Night Out


There was loud music emanating from the closed door in front of me.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the entrance, two men in black, leather jackets flanking either side of the door. They both wore dark shades even though it was at night and their well-built bodies sent shivers down my spine.

As I approached the door, one of them held out his hand and I stopped in my tracks. He stared at me for a moment as though trying to decide who I was or what I was doing there. I remained silent in the night breeze as the moonlight bounced off my rimmed spectacles.

The other man then nodded and gestured for me to approach. There was a short flight of stairs between them and the gentlemen, and once I approached them, they did a body search on me.

“Welcome,” said one of the men once they were done frisking me. He flung open the door and I was hit by a blast of hot air, cigarette smoke and loud music. I almost took a step back at the sheer loudness of the place.

However, I composed myself quickly enough and walked into the hazy building. Before my eyes could adjust, all I could see were bright, flashing lights in the midst of a smoky room. There was tumultuous activity everywhere as people rushed about the place.

The music was catchy, trendy and I found myself bobbing my head even before I found a place to sit. As my eyes adjusted to the place, I noticed for the first time that there were skimpily dressed women zooming about the place, clutching trays and beer glasses in their hands.

People all around me were dancing to the music and I was struggling to look for somewhere to sit amid the hubbub. I eventually found an empty table, much to my surprise, and I took the opportunity to rest my sore legs and have a look around the place.

A waitress almost instantly strode to my table, a beautiful young girl with perky tits and a very short mini-skirt. She left little to the imagination as I stared at her thick thighs and my eyes wandered to her voluptuous chest in which a loosely hanging bra restrained her breasts.

“What can I get you?” She asked.

“How about you?” I said, smiling.

A smile also cracked on her face. She ended up revealing her perfect teeth and there was something about her beautiful visage that I could not resist. She had the innocent eyes of a toddler but I could already see that she was a bad girl.

“You look very beautiful in that skirt,” I said, salivating, “why don’t you join me for a drink?”

“That’s funny,” said the waitress, “as you can see, I’m on duty. So what can I get you?”

I shrugged. “A cold beer.”

She started walking away.

“Hey,” I said, raising my voice over the loud music. She paused and turned to look diyarbakır escort at me. “I’ll wait until your shift is over.”

“Will you pay me for my time?” She asked.

I nodded.

She disappeared into the crowd and eventually returned with my drink. She did not have a chat with me this tie, instead disappearing into the crowd as soon as she had come. I enjoyed my drink, observing the people around me in the small strip club having fun.

Eventually, the waitress surprised me when she walked up to me later that evening when I had already downed a few beers and I was getting drunk. As she approached, I noticed that she had changed her clothing and now she was looking more decent in a pair of jeans and a large coat.

“I’m ready to go,” she said, refraining from taking a seat beside me.

I was a little surprised that she wanted to go with me. But I did not hesitate, getting off my feet as quickly as I could and I followed her to the exit. I could not keep my eyes from staring at her luscious bottom and I could already imagine my hands all over her.

My sedan was parked out front. We got into it and I sped off towards a nearby hotel. We had s short conversation, a simple and direct one. She wanted me to pay her a certain amount of money for the night, something that I did promptly. She stashed away her money in her handbag as we reached the hotel. We walked into the dark, secluded building hand-in-hand and I was surprised that the waitress had already developed a liking for me.

We barely had conversation between ourselves yet I could feel a strange spark between us. I took a room that was on the top floor of the building, and we held hands right up to the hotel room. By this time, my penis was already hard in my jeans and I felt excited by what was about to happen.

Once we were in the confines of the room, I jumped out of my clothes and slid into the large double bed. It was cold but I knew I was about to get all the warmth I needed.

The waitress also seemed only too happy to get out of her clothes. It was a bit of a struggle for her to liberate her jeans from her body, but she eventually took out all her clothes and stood before me in her birth suit.

My dick was rock hard. She joined me in bed and I felt the softness of her skin on mine. She was quite warm and we held each other in a loving embrace as we tried to heat up our bodies. Her perfume wafted into my nose like the aroma of freshly baked cookies left out to cool on a kitchen counter.

She started fumbling with my hard penis, at first jerking it gently and then she started rubbing my balls. I closed my eyes to allow the sensations to seep into me like water seeps into a sponge. Eventually, she started easing her way down my body, rubbing my belly until my dick was in her mouth.

