Summer School: The Introduction


This is the first story in a trilogy. See below for the titles of the other two.

I used to visit my grandfather Anders regularly when he was an old man and bound to a wheel chair. His brain was still sharp and he entertained me with stories from his life. He was a handsome man, tall and slim. He had done well for himself and lived a luxury life. My grandmother was dead and he had a maid and a private nurse to take care of him.

This Sunday in March -52 his nurse Charlotte wheeled him into the room. She was in her late twenties, good-looking with a full bosom that she wasn’t shy to show. Her nurse uniform wasn’t fully buttoned up but showed a very nice cleavage. And when she bent forward over Anders a good part of her lovely breasts showed. She often leaned over Anders. She had been with my grandfather for a year and seemed to take good care of him.

“Morning Tom,” Anders greeted me, “feeling fine today, I hope. I certainly do, don’t I, Charlotte,” he said smiling at the nurse and put his hand on her hip. She blushed and, giving Anders a hug around his shoulders, said, ” you certainly do. A much younger man would envy you your power.”

“Tom, today I want to tell you a well kept secret of my home village. The education I got there as a boy has made me the man I am and given my wife and me a good life. I have had many women in my days without cheating on my wife. That sounds impossible but I will tell you how. Charlotte, will you get us some coffee and then you can listen too if you want.”

This is Anders story:

I was born in the A—village, a small rural village in the north of Dalecarlia in Sweden. The inhabitants are known as proud people who never let anyone bully them. They are peaceful and friendly though and have a widespread and long-term reputation for making good husbands and wives. Therefore their youngsters are welcomed in surrounding villages to marry their sons and daughters.

The village has a common mountain pasture. It’s a place where the cattle, cows, sheep and goats, are kept in summertime. The landscape in Dalecarlia is hilly and the farms are short of farming land. But deep in the hills are areas where cattle can find good pasturage and thus save the homestead farmland. It took two days to herd the cattle to this pasture so it was only done once in a year. Many people from the village helped in herding the cattle there and back but then only one or two elder women and some young girls were needed to take care of the cattle.

It was full time work to milk the cattle and take care of the milk doing butter and cheese. A few times during the summer people from the village collected the cheese and butter. Except for that nobody came to visit. Most villages in Dalecarlia did the same, all having one or more mountain pastures.

The inhabitants of the village got their reputation from the special education of the youth that took place at the pasture. How it all began I don’t know but it had been in use for a long time already when I was young in the former century. Probably it started by chance as so many things do and then someone found the results promising and found a way to continue.

It was a thorough preparation for marriage life including sex education.

During and after work the young girls were taught many things. They learnt how to take care of the cattle and make cheese and butter. They learnt how to cook.

One important topic was the use of herbs. They learnt where to find different herbs, when it should be collected and dried and how useful drugs should be made from them. It was herbs for many different things like healing, pain killers, aphrodisiac and very important, birth control.

They learnt about having babies.

The sex school started with the knowledge of their bodies. You must remember that this was a long time ago. The people had very little contact with the outer world and the young were very innocent and had no way to learn except from their parents. One exception though. They were living close to nature and from early age could see and follow how the cattle mated.

But this education taught them about their bodies, how they should get and give pleasure with their partner and many other useful things. They got used to see other naked females and realized that the female body could look in many different ways especially their private parts. Something that really is missing today in our liberated community.

“Tom, they learnt how to please themselves and how to develop and use their inner cunt muscles to give pleasure,’ Anders said. ‘There was a rumor that they had dried horse dicks to practice their cunt muscles on. And that they practiced cock sucking and swallowing of come on a cow’s dug. I asked my wife several times but she only laughed and said that how the girls were taught to be good mistresses was a female secret. She always refused to tell me. But they certainly had the cows nearby and hand milked them every day and the dug has the right shape.”

