The Tide Has Turned


In 2037, a NEW WORLD ORDER was positioned firmly in place. Decades before, many of us thought by this time there would be wars to fight over natural resources or we’d be on the receiving end of a constant pummeling by natural disasters owed to climate change. Others thought perhaps we would face an evil world military superpower threatening to destroy all that stood in its way.

As it turns out, the New Order is a world dominated by affluent women. A new philosophy of feminine superiority took over the globe. Religion, political affiliations, race, ethnicity, etc. became of trivial importance to the other sex. Around 2020, women began to take political and military power in many nations around the world. With the help of the expanded powers of the United Nations, they implemented female led governments in the remaining countries in less than a decade. All opposition whether ideological, religious or military would be decimated.

In this new political landscape, women began to govern in a manner that for all intents and purposes ended all wars, mitigated the effects of climate change and brought about a new age of science and reason. The “Feminine Enlightenment” was the term coined to describe it. These results only gave women more authority to be recognized as the dominant and smarter sex. You may ask, what’s wrong with this new era in female dominance where women have solved our global problems and ushered an era of global peace and cooperation? Well for men, these positive changes led to unforeseen negative consequences. Men who resisted the new status quo were euthanized like a stray cat in an animal shelters. This aggressive program was applied to the entire male prison population some years later. Additionally, men in the military were systematically castrated to eliminate their sexual desires thus reducing incidences of rape.

Women now outnumbered men 40 to 1 in material and land wealth and have become the majority owners of large corporations. Decades before, men fell significantly behind in attaining a higher education required for high skilled jobs; some scholars blamed the high incidence of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders for their inability to excel in academics or high paying jobs. Life success metrics such as high income, owning businesses, buying a home or holding political office were far from reach for everyday men. Therefore, most if not all were relegated to be part of the new male slave labor force (i.e. servants, farmers, construction, factory workers, etc.). Within a short period of time, males were completely ostracized by females within their respective families. They were sent to work camps that assigned them a numerical bar code tattoo on the back of their necks. All young boys could remain home with their families, but once they reached age 15, they were either sent to work camps or joined the revamped military establishment.

With this surge in political and monetary clout, the feminist wings of the female led governments instituted laws where men are designated as second-class citizens. Earlier propaganda spread through social-media, daytime television talk shows, politically charged speeches blamed men for wars, rape, illegitimate/ unsupported children, and gross fiscal irresponsibility. The negative cascading effect was soon evident and hit closer to home, men were now harassed or discriminated against by their local government, law enforcement, and business owners. The structure of the family unit was reshaped; now the matriarch was the sole “bread winner” and undisputed leader, while the man bowed to her every command in a subservient role. Any resistance by men was judged criminal and punished seriously by local police. They showed biased favor to the female in every dispute even if they clearly were at fault. The traditional bonds of love and trust between husband-wife and father-child were lost. At this point, men were demonized in every aspect.

Hard-core feminists then began to propose that men be only used as means to an end. Specifically, they passed laws where men were only to be used for breeding and working. The few women who advocated on behalf of men were harassed and eventually silenced. Women were mandated to be homosexual. They used an array of high tech marital aids to replace men for alternative sexual pleasures. With the advent of new fertilization and DNA coding technology, lesbian couples would have children only through assisted reproduction. To do this, women would look up whom they would procreate with through a web database. They chose men based on genetic code, physical traits, education, high sperm counts, IQ scores, etc. The pool of eligible donors was about 900,000 for the U.S. That number dwindled down year after year. Men where only allowed to donate sperm up to age 65. Therefore, the pool of healthy, educated men grew smaller and smaller. Anyone who was selected was delivered to a location and “MILKED” for his semen, once the sample was produced, he was sent back to the camps to resume their work. Donors signed contracts consenting to any and all extractions thus could not legally argue against them. Men in all cases were denied any contact with Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort their progeny and demonized as uneducated, deadbeats lacking wealth to support them.