She sucked me off in a vigorous way, a feeling that I had not experienced in a very long time. I found myself moaning involuntarily and for a minute, I seemed lost in my pleasurable sensations. The world seemed to have come to a standstill.

After a short while, she got on top of me and started riding my dick. Her pussy was warm and wet, and the combination of her beautiful figure was too much for me to take in. I was surprised that I was ejaculating within a short time, cum shooting out of my dick like a rifle discharging a round.

She had a big smile on her face once she felt my cum wetting her. She slid off me and lay on my chest, feeling the rapid way in which my heart was beating in my chest.

“I need to tell you something,” she said after some minutes had gone by. She was caressing my chest hairs gently and it felt really nice to be in her company.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I want you to marry me,” she said.

“What?” I was not sure I heard her correct.

“You must be really horny not to have recognized me,” she said, our gazes meeting.

I was a little confused. I stared at her for a minute, trying to recognize her but nothing was forthcoming. For the first time that evening, I started feeling nervous.

“We were in high school together,” she said, raising her eyebrows. “I’m Jenna, don’t you remember?”

Then the memories started to flood back into my head like a river bursting its banks. She was right, we had gone to high school together now that I started to see the familiarity of her face, although she was much fatter than I had remembered.

“I lost weight once I got out of high school,” she said, “that’s probably why you don’t recognize me.”

“Jeez,” I exclaimed, “what a strange coincidence.”

She nodded.

“So you work as a waitress in that strip club?” I asked.

She nodded once more.

I remembered that we used to be friends, we used to talk when we were in school together, but I had never been romantically interested in her. I never thought that the day would come that I would hook up with such a person.

“Why have you asked me to marry you?” I asked as I watched shadows dancing around the room. The street below was silent and I could almost hear the gusts of wind outside sweeping up the dust into the air.

“I know that you’re already married,” said Jenna, “I know your wife.”

I was puzzled. “So why are you asking me to marry you?”

She shrugged. I’ve always been attracted to you and lately, I have been looking for a mate. But once you walked into the club tonight, I was convinced that I can be your wife.”

I remained silent for a moment, surprised at what I was hearing.

“I can satisfy you,” said Jenna, a small smile creaking up on her face, “I can do for you what your wife is not doing.”

My heart started beating faster in my chest.

“Do you like me?” She asked.

I nodded slightly.

She then slid down my chest until her face was in position between my legs. Then she started sucking my dick once more and I felt my body stiffen with pleasure. The way she touched me felt as though an angel was running their hands through my body.

She was very good with my dick in her mouth and I felt as though my body was going to melt. When she eventually surfaced from between my legs, I positioned her on the bed so that she was lying down with her stomach.

I got on top of her and dangled my dick between her ass cheeks, enjoying her softness and warmth. My dick was so hard I was scared I was developing a third leg.

I eventually shoved my penis into her wet and waiting pussy and I started thrusting hard and fast. As I moved rhythmically inside and out of her, she seemed to get wetter and her moans got louder.

The sensation of being inside her was too much for me to control and I had to close my eyes at some point. There were all sorts of smells renting the air as I fucked her, a blend of our activity with our lingering perfume.

I was moaning uncontrollably now as I felt myself about to ejaculate hard. She, too, was writhing in pleasure beneath me and I grabbed her firm ass as I felt cum shooting out of me. It was the kind of feeling that could make my eyes roll back in their sockets.

Once I got off her, she was panting like a dog on a hot day. I looked at her pussy, in between her legs and she was a mess. I had cum hard and I enjoyed looking at the product of my work.

“Will you be going back to your wife?” She asked me after we had an opportunity to catch our breaths.

“I have to,” I said, “but I’ll come see you tonight. Maybe we can spend the night together.”

She nodded. I soon found myself drifting off to sleep and as I got cozy, I fell into a deep slumber. When I woke up, however, I was in a state of panic because sunlight was already streaming into the room.

“Damn,” I muttered under my breath as I got up from the bed, “I’m going to be late for work.”

I started getting out of bed when I noticed that there was somebody seated by the window on a small rocking chair. The blinders had been drawn, and that is why sunlight was streaming into the room in the first place.

However, once my eyes settled on who was seated by the window, I gasped in shock.

“Sharon?” The words seemed to forcefully leave my mouth. “What are you doing here?”

My wife turned to face me and the expression on her eyes was like a wildfire.

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