The Descent of Walburn Hall Ch. 03

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Chapter III – Aunt Georgina’s Secret

Later that evening, Georgina reviewed the somewhat nefarious business model of the Fanshawe clan in society, describing its many schemes in London, Paris, Hong Kong and North America involving the procurement of young ladies and gentlemen for various sex industries, as well as financing and overseeing a vast network of institutions. “Royalty, governments and the Churches empty their coffers into our pockets. But beware, they are the seducers – the betrayer class – never trust them, fulfill their hedonistic needs, prepared always for blackmail and poison.”

Felicity digested this sobering bolus of information, then shyly asked if there was one man for whom she had a fancy.

“Captain Glen McIsaac,” she said, pleased that business matters could not swerve her from personal considerations, “serves in the Duke of Lansbury’s calvary. Very dashing and quite different from the general run of men,” a smile spread across her face. “He visits me whenever his duties allow.”


For an answer, Georgina stood and lowered her slacks displaying a web of welts criss-crossing her buttocks and lower back.

“He lashes you? You let him?!

“I give as good as I get, and the passion! My love, you cannot imagine. If you will submit once, you’ll see. Glen has a younger brother Benjamin, twenty- three I believe and quite a dash himself. I’ll introduce you. He’s a fine young man and sure to give you an itch.”

“Oh Georgina.”

“I take it you’ve never had a man before,” teased Georgina.

“Well,” said Felicity trying to retain her composure, “I’ve heard that men are generally a bad influence on young ladies unless they are jolly morning and evening, rich as dammit, and have a mind to marry.”

“I’ll admit your sources are correct in the first instances; however, a “mind to marry” is a fatal flaw. Give and accept love unstintingly on your own terms with no boundaries or shame, but never, ever allow your liberty or will to be compromised.”

“What are Captain McIsaac and his brother like?” she asked, intrigued.

“Glen can be … strict, well, rather firm, fond of the whip and bondage, as am I. On balance, he’s quite merry and refreshingly carnal. I’ve only met Benjamin once, a handsome boy, a clever face, and apples, as a rule, don’t fall far from the tree.”

It was late, the evening breeze became chilly. While the valley was in deep shadow, distant hilltops still glowed. Georgina took a shawl, wrapped it over their shoulders and drew her near. “See the white structure built into the fell across the valley? yalova escort That’s a Roman mausoleum which great-grandfather Archie, repurposed as a folly. It was designed in the manner of a temple with a covered entrance guarded by columns. Inside, the hall is marble and granite and a portal to the honored dead in the catacombs.

“Father walled-in part of the hall, put in fireplaces, a kitchen, rooms for sleeping and baths for purification. I sometimes have parties there for it’s quite secluded. I can be a decadent priestess and indulge my close friends in highly pleasurable caprices over there,” she added cryptically.

“Can you get into the old tombs and see the bones and armor?”

“I’ve taken the stairway down to the lower level containing the ruins of a fountain in a large circular room with benches and altars. Four great corridors lead into the mountain. Pa and I took torches and went exploring but the air became so thick and foul the lights went out and we couldn’t breathe. I haven’t gone back in the tombs cause I’m afraid to go alone. Maybe we can explore together.”

“Oh Georgina, I’d love it – our secret world!”

They made their way back into the conservatory, whereupon Felicity admitted that despite her nap the day had caught up with her, and stretching like a cat admitted she was sleepy. Georgina showed her the pantry should she want refreshment during the night then climbed the stairs to their adjourning bedrooms. Felicity shucked off her dress, pulled a nightgown over her head and tucked herself in bed with visions of ancient treasure hidden in tombs, slaves under her command and the perfume of her aunt’s pussy lingering in the air.

She awoke to the whoosh of a door closing and a muffled click as another opened. Across the room a sliver of candlelight from Georgina’s bedroom shone across her rug. Felicity could hear faint voices, a man and two women conversing. She quietly got up, imagination churning and tip-toed toward the light. The gap was narrow but wide enough for her to see into her aunt’s bedroom.

Sitting at the end of the bed, long hair brushed out was a completely naked aunty. Anne and Stanley had just entered and were undressing each other at the foot of the bed. Georgina reclined, propped on her elbows, her cinnamon-hued nipples erect and long legs spread in bold invitation. The scent of body odor and sex filled the room.

Stanley knelt down in front of his mistress and began to nuzzle the inside of her thighs while Anne straddled over her on hands and knees, her sex within tongue’s edirne escort reach of Georgina’s face while she licked Georgina’s quim. The three bawds moved as one, each intertwined prettily with the other. Felicity, panting with curiosity, squatted down to bear witness.