Now begins my personal story. My name is Richard Thompson and I was an Economics professor back in 2025. I had earned a double major in Economics and Anthropology at the local state university. I held the Economics Department Chair position at Jefferson University (now known as Our Lady Eve University). I was held in high regard by the academic establishment there. I had a loving wife, our young son, and 2 teen stepdaughters. When the laws began to change, I was demoted from Department Head and later forced to resign for not fostering a “safe space” for female students who felt triggered. I was torn away from my family and sent to a work camp. At age 46, having lost my professional status, I was repurposed as a viable sperm donor and worker at one of the labor camps in Southern California.

One late afternoon, two guards came to escort me to a van that was destined for a secluded beachfront gated compound in Malibu, CA. This area was near my old place of employment and home to the uber-rich and wealthy female upper class. I was told by one of the female guards I would be “milked naturally” by an affluent female. Natural milking was outlawed some years before due to it possibly creating an emotional form of attachment between women and their male donor rentals. Natural milking involves traditional vaginal sex to copulate semen directly onto the female’s cervix. Nevertheless, for the rich and powerful this ban was laughingly ignored. They made their own rules and answered to no one. I pondered during the van ride about whom and why would someone make such an odd request for my sperm? We arrived at the front of the estate which sat on a beautiful green lawn and palm trees. You could hear loud music playing from a sound system in the rear of the estate. I was then escorted thru a rear gate that opened the backyard that was a venue to an elegant garden party. The guests wore masks like you would wear at a masquerade party that hid their identities. The female DJ announced my arrival and the crowd began to cheer. I was utterly befuddled as to what was going on, but all I could do is keep my head down trying to avoid any eye contact.

From a small group, a lone female voice shouts out “Hi Mr. Thompson, so glad you could make it!” as she gave me a warm, big hug. I knew that voice, even with the elegant porcelain mask hiding her face. It was my former student and intern, Hillary Slater, now 27 years old. With a faint smile, I tried to correct her as I still answered to Doctor Thompson, but she reminded I was no longer a PhD. A bitter reminder that I no longer was recognized as such by the state. All I could do was nervously nod after such a biting remark. She said, “I hope you are ready to enjoy the party Mr. Thompson, your cock is the guest of honor” while looking down at my semi-erect member. I had no chance to ask about the party, the masks, or the client. Hillary ran off leaving me confused and alone as she left to greet incoming guests. Hillary was a good student, performed solid academic work and did research for me in the Economics department. She was an attractive, voluptuous, young, smart and talented young lady. As much as I was attracted to her and other students/colleagues, I never crossed the line and was always faithful to my wife.

As I stood there being gawked at by the audience, Hillary returned to face me with her mother Rachel Slater who stood by her side with a vengeful smirk. Next to her was Leslie, Hillary’s newlywed spouse, who wore a stupid grin on her face. Rachel was a head of a tech giant in the area and was a millionaire a hundred times over. Although she was in her late 40s, she remained a sexy, beautiful woman that had the most seductive blue eyes you could imagine. I had a brief secret romance with her when she and Hillary attended a University Freshman orientation a few years before I was married. I assumed that she was the affluent female that requested my MILK in hopes of a final opportunity at motherhood before reaching menopause. I was finally able to inquire about the masks, to which Hillary replied was to maintain privacy amongst the guests. Despite their want for privacy, I could make out those in attendance who were alumni, professors and sorority sisters from Our Lady of Eve.

Moments later Rachel gave me a slap so hard that the left side of my face went numb. She then lofted accusations that I mistreated and disrespected her daughter and I was the sole source of her college struggles and her angst as a young adult. After she delivered a second and even more powerful blow, I fell to the ground on my knees. I tried to get up, but Hillary put one of her $1200 designer high heels on the middle of my back to force me all the way down to the ground till the side of my head was immersed in the neatly manicured grass. I had not realized that Hillary and her mother held a long-standing grudge towards me. Prior to changes in the law and society, I thought Hillary and I had a wonderful teacher-student Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort relationship that grew into a cherished friendship. Perhaps, somewhere along the way during her feminist indoctrination, her attitude soured toward me. Trying to diffuse the situation, I apologized for not recognizing how she felt at the time and for any misunderstandings. However, she ignored me and began to tell me why I was such an uncaring, hurtful professor as tears welled in her gorgeous almond-shaped hazel eyes. She went on to say that she should have received an A+ in my class instead of a B. She thought I intellectually engaged with male students more often and often ignored females in our class. She abruptly left me to take pictures with some friends who just arrived.

