New Beginnings, New Family


Kay thought this day would end up being the worst day of her life. Her mother finally kicked her out of their trailer, this time for good, after getting into a heated fight with one of her drunk boyfriends. She was in such a hurry to get out of there that she hardly had time to grab any of her things. All she had in the world were the clothes on her back and a backpack full of underwear, t-shirts, and make-up. She had almost no money either, just a few crumpled one dollar bills in the back pocket of her jean shorts.

That is why she was hitchhiking along the interstate that afternoon, praying to God that someone would stop before it got dark. She had no idea where she wanted to go, just that she needed to get far away from the life she was leaving behind. Just when she was beginning to think no one would stop for her, an old Jeep slowed to a stop just a few yards ahead of her. Thinking it could take off at any moment, Kay ran toward it with her tired legs.

“Sweetie, what is a girl like you doing hitchhiking out in the middle of nowhere?” said a middle aged woman seated in the passenger seat of the Jeep.

“You must be burning alive out here!” the man in the driver’s seat exclaimed.

“I don’t have any money for a bus ticket,” Kay replied. “Where are y’all headed to?”

“Well we’re going all the way to Seattle,” said the woman.

Seattle, huh? Kay had never been out of her own town, let alone the state of Montana, but it sounded like her best hope of finding a fresh start.

“Do you mind giving me a ride?”

“Sure, but it’s a twelve hour drive and we’re not planning on stopping,” the man stated, and that was perfectly fine with Kay.

She jumped into the back seat and settled in as they started driving.

“I can’t pay you anything,” she said nervously.

“That’s fine, Honey. We’re just happy to help a kid in need,” the woman said. “I’m Susan, by the way, and this is my husband Greg.”

“I’m Kay, and thank you so much for this. I’m not a kid, though, I just turned eighteen.”


Kay spent much of the drive watching wistfully out the window as she got farther and farther away from her terrible town and her horrible family. Tears filled her eyes on multiple occasions as she recalled how her mother would slap her and call her names and force her to sleep outside when she had a man over. She hated her mother and she hated her father, too, for abandoning her when she was young. She also cried out of happiness because of Susan and Greg. Kay quickly discovered what lovely people they were. They lived in Seattle and were on their way back from visiting Yellowstone. They were almost done seeing every national park, which Kay found very impressive, since she’d never been to any of them.

As they drove, Susan told Kay all about how she and Greg met while they were both hiking in the Teetons only to discover that they both lived in the same city more than a thousand miles away. They had been married for twenty years. They loved nature and they loved each other. Kay felt so warm being in the presence of two people who loved each other so much. She had never seen a love so true. Greg was hilarious too, in the dad-joke kind of way, but since Kay didn’t have a father in her life, she loved his sense of humor.

At around 10pm, Kay fell asleep with her head against the window while soft rock played on a low volume from the car speakers. She didn’t awaken until five the next morning when Greg pulled the Jeep into the driveway of a rather large, craftsman style home on a quaint suburban street.

“We have arrived!” Greg announced proudly. He shook Susan awake with a hand on her thigh.

“Thank you both so much for taking me all this way,” Kay said sincerely.

“Honey, stop thanking us,” Susan insisted with a groggy voice. “Come on in and have some breakfast. You must be starving. I know I am.”

“Are you sure?”

“Where else are you going to go?” Greg asked rhetorically. They both knew Kay knew no one in Seattle and had absolutely no plan.

Kay stepped into their home with a look of awe. She had never seen a home so beautiful, with so much character, and with so many books.

“Greg is a Sociology professor,” Susan said. “These are all his books.” She turned to her husband. “Babe, why don’t you go get some rest and I’ll have breakfast with Kay.”

“Sounds good,” he replied, pulling her close and smooching her on the lips.

Now that they were standing in front of her, Kay finally got a good look at the two of them. They were both tall. Greg over six feet and Susan nearing it. Greg was an average looking man, probably in his late forties. His skin was tanned from the sun and his hair was dusty brown, long and thin on top with some balding at the crown. He had a bit of a gut under his t-shirt but his arms and legs were lean and muscular. Susan was stunning in a nontraditional way. She was curvaceous with thick hips and legs and large breasts that swung freely in her sun dress, but had a pronounced waist and flat stomach. She had sun bleached hair and wrinkles that showed her age, but her beaming personality made her seem ten years younger.

