My Best Medical Ch. 1


Checking I had my forms and other essential pieces of paperwork, I headed for the main door of the hospital. My appointment was for 2pm but I had got into the habbit of arriving half an hour early, just to be on the safe side.

Walking into the main reception I noticed a couple of people who had already taken a seat, and by the looks on their faces they had been in those seats for a long time. The reception desk was empty, as usual, and it took three rings of the little bell to call the receptionist. It was worth the wait.

“Yes, can I help you?” She asked. It took me a few seconds to answer, as I was amazed with her. Absolutley gorgeous! Shoulder length, black hair encompassed the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Naturally I glanced at her chest. What a chest. Her nametag stuck out, displaying the name “Patricia”. What a beautiful name.

“Err.. Yes,” I replied, “I have a 2pm appointment for a check-up today.”

Her head dropped to a sheet of paper laid out in front of her. Scanning it with a pen she eventually came to my name.

“OK, Mr. Eliis if you’d like to take a seat the doctor will call down when he’s ready for you. You’re a bit early so find something to occupy your mind while you wait.” Patricia added a friendly grin as I turned and headed for a seat. I was sure I could find something to keep my mind busy, and it involved the sexy Patricia.

I waited for around 10 minuted before my mind drifted to Patricia. She was typing information onto the computer whilst talking to somebody on the telephone. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I was convinced she kept on glancing at me from time to time.

She wore a knee-length, grey pinstripe skirt and a tight pink knitted sweater, the sleeves aksaray escort reaching only as far as her forearms. I found myself transfixed by her lips as she continued to speak into the telephone, all the time wishing I had arrived even earlier just to admire her some more.

“Is there a Mr. Whilmot here?” She asked, her eyes scanning the room for the mystery patient.
“No, sorry Doctor, he doesn’t seem to be here. Shall I bring the next one on the list or will you wait a while longer? Yes, I’ll just check,” once again she looked up at the nervous patients.
“How about Mr. Ellis? Is there a Mr. Ellis?” I couldn’t believe it! How could this happen? Here I was sitting across the room from one of the most gorgeous women the world had ever seen, and now I was being “requested” to leave! Reluctantly I raised my hand,

“Yes, I’m Mr. Ellis.”

Patricia gave me a tiny little grin before turning back to the telephone, “Yes he’s here. We’ll be right up.”

She replaced the handset and walked towards me, her features becomming more and more impressive with each step. Her nipples were clearly visible through the sweater. I could feel my cock begin to harden, although I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to see the bulge or not. Making her horny would be ideal, but making her scream ‘pervert’ and scaring her sensless wasn’t going to help me at all.

“The doctor can see you now, sir, if you would like to come with me I will show you to his office.” ‘IF’ I would like to ‘COME’ with her? IF? I wish she knew what I was thinking!

“Yes of course,” I replied. At least I would have a little longer to take in this ladie’s figure. Bringing myself to my feet I followed her through the door and up a flight of stairs. The echoing of her shoes hitting the steps failed to shake me back to reality, I was focused 100 percent on her arse. After moving up another few flights of stairs we emerged into a long corridor with very poor lighting. I followed Patricia about halfway along it when she eventually stopped and held open a door on the right.

“If you go in and take a seat, Im sure you’ll be seen to soon,” she said in a soft, almost poetic voice.

“OK, Thank you,” I relplied. Shuffling past her I made damn sure my crotch rubbed up against her, as well as eye contact being made. Giving me another of her grins she entered the room and walked through a doorway on the far wall. I took a seat and wondered how much longer I would have to wait, my thoughts drifting back to Patricia’s beautiful face, her long, well-tanned, silky smooth arms and legs. By this point my cock was rock hard and anyone would notice it, it was just a shame the next person who would see it would be a 45 year old man in a white coat!

Or that’s what I thought…

After five minutes I was still sat there, waiting. I hadn’t even had a glimpse of the doctor, I hadn’t even heard him cough or talk on the phone. I decided I had waited enough and walked into the back room to see why it was taking so long. It didn’t take too long to find my answer.

There was no doctor in the office, it wasn’t even an office – more of a store room – that had been long forgotten. At least ‘forgotten’ by everyone except Patricia, who was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, skirt rolled up and legs wide apart, with her hand messing around with her pussy. It was beautiful, just beautiful.
I couldn’t believe it, this was my chance! She didn’t know I was there in that little room, as was evident by her continued act of self-pleasure. Her breathing was steadily increasing, as was the hardening of my cock, which was now ready to be exposed. Patricia still hadn’t noticed me watching her finger-fuck herself, her head pointed upward and eyes closed with pleasure… God only knows exactly what fantasy was in her mind right now, the thought that it could be me was too much, I walked silently in front of her and slowly dropped my trousers and shorts, my cock pinging out inches away from her.
She continued to poke her pussy, her head beginning to move from side to side… I knelt down in front of her and placed my hands around her breasts, her nipples clearly defined resting underneath her sweater. She opened her eyes with a start, a few seconds past with no words passing between us…

“So the doc is out, I presume?” I asked.

“Ah.. Ahhh I.. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold myself back any longer. You made me so horny when I felt your cock rub against me at the door.” She answered in a panic-fuelled tone, her eyes dropping occasionally to view my cock.

“No need to apologise, and don’t look so shocked! You made my cock rock solid from the moment I saw you! I’m sure you can do a far better job than any doctor.” I leant forward and kissed her lips, slightly increasing the preasure on her breasts. It was wonderful. Pulling back, I watched as she stuck out her tongue and scan her top lip from left to right. She wanted it. She wanted it bad!

“OK, but let’s make it a little more authentic. There’s an old nurse uniform in the closet, let me get dressed for work… and you be a good patient and go into the waiting room.”

I stood up and put my shorts and trousers back on before making my way back into the ‘waiting room’. I was looking forward to the best medical of my life!

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