After some time, it became clear to me that it was Hillary and not Rachel who had the desire to get pregnant. There was a sign I missed earlier displaying the words “Congratulations Hillary – Happy Breeding.” Wanting answers, I scanned the crowd to find her. She wore free-flowing white summer dress with a cherub and floral pattern that lent to a vivid imagery of fertility. The cleavage between her bountiful breasts were glistening with light sweat in the heat of the summer day. Till that day, I was unaware that she had a crush on me while she was my student and research assistant. Hillary was going to be a mother by contracting me to give her a baby via natural milking. Now I understood that this spectacle was more than just for breeding, it was about my humiliation and getting her misguided revenge, all while showing her friends/family/colleagues how much power she and her family had. She had recently earned her Doctorate degree and wanted me to discover her professional success; despite my so-called disinterest/sabotage of her career goals.

The guards brought me back to my feet and wiped my face clean. I was then told to remove my thin fleece robe, exposing all my flesh. My member hung like a ripe, flesh-colored plantain in between my legs. The crowd began to hoot and holler like tribal women in the Amazon. I gazed around at all these people I once called students, colleagues and former friends.

Shortly before arriving, I was given a pill to maintain a powerful erection to enhance the coital act. My penis was so stiff from the effects of the pill that every blood vessel was very visible on the surface of my shaft. Soon after Hillary became fully undressed, exuding the confidence of a Greek goddess. She was showered with cheers from her guests. Her pubic area was neatly trimmed in a V-shape of blonde hairs and her pussy lips were like two pink rose petals veering away from her vagina. She told two women to force me onto my knees and she then pushed my face between her firm round ass cheeks to the laughter of the crowd. She demanded I lick her anus again and again and that I insert my tongue in her pussy and until she was satisfied, I was left with no choice. After 5 minutes, she turned around demanded that I continue to lap her moistened mound. She quickly reached an orgasm and slapped me in the face for my efforts. Hillary then lifted her soft freshly manicured toes and shoved them into my mouth and demanded I suck her toes. I obliged her and suckling them as gently as possible so as not to anger her to which she replied, “that’s better slave.” Soon after, she gagged me with her underwear that exuded a sweet essence from her vagina.

This was only the opening act of Hillary’s sadistic game to garner the approval/admiration from her peers/superiors she so desperately wanted. I was knelt in a manner, in which I was directly in front of a padded cross-shaped wooden structure. The structure had vertical and horizontal wooden boards each about 3 feet in length. My wrists bound by leather straps to the horizontal beam and hips and thighs to the lower portion of the base of the vertical beam. The crowd began to chant “MILK, MILK, MILK, MILK!” As the chants grew louder, Hillary knelt and grabbed my penis with a firm grip pandering to the crowd. She said, “Wow Mr. Thompson, now that’s a nice cock, so thick…fuck it’s like my 8-inch vibrator!”

Her boisterous tone halted and she softly whispered into my ear “How does it feel to be the weak one Mr. Thompson? You’re my hired stud now and your MILK is going to be mine. My mom paid a premium on the service contract to have exclusive access, $8000”. I asked myself, why would her mom (my former lover) want me to get her daughter pregnant? I learned later it was her mother’s graduation gift to her spoiled brat of a daughter. Hillary continued on “So my dear, I will MILK you again and again till I have my baby. You’ll do as I say, you will only cum when I want you to”. She haughtily laughed at my predicament. Hillary tells me “we could have had something, but you refused to see me as your best student, and more importantly as someone who could make you happy. Now I will take your seed and make my dreams of motherhood come true. Make no mistake about it, you will never see MY CHILD”. Her warm breath and hypnotic voice was both haunting and oddly sensual. Turning away from me, Ataşehir Ucuz Escort she shouts “I love you Leslie, you and me and baby makes 3”, ending her rant by blowing a kiss at her wife. In a loud dramatic proclamation, she yells out “now let’s get me pregnant!” The crowd erupted again in a loud cheer showing their support.