As for Kay, she had always been a waif of a girl. She was a mere five-foot-two with soft features, a thin frame, and B-cup breasts. She looked at Susan and saw all of the things she wished she had, but Susan looked at Kay like she was perfect.

“Sit with me,” Susan said, motioning to the kitchen table. “Coffee or tea?”


Susan laughed. “You’re so cute,” she cooed, reaching in the fridge for the carton of OJ.

Susan then fixed some eggs and toast for the two of them, which Kay scarfed down in two bites. It turned out she really was hungry. Susan laughed at this as well, but in a lighthearted way, like Kay was somehow fascinating.

“You and Greg are the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Kay told her.

“Aww, thank you, sweetie,” Susan said, but she seemed to have a sadness in her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Susan?” Kay asked, genuinely concerned. She reached her hand out and placed it on Susan’s, giving it a soft squeeze.

Susan smiled and shook her head. “Oh it’s nothing for you to bother yourself about.”

“Please tell me,” Kay pleaded. “You’ve been so good to me. I can’t stand you looking so sad.”

“You’re sweet,” Susan said, reaching out to smooth down Kay’s unkempt brunette hair. “It’s just that, these trips Greg and I go on, where we visit all of the national parks. . . It’s all really just to distract ourselves from this loneliness we feel in this house.”

“Loneliness? But you two seem so in love with each other.”

“We are. Oh, God do I love him. But, there is something missing for both of us. We’ve never had a child. We tried and tried for years after we got married. Heck, we’re still trying now. But, unfortunately, my ability to conceive is so low that nothing has worked. And now we’re nearing fifty years old. I fear that I’ll never have a baby of my own.”

Kay looked down, sadness and anger overcoming her. She couldn’t understand how such horrible people as her parents could be allowed by God to have a child, but these beautiful people were forced to remain childless.

“It’s gotten so bad that sometimes I wish that Greg would leave me and find another woman who will have his children. I can’t stand knowing that I’m the reason he will never be a father.”

“It’s not your fault,” Kay told her.

“I know, but it feels like it’s my fault.”

“I wish there was something I could do to help,” Kay said.

“Maybe there is.” Susan wiped the tears from Kay’s cheeks with her thumb. “You’re such a beautiful girl, Kay.”

“I’m not.”

“You are,” Susan insisted and somehow, Kay believed she was sincere. “You are beautiful and kind and thoughtful. I would love to have a child just like you.”

“Really?” Now Kay’s tears were gushing from her eyes, streaming straight down her face and wetting her shirt.

“Yes,” Susan said, now stroking the side of Kay’s face. “How would you like to live here with me and Greg?”

Kay gasped, squeezing Susan’s hand more tightly. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. I would love it very much if you stayed.”

“I wouldn’t be able to pay you any rent, though. Not until I find a job.”

“You wouldn’t have to pay us anything, sweetie.”

Kay’s mouth hung open. She was so overcome with joy and gratitude, but didn’t have the words to express it. Instead, she jumped out of her chair and moved to the other side of the table, throwing her arms around Susan in a tight embrace. She then lowered herself onto her knees in front of Susan and took both of the older woman’s hands in her own as if about to pray.

“There has to be something I can do to repay you, Susan. There has to be.”

Susan lifted Kay’s chin so they were looking each other in the eyes. “I want you to have my baby, Kay.”

Kay felt like all of the blood had left her body. “How?” she asked, though her mind was full of assumptions.

“I want you to make love with my husband, and let him fill your young womb until you’re pregnant with my child.”

“You want me to let Greg fuck me?”

Susan shook her head. “Shh, no no, honey. It’s not fucking when you’re creating another life. It’s something sacred and beautiful. I have never felt comfortable with the idea of letting Greg perform such a cherished act with anyone else until I met you.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do. I’ve never fucked- I’ve never made love before.”

“All you would have to do,” Susan began, hands moving to caress Kay’s neck and shoulders “is open yourself up to him and accept his seed. Will you do that for me? For us?”

Kay’s heart beat rapidly in here chest and her skin tingled under Susan’s touch. The older woman leaned down, face inches from Kay’s.

“I need you, Sweetheart,” she whispered against Kay’s lips.

And then, in one electrifying instant, Kay found her thin lips being covered by Susan’s full ones. She had never kissed another woman before. She had hardly kissed any boys. But whether it was a male or female, something about that kiss made Kay feel the safest she’d ever felt. In that moment, she decided that she really would do anything for Susan, and Greg. Anything.