“I fikirtepe escort can see that the girls were well taught, especially in body control, but what about the boys. Didn’t they need education too?” I asked

“Of course Tom, they certainly did. I was just coming to that,” Anders said. – Charlotte had come back with coffee and now listened intently. She had startled when Anders mentioned the dried horse dicks and the cows’ dugs.

The boys were brought up to the pasture in the later part of the summer. The official reason for them to be there was to do maintenance on the buildings and fences. They worked with that and got their education in between.

All this education could of course not be carried out with only one elder woman to do it all. This pasture was so big that for the daily work at least another skilled woman was needed to supervise the girls. Also if several boys were coming more women were needed. One mature man normally supervised the boys.

The choice of the women and the man had to be done with care. It was the task of the woman in charge to find her helpers. The women should be married and their husbands must let them be away from home during the summer. And he had to allow them to carry out the teaching duties. They had to be experienced and interested in sex and also reasonable good looking so not to scare the young boys.

” Tom, let me tell you of my own experience when I had my education at the mountain pasture,” Anders said. “But remember, this was a long time ago.” – Charlotte squirmed in her seat, anxious to hear more.

The summer I was brought to the pasture we were four boys. Two women from the village, Karin and Lisa, were the women to help the old broad in charge.

It was a long walk to come to the pasture and we were tired when we got there. We had a good meal and then turned in to sleep. The next morning we woke up by the sound of a big birch-bark horn which was used to call in the cattle. The sound could be heard several miles.

We were put to work to mend fences. The weather was nice and warm and the job pleasant. The women and the girls made their work. They were far more scantily clad than would have been proper down in the village. Their skirts were hiked up and they wore only a thin shift that outlined their breasts and nipples. It was arousing for us. We had never seen so much of a female body before.

In late afternoon we were sent to the small lake to swim. On the way there we met the girls coming back looking refreshed. We had seen them go to the lake earlier and had hoped that they would still be there. We were a little disappointed.

When we came close to the lake we heard women laugh. We stopped and hid behind some bushes. Lisa and Karin were swimming, in the nude, bathing suits did not exist in those times. They played around, most of the time in shallow water allowing us to see their bodies. We were totally silent and stunned of our first sight of naked females.

Eventually they moved out of the water and stood stroking their bodies to dry themselves. They were not more than ten yards from us, which allowed us to get a good look. They moved around showing their bodies from different angles. To me they looked gorgeous with their heavy swinging breasts, their wide hips and pointed waists and their pussies covered with thick hair.

They stood close together and whispered. Then they took a few fast steps and all of the sudden stood among us.

“Come on out,” Lisa said. “Don’t be shy.”

When we hesitated they each took two of us by the hand and hauled us out from behind the bushes.

” Now we want you to undress and take a swim,” Karin said. “We want you to be nice and clean and we also want to see what you look like. Don’t be embarrassed. You are going to like what will happen. Come on.”

She tugged at my shirt and pulled it over my head. Lisa did the same to another boy. The others followed. Then we stopped again not knowing what to do. I thought about what Karin had said and got bold. I unbuttoned and stepped out of my trousers. My freed cock jutted upwards and I heard Karin gasp. I didn’t know it then but soon learned that my cock was big.

The other boys were still hesitant and Karin and Lisa giggling helped them to unbutton their pants. We were standing at the lake naked and with visible erections.

“Now, that’s a good sight,” Lisa said. ” Don’t be shy, you are very good-looking. It will be a pleasure for Karin and me to turn you into men and to teach you to become good lovers. Every day we will have lessons of different kinds. You will get the details as we move on. We will start tonight after supper. Per and Bertil shall come to my hut and Anders and Erik to Karin’s. We will tell you more then. Now have a swim and get ready for supper.”

Lisa and Karin hugged their chosen boys and made sure we felt their breasts and pussy hair. They stroked our erections a few times and pushed us towards the water. We gebze escort slowly went into the water but kept looking at the women as they slowly dressed and eventually went away.

Then we swam and played as young boys normally do in the water but we were a little shy of each other. We got dressed and went back for supper.