My sullen, defeated look was my only reaction. As she began to stroke me, the crowd went into frenzy, cheering louder and louder. The crowd waving their novelty MILKING party favors that spelled out Hillary’s name and something about the ceremony I couldn’t make out. All the while, Hillary’s hand pumping harder and harder, she stroked me for what felt like ten minutes. She then got on all fours on a padded thick black mat right in front of me. She rubbed my blood engorged purple-headed penis on her moist clitoris before guiding it between her inner folds as she turned to look at me with sexual superiority. At this moment, the crowd erupted in more cheerful clamor. Our sexual act was being recorded on her mom’s fancy new smartphone and streamed in real time on a large projector screen positioned on a patio wall next to the guest tables. I could see Hillary’s 36C-cup breasts bounce back and forth along with her blonde hair flailing wildly in every direction. Out of frustration with her mask, she took it off and the crowd cheered louder. She would clear her bangs from her face, I could see Hillary’s facial expressions, which cycled from pleasure, anger, confidence, and fatigue on the monitor. I could hear her sensual moans whenever there was a lull in the crowd noise. I felt her muscles in her vagina intermittently tighten as she clenched her legs closer together. I could see her vaginal juices glazing every inch of my penis. What felt like almost 30 minutes of her now sweaty, beach tanned cheeks and their bikini lines bouncing off my upper thighs. This finally led to crescendo of loud multiple female orgasms accompanied by multiple spasms of her sweaty body. It felt like a small victory for me to see her cum again and momentarily halt her assault. For an instant, I looked at the screen to see a close-up of my exposed penis glistening in combination with her frothy pussy juices. She took a second to look back towards me with feminist contempt. After a 5-minute pause by Hillary, her mother encourager her to continue.

With the support of her guests, Hillary resumed her position. I really wanted to just ejaculate and get it over with, however that’s when things took a turn towards the more bizarre. Some ushers brought my wife and now adult stepdaughters out to witness the final act of the breeding show. Leslie now stood near my wife and stepdaughters sharing some bizarre ‘kinship moment’ where they appeared to be close friends smiling and taking photos together. Sadly, my stepdaughters also began to cheer as they wore the college sorority apparel from the university where I once taught. Perhaps they were promised priority admission to Eve’s Academy and selection into the prestigious Beta Gamma sorority for attending this ceremony? Were they told slanderous lies that made them turn against me? I could only speculate on their reason for being there. I’m only thankful my young son was spared the agony of watching his father humiliated. Tears began falling down my cheeks to meet the sweat that was forming on neck and chest. A loud party favor noise brought me back to the reality of Hillary’s increasingly aggressive and incessant rhythm as she roughly backed into my erect penis. She repeatedly cursed at me as she experienced another multiple orgasm. I now felt my own begin to approach.

Hillary’s mother then directed two women to loosen my binds and I was aggressively placed on my back. Rachel condescendingly lectured me that best way to make a baby was missionary position. She demanded that I fulfill my sex slave contract and or there would be serious consequences. However, it was not your usual missionary position. I was on my back with my legs pulled back towards my chest fully exposing my penis. Hillary then got on top of me riding my stiff cock with my legs pinned back. It gives an illusion that the woman is fucking the man. Women call it the “Amazon position.” The crowd cheered Hillary as I was in this vulnerable state. After 10 minutes, she orgasmed again while I held my seed for just a while longer. Her eyes were filled with rage as she continued to ride me for a little while longer.

Then something just snapped in me and I decided to take control. The cheer of the crowd and the background music drowned out any reservations about withholding my seed so my basic instinct took over. I rolled Hillary on her back and I began to thrust Hillary with all I had. She wrapped her legs around my back with a look of devious egging on. I was afraid someone would intervene and put me back in my place, but the crowd just cheered instead. My wife’s lust-filled eyes looked at me with silent lust, as she knew my erotic abilities from our own sexual history. Hillary now moaned even louder as she repeatedly urged me on for deeper penetrations, so I obliged her. I almost felt like I shifted the balance of power, at least in my head. As my tempo quickened, Hillary slapped me and said come on stud, give me my baby. She then began to breathe faster and faster while she scratched my back to the point of bleeding. Sweat rippled down my face as it landed onto hers. This aroused her even further as she screamed louder in pleasure.

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