Susan’s tongue licked at Kay’s lips. “Let me in,” she whispered ever so softly, and Kay obliged, parting her lips and allowing Susan’s tongue to enter her warm mouth. The sensation of Susan’s tongue roaming around Kay’s mouth was indescribably wonderful. Kay couldn’t help but throw her own tongue into the mix, letting them dance and play with each other until saliva was trickling down Kay’s chin.

When Susan pulled away, Kay was left breathless and desperate for more.

“Come with me,” Susan said.

Kay, putting all of her trust in the woman, followed Susan down the hall and up the stairs until they were in the master bedroom. Greg slept like a log, outstretched on his back on one side of the King sized bed. He was shirtless, showcasing his grey/brown chest hair, and his lower half was covered by a white linen sheet.

Kay felt like she was going to shake out of her skin, but Susan clasped her hand and suddenly she felt calm.

“Don’t worry, baby girl. Trust me.”

Kay watched as Susan removed her sundress, setting her huge breasts and silver-dollar nipples free, then slipped off her scandals and white thong. Kay had never been this close to a naked woman before, only a couple of girls from her school as they changed for gym class. Susan was a sight to behold, beautifully fat, like a Renaissance painting.

Susan then helped Kay out of her shorts and t-shirt. Kay removed her padded bra and Mickey Mouse panties. She had a wisp of brown hair above her slit, but other than that her pussy was completely shaved. This was in stark contract to Susan’s pussy, which she kept all natural with just a light trimming to keep it looking clean.

At Susan’s coaxing, Kay slid into bed, under the sheet until she was situated in the center of the bed, inches from Greg’s sleeping form. Susan climbed in after and immediately pressed her body against Kay, sending shock waves straight to her virgin pussy.

“Don’t be afraid,” Susan whispered in Kay’s ear before running her tongue up it’s length.

Kay couldn’t stop herself from moaning.

“You like that, baby girl?” Susan asked, repeating the action.

Kay moaned again, suddenly aware of how wet her pussy was.

A low groan came from Greg as he turned over onto his side, facing Kay, but still fast asleep. He instinctively wrapped his arm around Kay’s naked body and pulled her in, tucking her under his chin. For some reason, this didn’t bring Kay’s nervousness back. In fact, it did more to comfort her. She had never been held so closely by anyone before and to be held by such a loving man made her feel at home.

Susan closed in on Kay so that she could kiss her husband on the forehead and caress his shoulder. Kay was locked in a sandwich between the two lovers, her butt hovering just above Greg’s bare cock (he apparently slept naked) and her chin just inches from Susan large nipples.

Something inside of Kay came alive in that moment. She wasn’t even thinking, just acting on her basic urges and desires. She leaned her head forwards just enough to suck Susan’s nipple into her mouth, eliciting a gasp from the older woman. At the same time, she moved her small butt around til she could feel Greg’s cock awaken against it.

Then, through the sounds of her lips suckling Susan’s teat, she heard her two hosts smacking lips just above her head.

“What’s happening?” Greg asked in his half-asleep voice.

“We’re making a baby,” Susan replied, stroking Kay’s hair as she continued to suckle.

Greg looked down, finally realizing what was happening.

“Are you sure, Suzy? She’s just a kid.”

“She’s eighteen,” Susan told him in a soothing voice. “She wants to give us a child.”

Greg slid down to be eye level with Kay. He pulled her off of his wife’s fat nipple. “Are you sure, Kay?”

“Please,” Kay begged. “Give me your seed. I want to give you a child. I want to make you a father.”

Greg’s eyes began to water as he looked hopefully into Kay’s eyes. Then, he kissed her with more passion than Kay thought one person could posses. His strong mouth engulfed hers. She though he would suck her lips right off. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, desperate to know what he tasted like. Coffee and Colgate.

Suddenly, Kay felt Greg’s thick masculine fingers shove past her slit and straight into her pussy. She yelped against his mouth, eyes wide with surprise. But in a moment, Susan came to her rescue, placing her hand atop Greg’s and slowly pulling his fingers out.

“Slowly, Dear,” Kay heard her tell Greg. “She’s a virgin.”

“I’m sorry. I just got so excited, Honey.” Greg calmed and moved his fingers to Kay’s young breast, kneading the flesh and pinching the pink nipple. Kay sighed with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Susan took it upon herself to ready her surrogate’s novice cunt. She removed the sheet from the bed entirely, they wouldn’t need it, and moved down to the foot of the bed. She pushed Kay’s legs open and found the girl’s little clit with her thumb.