“Tom, I can’t remember the supper,” Anders said. “My mind was totally occupied with what would happen afterwards. The girls tried to talk to us but we were subdued. The girls gave up and started to giggle between them.” – Charlotte was sitting at the edge of her chair slightly leaning forward. Her breasts were pressed forwards and showed nicely.

Supper finally ended. The girls took care of the dishes. Lisa and Karin stood and beckoned us to follow them.

The night was warm. In the summertime it never gets dark at night in those parts of Sweden. The women led us into their huts.

“Tonight you will learn about the female body,” Lisa said. ” I guess you have already found out how to jack off and done it in your privacy. To night you will also experience how it feels to be touched by a woman. But first let’s get naked.”

She adjusted the door to let enough light in to give a doused light inside. The hut had no windows. She undressed slowly in front of us. When she was naked she undressed first Erik and then me. She lay back on a mattress and had us to kneel on either side of her.

“Now touch and feel my body,” Lisa said. “Don’t be shy. You should touch me everywhere. And try to watch my reactions. You should learn how to caress a woman to her liking.”

She took our hands and put them on her breasts. When we caressed her without her guidance she moved her hands to our cocks and began to stroke them slowly.

I started with her breasts but soon went further down her body. I was very curious about her luxurious pussy bush. My hand slid down and felt her hair. It was soft and thick and I sifted through it. She patted my hand approvingly but after a while pushed my hand further down.

She willingly parted her legs when she felt my hand on her pussy. My finger slid down her crack and pressed a little. Her folds gave way and my finger slid into her pussy. A spasm went through her body and I understood that she was sensitive down there and that she liked it. She placed her hand over mine again and showed me how to caress her pussy. She started to pant and soon moans and soft cries came from her lips. With her other hand she guided Erik to caress her breasts. She started to buck against my hand and then she cried out and lay still.

“Thank you boys,” she giggled. “Congratulations. You have seen your first female orgasm. I liked it. Let’s do it again.”

She had us to change places. Erik was to explore her pussy area. I was given the task to fondle her upper body. I found that fondling her big breasts was very pleasant.

Erik was doing well with her pussy. She soon was turned on again and panted hard.

“Boys,” she panted, “when I start to moan and cry you knew that you are doing well and that I am close to come. Be aware of my behavior.”

We increased our efforts and she was right. She soon started to moan and cry out. This time spasms went through her body and she got tense. Then she let out a long cry that scared us.

She recovered quickly.

“Did I scare you?” She mused. “Well boys, that felt so good I had to scream. It’s a good sign when a woman moans and cries out when you caress her and nothing to be scared of. On the contrary. Most women make a lot of sounds and some get real noisy.

Well, now let’s see how you are. Yes, yes two hard, good-looking cocks, I like that. Come here, boys.”

She put her hands back on our cocks, which indeed were very erect. She jacked us until we came and she directed the flow of semen over her naked body.

Then she did something incredible. She sat up and took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last drops out of me. Then Erik got the same treatment. We were astonished, never in our dreams had we thought that a woman could do such a thing.

She hugged us for a while.

“Boys, your first experience with a woman. Not too bad, was it?” she giggled. “I hope you want to go on in the days to come. I have the intention to teach you to be good lovers and husbands. Tomorrow we will continue, but now it’s time for rest. Go sleep and dream about me.”

We went to our hut and met the other boys. We were too shy to really talk about what had happened but had much to dream about.

“Well Tom,” Anders said. “Don’t you think that was a good start for a young boy?” – Charlotte leaned over Anders to tuck the blanket better around him. Her breasts fell forward and nearly spilled out of her bra. Anders put his arm around her bottom and thigh and stroked her a couple of times. She blushed but smiled.

