The Love of Panties Ch. 07


Son’s Girl Friend

I know, you might say that was wrong but some will say, HOT. Either way it was hot to me.

She was a very pretty girl. Just past 19 she still had those firm, rounded breast and was one of the few girls that I had ever seen in low rise jeans with out the belly roll. They fit her perfect. The best investment I had made was the small but still appealing pool we bought. Great for my son to invite friends over to swim. Especially girls.

It was a few times that boys and girls would come over. The best ones were when they came over with clothes to change into. Especially 2 girls. One was about 5’8″. Some what tall but still no more than 120 lbs. The other a little shorter, maybe 5’6″. Both had similar figures. All though one had B cup tits and the other C.

I’ll admit, to have seen them naked would have been the ultimate turn on but I’m sure they would have never done anything with their boyfriend’s dad but I had almost the next best thing, their panties.

It started when one came over and they went out to play in the pool. I of course went straight to his room and there on his bed were her clothes. I slowly opened the bag trying to remember where each piece was but I had all ready learned that most girls never thought that some guy, especially an older man would ever go through their things. At least I don’t think it was the first thing that would pass through their mind. I believe one did on one of my adventures but most never would so I would hope they would think they had been rearranged when they put them on the bed or brought them with them. What ever but I still took my time and tried to make sure if I took things out I put them back in the same order.

Her’s were awesome. All though this particular bra was a white smooth cup one, it was so soft and smelled just like her fruity aroma she omitted when she would walk past you. The biggest thing through my mind was the shape and look of her perky, firm tits that had just been in it. I pulled it out with her t-shirt. I always like some of the t-shirts girls wear now a days. Soft, stretchy and usually a cute color. It too had her fruity smell on the shirt and felt so soft. I could remember how tight it fit her body and the way it showed off her breast.

Of course the jeans of a lot of the girls were of that stretchy denizli escort jean material so they would fit so nice and tight and smooth on their bodies. How great is the science of material these days. I know how women like to look good for their guys but I do sometimes wonder if they realize just how much they show off when they wear some of the things they wear. Maybe. I could most of the time see her and other girls panty lines and yes, even if they don’t think their thongs don’t show, they do. I either know by the lack of panty lines or you see them also then the guys look and know that girl has a hot thong on. It turns a lot of guys on but I am a bikini, boy cut, even high cut brief style lover. I like seeing a cute butt tightly covered by soft cotton or nylon material. Especially nylon, to see that silky, shimmering material shaped around that round ass is so hot.

This pair was cotton she had wore. A cute gray pair. Bikini, high cut and they had all ready been worn. I could see a light coloration in the gusset and when I placed them to my nose I smelt that faint smell. Now, a lot of guys talk about that sweet smell of a woman. I like to smell the pussy but I also like the very faint smell knowing that she was a clean woman.

I was all ready getting hard. Holding her things in my hand. Knowing what she had wore and now later on, after she changed back into her clothes I would be able to see her, knowing exactly what was under her t-shirt and jeans. Also knowing that she would be wearing the clothes that I was about to jack off with.

I quickly went to the bedroom that looked out over the back yard and seen they were splashing everywhere. Completely into what they were doing and I loved it. I went back and grabbed her things. Luckily no one else was in the house so I had the inside to myself. All I had to worry about was them.

Now whether you like it or not, I do like wearing their things. Some guys like just playing with them, jacking off with them and others like to wear. If you have read my other ones you know that. I love knowing what had been against their body was against mine. It’s not like I want to be a girl or anything or am I gay or bi. It’s just the feel and thought.

The first thing was her panties. I slipped them on easily. The cotton was really diyarbakır escort thin and soft. Cotton can be so soft sometimes. Especially panties. With the little added material of spandex they stretch too and fit nicely. I admit, they are made to fit a woman but they can fit a guy pretty good and I love the thought of a woman that would like that.

As I pulled them on I felt my heart race a little faster. There she was, out there in the water in a hot bikini as I slipped her bikini panties on she had just worn. They molded to my cock almost perfect. I slipped my arms into her bra and even though the straps were adjusted to her smaller body they stretched enough to get it hooked and in place.

Usually wearing their things for a short period of time never seemed to stretch them enough for them to tell and usually when I could watch them as I wore their things I wouldn’t have them on long.

I pulled her t-shirt over my head and wiggled it down. This is usually the hardest since this material usually stretches the least and is all ready small fit for their petite bodies. I smelled her perfume as it slipped over my head and it, with a little coaxing slipped down and tightly outlined her bra on me.

She was big enough for her stretchy jeans to slip on and since I am not a big guy I was able to zip them up. Standing there with everything on she had wore, watching her out in the bikini, looking and seeing my rock hard cock showing through her tight jeans on me had me so hard. I all ready knew I was leaking cum on the front of her panties since I did most of the time but I knew I didn’t have forever so I had to go ahead and do what I wanted to do. Cum while watching her and wearing her panties especially.

I unzipped her jeans and opening them enough to reach in and first rub my cock through her panties. They felt so soft. Thinking of reaching in these jeans with her in them was getting my heart racing so fast. Slipping my hand inside and feeling her pussy through her panties was starting to get my orgasm to it’s climax. Reaching in and feeling that tight, 19 year old, tight ass in them would be so hot. Slipping her jeans off to see how the panties formed to her body.

Reaching up first to feel her bra through her t-shirt allowed me to dream of her firm antalya escort breast inside it. Then my hand went underneath to feel her soft cups of her bra. Wow. Her nipples probably starting to poke through the material. As I pinched and rolled mine through her bra I dreamed of doing it to hers. Watching as they bounced around in the pool and even her B cup tits bounced inside that swim suit.

I looked down and seen the spot on the front of her panties growing and knew I had to get my cock out before to much was there and she might notice so I reach inside her jeans and pulled my cock out the side of her panties and started stoking it.

I had one had inside her t-shirt as if I was cupping her breast in that bra and my other stroking my cock dreaming of it slipping inside that sweet, wet pussy. Maybe her legs wrapped around my waist. My hands underneath that tight ass, cupping it in them and lifting her enough to penetrate her as deep as I could.

I grabbed the towel I knew she would use and laid it on the bed and as I watched that sweet body, most of it showing now with that 2 piece bikini on I dreamed of exploding inside her. I slowly removed her t-shirt, then her bra. I took the cups and wrapped them around my cock. Even though she didn’t have big enough tits to fuck like you see some women, I bet she would try to press them together for a guy. Feeling that soft skin if her breast against my cock.

I was all ready getting hard again with her bra around my cock, the inside of the cups a silky material I slowly wiggle out of her jeans. Then off came her panties.

As I watched a few more minutes I wrapped her soft cotton panties around my cock with the gusset at the head of my cock and slowly stroked it to another climax. Just before I cummed again I removed them and again allowed my cum to shoot across the towel but this time I rubbed the gusset against my cock and allowed some of the cum to soak into the white cotton.

As I folded the clothes back up and placed them back in the bag I started getting hard again as I thought about her changing shortly into these items and this pair of panties getting pulled on her sweet butt and up on her hips until she pulled the gusset against her pussy and my cum was pressed into her. Then I could see her wearing these things and get a better picture of what they looked like on her. Particularly what she looked in them.

I had at least 3 more times of learning what kind of panties she wore when she came over. She seemed to be a cotton, bikini style girl. All though one pair was a satin string bikini pair.

I still have a great love for panties and the way the feel and look on a woman.

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