Georgina moaned and shuddered, spurting pink tea over Stanley’s face. Anne climbed off the bed and positioned herself by Stanley’s hairy bottom while auntie squeezed and sucked his stiff member. The tip was a vivid purple color which she seemed to find irresistible. Anne spit in her hand, rubbed it over his cock and guided it into Georgina’s yearning cunt.

Felicity watched Stanley bury himself in her till their pubic hairs crushed together, moving in and out of Georgina’s foaming slit and finally withdraw as thick cum jetted out and splattered over Georgina’s breasts. She messaged the hot jism over her tits and licked his prick throughly as they lay on the bed in an untidy fuck pile.

“Oh, that was wonderful,” said Georgina as the lovers reawakened from that joyous sleep of satiation. Sharing deep kisses they murmured, “perfect ending to a perfect day — and tomorrow, even better.”

As Anne slipped into her robe she whispered, “Good night sweet Georgie, all will be well.” Stanley blew her a kiss, put his arm around Anne and guided her out. Just before the door shut, Felicity saw his fingers caress her bottom and didn’t feel as sorry for her.

Felicity suddenly lost her balance and plumped back on the floor. She scurried back to bed, ashamed to be caught spying and lay there feigning sleep. A few minutes later, plenty of time for her to slip under the covers, the door connecting their bedrooms opened a bit wider then quietly closed. Georgina recognized the scent of a horny young lady and smiled.

Felicity lay awake, too aroused for sleep, sounds and smells of sex shimmered before her eyes. She stuffed her nightgown into her reeking slit, envisioning Anne’s tongue dancing among the folds of Georgina’s quim. The clock in the hall faintly chimed once. Too thirsty to wait for dawn, she lit a candle and made her way through the silent house to the kitchen. Millie had left a joint of cold ham, bread and a bowl of ice water in the big cooler. While snacking, she heard voices approaching. Blowing out her candle and quickly retreating to the hall, two figures entered the scullery from the staff’s living quarters.

“Shit, she was incredible tonight!” said Anne as she prepared a snack for them.

“Squeezing me like a boa! I wasn’t expecting a rowdy erzurum escort night with her niece in the next room. She looks so dainty and innocent.

“Felicity isn’t innocent. I think Georgina was showing off for her, watching us through the door. Not only that, Millie told me she packed her knickers — which was Georgina’s doing I think, and pissed ’em too. I know, cause I emptied the pot. Then she hid them outside and pretended nothing happened.”

Felicity’s jaw dropped when she heard that come from Anne’s mouth. They found her dirty knickers and everyone knew her filthy habits.

Anne continued, “When she finds out everyone here has their own little kinks and nobody tells, she won’t mind a bit. Shit! If I needed to go, I’d push it out right here.”

“You’re a dear dirty girl, no mistake.” said Stanley, his voice tight with desire. He tugged her undies down her legs and she flicked them across the floor with her toes while he undid his fly.

For the second time that night Felicity witnessed love making up close. Anne sat him on a chair and sucked his cock noisily while he played with her thick, red hair. She was an attractive, busty woman with wide hips, large white buttocks, and below her crinkled asshole, beautiful curly red hair. Her pale complexion glowed against Stanley’s swarthy skin. Felicity guessed she was a few years older than her aunt and experienced in such matters judging by his urgent moans as she sucked him off.

Stanley fondled her tits and Anne climbed gracefully astride his lap. Felicity watched with admiration as she engulfed his cock as Stanley pulled her down on him. They fucked hard for a few minutes until Stanley braced himself and lifted his bottom off the chair. In the candlelight, Felicity saw them press together with a panting squeal as Anne threw her head back in ecstasy. Stanley trembled as his cum boiled out of his cock filling Anne’s cunt and dribbled onto the seat.

“My God,” gasped Anne, breathless. She pressed her body against his chest and lay still in the serenity following a lusty fuck.

Felicity pushed her hand against her cooling underpants, but no, not here — too noisy and this was not the place to be discovered — she crept back to her room. Never had she been so out of control with lust. Eyes staring, hands trembling, she crouched over the chamberpot, bunched her nightie tightly between her thighs and began drenching her nightgown from waist to hem.

While her pee trickled into the pot, Felicity masturbated thinking of Georgina, Stanley and Anne, his purple cock, yawning wet cunts, the moans and gasps of unendurable delight, even the thought of Millie triumphantly waving her soggy, shitty underwear — brought a burning sensuality which made her whole body quiver.

Pushing the night bowl away, she got into bed and pulled the covers over her head. Multiple shattering climaxes finally brought sleep. The clock struck two.

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