The following morning after the cattle had been taken care of Karin summoned me into her hut. She told me to içerenköy escort undress and then did the same. She stood proud in her nakedness before me and put my hands on her body. She told me a lot of things about the bodies of man and woman. She had me to explore her body from top to toe and told me where she was most sensitive. She lay down and spread her legs and had me examine her pussy. She took my hand and showed how she liked to be caressed. I noticed that she got wet when I stroked her and that her pussy changed. She showed me her clit that by now had got erect and stood out.

Now and then she stroked my cock. It was fully erect all the time. She complemented me for its look and told me that it was real big and that I had to be careful when entering a woman. Eventually she said:

“I think you have had enough for your first lesson. I will let you enter my pussy now to experience how sweet and pleasant it is in there. Tomorrow you will have to work for it but today I will let you enter me straight away and just enjoy yourself. Come to me, my boy, come to me,” she said very gentle.

She lay back with raised knees and opened her thighs. She pulled me down on top of her between her legs. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and put it in place at her pussy entrance.

“Now, push hard,” she whispered and with her hands on my buttocks directed my movements.

She was wet and I pushed hard and my cock head slid into her pussy. She held my buttocks and pushed me back and then forward again. I soon understood and the rest came naturally. I pushed hard and withdrew a few times and was soon all the way inside her. I felt her hot cunt walls surround my cock and the feeling was tremendous. I felt my arousal rise and after a few strokes I came and it felt great.

I slumped down on Karin and she held me tight for a while.

“How did it feel? Did you like it?” she asked softly. ” You came quickly. Tomorrow I will teach you to take care of your woman as well and a few other things. Now get off me you big bull,” she giggled.

I had to leave this lovely woman and go back to work. Later that day Erik was called to her hut and got the same treatment.

“Well Tom,” Anders said. “She really knew how to introduce young boys and make them feel happy, didn’t she?” – Charlotte was clearly excited, her eyes were shining, she blushed and her nipples had stiffened and showed through her dress.

Over the following days Karin taught me more and more. How to please a woman, to arouse her, to caress her, to lick her to an orgasm. She taught me different positions. Every day I was allowed to fuck her and my ability grew and so did my staying power. After a week Lisa and Karin switched boys. Lisa made me understand that women have different tastes and reacts different. I had to find out with each woman what she liked.

After two weeks very pleasant training Lisa told me that the old broad in charge wanted to see me soon.

“She wants to check you out and see if Karin and I have trained you well,” she giggled. “Do your best and make us proud, will you,” she added with concern in her voice.

The old broad asked me to come and see her in her cottage after dinner the next day. I went there and anxiously knocked on her door. She called for me to come in.

For a young boy she was old. I now guess that she hadn’t reached sixty but that was to be old in those days. Her hair was gray and her back a little bent when she walked.

She met me at the door when I entered the cottage. She was already naked. The first thing I noticed was a large mass of hair that covered her mons and lower belly. She must have had a tremendous bush when she was younger but now it had thinned out and changed to gray.

Her breasts were large and sagging with big long nipples. Her body was plump. My first thought was that she was old and ugly.

When I came in she came forward and hugged me.

“I want you to show me that you can satisfy an old woman,” she said seriously.

I stood embraced in her arms and thought about what to do. Then the thought came to me that she was just a horny female who wants to revive her youth by getting fucked by a virile boy. That gave me the courage I needed. And suddenly her horniness made her look good.

I started to caress her body just like the younger women had taught me. I soon found out what she liked. She didn’t hold back her reactions. Her breasts were big and soft and nice to fondle from behind when she leaned slightly forward. I felt their heaviness in my hands when I cupped them. That they sagged was no longer of importance.

Her pussy became nicely wet when I started to stroke it and probe her entrance with my finger. She let out moans of pleasure when I caressed her clit and she came when I used both hands on her pussy and clit.

I let her rest only for a short while and then forced her to lie down on the bed. I kissed her breasts and then down her body and let my mouth rest over her pussy. I licked her slit and over her clit. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and repeated the whole operation. I could hear that she liked it and could soon feel her pussy tremble. I concentrated on her clit and soon got rewarded by her second orgasm.

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