Another gasp emitted from Kay, but this time it was from pure satisfaction. Susan circled the nubbin slowly, then fast, then slowly, then fast again. It only took Kay seconds to have her first orgasm of the day and right when she was coming down from the most pleasure she’s felt in her life, Susan covered Kay’s soaking wet pussy with her mouth, licking and sucking and slurping at the tight hole while pressing her nose into Kay’s clitty.

“Oh, fuck!” Kay yelped, leaning up on her elbows and watching intently as Susan made out with her cunt. “Yes, yes, oh, yes!” she wailed.

“That’s it, Baby,” Greg cooed. “You like that, don’t you, little girl?”

Kay moaned and sighed and gasped with every twist of Susan’s tongue. With her pussy all wet with saliva and her own juices, Susan was able to slide two of her fingers inside her with ease.

Greg watched in awe as his beautifully, voluptuous wife ravished his new petite lover. As Kay felt her second orgasm approaching, Greg decided that her gaped mouth could be put to better use. He got up on his knees beside her, clutched the back of her head and guided her mouth over the head of his cock.

Kay gagged on the first inch of the older man’s cock. It had to have been at least seven inches and it felt as thick as a coke can as it stretched her little mouth wide open. There wasn’t much time to adjust though, because Greg was very eager and began humping his penis in and out of her mouth. It wasn’t comfortable, but somehow she loved the feeling of having her mouth filled by Greg’s cock and her cunt filled with Susan’s fingers.

“Don’t cum in her mouth, Baby,” Susan told Greg emphatically as she pumped her fingers in and out of Kay’s cunt.

“I won’t,” he grunted, pulling Kay’s mouth off of his cock, letting a thick stream of saliva and pre-cum ooze from the sides of her mouth.

“Please, touch my clit, Mommy!” Kay yelled out in ecstasy.

“Mommy?” Susan chuckled. “I could get used to that.”

“You’re going to be a great mommy,” Greg told her. He lowered his head down and while his wife finger fucked the girl’s cunt, he began to molest her sensitive button with his tongue.

“Yes! Oh, God, thank you! Yes!” Kay shouted, flopping down on her back and gripping the mattress sheet below her. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, yes!”

Kay squeezed her eyes shut and screamed up at the ceiling, body convulsing and muscles contracting as both her new lovers worked her pussy.

“Fuuuuuuck,” she groaned, coming down from her orgasm, head lulling side to side.

“It’s time,” Susan told Greg.

She removed her fingers from Kay’s pussy. Greg moved Kay up. “Come on, sweetie,” he told her softly. “You’ve been on your back too long.”

He lifted Kay so she was straddling his lap. Kay wrapped her arms around his thick neck for support as she hovered her pussy over his erect cock. Susan sat behind her and held the base of her husbands cock, lining it up with their lover’s virgin hole.

“Ready?” Susan asked her, using her other hand to caress Kay’s smooth back.

“Wait,” Kay said abruptly.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Greg asked, hands moving around to cup Kay’s butt cheeks.

“Don’t be scared, babe,” Susan said, placing a kiss on her shoulder.

“I’m not scared anymore,” Kay began. “I want to do this so badly. I want you inside me, Greg. I want to accept your seed into my womb and create a baby for you both. But the truth is,” Kay looked back at Susan, then down “I want more than that.”

“What do you want?” Greg prompted.

Kay lifted her head back up. She took Greg and Susan’s hands in each of hers.

“You see, I’ve never had a real family that loved me and took care of me. My father was a deadbeat who gambled away all his money and then left me for good without even saying goodbye. My mother is a whore who would put her boyfriends before me, even when they would hit me. I ran away because I wanted to find a fresh start, a new life, and I feel like I may have found it here with you two. This feels more like family than I’ve ever experienced. I don’t just want to be your surrogate. I already love you both so much. I want to be your daughter.”

As Kay finished, her voice wavered. Had she made a huge mistake by revealing her true feelings?

There was a few moments of silence as Susan and Greg shared a look of surprise at Kay’s admission. Together, they came to an understanding with each other without even speaking.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Greg said.

“Baby girl,” Susan said simultaneously.

Key looked from Greg to Susan, back to Greg, expecting the worst.

“We would love for you to be our daughter,” Greg told her, emphatically and with love in his eyes.

“We love you too, Kay,” Susan told her, softly and with tenderness in her voice.

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