was also just building the excitement.

Wednesday! His mother was thrilled to see neither man had a wet dream; something she had been worried about. Soon they were all showered and dressed. Still not a touch. All wore matching white silky nighties bordered around the bodice with pink roses. Neil and his father wore pink panties. His father in a pair of his favourite floral cotton ones, Neil in the silky pink ones. He couldn’t wait to cum in them for the first time.

Finally the doorbell rang. As agreed Neil went to answer it. He opened the door wide, letting David see him all his glory. He was already rock hard as he watched David look him up and down. “After I do your mum you are going to look so sexy on your knees with my cock in your mouth dressed like that!” he told Neil as they entered the house and the lounge.

His mother was lying on the rug and his father had been secured to his chair in the minute he had been gone! “No need for any introductions. We all know why you are here. Just a few rules. No trying to put that thing anywhere but my pussy or Neil’s mouth. And Neil swallows every drop those balls of yours can produce. Have you cum since Neil sucked you off on Monday?” she asked.

“No. So get ready for a quick one this time,” he told her as he rapidly stripped off, revealing his already rock hard 13″ cock. “Get your nightie off so I can see that sexy MILF body!”

“Not this time. This first one is for my darling son for introducing you! He wants it on for just this one,” she told David.

David didn’t argue. After all, it was rather a sexy nightie and seeing his best friend and best friend’s father dressed in the same nighties was arousing too. He dropped onto Neil’s mum as Neil also got down on the rug, lying with his face inches from mum’s pussy. Inches from that massive cock that was about to slide into her.

Neil couldn’t believe that thing would fit in her! But then it started to enter. His mother was so wet from the anticipation that it started to slide in with no problems. As it stretched her pussy with its thickness mum moaned. “My God that’s good!”

More entered. Now David had 6″ inside his friend’s mother! As always he was taking it slowly, letting the woman get used to his long, thick shaft.

“Give it ALL to me! PLEASE!” his mother begged.

David didn’t need to be asked twice. He rammed the entire 13″ home! She screamed in pleasure. “Hard … Fast” she ordered.

Again he complied, knowing he couldn’t last long like this. He withdrew until just the tip was in, and then plunged right back in to the hilt. She was coming again and again as she was filled like never before. Filled like she knew she wanted to again and again in future. Then she felt the cock swell even further. She knew what that meant. As he plunged in one more time she whipped her legs around him and pulled him even tighter, not letting him withdraw at all. Then she milked him with her pussy muscles.

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